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The Immortals Olympus Bound #1 [PDF] ✩ The Immortals Olympus Bound #1 ❤ Jordanna Max Brodsky – MANHATTAN HAS MANY SECRETSSOME ARE OLDER THAN THE CITY ITSELFManhattanThe city sleeps Selene DiSilva walks her dog along the banks of the Hudson She is alone just the way she likes it She doesn't beli MANHATTAN HAS MANY SECRETSSOME ARE Olympus Bound Kindle Õ OLDER THAN THE CITY ITSELFManhattanThe city sleeps Selene DiSilva walks her dog along the banks of the Hudson She is alone just the way she likes it She doesn't believe in friends and she doesn't speak to her family Most of them are simply too dangerousMurdersIn the predawn calm Selene finds the body of a young woman washed ashore gruesomely mutilated and wreathed in laurel Her ancient rage returns And so does The Immortals MOBI :↠ the memory of a promise she made long ago To protect the innocent and to punish those who stand in her wayGodsWith the NYPD out of its depth Selene vows to hunt the killer on her own But when classics professor Theo Schultz decodes the ancient myth behind the crime the solitary Huntress finds herself working with a man who's her opposite in every way Together they face a long forgotten cult that lies behind a string of Immortals Olympus Bound ePUB ´ murders and they'll need help from the one source Selene distrusts most of all the city's other Immortals Much like Lev Grossman's The Magicians spoke to a generation of adults who grew up with Harry Potter THE IMMORTALS will enchant anyone who loved American Gods or Percy Jackson.

  • Hardcover
  • 447 pages
  • The Immortals Olympus Bound #1
  • Jordanna Max Brodsky
  • English
  • 01 February 2016
  • 9780316347181

About the Author: Jordanna Max Brodsky

Jordanna Max Brodsky hails from Olympus Bound Kindle Õ Virginia She holds a degree in History and Literature from Harvard University She lives in Manhattan with her husband.

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  1. Mogsy (MMOGC) Mogsy (MMOGC) says:

    5 of 5 stars at The BiblioSanctum this remarkable debut fantasy novel by Jordanna Max Brodsky Greek gods walk the earth They’ve actually been with us since time immemorial but with the arrival of science technology and new forms of faith their powers have faded throughout the ages so that the ones who still living among us are practically human barely hanging onto their immortality As the goddess of the hunt and protector of women and girls Artemis still embodies a lot of the values she was known for though these days she has taken the name of Selene DiSilva and has adopted Manhattan as her homeWalking her dog one morning Selene stumbles upon the corpse of a young woman washed up on the shores of the river Horribly mutilated and wreathed in laurel the victim bears all the signs of a ritualistic murder Recognizing the significance of this Selene swears to find justice for the woman and her investigations ultimately lead her to team up Dr Theo Schultz a professor of mythology and classical studiesWhile this might sound strange one of main reasons I adored The Immortals is the way it bought me back to some of the wonderful books and authors I’ve enjoyed in the past Essentially the author has managed to shape something brand new and uniue out of a hodgepodge of familiar themes and ideas and I was amazed at how well the end result worked for meFor example like many of my favorite books by Juliet Marillier we have a powerful feminist icon as a protagonist one who champions women through her words and actions Selene reminds me very much of Blackthorn from Dreamer’s Pool in that both characters start off very suspicious of everyone around them but she gradually comes to accept that there are good honorable men out there who are deserving of her love and trust In The Immortals there’s also Theo a Dan Brown esue geeky scholar type hero who uses his esoteric knowledge to solve puzzles and chase a killer across the city trying to stop the murders before they happen Angels and Demons anyone? Finally and perhaps inevitably there are the obvious parallels to Neil Gaiman’s American Gods what with both books strongly featuring a blend of modern culture and ancient mythology along with the central premise that gods only exist because of belief and veneration Once that worship wanes so too will the gods’ strength and immortalityThe Immortals mixes these popular tropes freely and generously but in spite of this its greatness is diminished not one single bit In fact the book feels both familiar and new and I was able to ease into it effortlessly It didn’t take much convincing to get me on board with the mystery plot either which was suspenseful and enticing Brodsky’s prose feels natural and elegant infused with a hint of casual humor which made this one a rather light fare even in the face of some darker themes and as a big fan of Greek mythology I also enjoyed her fantastic and often very witty portrayals of the gods In addition the narrative brings to life a side of Manhattan I’ve never seen before and in a way the setting becomes a character in its own right There’s always a place in my heart for stories that teach me new things andor make me see things from a different angle and this book definitely fits the billI also feel very fortunate that I was able to receive a copy of the audiobook for review To my surprise one of the narrators is Jordanna Max Brodsky herself and she ended up delivering an impressive performance I’ve not listened to too many author narrated novels but I can see them having a certain appeal Not all authors are able to pull off narrating their own books but Brodsky is undeniably as talented at voice acting as she is at writing giving her character Selene the perfect attitude on the page and in audio Robert Petkoff matched her with an incredible performance of his own while reading the chapters devoted to Theo infusing his character’s geeky but lovable persona with the necessary charm I also appreciated the sound effects and other little touches that made this audiobook even immersiveBottom line I loved this novel and I have to say the audio format was also a phenomenal experience all around I honestly can’t recall the last time I rated both story and performance on an audiobook a full five stars or if I’ve ever even done so before but The Immortals most certainly deserves it

