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Royal Bastards ❮PDF / Epub❯ ✅ Royal Bastards Author Andrew Shvarts – Thomashillier.co.uk Being a bastard blows Tilla would know Her father Lord Kent of the Western Province loved her as a child but cast her aside as soon as he had trueborn childrenAt sixteen Tilla spends her days explorin Being a bastard blows Tilla would know Her father Lord Kent of the Western Province loved her as a child but cast her aside as soon as he had trueborn childrenAt sixteen Tilla spends her days exploring long forgotten tunnels beneath the castle with her stablehand half brother Jax and her nights drinking with the servants passing out on Jax’s floor while her castle bedroom collects dust Tilla secretly longs to sit by her father’s side resplendent in a sparkling gown enjoying feasts with the rest of the family Instead she sits with the other bastards like Miles of House Hampstedt an awkward scholar who’s been in love with Tilla since they were childrenThen at a feast honoring the visiting princess Lyriana the royal shocks everyone by choosing to sit at the Bastards’ Table Before she knows it Tilla is leading the sheltered princess on a late night escapade Along with Jax Miles and fellow bastard Zell a Zitochi warrior from the north they stumble upon a crime they were never meant to witnessRebellion is brewing in the west and a brutal coup leaves Lyriana’s uncle the Royal Archmagus dead—with Lyriana next on the list The group flees for their lives relentlessly pursued by murderous mercenaries; their own parents have put a price on their heads to prevent the king and his powerful Royal Mages from discovering their treacheryThe bastards band together realizing they alone have the power to prevent a civil war that will tear their kingdom apart—if they can warn the king in time And if they can survive the journey.

  • Hardcover
  • 352 pages
  • Royal Bastards
  • Andrew Shvarts
  • English
  • 16 May 2014
  • 9781484767658

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  1. Chelsea Humphrey Chelsea Humphrey says:

    This book was an adventure and I can't remember the last time I've had this much fun coming along for the ride The style of writing was interesting; i started out wondering if this was actually a Middle Grade book and as the story progressed pulled a huge NOPE definitely YA The only comparison I can think of is how the Harry Potter books progressed; they start out very light and youthful in feel but gradually grow darker and heavier? That was totally this book The author did an excellent job of connecting me to the characters and keeping my attention with eual parts action and backgroundfantasy world development My only complaint was I wish the book had been slightly longer I felt with an extra 50 75 pages it would have given the same uality of character development as some of the other hugely hyped YA fantasy books popular today Overall this was a classic Disney story and was 100% entertaining with somewhat mythical creatures and loads of magic Definitely put this on your radarMany thanks to the publisher for providing my copy via NetGalley

  2. emi emi says:

