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The Conjurors Collection (The Conjurors Series, #1-3) ☉ [PDF / Epub] ☆ The Conjurors Collection (The Conjurors Series, #1-3) By Kristen Pham ❤ – Belief is a powerful magic Valerie Diaz has a power that she can't contain and it's killing her Bounced between foster homes and the streets she only has time to concentrate on staying alive But a vis Belief is a powerful magic Valerie Diaz has a power that she can't contain and it's killing her Bounced between foster homes and the streets she only has time to concentrate on staying alive But The Conjurors PDF/EPUB ² a visit from the imaginary friend of her childhood opens a world of possibilities including a new life half a universe away on a planet that is bursting with magic The first three books of The Conjurors Series follow Valerie on a journey that straddles two worlds In order to survive she must travel many light years away to a realm where anything is possible But choosing to embrace her potential will set Valerie on a treacherous course one filled with true love adventure and perilous danger This collection includes the first three novels in this young adult fantasy series The Society of Imaginary Friends Knights of Light and Guardians of the Boundary Purchased individually the ebooks would cost The fourth and final book in the series Edge of Pathos is available on but not included in this collection.

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  1. Michelle Dekker Michelle Dekker says:

    This is a review copy from StorycartelIf you are a Harry Potter fan you will like this trilogy In no way is it similar except that Valerie's an orphan The Globe is a magical planet created for magical creatures Valerie is born with magical power that are killing her She must find her way to the Globe if she is to survive There is just one problem oops one of many The Globe is in space somewhere The evil Fractose will stop at nothing to prevent her from succeeding Will she be able to find the brother she didn't know she had? Will she be able save the Globe and Earth from the Fractose?The war between good and evil runs throughout this trilogy Just like in real life these books teaches us that we have a choice in life That making the right choices are important and that each choice carries conseuences Beautiful values are taught for eg perseverance persistence loyalty and team work

  2. Cheryl Cheryl says:

    Who doesn't love the idea that imaginary friends are real? On top of that they are alive and live in the coolest place ever It is every kid's dream But Pham goes a step further and turns it into an epic adventure that goes beyond childhood fantasies Romance betrayal suspense the series just kept getting better and better with each book Valerie is a strong central character but it's the sub characters that really make the story great No one is left behind by the series end which is such refreshing change from other books who let minor characters fall to the wayside Good villain great best friend and even better love triangle #TeamCyrus If you want to escape into a world that you wish was your own with characters you'll love you have to try The Conjurors series

  3. Chanda Curry Chanda Curry says:

    I have just finished the Guardians of the BoundaryLast book of the series I thought until I opened my email two weeks ago and had the new Edge of Pathos waiting for me from Kristen herselfThats how I got to read the 2nd and 3rd book alsoAnd for that I say thank you thank you thank youValerie must make the decision to ledThe fracture is strongerthe Conjurors are dividedReaper is making a good argument but for the Globe and Earth to survive they must fight to keep their magic and way of life safeThe Pillars of Light must stand strong togetherIs that possible?Or will the prophecy come true? A truly magical talewoven with beautywonderand imaginationA great work of artKristen takes you on a journey in your mindacross the universe to a different worldshe has a way to make you feel as if you are full of magic yourself As Valerie saysWe all have a little bit of magic in us

  4. jessica moore jessica moore says:

    Couldn't put it down

  5. Karin Corneau Karin Corneau says:

    I received this from the author herself as part of a Giveaway on Library Thing I have to admit that when I first signed up for the Giveaway I didn't realize this was a YA novel and that the main character is 15 Had I paid attention I probably wouldn't have signed up Now don't get me wrong I have absolutely NOTHING against a good YA novel but being a woman nearing 40 I just don't relate to 15 year olds any and am trying to steer away from reading novels with teens as a main character However I was drawn to the series because of the plot Valerie Diaz has a power that she can't contain and it's killing her Bounced between foster homes and the streets she only has time to concentrate on staying alive But a visit from the imaginary friend of her childhood opens a world of possibilities including a new life half a universe away on a planet that is bursting with magic I started to read the series with an open mind Despite the age of the main character which I had to figure out using a calculator lol I decided to give this a whole hearted try but after about 25% into I just can't finish it right now I'm ashamed to say this as I know this has been given rave reviews on Goodreads and maybe one day in the future I will give it a go but for now I have to shelve it for later In all honesty I'm not really sure what is turning me off of this book Maybe it's the age of the main character or maybe something else I did enjoy Ms Pham's writing style and would happily read anything else that she is written if its not YA But for now I'm sad to say that I will not be finishing this anytime soon And believe me I feel absolutely awful about that as it had such potential and seemed a very intriguing plotline SO sorry MS Pham

  6. Linda Todd Linda Todd says:

    Wow yummy yummy loved these 3 stories couldnt put my kindle down loved the multitude of characters this fast paced thrilling ride was a delight from start to finishThese books I would be so delighted to recommend to all my friends my heart felt thanks to the author Kristen Pham for the privilege pleasure of reading these amazing books and I do hope to read in the future so to all happy reading from wee mexx☺♥

