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Nobodys Pawn (Never Veil, #3) [PDF] ✈ Nobodys Pawn (Never Veil, #3) ⚣ Amy McNulty – Men can love but they can also hate Noll knows too well that the men in her village have adjusted poorly to the freedom of their hearts but she hopes to bring peace back to her community With the lord Men can love but they can also hate Noll knows too well that the men in her village have adjusted poorly to the freedom of their hearts but she hopes to bring peace back to her community With the lord’s return Noll feels confident that together they can work to settle down the villagers but in his rebirth he remembers only one thing about her that she caused the curse that tortured him for a millennium in the first placeDetermined to start anew Noll must accept that romantically she and the lord are better without one another but she’ll need his help to uncover what’s really behind all of the suffering in her village Escorted to a land beyond the mountains Noll uncovers the truth about her village and the strange occurrences in which she’s had a hand When someone who loves her discovers the same things and betrays her Noll feels powerless to stop her village’s fate By learning to forgive and seek forgiveness Noll finally understands true love of a free heart—along with true sacrifice.

About the Author: Amy McNulty

Amy McNulty is an editor and author of books that run the gamut from YA speculative fiction to contemporary romance A lifelong fiction fanatic she fangirls over books anime manga comics movies games and TV shows from her home state of Wisconsin When not editing her clients’ novels she’s busy fulfilling her dream by crafting fantastical worlds of her own.

10 thoughts on “Nobodys Pawn (Never Veil, #3)

  1. Isabel Isabel says:

    Wow I just have to say that What an absolutely great ending to this book i even think I shed a tear i did Amy's writing has gotten better I would say it has never been bad but this book has a great flow to it and I felt like speeding the pages And Aillil this book That makes my heart flutter a bit I think Noll will be one of my favourite persons ever I am a bit sad that I will never hear from Noll again but that is the wonder with books isnt it I can just see her future for myself And that ending at the book So great and it felt genuine It has a reason And Aillil What a good progress they both had What great progress everyone had Just like they should This book deserves a full five stars from me It does everything a good seuel should And again thank you Amy You write such a good book Thank you from the bottom of my heart I am looking forward to of your books And a blast from the past review I still love you Amy

  2. Pallavi Sareen Pallavi Sareen says:

    It makes me so happy to finally come at the conclusion of this book This trilogy was a combination of ups and downs for me but this book is definitely an UP I adore how the characters have grown and the story matured This is the last book so everything is out in the open now all the secrets exposed all mysteries explained And I like how towards the end it turns into a power struggle among the men and women to find who's stronger or better Plus the cliffhanger in the last book really had me intrigued for this one and it didn't disappoint The book to keep an eye on the villagers the gold bangle the hole behind the throne and most of all Aillil these are all the elements that joined up to create a much bigger hidden plot And I liked all of it I'm definitely keeping an eye out for this author's other books I received an ARC from the author in exchange for an honest review

