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Find Her ➿ Find Her Free ➶ Author Lisa Gardner – Previously published edition of Kindle ASIN B00YOAZYYOLisa Gardner's runaway New York Times bestseller—a fast paced thrill ride featuring Detective D D Warren Seven years ago carefree college studen Previously published edition of Kindle ASIN BYOAZYYOLisa Gardner's runaway New York Times bestseller—a fast paced thrill ride featuring Detective D D Warren Seven years ago carefree college student Flora Dane was kidnapped while on spring break For days Flora learned just how much one person can endureMiraculously alive after her ordeal Flora has spent the past five years reacuainting herself with the rhythms of normal life working with her FBI victim advocate Samuel Keynes She has a mother who’s never stopped loving her a brother who is scared of the person she’s become and a bedroom wall covered with photos of other girls who’ve never made it homeWhen Boston detective D D Warren is called to the scene of a crime—a dead man and the bound naked woman who killed him—she learns that Flora has tangled with three other suspects since her return to society Is Flora a victim or a vigilante And with her firsthand knowledge of criminal behavior could she hold the key to rescuing a missing college student whose abduction has rocked Boston When Flora herself disappears DD realizes a far sinister predator is out there One who’s determined that this time Flora Dane will never escape And now it is all up to D D Warren to Find Her.

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  1. Melissa Melissa says:

    “No one wants to be a monster” Dark intense and downright chilling Find Her had me uestioning what kind of survivor I might be after being held captive for 472 days in a body sized pine box I know a horrifying thought right? Would I give up on life and ultimately let fear rule my world or be a woman hell bent on revenge? Like Flora would I struggle to recognize the eyes staring back at me in the mirror?Even though this is the eighth book in the Detective DD Warren series it was my first experience with this author’s writing and this group of investigators and let me tell you I was pretty impressed I’m the type of reader that loves nothing than getting wrapped up in a story that forces me to sit on the edge of my seat delivers mind games in the form of great twists and plays on my worst fears That’s exactly what Lisa Gardner delivered with this terrifying tale of revengeAfter 472 days with a crazed sicko that ultimately ended in her being rescued Flora has spent the last five years turning all that darkness into an obsession with personal security and tracking other missing persons cases Not one to cower in the corner she hunts down her worst fears and stares them dead in the eyes Is she a badass or completely reckless? Does she have a death wish or is she truly trying to play the hero? That becomes the ultimate uestion one Detective DD Warren is tasked with trying to uncover after Flora goes missing againThis is a story that unravels in a compelling way It was hard for me to set this down for any length of time because I was so desperate to figure out how all of the pieces the missing women the pine boxes the bar and the darkness fit together Especially around the back half of the story when I started to uestion one person in particular It all came together with a great ending and a reminder to never underestimate the power of a promiseAfter this I definitely plan on going back and reading some of the earlier books in the series Detective DD Warren seems like a character I need to get to know better

  2. Paromjit Paromjit says:

    A terrific thriller from Lisa Gardner where her psychological insights and descriptions of abduction victim Flora Dane are nothing less than outstanding Flora was kept in a pine coffin sexually and physically abused and starved by Jacob Ness as part of his plan to destroy her sense of self and remake her as Molly a woman entirely dependent on him and Jacob is the most important person in her life MollyFlora was eventually freed after 472 days and she shoots Jacob dead 5 years on Flora is a different person she is strong and trained in self defence However she is not the person she once was her connection with her family is weaker and she is most comfortable alone in the void To counter her demons she has made it her life's work to help abduction victims an endless psychological attempt to save herself DD Warren of Boston PD is on restricted duty when she attends the scene of the death of Devon by chemical fire a bartender who had taken Flora A naked and handcuffed Flora had used items available to her to attack him DD wonders whether Flora is vigilante or victim given she has put herself in this position multiple times Then Flora is once again taken and DD spearheads the police hunt to find her Flora is once again in a situation that is rooted in her past of events she had never told anyone about but which made her perceive herself as a monster Flora is going to have to face up to her past her fears that she will forever be the vulnerable Molly and overcome all obstacles if she is to survive her unfinished business after 472 days kept captive and 5 years of supposed freedom DD works against the clock with the help of Dr Samuel Keynes Flora's FBI victim support psychologist to locate Stacey Summers another missing woman and Flora A brilliant thriller which showcases the impressive research Gardner carried out on the psychological damage incurred by abduction survivors and the courage they have to find to live and embrace life again