    Update It has come to my attention that I accidentally made the same joke as another user in this review Especially when this user is one that I admire and who's reviews I look forward to I know they probably don't trust me any but please know that it was never my intent to copy them and it was purely coincidental While I did like their review before hand that contained that joke it was before they posted the entire thing and I didn't even see it until after I wrote my review Nonetheless I have deleted that joke from this review and I just want them to know that I am incredibly incredibly sorry HELL NO5 stars Nothing is a bigger joke than that of this book Warning there are unmark spoilers in this review because I just need to express my disintent openly This book could have been really good? A gang of teens stumble onto a scheme thrown by their parents and have to flee for their lives? Like doesn't that sound amazing Except it's like those scenes in the Wile E Coyote and Roadrunner cartoons when there's a beautiful sunset and they are running into it but turns out it's just a really great painting and they slam into a wall It's almost like someone noticed a trend of gang of misfits in YA fantasy and wanted to jump on that band wagon to get fame and success and money However he had no idea how to read so he decided to BS his entire way through the book and pooped this out This is the most stereotypical fantasy I have ever read in my life and I think I rather throw myself into a volcano before having to read it againUrgh and the writing THE WRITING Not only is it middle grade style writing mixed in with swear words and sex talk which doesn't work at all You could take any of these characters and keep their dialogue and put them in a contemporary and you'd believe it THESE CHILDREN ARE LIVING IN A FANTASY WORLD AND THEY SPEAK LIKE THEY ARE LIVING IN 2017 Also is this suppose to be a fantasy book? With magic? The only magical thing this book seemed to do was make ten days of my life magically disappear The magic system in this book? If there even was one? The only way to have magic is if you wear these rings Except when you don't wear the rings you can still have magic And only people born in this city can have magic Except if you aren't born in this city you can still have magic I have so many complaints about this book it's just gonna be easier for all of us if I list them off• Girl lives a great life in castle and still complains• Teenagers do stupid shit and it causes trouble shocking• The kids ARE SO STUPID• They are running for their LIVES AND PEOPLE ARE TRACKING THEM AND THEY DECIDE TO START A FIRE• A FIRE• THAT IS BRIGHT AND PROBABLY HAS SMOKE• They should have been caught and killed the first night• But they weren't of course as then we wouldn't have gotten even stupider things• LIKE THEY WERE HIDINGRUNNING FOR OVER A HUNDRED PAGES BEFORE SOMEONE HAD THE BRIGHT IDEA TO DISGUISE THEMSELVES• Rule #1 when you are trying to hide DON'T LOOK LIKE YOURSELF• Also let's go see our friends who are loyal to our country wait what do you mean they are trying to kill us? i totally didn't see that coming• TILLA ALWAYS JUMPED TO CONCLUSIONS • LIKE THEY WERE LIKE MAYBE IT'S BEST IF YOU STAYED HERE WITH THE PRINCESS• AND SHE WAS LIKE IT'S BECAUSE I'M A GIRL AREN'T I???• AND NOT BECAUSE THE PRINCESS PROBABLY TRUSTS HER THE MOST• And for people who are on the run they do a whole lot of not running• like sitting around and doing nothing• well Tilla learned how to fight• and she got really good at fighting in the span of a month• like GOOD ENOUGH TO OUT FIGHT PEOPLE WHO HAVE BEEN TRAINING TO FIGHT THEIR ENTIRE LIVES• sorry I don't think Zell is that great of a teacher•there was also thsi part when tilla randomly caught a rock in midair and she was all like look at how badass I am• like sit down girl you are the opposite of badass for catching a rock• stupid stuff happens• like why is this mine shaft abandoned? let's go inside• I know they were running from people BUT DON'T GO INTO THE ABANDONED MINE SHAFT YOU IDIOTS USE COMMON SENSE• They also start talking about scientific stuff like kinetic energy THIS IS A FANTASY WORLD YOU DON'T KNWO WHAT KINETIC ENERGY IS• And shocker they get in trouble down in that mine shaft• The