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No Angel [PDF] ✎ No Angel ⚡ Tara Hart – Thomashillier.co.uk Charlie Hunt is a slutHave you ever let one word define you Allowed one single word to shape your reality I have I’m not the girl you take home to meet your parents I’m the opposite I’m a sure t Charlie Hunt is a slutHave you ever let one word define you Allowed one single word to shape your reality I have I’m not the girl you take home to meet your parents I’m the opposite I’m a sure thing with no strings attached but one college jock took it too far and for once I'm the person who needs savingEvan Dawson is lostI never imagined myself back here in my childhood home looking after my wayward brother but here I am This isn’t the life I planned for but as soon as I set eyes on her everything made perfect sense The reason I’m here the purpose of my existence is to be with this girl and make her see her worthFor Charlie and Evan the journey has never been easy but can two complete opposites become one whole Or will Charlie’s reputation tear them apart No Angel is intended for readers over years of age It contains graphic sexual scenarios and strong language.

  • No Angel
  • Tara Hart
  • English
  • 11 April 2016

About the Author: Tara Hart

Tara Hart writes romance stories for those searching for their happily ever after Her new releases include S is for Sister M is for Mister and R is for Richer Tara was born and raised in Australia She currently spends her time travelling around Asia finding inspiration for her next storyTara loves to connect with readers writers and bloggers Feel free to send her a connect on Goodreads Ins.

10 thoughts on “No Angel

  1. NiCoLeTa E. {Addicted To Books} NiCoLeTa E. {Addicted To Books} says:

    375 Believe stars This was a lovely story with much depth So why i haven't put stars???I had some issues with the heroine but i will say about it laterBut beyond that reason it was a very interesting story with very lovely characters especially Charlie and Evan I’ve been this way for as long as I can rememberThe girl with a heart made of iron and a deeply tortured soul Charlie Hunt is a SLUTThat is the word that defined Charlie for the past six years and she seemed indifferent in what the others was thinking But deep down inside Charlie was being a heartbroken girl who was raising her head with pride even though inside her heart was bleeding by this kind of attitudeShe just wanted to be loved but nobody cared Until Evan Charlie Hunt is a slut Those five words burned into my brain resounding each and every day since The echoes never lie And just like a reputation can make you it can break you eually as fastEvan was back home for taking care of his brother He had his own issues and he wasn't very sure about his return back home Until he saw Charlie HuntFrom the very first moment this girl made a big impression to him and the only thing that he wanted was to be close to her and in unfortunate situation they met each otherBut will they can be together??? Stop running away from life Charlie She is a girl with a certain reputation and he is from the other side of the rackShe is poor and he is wealthyCan they overcome all the obstacles and just be together??? There is no reason a guy like Evan would be interested in me That’s why I’ve fought this so hard I know I’m going to get my heart broken Evan was such a wonderful guyI loved that he wasn't giving a shit about Charlie's reputation He wanted her and he was seeing deep down inside of her and what he was seeing was enough for him And that was so lovely thing to do “This is how it should feel and this is how you should be treated No less Don't you ever forget that”“Thank you” I say I’ve never meant those two words in my lifeThis is what it feels like to long for someone This is what it feels like to love someone Charlie from the other hand was also a wonderful personShe seemed to give no shit about what the others was saying about her and that she was having her composure together But damn everything was a facadeShe was thinking so low about herself in reality and that's why i got mad with her She deserved because she was a wonderful person but she was giving up so easily especially Evan and that's why she didn't think high of herself and that was so damn pity Evan deserves so much He deserves an angel not someone like me I also have to say that i loved Charlie's brother and Kyle at the end managed to make me like himBut i hated Jobe so much and the same goes for Charlie's mother I won't say much than that this book was a great surprise And that i can't wait for Grace's book She was also a lovely and sweet girl ARC kindly provided via NetGalley for the exchange of an honest review