  3. M. [storme reads a lot] M. [storme reads a lot] says:

    sobs It's over I will be posting a review super soon though ♡♡♡

  4. Annelise Lestrange Annelise Lestrange says:

    Review originally posted on The Book Adventures of Annelise Lestrange I received this copy from the author in exchange for an honest review Let's go DThe StoryIf Noll thought things were bad with the curse she had to admit that without the curse they downward tragic With Jaron’s poor leadership the men in the village were completely rebellious and deep into existential crisis Now that the parties slowed down and they realized that being free wasn’t just about the good stuff most men were feeling lost and helpless How did you manage freedom if you never knew it in the first place Noll’s friends were going crazyThe women weren’t doing much better Without their other halves helping the village started to falter and nerves got shattered Most of them had been left as soon as Ailill suspended marriage contracts and didn’t know how to woo their loved ones back home Some like Rosalyn never would – her man had found love with another man after all And it was all Noll’s faultAt least she was given one last chance to right at least one wrong Ailill Against all odds the lord is back for yet another life But has no memories from the time he spent with Noll on his previous life As things get trickier with the village and Jaron tries to make Jurij the new lord Noll and Ailill are forced to travel beyond the Never Veil No matter how great the danger Noll will be dead and buried before anyone messes up her home – you know than herselfThree people crossed the veil how many will the kings and ueens allow coming backThe Analysis Just remembering that those were my impressions and opinion as a reader As I reached the last page of Nobody’s Pawn I blinked once Twice Like is this for real No Never Veil series for me How am I supposed to keep breathing Once again Amy petted me in the head on one moment as I successfully predicted a twist and kicked me in the stomach right after with another twist I would never even dream of – all metaphorically please Hahahaha Seriously this definitely is one of the best series I’ve had the pleasure of reading this year and it changed my life in levels I can’t even begin to explain All I have left to say to Amy for now is thanks for the memories and I hope I get to fight with see Noll and Ailill again sometime Four proud and shiny stars 3Ok maybe I have some things to say haha Like talking about the narrative again in first person style from Noll’s point of view Also I have to start by point out how much Noll grows as a narrator in this book – she slowly learned how to recognize the problems around her and to weight sufferings It may sound stupid to say so but it made all the difference for the reader her own problems weren’t oh so big any so she gave us a much better picture of what happened in the village Unfortunately I was turned really down to see the line “I released a breath I didn’t even realize I was holding” used twice with slight wording change and another time applied to tension on the muscles I just can’t with this line Along other minor problems that will be mentioned later this is one of the reasons why this book isn’t a full five starsThe other minor issues are on the plot – they are three in fact Let’s start with those shall we To start I felt like Noll’s sentiments for Ailill evolved too fast without a good explanation – actually this is a problem present on the last book already I forgot to point it among all my late teen angst sorry I felt she hated him with the force on the moment and then snap your fingers suddenly Ailill is the dream man I understand that some key things did happen rather suddenly but I think someone as Noll would have been confused and less prompted to instalove Oh well what do I know about feelings Haha Moving onThe second aspect is Noll’s powers I felt her magical powers were kind of left aside during the series and suddenly poof she is indeed a goddess in the better sense of the word I’m not a regular fan of over power characters without a good background behind them but again it’s a personal pet peeve But now that I think of it all reviews are about pointing how many pet peeves of ours that books can ruse and our rating goes higher the less our feathers are disturbed InterestingAnyway not the moment for deep reflections about society Third aspect back to track The end itself was too open for my tastes I felt as if there was a chapter missing as I still had so many uestions and McNulty had already started the acknowledgements Another personal trace of course as there isn’t any rule saying ends need to tie up all strings but I felt many important answers were missing Oh well I can’t have it all right Now to the part of the plot I really liked the pace Once again McNulty’s brilliant writing style made us float from a moment to the other without ever wanting to release the book no matter how hungry you are or how many messages your boss sends you during your lunchtime #truestory At the same time I loved how slowly McNulty eased us through the whole truth about the village and Noll’s world as having everything dropped out so suddenly isn’t nice at all As I commented on the first book’s review this is where we understand how badly gender wars can be to a society – despite the heavy fantasy all characters are still human and act the part The choices made are poor and result in an unwelcoming world for both sides As they learn to unite and ignore what’s between each other’s legs things start to work and harmony slowly ascendsRisking sounding repetitive this is what the Never Veil series is truly all about choices Kinship Loyalty Responsibility Maturity The gender uestion is necessary and important the romance is amusing the adventure is thrilling but they are all flourishes to McNulty’s true message your happiness is in your hands alone You make your own path no matter if you are aware of it or not As much as people try to keep you in or out of paths it’s still your decision to follow their advice and orders It’s all about the power of our beliefs and what we choose to do with what is given to usOr maybe McNulty just wanted to write a badass book and I got so drunk in Diet Coke I’m already down a really high and wasted path of thinking and saw too much into the small things It wouldn’t be the first time hahaI’ll spare you all from of my teen angst and talk about the characters To resume it all on one sentence OH BOY HOW THEY GREW As I apparently was born without the ability to stick with only one sentence to do anything on life I’ll just keep going now ok Haha Of course Noll has the most important and notorious personal growth of the whole series but many characters reached an important maturity level on this book especially among the men and this maturity is the key for them to move on I mean the whole village – Noll included – had their asses kicked with Noll’s interventions but how you deal with it afterwards show your true colorsAll right that was cheesy even for my standards so let’s just peek at some cool uotes from Nobody’s Pawn and be done with this haha “Because I was always outside even when I thought I was in” – Noll“Being alone for any period of time can be a torment” – Ailill“Freedom can be a difficult burden” – Ailill“My name sounds so lovely on your tongue Like it belongs to this special woman who isn’t me but whom you Ailill believe me to be” – Noll“I didn’t realize I could almost faint from embarrassment without even looking at something” – NollTo wrap up this kick ass series if you like dystopian fantasy young adult gender euality discussions and mind blowing books you need to have the Never Veil series in your life 3Thanks so much for reading my review Also thanks a million to Amy for sending me this book and for simply being the awesome person she is 3

  5. Kaitlynne Kaitlynne says:

    So these days it seems like the only time I get to read is late at night when everyone else is asleep and even that's pretty iffy Two part time jobs two online classes and well all the other things I have to do well let's just say I'm not reading as much as I would likeSo this is another one that I started at like 11pm and didn't stop until I was finished because I knew if I didn't finish it in one sitting it would probably never get finished I don't ever remember being so confused by a book since well since the time I read Nobody's Lady It might have had something to do with the fact that it had been a minute since I read the second book and I didn't have time to do a re read of the series Oh well But I think it also had something to do with the fact that things seemed to jump from one thing to another without any sort of explanation so it was hard to keep up with at timesSo why did I give it a 5 star rating then Because I loved the characters I loved the world building and the character growth and how there were so many twists and turns that I rarely saw coming