princess almost dies• So the best thing they can do is get a medicine that has super rare ingredients• so of course they can just go to the nearest town and by the medicine• and miles decides to come up with an elaborate back story to explain why they need this medicine• and I'm jsut like miles no ONE CARES• And guess what• the shop clerk doesn't care• just like i tried to tell him• but he didn't listen to me• but THEY DON'T HAVE MONEY TO BUY MEDICINE shocking• SO MILES JUST STARTS UOTING POETRY• AND THE STORE CLERK IS LIKE WOW YOU A POETRY FAN• HAVE THIS MEDICINE MADE FROM super rare INGREDIENTS FOR FREE• Liek wtf can I just go to the bookstore and start uoting Frost or Eliot and get books for free• since this is a currency now• AND THEN THEY GO TO A BAR TO GET A DRINK INSTEAD OF GOING OFF TO SAVE THE DYING PRINCESS AND ZELL'S BROTHER SHOWS UP• what a coincidence • but don't worry they escape without really putting up a fight • because everything is so damn convientent for these bastards• but then they know that the bad people are still on their tail so they START TALKING ABOUT HOW THEY NEED TO TRAVEL FASTER• liek I'm sorry If I was on the run for my lief I'D BE TRAVELING AS DAMN FAST AS I CAN• but these idiots were talking their goddamn sweet time apparently• flash forward some• they end up at this person's house who's relevant somehow????• and their safe• suprise they aren't safe• awkward sex scene in a pool• makes me wanna be celibate my entire life • and MILES SOMEHOW SEES• a little background info miles is in love with tilla for absolutely no reason• so instead of moving on with his life like a normal person should• he decided to throw himself off a cliff• but then he decides not to throw himself off a cliff • HE JUST DECIDES TO START A WAR• this whiny ass toddler STARTS A WAR BECAUSE HE IS FRIENDZONES• and the end is just like Tilla throwing a bomb and things explode and people die• Apparently over a thousand people but I seriously doubt that• and like her dad is there and he hates her but instead of killing her when there's a chance HE JUST WALKS AWAY WITH MILES PROMISING REVENGE• and then she wakes up two days later• and it's the last chapter• and Zell is just like let's go for a walk• so she goes on a walk• no fooood or water or bathroom break or anything• A WALK • if i was out for two days I think I'd forget how to even stand tbh let alone WALK• and the princess gets kicked out of this cult she's in AND SHE'S LIKE LOOK I'M A BASTARD TOO• stfu princess you aren't special• then they walk some • there's stuff that annoys me but I think this list is long enough Now you probably just read all that and are wondering who the eff all those characters are so let's talk about them Shall we? The Six of Crow Wannabees Characters Tilla I imagine if someone made a machiene that could personify any object and they threw in a piece of white bread we'd get Tilla She thinks she's so special but all she is is boring and unrelatable LyrianaI'm actually just guessing on how to spell her name because I don't wanna take the book out of the garbage can where it belongs to spellcheck And also that's just how much I care about her I'm just glad she was there so her magical powers could help everyone out and the most conivent of times Zell Someone please tell the author that 2007 called and wants their male love interest back He's so broody And mysterious And so talented at everything I just can't Also his tragic backstory is that he couldn't keep his dick in his pants or respect his brother but then did respect his brother and then his daddy disowned him Wow That suddenly makes me feel so sorry for him I now totally understand his jerkiness Wow Miles For three years of my life from ages 15 to 18 I had worked in a daycare environment I was even a four year old daycare teacher I've seen toddlers cry hysterically because they weren't allowed to drive a firetruck And yet I have never seen a bigger tantrum thrown than by Miles Like I'm sorry the girl you've been pining for your entire life doesn't reciprocate your feelings But that's not a good enough REASON TO START AN ENTIRE WAR Jax Hahah I almost forgot he was a character He had the humor of a 12 year old I don't remember anything else he did except view spoilerdie hide spoiler