  3. Susanne Strong Susanne Strong says:

    4 Heart Stopping StarsFlora Dane didn’t originally go looking for trouble The first time it found her In the worst way imaginable For 472 days to be exact Once she got out she started looking for it because she’s a survivor Now her main objective is tracking down men who want nothing than to victimize women while she turns the tables on them Detective DD Warren doesn’t understand Flora Dane nor does she really like her if DD is being honest How could she? Flora is uncooperative and she goes against everything DD has ever trained for After what she went through Flora thinks she can take care of herself yet she gets herself into some trouble that even she didn’t anticipate In “Find Her” Lisa Gardner tells Flora Dane’s story When I read “Look for Me” last year the next novel after “Find Her” I knew I need to go back and read this one What I love about Lisa Gardner is that she can tell a suspenseful novel about characters who survive the unthinkable being held captive being tortured or worse without being too gruesome or gory unlike some other authors out there and she tells a compelling and captivating story to boot Her books are gripping and harrowing and they keep you on the edge of your seat It makes me wonder why I’ve only read a handful of her novels All I can say is that I plan to change that This was a very suspenseful intriguing read and I recommend it highly Thank you to my local library and Overdrive for providing me with a copy of this book to readPublished on Goodreads on 122218

  4. Lo Bookfrantic Lo Bookfrantic says:

    5★★★★★ Thrilling StarsGenre MysteryThrillerSuspenseType Book 8 from Detective DD Warren Series Standalone StoriesPOV First Person – ShiftingExpected Publication Date February 2nd 2016 ”The repulsive man walks away Leaves you once again all alone Naked Bruised Bloody Knowing things you never wanted to know “Mommy” you whisper But this monster’s real And there’s nothing anyone can do to save you any” Flora Dane was abducted and kept captive for 472 days seven years ago Not many victims that disappear for so long walk out alive However; either luck or not Flora managed to survive that horror that was being trapped by a monster He did imaginable things that left her broken and traumatized for life Seven years after Flora was found and taken back into society s at twenty seven year old he was still trying to fit in but life just wasn’t the same She no longer felt like herself and struggle in a daily basis with nightmares of that horrible time Flora’s mother is a true survivor’s mother she really was a hero in my eyes she never gave up on her daughter and even after she returned not herself she was always there for her She had an FBI victim specialist assigned to Flora’s case; Samuel Keynes He helped them tremendously getting her life back He didn’t have to be involved any after so long but he was and I loved him for that he was the only person Flora trusted “My kidnapper had a mission of his own to remove all shred of humanity from me To hollow me out break me down to turn me into nothing at all” Flora When Detective DD Warren from Boston gets called in to a murder scene of a Bartender who gets burned alive by a victim aka Flora; Detective DD gets suspicious right away her instincts tells her she needs to look into that case much closer Little did she know that she wasn’t going to get a break when she took this case So many uestions started to come up instead of answers Detective DD is the best of the best in her department she was in house leave for an injury to her shoulder and was not supposed to be working the case As a sergeant she only had to supervise instead of in hands on investigating as a detective but she couldn’t leave it She has a beautiful four year old son Jack; and an amazing supportive husband that works as a crime scene reconstruction specialist and instructor at the police academy Alex was so smart and often than not helped her cope with the cases and with their son He even gave her some inside input and I loved their relationship so much I enjoyed DD sarcastic ways she was such a bad ass detective “Bound wrists don’t seem to indicate willingness””Sorry Given that it’s a Fifty shades of Grey world I can’t make that assumption” DD “Flora’s gone missingwe’re no longer looking for one missing girl we’re now looking for at least two” DD This book was full of suspense from page one and it was a total roller coaster ride full of mystery and so intense I was on the edge of my bed while reading this book the entire time The author had you guessing; everyone was a suspect and it was so nerved wrecking trying to get to the truth I love DD’s sarcastic ways and the relationship she has with her team and husband’s it was such an enjoyable read When DD realized that the male burned in the fire was possible responsible for the disappearance of two other missing girls this case was her priority However; when she thought she had something and knew that Flora had the answers she finds that Flora was abducted once again from her own personal apartment More uestions suspects and I was panicking the entire time This book was twisted raw disturbing but yet I just couldn’t stop reading this thriller of a story I loved everything about this book no matter how disturbing it was it kept me hooked and intrigued and guessing everything at the same time I wanted answers and holy hell it was a thrilling ride To all my thriller suspense readers you will love this book This book was written from both Flora and DD’s point of views The fact that this author takes her time investigating missing cases in real life and talking to detectives makes this book so much amazing and enjoyable because even though it’s fiction we do get a detailed of how these cases work in real life and how the Detectives work to Find Her “Survivors make it because they learn to adapt Adaptation is coping Coping is strength” Perfect song for this bookFalling Inside The Black by SkilletBook Series Each are standalone PRE ORDER LINKFor reviewsrevealsgiveaways visit