  7. Laura Hermosa Laura Hermosa says:

    I recive a free copy from Storycartel for my review In general I found it entreteined and good writing The only thing that bothered me was not to know the age of Valerie that toward diffuse the character for me

  8. Sydney Stevens Sydney Stevens says:

    AMAZINGJust amazing This is wonderful book for young adults 13 17 and so captivating that you can't stop reading I swear I finished the first three books within a week and they're like forty chapters EACH I can't wait to get the fourth book Fantastic job Miss Kristen

  9. Karen Latham Karen Latham says:

    LoveI love fantasy magic adventure and a little romance These have all that and Thank you so much for these wonderful books I hope you'll write

  10. Yona Schuh Yona Schuh says:

    25 stars maybe 3 I really do not know disclaimer This is based on a review copy provided by the authordisclaimer 2 Mild spoilers may be included but nothing big or important is spoiledWhere do I beginThis series is a mess it's poorly plotted the magic system is terribly designed and there are so many things I dislike about it yet I still cannot get myself to hate this book it read easily although the writing wasn't exceptional and it didn't annoy me greatly it just felt very very averageI am probably going to spend a lot of time now pointing out things that bug me and it will sound like I hated this series but just stick with me and keep in mind that for some odd reason I didn't I think I would like to cover the whole magic issue first There is this thing called Sanderson's Laws of Magic which aren't really laws but they are really helpful when writing and analyzing magic systems and as they mimic my thoughts I will use them for clarity Law 1 An author's ability to solve conflict with magic is DIRECTLY PROPORTIONAL to how well the reader understands said magic I do not understand the magic system in this book After 3 books it is simply not clear to me whatsoever This may be because of Law 3 which I will touch on in a moment but it is simply a messThere are so many different mythical creatures Unicorns Mermaids whatever ThaiTan is the Feng which is a Phoenix I think There is charms and sleeping sand prophecies and a bunch of other things as well The rules of any aren't really explainedI do not know what Vals powers are before she uses them yet she uses them to solve important issues Peoples gifts are often only announced after they have done something amazing and it makes it feel like Deus ex machina every time or just sloppy writingThe charms for example the rules for them are one of the few things that are partially explained and even then the information we get seems to not matter as it isn't consistent Charms for the good guys should protect people from being found but that doesn't really happen but for the bad guys it somehow does but then there is a way to go around that and blah blah blah Please just make it simple then you can focus on the actual plot Law 2 The limitations of a magic system are interesting than its capabilities What the magic can't do is interesting than what it can This one is not as important but it shows a general attitude of the author that I find irritating We learn so many things about awesome magic powers and they seem to all have no limits Yes Val has some but they never create any real struggle Weaknesses or Limitations should also be interesting than “Lose powers if x” happens because then we can be immersed in the system itself and it creates real meaning Law 3 Expand on what you have already before you add something new A brilliant magic system for a book is less often one with a thousand different powers and abilities – and is often a magic system with relatively few powers that the author has considered in depth I think that really sums up the issues I have here Imagine on really creative method of transportation that is explained well instead of Magic Rollercoasters Magic Tunnels Magic Doors the Where o well so many different types of portals Magic Bubble things that are never really explained Do you get where I am going with this? The system is so over complicated that it doesn't feel real it feels confusing It also feels like it simply invents new things when needed you have a problem? May I see my power is exactly what you need in this situation I'll help” I don't think this book needs 7 gazillion different guilds and powers especially if most of them are only used once or twice if it were all simplified and less grand for the sake of being grand it would have been a lot enjoyable Let's talk about world building as well because oh boy do I have a lot to talk about There is a bunch of world building for the globe yet it seems not only out of place but also unnecessary The information we are given doesn't seem like it leads us anywhere and instead of creating immersion it feels like filler We learn how the stars work and that Cy is on Azra's Youth Council but does it ever really lead to anything? not really The information is never really connected to the plot in any way so when the plot actually needs it it is sueezed in at the last minute or patched in afterwards which again creates a huge deus ex machina effect We are always drop fed information when the story needs it but then it is too late the story cannot solve a problem using a mechanism or a bit of information that the reader is not aware of yet The entire thing then feels constructed not natural like most good stories do Dulcea nodded thoughtfully “I think she likes us to discover these things for ourselves” Characters let's talk about that for a moment I really wanted to like the characters while reading and I still really do yet they were never really fleshed out enough Author VE Schwab gave a very good analysis of this in an interview a while back If you take a character out of the story and put them in a random situation if they are well designed you will be able to predict how they would react but in this story I have absolutely no clue They all seem to underdeveloped to give any real sense of personality and their actions change so much without this development for me to guess how they would reactThere are a few characters I like Midnight or Zaki for example view spoiler well liked I seem to have chosen the only 2 characters that die hide spoiler

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