  3. Saania Zee Jamal ϟ Saania Zee Jamal ϟ says:

    To whoever wrote this book's synopsissyn·op·sissəˈnäpsəs noun→ a brief summary or general survey of somethingDo take note

  4. C.G. Drews C.G. Drews says:

    This is one of my most anticipated reads for this year And did it live up to it? CAN I GET A HECKIN' YEAH It's sassy bloody and full of lovehate friendships which obviously instigate the bestest level of sass I'm just really thoroughly entertained and impressed And than a little peeved that there seems to be no seuel? MORE PLSL I K E S• The SASS LEVELS You've basically snabbled my attention when you introduce me to two siblings sitting on a wall and making fun of nobility And that's just a prelude to how witty and engaging the dialogue and banter are Look I live for bantery books I would share my cake with this book and that's saying something because I don't share• The cast is uite large but everyone is interesting and complex Usually if you whispered Oi Cait this book will end up with a group of five teens on the run I would uitley throw mayonnaise at you and scrabble away because large casts are hard to handle interestingly Here? NOT SO I absolutely adored everyone They all had personalities and backstories complexities and fears and venerabilities And we're not introduced to them all in a heap so that was helpful• Aaaall the love for the characters Tilla is the narrator and she is uite frankly badass But at the same time she's a general awkward teen who'll be training with a knife actually succeed in a badass move and then pause to congratulate herself I LOVE HER Then we have Jax who's Tilla's half brother and also a bastard so they share the same lowborn mum but Tilla's dad is a lord and Jax's was a nobody Ergo he is nobody But ergo his and Tilla's brosis relationship is THE BOMB The make fun of each other and are there for each other Miles the nerdy bookworm who everyone basically underestimates And Zell is from the warrior clans and total Closed Off And Emotionless™ but secretly a big suish And lastly Lyriana is the POC wizard princess who is all LET'S GROW PRETTY PLANS AND NUTURE THE WORLD but can also slay you epically • Help me I love them all• Oh there's magic I like magic• There's threats of wars and parents trying to knock their kids heads off Because wrong place wrong time stuff goes down and the bastards must escape• There is BLOOD and DEATH I think I got stabbed in the feels I say think bECAUSE I'M STILL IN SHOCK WHY DID YOU DO THIS TO ME• And the writing style is delightfully fresh and engaging Fair warning It's modern So like we have an epic fantasy setting but their speech is very modern and Tilla literally says woah that was badass and stuff like that But it was consistently modern so it didn't feel jarring This was just the style AND I FRIKKIN' LOVED ITD I S L I K E S• It was a smidge predictable But dude I read like 200 books a year so odds are I'm just an over read little granny smith apple and this might not be a problem for a lot of people• There is also a smidge of a love triangle But it's not so muchbecause Tilla is crushing on Zell and he is being part of the Stonehedge and not letting her see he has emotions BUT THEY AHVE A THING YOU CAN SEE IT Meanwhile Miles is in the background being a weed with a crush on Tilla So it's like an unreuited triangle? Least to say I didn't find it annoying until the end where view spoilerMiles entire motivation for betrayal was because Tilla friendzoned him Erhgurhgugh hide spoiler

  5. booksnpenguins booksnpenguins says:

    Here’s the thingIf I have to read another book with a stellar premise that instead turns out to be your typical and average story I’ll uit the reading scene faster than you can say “cliché”No okay that was a bit exaggerated but I'm sure you see my point and I hope you’re ready for the umpteenth rant view because that's what you're getting for this hook SoooooooooooooooooooooooooWhat makes Royal Bastards a 2 star book? I guess it’s only fair of me to start by the obviously hated partsFirst of all that blurb up there is uite misleading If you dive into this book expecting it to be the new Six of Crows brace yourself for disappointment and get ready to ask for your money back The Royal Bastards are nothing like the Dregs They're not cool they're not linked to one another by the purest of frienships They’re just a bunch of puppies with no skill and no will who were tossed into a plot bigger than their brains for the sake of calling this a revolutionary bookThe novel itself is pretty awesome baiting It actually starts with a bang it assures you the presence of an amazing female lead character and it lures you in with the promise of unbelievable adventures Hint it lies Royal Bastards is basically the One Direction Mania of books highly anticipated overly hyped and built around a band of mediocre teenagersI remember reading the first two pages and thinking “Yes I see this going somewhere and I like it”Tilla and Jax are presented in a way that makes you like them right from the start You can’t help but sympathize with the poor bastard daughter of cold hearted Lord Kent and her sassy red head step brother Unfortunately that doesn’t last long As soon as the third member of this unfortunate group shows up the story abruptly takes a U turn in the wrong direction and becomes the bore that will be the entire bookFor pages and pages nothing really happens I get that it’s kind of a preparatory thing where all the characters get to meet and know each other before the real shit starts to happen but The Yawn Fest is strong in this oneYou can’t even say that it’s fast paced The story proceeds fast because there are so many holes in the plot that you can’t help but feel that something is irremediably missing I still need to understand why many things happened to be honest To me a huge number of facts and actions still remain unmotivated and totally resolvable with a serious talkGo figure Now that that’s out of the way let me walk you to WTF Point #2 the writingHoly Syntaxis Batman I couldn’t believe my eyes Still can't to be honest It was so anticlimatic and out of place that it made me want to throw the book out the window Unfortunately I read this as an ebook and that would have meant scoring a home run with my Kindle and we me and my empty wallet don’t want that You seriously can’t write a book that’s supposed to take place in a medieval like setting and have your characters say things like “Holy shit” – “You should get laid” and my personal favorite “Man we’re screwed”I honestly expected the characters to produce a Starbucks cup and a selfie stick from their leather bags and immortalize the moment all while posing with duckfaces or peace sign fingers It all felt a tad bit too unrealistic even for a fantasy book I meanthe authenticy people The authenticy The first person narration is not my preference but I could have worked past it if it helped developing the plot It didn’t so yeah look at me complaining a bit about that too Also can we talk about hygiene for a moment here? If you want to make it at least a bit less unbelievable andor slightly bearable you can’t let 5 teenagers go around the woods for two weeks without them taking a single bath All the raging hormones all that running and sweating Christ imagine the smellThen we have the characters and here’s where the real fun begins rubs handsFirst of all we have Tillandra Tilla for friends She’s the main character and narrating voice of the whole novel who’s only purpose is to pretend to be a good girl when she’s actually nothing but a raging little thing who needs to set her priorities straight and who’s got a serious case of Outcast Heroine™ going onIt maddens me to the point of no return because at first glance I thought she’d be the kind of heroine I have a soft spot for badass but girly tough but also sweet Jax her brother is neither meat nor fish and his humor feels forced than genuine but I guess that depends on the author’s lack of skill but he’s probably the only one I didn’t felt like murdering every two seconds Miles has some potential hidden somewhere in between his know it all attitude and gentleness but yeah he was clearly there only to unreasonably piss off Tilla seriously girl have some Xanax for your nerves and to serve as The Rival Zell is a washed up immature and indefinite copy of every single broody male hero you’ll find in whatever random YA novel you’ll have the chance to read I don’t understand him One moment he’s sensitive the other he’s all closed up and ready to shove his sword up someone’s nose Listen I adore cocky characters but there’s a thin line between cocky and plain rude and Zell makes sure to step all over the line and make it his own bish Talk about borderline broodiness This guy has some serious daddy issues to work through The only one I truly liked was Lyriana yay for adorkable vegetarian feminist and pro peace POCs but she was treated like a secondary character when she’s actually the coolest one and the one who’s honestly got to give I wish the author gave her space instead of throwing her in a corner half asleep or injured most of the timeThe main romance is drumroll a love triangleA pathetic excuse of a love triangle actuallyLet me find my surprised face We have Miles who’s obsessed with TillaWe have Tilla who’s obsessed with getting into Zell’s pantsAnd then we have Zell who is obsessed with beingZell I think that should become an adjective Is everything okay?” “Yeah I’m just feeling a bit Zell today”Jokes asideThis thing between Zell and Tilla I don’t feel it At all I mean Tilla's attraction for the impossibly good looking Zitochi bastard was obvious right from when she landed her eyes on him the very first time and even my dog could see how whipped she was but Zell didn't really bother with her for a good half of the book and seemed mostly interested in improving his sulk so this whole lovey dovey thing felt a bit improvised on his partview spoilerWhen Tilla got mad at Miles after learning their parents had arranged a wedding between them I was so ready to jump in the book and kick her in the shin Why even get mad at Miles? It’s not his fault Also I get it that the idea of an arranged matrimony is hella awful but you could have done worse Girl you have no idea how much of a piece of cake that is Sansa Stark could tell you something about that hide spoiler