  2. carol. carol. says:

    Like many myth geeks I loved reading D'Aulaire's Book of Greek Myths I followed the trail of magical into fairy tales and down the slide into mythology Brodsky took the idea of Greek gods and moved them to modern New York City powered down and living among mortals Artemis is a far cry from her old self but she still hunts those who offend her spirit of justice Instead of a pack of hounds she has her faithful dog Hippolyta As Artemis is scaring off a mortal man from his abused girlfriend when she feels a call go out from one of her worshippers Although she's certain worshippers no longer exist her goddess abilities seem to be returning to herGods among the mortals isn't a new idea in fantasy but Brodsky's version is firmly anchored in research Depending on your wheelhouse this level of detail can be an attraction or a bore Personally despite my long fondness for ancient Greek art and myth I did find the explanatory babble occasionally cumbersome although not as bad as I would have expected in an urban fantasy It works because Theodore Schultz is the ultimate professor easily expounding on ancient culture and mythology at every opportunity even in a police station Although I am drawn to thoughtful characters Artemis is no Athena fun fact I mistakenly named my rottweiler Athena instead of Artemis She also was no Athena metaphorically speaking Her strategy in solving the mystery is to investigate crime locations and to accuse everyone she knows of the crime Ordinarily this headstrong thoughtlessness would irritate but Brodsky makes it work for her However much like the deities in mythology she also distinctly lacks a sense of humor As in mythology Theo is the character that helps the reader connect to the storyOn the downside the author clearly follows the theory Conservation of Character which was kind of a disappointment There were a lot of insignificant mortals in mythology so I missed the lack of inconseuential players along with missed potential in minor gods and half children Strangely early on we are introduced to Gabriela a completely stereotypical Latina chica her girl friend speech pattern her gay dar her moods that could turn on a dime and physical affection with Theo I felt kind of embarrassed for Brodsky creating such a stereotypical mess of a characterSetting was one of the high points what's not to love about New York City? She even nails the strange stale and fetid smell of the subway in the heat However Brodsky chooses to set her story fairly solidly in time a serious mistake I was puzzlingly distracted by than a few mentions of Alexander Hamilton the person not the musical and my reading buddy noted references to Amy Shumer Anderson Cooper and Saturday Night Live are going to badly date the books Seems kind of a rookie mistake but then it is a first book So much of NYC is fairly timeless that it is a surprising choicePlotting is perhaps one of the weaker points It roughly revolves around who killed Helen Theo's ex and why? but it does develop a couple of related sub plots I will say that I was able to identify the villain fairly uickly and as I've said before if I'm able to do that you are performing the literary euivalent of ALL CAPS MURDERER HERE There's a romantic subplot that feels incompletely realized Basically why is the virgin goddess falling in love while she's avenging a woman? Goddesses are capricious and all that but seems a bit hard to conceive that our cold moon goddess is mooning over a man as she's hunting a killer Brodsky didn't really uite have the chops to pull it offIt wasn't until the end that I realized one of the philosophical underpinnings of the world building the idea that deities can be maintained by adapting to new traditions was utterly ignored with Persephone goddess of harvest and Leto goddess of motherhood Somehow the females all became weaker while the males became stronger Clearly Brodsky's never worked with a gaggle of moms to be had to buy stupid baby presents every year or look at a facebook feed full of fat little faces The Cult of Motherhood is strongOverall I'd say I enjoyed reading it but I do tend to rely heavily on skimming over the boring bits whatever they may be The approach seems to be a little of the literary fiction angle than the UF angle which may be why there's a blurb from Deborah Harkness on the front People who don't groove on Greek myths or on NYC may be bored although it's worth noting that Artemis' approach is like a superhero powerhouse not a magicky wishy thinky approach This was generally solid and palatable than early Harry Dresden books I think there's some interesting potential so while I wouldn't add it to my personal library I'm also willing to continue the seriesThree and a half stars Rounding down because the world building sexism bugged me