  6. Chalyss Chalyss says:

    Yay my review is the first one up That's cool Anyhow I received a free e ARC of the book from the author in exchange for an honest review That being said I probably shouldn't have gone from McNulty book to McNulty book This book was like a 4th of July moment Fireworks exploding everywhere I just wasn't sure where the next one would go off what shape or color it would be or if I'd still be reeling from the last one before the next goes off Let's start with the firecracker that is our beloved NollShe has grown much in the time frame of the books Her character is strong stronger than even she knows and it is so great to watch her grow That doesn't mean she doesn't slip up because she does but everything done here is in attempt to make things better for the village and people she loves Speaking of the people she loves can I take a moment to love Ailill His actions spoke so loud as to what his goal was and it just made my heart melt towards him He loves Noll so strongly that he's willing to risk so much for her All of the characters are so passionate in this book that they cause a lot of headache to get some answers and protect others It is that passion for answers that moves this plot along Everyone wants answers and no one is willing to stop until they get some The amount of things that could have been avoided had everyone just been patient was extensive but this is the village we are talking about Nobody is patient there and in this book we learn where they get it from That was one of the best parts of this book besides the circling love between our stubborn main characters getting answers beyond the village beyond the mountains What we find is definitely a head spinner I'm talking moving toward psychotic but I loved it The reasons behind it all just make everything better and better I don't know how to describe the awesomeness that is every surprise in this book without giving anything up I just encourage you to read it Please do then growl with me as you reach then ending That was the only thing I was sad about in this book I was begging for once I hit the last paragraphs Especially after the few tears I shed some chapters before the ending oh my heart On top of that the last sentence Why oh why did it have to end there sniffleOh well my time in the village has ended but Oliviere and Ailill shall continue on Maybe I'll meet them in the castle garden some day

  7. Kirsty (Amethyst Bookwyrm) Kirsty (Amethyst Bookwyrm) says:

    Nobody’s Pawn is the good final book in this trilogy and it is still fast paced and I did not want to put the book down I really liked the slow burn romance the world building and the commentary about gender roles It answered all of the uestions I had from the previous books and I did not predict where the story was going at all Noll has really matured in this story as she is forgiving than before while also willing to step up to responsibility of people’s expectations of her as well still being as passionate and adventurous as before Ailill seems relaxed in this book but still has so many secrets which seems to take their toll on him While the other characters are interesting and I enjoyed getting to know them I wish I could knock some sense into most of them as everyone seemed to be thinking with their hearts but never with their heads and no one seemed to actually have the conversations they need with anyoneI really enjoyed this series and I am very much looking forward to reading of Mcnulty’s Books I would recommend Nobody’s Pawn to fans of the first two books in this trilogy and the trilogy to those who like surprisingly deep and twist filled YA fantasy books This and my other reviews can be found at Amethyst Bookwyrm

  8. Jessica Rodrigues Jessica Rodrigues says:

    I am uite bummed that the series is over but I feel satisfied with the conclusionThe thing I liked most about this trilogy was that each book was distinct from the others but still carried over the plots from the previous books Noll is different too She's no longer a moody little girl moping because a boy doesn't like her she's a tough chick with some big problems the worst of which is the mysterious them beyond the mountains who seem to be pulling all the stringsDespite the many wrongs that have been done to Noll she is surprisingly forgiving as it becomes and apparent that most of the conflicts stemmed from incomplete or incorrect information being propagated Some of the villains gain their redemption; others get what's coming to themI appreciated that I couldn't predict the ending but that it still made sense Finally the fantasy mechanics of the world are further explained clarifying any confusion that may be left over from books 1 and 2 Ex the cavern pool the authority with which Noll was able to take charge in book 1 why people disappear when they die etcI'm going to miss Ailill and Noll but I think they're happy right where we left them

  9. Michaela Michaela says:

    I have so many emotions about this because I loved this whole series It's one of those stories that stay with you It was as if life was breathed into the characters through these pages Following Noll in what starts out as her selfish desire to change the status uo of her village A foolhardy disaster that she had a hand in and desperately tries to fix and her journey along with the entire village on the complexities of love There was never a dull moment as Noll Aillil and company find a way to correct the mistakes of their past in order to fix their future I was so attached to just about all these characters laughing loving and forgiving right along with them I am sad and happy with such a lovely and deserving ending

  10. Irina Irina says:

    God I can't believe it's overThis wonderful trilogy it's over I can't begin to explain how amazing these books are They have everything a good book should have world building strong characters interesting plot character development plot twists EVERYTHING I loved it I loved it so much This is now my new favorite trilogy

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