  5. Diane Diane says:

    This is a decent murder mystery revenge thriller It was my first Lisa Gardner book so I can't compare it to others in the series but the plot moved along uickly and kept me hooked enough to keep reading I picked up Find Her after seeing a positive review and was intrigued by the story which is that Flora Dane had been abducted while on Spring Break in Florida and held captive for than 400 days Flora was eventually rescued and during her survivor's counseling she found a new obsession tracking down other rapists and killers to try and save girls Of course putting herself in the way of killers and rapists leads to yet another dangerous situation in which Boston detective D D Warren has to try and find herThe book review I saw said I could enjoy this novel without having read the previous books in the DD Warren series and that was true There were some references to what I presume were earlier stories but I just ignored them and they didn't affect my understanding of the current plotThe book rotates between three perspectives there are flashbacks to Flora's first kidnapping; there is Flora's current predicament; and there is Warren trying to solve the current case Gardner's writing is competent but awkward in parts reminding me how difficult it is to write great crime fiction In this novel there were a few too many lengthy explanations and expositions and of course there was the scene when the killer carefully explains how they did everything just a few pages before they're caughtOverall it was a good revenge thriller that I would recommend to fans of the genreNote A warning to sensitive readers that there are some disturbing descriptions of Flora being held captive but the rape and sex scenes are mercifully glossed over This isn't torture porn Good uoteYou must understand Whatever demented thing you're too scared to consider that's exactly what they're already fantasizing about The big bads are out there Denial won't help you Suppression won't save you Best to meet it head on Understand the enemy Accept their depravities Then find the void and soldier on