  3. Skyler Autumn Skyler Autumn says:

    2 Stars The Immortals answers the age old uestion what would happen when the gods of our history are no longer worshipped Well for our Greek God Artemis now going by Selene it means becoming a sexually frustrated private investigator in New York City Artemis while going for a nightly walk in the park with her trusty dog Hippo and the usual scowl plastered on her face stumbles upon the dead body of a young woman It uickly becomes clear that this type of murder is the act of a ancient greek ritualistic cult and Selene needs the help of the dead woman's ex lover and colleague in classical studies Professor Theodore Schultz in solving this crime before people are sacrificed The portrayal of Selene aka Artemis was infuriating The writer took a strong female icon within ancient greek mythology and made her a nothing than a sexually frustrated woman Selene embodied the phrase this person needs to get laid to the point where other characters would say that to her She was constantly going between the emotions of irrationally angry and shamefully horny And I say shamefully because if Selene had any feelings of lust or attraction the reader would then have to endure countless paragraphs of her just beating herself up over such thoughts The writer took the concept of Artemis's chastity within mythology and made it a self inflicted punishment instead an intentional decision Why couldn't the character be portrayed as Asexual? Just a female who isn't bothered about relationships or sexual acts Instead they made her a naive child that would blush or feel like vomiting anytime someone mentioned sex SHE'S SUPPOSE TO HAVE LIVED FOR THOUSANDS OF YEARS HOW IS SHE SO SHOCKED BY SEX? Clearly she doesn't watch any HBO shows The fact that the writer seemed hung up on Artemis's virginity then her many other attributes just got ridiculous She became less like a ancient Greek God and like that whiny friend you have that obsesses and complains about never having a boyfriend The other main character in this novel was a bit likeable then overly irritable and sexually frustrated Selene but not by much Theo had some cute ways about him reminding me at times of the character Flynn Carsen in The Librarians series Although soon Theo became a caricature spouting complex classical mythology with unrealistic ease saying things like Holy Roman Empire when startled ridiculous and declaring that ride or die love for a woman he's known for a week All and all I enjoyed the story The story is what gave it 2 stars despite me figuring out the killer within the first 5 chapters I still enjoyed the sleuthing and the factoids about ancient greek history Where the author lost me was the characters and the insta love I HATE insta love especially the type where they start sacrificing their lives for each other within the first few days of meetings Its like calm your shit crazy This book will unfortunately be filed into the pile of series I will not be completing I think there's going to be two books but since the storyline seems to be heavily revolving around whether or not Artemis will finally get laid I think I'm going to have to pass