  2. Vasiliki Vasiliki says:

    45 stars ARC kindly provided by Book Enthusiast Promotions via Netgalley in exchange of an honest review This is the story of Charlie and Evan a girl with a bad reputation and a guy with a good oneThis book took over my heart and left me breathless times that I could count The writing is so beautiful and it has so many layers that it's impossible not to feel Ms Hart has made a great job creating Charlie and Evan both of them with faults and virtues The plot was moving in a nice pace with few twists and it was captivating The book is written by a dual POV Evan's and Charlie's and it's nicely done It's always clear who is speaking and hisher feelings There was only one negative point for me in this book but it was actually minorWell I never understood what was the job of Evan and if he was working at this point It mattered to me because then the differences among Evan and Charlie were clear Charlie has been so hurt in her life that she has lost faith in everyone besides her brother and her best friend Grace She is so strong but she doesn't value herself as she should She doesn't look for pity she actually doesn't look for anything and that's exactly her beauty I really like her although her insecurities are preventing her enjoying lifeEvan is an amazing guy One of the few actually He has to look after his younger brother after the death of their father and he does his best He is patient and he doesn't stop on the appearances but he knows how to look deeper in the heart of someone That's his beautyTheir interactions were fantastic I loved their discussions their thoughts their kisses They were opposite but perfect for each otherThe end of the book was amazing I really loved the way everything was resolved I would have liked a bit details how everything worked out among Charlie and her mother but this book was focus on the relationship of Charlie and Evan and this was perfectly explainedI definitely recommend this book to everyone who loves a good NA book

  3. Tara Hart Tara Hart says:

    Find No Angel on nowamznto29oWVXR

  4. Nay Denise Nay Denise says:

    Received a review copy through NetGalleyNo Angel was an amazing new adult contemporary romance I enjoyed everything about this story The characters the drama the new friendships and This was definitely a book I could see me recommending to others to read I absolutely loved the dual POVs and how the meshed so well togetherCharlie is known as a slut She used to the rumors what people say and doesn't try to change them She uses sex to feel empowered desired and cared for She doesn't care that it's a different guy every night She just wants that moment it brings With all that went on in her personal life I felt bad for Charlie and the way she thought Especially when she was put in a harmful situation and she felt as though she deserved it Charlie was definitely insecure in her own way and needed to be uplifted I do wish she would have stood up for herself because she had in it her to stop all the negativityEvan returns home to play parent to his younger brother Kyle He never wanted to come home but when he first spots Charlie at a party he can't seem to get over her Evan had his own issues to deal with which were polar opposite to that of Charlie He had money friends and woman fawning for him but he wanted to be around someone that wouldn't care about all that He wanted to be with someone that saw him and made him feel human His ex was absolutely insane and all the drama she caused for him pissed me off I'm glad Evan never gave up on Charlie because she was just what he needed and vice versaThe romance was amazing I loved how different Evan and Charlie was No matter what anyone told Evan about her he knew she was than those rumors He knew that she was running from something and was determined to stop her from running The way they treated each other was amazing Evan poured so much love into Charlie Charlie having only felt love from her little brother and best friend was afraid to love for fear of being let down but when she finally let go she was able to accept and give in an incredible wayThe snippet at the end of Grace's story really pulled me in I'm definitely interested in reading it when it comes out in September

  5. Aira Cabrera Aira Cabrera says:

    ARC provided by the author in exchange for an honest review Charlie has been judged by just about everyone her entire life Her mother is an alcoholic and her father left when she was just young It’s up to her to take care of her little brother and to bring in money for their basic needsEvan has come back to Chicago to look over his brother Their parents are both dead and his brother isn’t taking it so well He sees Charlie at a party for the first time and is immediately enthralled with herCharlie did sleep around but I found it unfair that she was labelled a slut while all the other guys were doing the same thing It just made me so angry She was so much than a “slut” She was hardworking protective loving and just a genuinely nice person Evan was just perfect He was so understanding and the way he treated Charlie with so much respect and adoration made me love him so much She deserved that kind of love Both Evan and Charlie made mistakes because no one is perfect I really didn’t like Evan’s brother Kyle throughout most of the book but he surprised me at the end I hope the author decides to make a book for Kyle