  6. Wendy& Wendy& says:

    5 Give up Sleep Gladly Stars Available Now My title for this review says it all I was fortunate to have talked my way into the good graces of the publisher and they gave me the ok to read this It was understandable for their concern after all I read mostly romanceHowever I am someone who likes all types of experiences and thrillers psychological dramas mysteries were my bread and butter for many years I could deal with the blood guts and gore with the best of them so after my persuading to entrust me with this book I dove right inNow I don't know about you but starting a thriller at 10 PM not always the smartest idea Especially one so gripping from the first page If you have read the blurb then you have an idea of how caught up one could get from the start and if you have read Lisa Gardner beforethen you will know what happened I read for about 4 hours 2AM and then thought I would go to sleepNOTProceeded to pick up this book around 4AM after some fitful rest and just said What the Hell I am off today This story is told with two POV's; Flora's the original kidnap survivor and the continuing character of the Boston PD Detective D D Warren We experience so much at the hands of this author We learn about what it feels to have the you you know taken awayand it can be done in any number of ways Of course the obvious by being kidnapped and broken down; but then there is another way to be changedThe need to find yourself againand that can happen from an accident on the job By being injured and having to relearn how to have the strength to hold your weapon regulation style So both of these characters have to come to grips with this issueand they do eventually but it is a journeyThis ride was so fast and layered It asked deep uestions of what would you do if in the same situation It gave understanding to those who may have ever doubted actions by those in similar kidnap situations It brought documented explanations to a novel about how the mind can continue to adapt and fight to stay alive How bonding and imprinting of sorts happens during these types of events and how it can be crippling causing those taken to not do actions we think we would in a heartbeatI loved the pace and way this author built her momentum Nothing was wasted or repetitive for me Her characters rang true and were very human Which means not everything was cookie cutter perfect My advice when reading this is go in with only the blurbyou get the idea the feel of it all and then it is up to you to dive in There are serious life lesson in this The author credits the appropriate people for their contributions and I thank them tooOne of the best reads in a very long time Thank you Lisa Gardner Before Reading This is a book which called out to meWendyI'm hereTime to take a walk on the Dark thriller sideWell never let it be said I won't take a challengeSo on with my Naughty Nancy Drew HatBring it on A gifted copy was provided by Penguin via NetGalley for an honest review For Reviews Free E books and Giveaways

  7. Norma Norma says:

    I am a huge fan of LISA GARDNER and have read all of her books I always find myself waiting patiently for her next book releaseAlthough FIND HER didn't actually wow me it still gets a 5 rating from me because I wasn't able to guess the outcome on this one and it was a strong solid read But not guessing the outcome isn't uncommon for me as Lisa Gardner pulls you into the storyline and I just want to be in the moment with D D Warren's case as it unfolds and don't find myself wanting to guess She puts in lots of twists to keep you guessing everyone is a suspect FIND HER is a fitting title which was a gripping murder mystery thriller right from the very first page and we learn so much of what she is trying to portray with her characters I loved the pace and the way that she keeps you interested throughout the whole novel Her characters are believable relatable and very humanThe story was told with two different points of view that of Flora's original kidnap survivor which would alternate from past memories to present situation and Lisa Gardner's continuing character of the Boston PD Detective D D Warren LISA GARDNER has done an excellent job with this book The storyline was executed very well and was easy to follow along with all the characters involved It did take me a little longer to read this one but that was only because I didn't get much spare time to read over the weekendIt was a suspense filled fast paced uick and easy read with a very satisfying ending Would recommend

  8. Lisa Lisa says:

    Wow Lisa Gardner is Back with Find Her the latest DD warren novel she got her mojo back not that she ever lost it Flora Dane is held captive for 472 days with a psycho before she was found DD is sent in to find out about her after the sudden disappearance of three girls years later the DD digs into the disappearances the she is struggling with finding out information about Flora What is she hiding WHY IS SHE HOLDING OUT ON DD??The prep Devon Goulding who is a suspect in the disappearances is found dead so he cant be the killer SO WHO IS??What we find out is a lot of creepy information about Flora I would rather go into lets just say she is a piece of workLisa garner writes an exceptional thriller that will keep you hooked right up to the end

  9. jv poore jv poore says:

    Well I certainly stayed up way too latea couple of timeswhile reading Find Her

  10. Phrynne Phrynne says:

    I have enjoyed all the DDWarren novels so far and this one was no exception The story was intriguing and the suspense was edge of the seat stuff which kept this reader turning pages as fast as possible More than 400 of them disappeared in the twinkling of an eye as I raced to find out who did whatOn the cover Sharon Bolton is uoted as saying that Lisa Gardner is an absolute master of the psychological suspense novel She certainly is

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