  6. mxa ☂︎ mxa ☂︎ says:

    “I suppose honor can mean whatever we twist it to mean”Before I begin I just want to add that I don't easily give 1 star ratings to books It's just that very few things in my life annoys me to death and this book is no exception as it just got blacklisted oops For those who have been following my updates on this book know that this story hooked me from the start I even told my friends that it was getting me out of a reading slump that wedged itself onto me from the first week of June The synopsis alone could get you out of it I just know it We have bastards from different royal houses a princess and a bunch of asshole ish parents that want to take down the mages but are also against each other? So these bastards Tella Jax Zell and Miles and the princess who wanted to know what it's like to be in a bastard's shoes were unfortunate to witness something that they shouldn't have can you guess what happens next? Yes they got Framed Interesting huh? I think so too The first 70% of the book was basically characters getting to know each other there were cliché moments here and there some action the writing was decent and most of all it seemed like there were some leading areas that could have kept me on the look out for any twists and turns which are all things that deserve a pat on the back But boiiii did I get a twist at around 73% mark as I ended up being the victim of witnessing some child throwing tantrums like it's his purpose in this life And I kid you not when I say that I felt like the book that I initially read disappeared out of thin air because what the fork was that??  “How in the frozen hell had Miles managed to come up with a novel length backstory but hadn’t remembered that buying things costs money?”um because he dum dum duhThe clichéd scenes from the beginning multiplied it became all talk no show as the characters were riding horses than half of the time characters may have been finding ish about each other but it was just like asking a complete stranger to play 20 uestions with you OH WAIT that's exactly what happened they played a round of truth and shots? and haha it was just freakin great That's all the character development you get and from there it all went straight to Hell The child as I mentioned previously saw something he should’ve seen coming from miles away but did he accept and let it go? NOOO instead he went looking for his mommy with his destroy the world i don’t care attitude i just want blah blah  “You’ll remember who you are You’ll see We’ll fix this We’ll fix it all”On the other hand we have a couple that I was actually rooting for to get together because I could tell that there was some chemistry between them but of course that also ended up disappointing me their very first lovey dovey interaction aka The Pool Scene was flat and cringey as hell and completely unnecessary??? Lastly the inevitable plot twist that's not even a plot twist and WAR and all that ish had me allI felt betrayed and confused by how this book turned out and I apologize for being salty about it this is all purely subjective so for those who have already read and enjoyed it kudos “I’d spent my whole life torn between two worlds because of my birth craving the comforts of one while living the reality of the other Lyriana was torn too but she was torn by choice throwing away one world because she felt a duty to the other” WARNING inside joke below don't flip outBR eeding with this crewyonkers jiasan cuteamy ditcher team raf ghostie

  7. Joshee Kun (조수아) Joshee Kun (조수아) says:

    My written interview with the author can be found here

  8. amy ☂︎ amy ☂︎ says:

    i have 84 regrets and this book is at least 23 of themactual rating 15 Stars not uite level the love interest but it was dangerously closeit's been two days since i finished this so i already suppressed most of the awfulness that was this book but i'm gonna try and put my thoughts into coherent sentences for you and convey my feelings in a civilised way so i can move on and pretend me reading this book is something that only happened in an unpleasant feverish dream • buddy read with my fridges sharky jiu chai latte street rat cutemaram emma Ploti want you to know that it's my favorite trope of all time when a band of misfits somehow get together and have a mission side eyes Six of Crows but a great premise isn't enough when the execution sucksthe book started out pretty well actually i remember thinking that this could be an easy fun uniue read except that in hindsight everything was clichéd to death and there was nothing original about the plotat all this is NOT the uality content i signed up for and i want my money backthen the 70% mark happened and everything pretty much went to shit the plot twist is by far the worst twist i've ever seen at this point i'M like PLEASE SOMEONE STAB ME end this suffering and the last few chapters were pure torture to get through because what even the fuckfull offense but this was literally so fucking predictable and poorly executed i don't even know how to put my Disgust into words any Characters • Tillai mean she's ordinary??? just your normal ya protagonist ¯ツ¯ • Milesmy feelings towards miles are the embodiment of gordon ramsay screaming adultsi'm just saying if he was thrown into a pit of burning lava i would not bat an eye• Zelli did care about him for3 seconds but he eventually started to bore me too • JaxwELL view spoilerjax deserved better and we all know it i feel like shvarts just killed him off so the book would become edgy and game of thrones y but nah mate that was unnecessary as shit and i'm salty hide spoiler