  6. NiCoLeTa E. {Addicted To Books} NiCoLeTa E. {Addicted To Books} says:

    ARC kindly provided via NetGalley for the exchange of an honest review

  7. Tanya Heeralal Tanya Heeralal says:

    I received a digital copy of this book from NetGalley in exchange for an honest reviewMy Star Rating 45 I’ve been this wayfor as long as I can rememberThe girl with a heart made of ironand a deeply tortured soul excerpt from the journal of Charlie HuntThe moment I picked up this book I was compelled by this storyThis is my first time ever reading anything of the author’s before so this is plain honestyEvans and Charlie’s story draws you in from the start Charlie isn’t your typical young adult heroine nor is Evan the ‘picture perfect’ hero He also has secrets of his own They both are flawed characters with scars and pasts that haunt them This story is so much I never knew you would be Protected by a shadow And saved by a stare But there I stood Safe and sound In his presence aloneCharlie comes from a dysfunctional home her mother is an alcoholic wasting away her life Charlie has a teen brother who she has to look after as well as a home to run She may be labelled as a ‘slut’ on the surface but internally she is just another girl wanting a normal life filled with dreams and hopes I felt freedom rip through my body But at the end of the day I didn’t want to be freeShe is a broken girl that doesn’t want to be saved I felt that she was a strong willed character and at times she was vulnerable This is clearly portrayed when she tries to act brave She wants to feel wanted but at the same time she fears of getting her heart brokenEvan Dawson is back home in Chicago to look after his brother The moment he set his eyes upon Charlie; he is captivated by her and he wants to know the girl behind the ‘mask’ It wasn’t the words he said Or the way he kissed my skin It was the look in his eyes And the fire in his kiss That made me believe This is for meHe comes into Charlie’s life in a form of a savior He really evens out Charlie’s character in many ways which keeps a balance in the plot He stands up for her and is her pillar of strength when she is weak Along the way she learns to do the same for him I saw you clearly In my restless mind You took away the darkness And made closing my eyes My favourite thing to do He sees Charlie than who others define her to be He doesn’t want to use Charlie the way the other men do he wants to show her that she can be loved and cherished though Charlie is afraid to let him in You make me want to write A book full of poems And a library full of stories You make me want to skip to the finish And see how our story ends My goodness I loved each and every uote from Charlie’s journal that was included at the beginning of every chapter The words were so powerful and it brought so much depth into every scene so I couldn’t resist in adding a few in the aboveI really enjoyed this story and I can’t wait for the next book to come out in this seriesThe review is also up on my blog

  8. ♥ britt (Blissfully-Read) ♥ ♥ britt (Blissfully-Read) ♥ says:

    I received a complementary ARC in exchange for an honest reviewCharlie is just a college girl trying to make it through life Between taking care of her younger brother dealing with her alcoholic mother and being labeled as the campus slut she has a lot on her plate The last thing she expects to happen is to be in the sights of EvanEvan is also dealing with his own share of issues After a tragedy in his family he has left behind his life in Boston in order to move back to Chicago and take care of his younger brother who attends the same school as Charlie One night at a college party with his brother he sees Charlie and is immediately captured by her presence Imagine his surprise when his brother warns him to stay away from her because of her reputation When he looks at her he doesn't want to believe or go by the rumors that have been said about her Instead he wants to get to know the real Charlie and figure her out for himself Charlie on the other hand isn't use to guys wanting to get to know her because they always only want one thing from her and unfortunately she always gives them what they want and always gets crushed in the end When Evan shows interest in her she's scared of everything he makes her feel but she's also intrigued by what could happen if she actually lets her guard down and lets him inThis story was really interesting in regards of the story line I don't think I've ever read a book where it's the female protagonist who is portrayed as the one who gets around a lot so in a way it was kinda interesting to see how the author layed out the storyI will say though that despite Charlie being named the school slut I don't think she was shown as one very much Don't get me wrong it's not like I wanted her to be stoned to death whenever she walked out of the house But it was something that stuck out to me a bit as I was reading I'm not sure what I was expecting since I'm not use to the story line but I think it's something important to point out if you're someone who thinks that they might not be comfortable with the character being presented in such a way I'm not saying that she's treated great by everyone throughout the book or anything because there are moments when the issue is brought to light and she is faced with the label But at the same time she's not screwing every guy she comes in contact with in like every single page nor does she openly brag about her exploits all the time either I like the way her thoughts were in her chapters because you could clearly see how she was affected by the rumors why she didn't confront them head on and why she looked for affection in the wrong places She was a very vulnerable character when she let her walls down The way the author displayed these emotions lets the reader develop a great empathy for her and connect with Charlie better even if you aren't familiar with her situation I kinda feel like the author did this for that very reasonwipes forehead I hope I wasn't too rambly and made at least a little sense but I feel like everything I just said is something important to know about the overall storylineSome of the reasons why this story didn't get a higher rating from me are pacing and communication issues You guys know that communication issues are a big pet peeve of mine I feel like they can sometime make or break a story for various reason which I won't get into right now because that's a whole other blog post for another day The issue that happened towards the middleend of the of the book seemed pretty unnecessary and very avoidable One little talk and nothing would've even come from it anyway My other issue was the pacing because I think that things between Evan and Charlie moved a teensy bit too fast I would've liked to have seen them really get to know one another some instead of proclaiming serious feelings only a few weeks into knowing one anotherIf you're looking for a New Adult novel with a bit of a different story line than the usual then you should definitely check this one out and give it a shotFinal Rating 45httpblissfully readblogspotcom

