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Mistake Me Not Stone Investigations #1 [Download] ➵ Mistake Me Not Stone Investigations #1 By Scarlett Finn – Thomashillier.co.uk Lacie Hart must be intercepted she knows his secret; she could unravel his web of deceit and betrayal Lacie believes in loyalty above all else so when her best friend Sorcha needs help Lacie doesn't t Lacie Hart must Not Stone eBook ↠ be intercepted she knows his secret; she could unravel his web of deceit and betrayal Lacie believes in loyalty above all else so when her best friend Sorcha needs help Lacie doesn't think twice But following Sorcha's instructions leads Lacie to inadvertently hire the wrong PI Unaware of her error Lacie is horrified by her body's overwhelming attraction to this man she has only just met Especially since every other man leaves her less than lukewarm Worse still Lacie believes Mistake Me PDF or he is Sorcha's ex and she would never consider betraying her friend Ryder Stone wasn't going to correct the little brunette who caught him in the middle of a little B and E; the case sounded easy enough and he wouldn't want her to be taken advantage of at least that was his excuse Except neither comprehend the danger ahead Oblivious to what they're walking into Ryder finds himself unconscious with only Lacie's screams and his own imagination to torment him Unfortunately it's not Me Not Stone PDF ↠ over for them yet Their one misstep leads them into a plot that extends close to home Lacie has seen something She's in trouble and none of them know it until it's too late and she's gone.

About the Author: Scarlett Finn

Writing has always Not Stone eBook ↠ been a big part of my life Since I was a child I've known exactly where my passion lay No matter what's gone on in my life writing has been my touchstone After all we all need a place to escape toReading is my idea of heaven There's nothing I like than to switch everything off close the bedroom door and curl up with a good bookI have a feeling that's something all.

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  1. April ♥"LOS" ♥ April ♥"LOS" ♥ says:

    Once again Scarlett Finn has surprised me After reading Explicit Instruction I thought I knew what to expect from this author However in Mistake Me Not she was still able to astonish me Ryder Stone is a much different Hero than Rushe Explicit Instruction but no less likable While Ryder is still a dominant alpha male he has a softer side that we only see when he's dealing with Lacie When Lacie Hart sought out the help of a private investigator she never expect it to change her life She was simply helping out her best friend and had no intention of becoming the focus of an underground crime ring Ryder Stone happened to be in the wrong place at the right time when Lacie came looking for help However after building his relationship with her on a foundation of lies he doesn't know how to come clean without losing her With her life on the line Lacie's only chance of survival falls to the man she is just learning to trust What I liked about this book was the natural feel to the characters and their interactions with each other While Ryder is strong and confident it doesn't come across as domineering and although Lacie is the victim she in not helpless and weak There was a shocking part towards the end of the book that actually had me yelling out loud For a book to envoke that type of viseral reaction it must be good I would recommend this book to fans of romance mystery and crime novels I think this book in an excellent addition to my Scarlett Finn collection

  2. April April says:

    Freaking Ryder Loved himThis book takes you all over the place and I loved itLacie's best friend finds out she pregnant Sorcha is a handful Sorcha knows who the father is but he disappeared She convinces Lacie to go to her ex who is a PI Shep Upon meeting Shep who unbeknownst to her was actually Ryder Ryder OMG What an alpha male You can just tell the instant chemistry between the two Lacie tries fighting the attraction to Shep aka Ryder She doesn't want to date Sorcha's ex Ryder knows he needs to tell the truth but he can't find a way to Lacie convinces Ryder to let her tag along to find Bruce Things get intense for the pair The banter between the two is off the charts This book gives you a ride The reason for Bruce's disappearance is shocking Who he is working with will hit you You never saw it coming And further in the book you just want to beat a certain someoneLacie is a strong woman and she doesn't back down She wants to help her friends and those she cares about She is confused for his feelings for Ryder Ryder the protector and boss oh my you will love him He will do anything for Lacie He feels that he has failed her after the mess in the beginning When Lacie is kidnapped and missing for 6 weeks oh my My heart hurt for him I don't want to give to much away but this book will grab you The writing just sucks you in You will not be bored with this one It does have a HEA so you get a full story Hoping to see books in this series To see how Sorcha deals with Bruce and Shep

  3. Coco.V Coco.V says:

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  4. Angela Dossett Angela Dossett says:

    Love Betrayal and Best Friends I've never read anything by this author I purchased this book after reading a blurb on Goodreads It is simply amazing It touched on personal issues struggles emotions and determination I found myself actually relating with the characters involved They were well written made realistic Secondary characters were mentioned enough to make you wonder if they will have their own stories The concept of friends willing to go the distance for one another made this story in my opinion The attraction was instant but was made gradual and when it did happen very gratifying The story was smooth and steady and fast paced with action occurred Lacie and Sorcha are best friends Sorcha has gotten herself into a situation pregnant After Sorcha's meltdown Lacie agrees to help her find the father Bruce by going to a PI that Sorcha has dated in the past There she will meet Ryder What she doesn't know is Ryder works for himself He was there snooping He has his own security company He will agree to take the case because he finds himself attracted to Lacie He locates several men with Bruce's name and Lacie joins him to id the real Bruce When Bruce is located they find trouble With help from others they will discover truths secrets and betrayal Will their attraction for each other survive?You'll have to read the book to find the answer I hope the author will consider making this story a trilogyseries I found myself asking a lot of uestions about the future of these characters and their friends I've recommended this book to family and friends Happy Reading Cheers

  5. Deborah Deborah says:

    A bit of everythingWhen I started this book it had 3 UK and 3 US reviews all were 5 star so I figured I was in for a spectacular read and I must say I wasn't disappointedSorcha is 3 months pregnant and Bruce the father of the baby has left town with no forwarding address in order to track him down and in the interests of secrecy she enlists the help of her best friend Lacie Sorcha sends Lacie to hire Shep a private investigator she used to date Lacie never having met Shep hires the wrong guy and is very troubled by the attraction she feels toward him Ryder feels the same attraction but since Lacie thinks he's Shep who dated Sorcha things are messy and confusingNow I have to say I worked out who the bad guy was about half way through this book but that was less to do with my detective skills and to do with reviews mentioning how completely surprised they were so I was looking for someone who fitThis book has a bit of everything friendship love romance betrayal mystery the list goes on it's certainly entertaining I can honestly say I was never bored or even considered skimmingWhy not 5 stars well there's a couple of 'too stupid to live' moments which you could argue are minor and yes they are but for me they were silly and just took the edge off a bit this book certainly didn't need them This aside this is a wonderful entertaining read and it's free

  6. Tami Tami says:

    This author delivers again It wasn't the everyday cookie cutter romance No this one's special Ms Finn amazes me with her storyline twists Do yourself a favor and read this author

  7. Melissa Melissa says:

    I received an ARC in exchange for an honest review I have to say that the synopsis did not do the book justice I really like the story of Lacie and Ryder I also really liked the relationship with Lacie and Sorcha This story has a ton of twists and turns There is nothing like a good mystery I love how they met with deception and it was uickly revealed to Lacie who Ryder really was I loved how fierce she is Loved how she has a great Take charge attitude and is very open and honest with everyone I like that she does not hide how she feels and what she wants As far as Ryder goes I would have liked him to be a little ALPHA There were parts that I felt he could have been alpha like and had less self doubt When the boss was revealed I had a serious WTF moment from that point on there were so many twists and turns I couldn't read the pages fast enough This was a great book and I REALLY hope that the second book is all about Sorcha and her saga that was crazy I will say that at first I didn't really care for her but she did end up with a great light and gook beginning to her storyI can't wait to find out how it all ends

  8. Dina Roberts Dina Roberts says:

    I'm trying to figure out the genre of this novel It has some explicit sex but I don't think it has enough to be classified as eroticaI think it's a romance novel mixed in with crime But it's not really a thriller There's a little bit of a mystery but not much Maybe it's a damsel in distress type story Yeah That's probably how I'd label itThere's a lot of mushinessfor lack of a better word Sometimes I think it was sweet and romantic Other times I felt the annoyance I feel when I'm around people who are a little too far into the honeymoon stage of their relationship Ryder the male lead in the story is very protective of his girl I like men who are protective but sometimes I felt Ryder went a bit too far Besides that though he seemed like a decent guy

  9. Tracy Tracy says:

    I was provided a copy of this book for free in exchange for a honest review The story of Ryder and Lacie Lacie's friend Sorcha has found herself pregnant and needs to find the baby daddy A case of mistaken identity leads to the meeting of Ryder and Lacie Then ensues a wild ride of twists and turns that uite frankly are hard to keep up with Ryder is not my type of H He didn't seem to have enough of the alpha protector I love He came across as weak and played the self pity and blame game to the extreme The Hh lacked that intensity and heat The story jumped all over the place and the was not very cohesive I found myself at a loss as to what was happening a lot of the time Too many unrealistic twists and turns not to mention Lacie's totally self absorbed best friend who I just wanted to slapunfortunately this story just didn't do it for me

  10. Sinister_reader Sinister_reader says:

    wow Scarlett Finn you have done it again I loved this book Not as hot as explicit instructions but still this book is a must read I don't know where you've been hiding but man am I glad I found you

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