  9. Sana Sana says:

    Honestly??? Believe them when they say this starts off really good but then is absolute shit I mean it wasn't absolute shit I may have exaggerated but honestly the romance and insta love ruined it So like this book was basically going to class to find a substitute teacher who gives you a pop uiz you didn't study for and you fuck up on it big time Everything goes so so well until that one thing that ruins pretty much the entire everything In this case it’s the shitty romance or insta loveee Really though it wasn’t a bad book The majority of it was really entertaining and hilarious but that last 20ish% was cringeworthy This book is pretty much what the blurb says and the blurb says a lot Like whoever wrote the synopsis are you trying to write an essay about this book or something??? But anyways there’s these outcasted kids called bastards who are treated like they have the plague but their lives are suddenly changed when a princess of some land decides to sit with them and go on some adventurous night where they see a murder happen against royalty and they’re pretty much caught up in a war which only they can prevent I actually liked Tilla’s character She’s a strong independent gal who’s all up for girl power Yes I pretty much liked all the character’s except for Zell Now pREPARE YOURSELF FOR THE WRATH OF A HARDCORE ZUKO FANGIRL OK? Spoilers ahead though???This guy is a fucking wannabe Zuko I’m like screaming ●He’s a ruthless killer and him and his clan is feared by everyone●Has an abusive psycho piece of shit sibling who needs help and is favored by the parents and is seen perfect by everyone●Challenged to a duel and showed mercy●Lost his fUCKING HONOR●Joins the enemy but they're actually the good guys●Becomes good and amazing and awww fuck off AKSSKDFHJDKFRSDFD fuck off Zell you piece of shit And I didn't like him lmao sozThe romance is just a pile of fucking cringe Zell and Tilla need to spend some time together before blurting out “I LOVE YOU” and fucking in the pool while their lives are in danger Same for Jax and the princess except they don't fuck Also I need to sue the author for writing seuels because WTF WASN’T THIS GOING TO BE A STANDALONE??? Jk I’m not really suing just pissed because I don't remember a seuel coming out??? Anyways I'm probably not going to continue this series so idek why I'm stressing it??? LolAlso I'm really not satisfied with that ending I thought this was going to be a standalone??? Anyways this sounds super awesome and if it's not super awesome I'm going to dig a grave for myself

  10. may ❀ may ❀ says:

    This book promised me a lot of thing; treachery betrayal action no disappointment and a hell of a suad But guess what happened? Honestly So this train wreck started off alright We got some siblingship going on Nice We got some average writing Fine We got some rebellion Cool And then Zell appears and I’m like MY BABYSo far so goodThenReality RollsOverMeWithATruckBasically it just turned into a hell of a lot of telling not showing the characters are as flat as my math scores the PLOT is so UNDERDEVELOPED the kids have such convenient talents revealed in SUCH convenient times Ft the world’s biggest temper tantrum Daddy issues What a coincidence Life hack poetry saves lives and can be used in place of Ft premature declarations of love tRaGiC BaCk sToRY Life Hack #2 don’t have sex in a public pool it leads to wars So to conclude Lots of potential Lots of ambition All we got was a little kid throwing a tantrum and lots of I LOVE YOUS being thrown around 1 star` Buddy read with my gfs the stranger alcaloïdes peppa pig maraamati emily emma

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