  4. Madeleine Madeleine says:

    This is very very hard for me to write Had you asked me up to a certain point what I would have rated this book I probably would have said somewhere in the solid 4 45 range But then the ending justI'm sorry we'll get to that in a momentI'll be honest I'd had zero intention of reading this book In fact I'm fairly certain I even rolled my eyes when I first read the synopsis Greek gods are real and running around New York City and must suddenly embrace their former roles to solve a murder no less? EhI don't know This isn't a particularly new or innovative premise the idea of ancient deities in modern settings with powers that have significantly waned but what an author does with this premise that can make a book enjoyable and Brodsky does do some things that I likedFirst off the research that went into talking about the Classicist topics When one of your best characters is a Classicist I'm going to be notably on edge bracing myself for something that'll put me over the edge But I didn't In fact Theo our resident Luke Skywalker lookalike Classicist became my favourite character Selene Artemis may be our primary protagonist but any man who starts lecturing a New York City cop on an admittedly but also understandably conflated Elusinian Mysteries has my eternal devotion He's smart not fabulous at relationships and honestly just not particularly fabulous with people in general outside of the classroom save for a small few Basically he's probably not fun at parties Theo is my academic spirit animal and I loved almost every page in his perspectiveSelene started off as a great protagonist There was just enough of a cold distance to her that made it easy enough to believe that she is indeed not human; while this also sometimes made her difficult to connect with when in her perspective I thought it was a good way to reinforce her status as a god However I have to express some disappointment that the chance wasn't seized for an asexual heroine I am aware that Artemis is a dichotomous figure on one hand she can be this great feminist icon while on the flip side also representing many of the patriarchal aspects of Ancient Greece yes I'm referring to her status as a virgin goddess and remaining always chaste Here's an idea what if Artemis just had zero interest in sex? Not for the sake remaining pure and therefore divine but just because sex held no interest for her Given that somewhere around 1% of the world population identifies on the asexual spectrum why is it so difficult to believe that the goddess of the hunt who swore of sexual relations of all kind is on that spectrum? She always struck me as a veritable poster child for asexuality or at the very least gray AdemisexualityThis would I think also help explain the depth of her affair with Orion which is a central point of the novel and of Selene's character I'll be honest the relationship between Artemis and Orion was one that always interested me There are many different versions of it but I will admit to always gravitating towards the romantic version of them being very close before Apollo had a hand in tearing them apart view spoiler Speaking of Orion I wasn't too surprised when he showed back up because I think Brodsky made it very clear we were going to see him again Honestly I'd pegged Theo as a reincarnation of Orion which would have made the insta love connection between him and Selene understandable in my head hide spoiler

  5. Lata Lata says:

    Though a fast and suspenseful read I found myself kind of annoyed by all of the main characters And their whitenessThe only character I liked was Hippo That's right the dog

  6. Paul Paul says:

    an urban fantasy with a mythological basis? yes please sign me up for selene artemis is a kick ass heroine and Theodore is a brilliant tough and charming scholar together they must solve who is committing ritualistic murders in New York

  7. Naomi Naomi says:

    The book was interesting but a little over halfway through I stopped enjoying it The characters were slow and getting on my nerves I didn't appreciate the romance plot Several things happened that didn't make sense to me and others were too convenient I might have given it 25 stars and rounded up to 3 but finishing it just felt like such a chore Other people might enjoy it and I definitely could have enjoyed it if some things had been done differently or even in a different order I doubt that I'll read the next book Buddy read with Carol

  8. Karlyflower *The Vampire Ninja, Luminescent Monster & Wendigo Nerd Goddess of Canada (according to The Hulk)* Karlyflower *The Vampire Ninja, Luminescent Monster & Wendigo Nerd Goddess of Canada (according to The Hulk)* says:

    Because this is an amazing article that talks about a reality that I personally face on a regular basis Or rather parts of it not the goddess bit Unfortunately

  9. Robyn Robyn says:

    Satisfying mash up of RomanGreek myth murder mystery and urban fantasy

  10. Jenny Kim Jenny Kim says:

    Based on a reading of an ARC The concept is nothing new in that we have Greek gods living in a modern world their powers almost gone since they are no longer worshipped but in this book Artemis Selene the Goddess of Wilderness is the main protagonist who must find and stop the Mystery Cult who are killing innocent women in line with long forgotten Eleusinian Mysteries that brings immortality to a god being worshipped On her side is Theo brilliant professor of Greek and Roman myths to help her I was actually bored with the book It was just not exciting There was no tension or thrill and the romance was not romantic There were some redeeming ualities to it not much but some The humor worked most of the time and I like Theo the professor to certain extend The Eleusinian Mysteries itself was interesting The twist in the end which I didn't see it coming especially because it felt contradictory to the world created in the book was good I guess But there were other contradictions in the book which bothered me One of the biggest problems was that even though I wanted to like her ArtemisSelene turned me off She was one dimensional character robotic in a lot of ways with no sense of humor and has no morals As a goddess of protector of innocent it only applied to females but if you were male not a chance She is a vigilant who kills But then she saves these women not because she cares but because that is what she is supposed to do

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