  9. ❥ KAT ❥ Kitty Kats Crazy About Books ❥ KAT ❥ Kitty Kats Crazy About Books says:

    ༺Complimentary Copy༺ Provided by the authorTara Hart in exchange for an honest reviewThank you TITLE No Angel AUTHOR Tara HartGENRE Contemporary RomanceRELEASE DATE April 18th 2016MY RATING I've not read anything by this author before but when I read the synopsis I had to go stalking this book NO ANGEL is spoken in dual POV'S Evan Charlie Charlie's just your normal average teen who comes from a dysfunctional family she has been judged by just about everyone her entire life Her party having mother is an alcoholic and her father left when she was young so it's been left up to Charlie to provide for herself and her thirteen year old brother The signs of addiction come and go but one thing is certain she always relapses each time she falls a little harder and the benders tend to drag out a little longer Charlie dreams of a better life for herself but doesn't have the heart to leave her brother behind Sometimes I think my brother is the only reason I've stuck round this long I've thought about moving out but there is no way I can afford a place for Connor and me and I couldn't leve him behind Evan has moved back to Chicago after being away at college their father died unexpectantly in a car accident so it's up to Evan to be there for his younger brother who isn't handling it very wellEvan notices Charlie at a party but his younger brother warns him off numerous times by declaring she's used goods and has been around the block a time or to This girl is sodifferent She dances alone totally oblivious to everything that's going on around herShe's in her own worldWho's that? I nod my head towards the blondeHe follows my gaze and immediately scoffsHell no bro he snortsYou're not going thereThat's Charlie HuntShe's the biggest slut on campus She's basically been with every guy her The one chick that's caught my eye is off limits for obvious reasons she's a not one man kind of girl These two are as different as chalk and cheese Evan has heard the loose rumors about Charlie but something intrigues him about her he's drawn to her and every chance he gets he shows her that he's interested Stop running away from life Charlie He doesn’t know the truth about me I’ve had sex in a car times than in an actual bed Most parties end up with me in the back of some guy’s car No strings The way I prefer it or so I thought MY THOUGHTSAn enjoyable read I didn't really get that feeling that Charlie was what she'd been labeled as such which was a slut ok she slept around no amount of numbers were thrown out but that didn't define who she was deep down she was one of the most likable characters I've had the pleasure of reading in a long time she was strong resilient caring and lovingIt took Evan a long time to chip through her barriers but once he did he captured my heart this book is well worth the one click and I'm so freaking glad I reuested an arc for this

  10. Jai Jai says:

    I've been reading so many thrillers lately that I thought I would try something light for a change I wasn't disappointed This was an easy read although I did find myself skimming through the last 20% of the ARC By the 80% point I was eager to read something suspenseful with plot twists to keep me intrigued That didn't happen for me with No Angel but ultimately the book does what it says on the tin If you're interested in an NA romance with a kind male protagonist and a broken female then this should be right up your allyThe main characters Charlie and Evan were written well enough but perhaps could have been developed further Charlie sleeps with a bunch of random guys to feel wanted which I can sort of understand When it turned out that they were all using her I wasn't surprised but I did feel sorry for her Her inability to stand up for herself is sad She acts as though she deserves the cruel names that are thrown at her and I just wanted to shake her and yell Why didn't you punch that douche? Perhaps it was her lack of fighting spirit that left me slightly uninterested in her story Had she been all attitude then I would have been cheering her on but you can understand that she's been beaten down by so many men that she has zero confidence in herself Even a phone call would have sufficed If you're going to be swept off your feet by a guy then you'd want him to be non judgemental and caring like Evan but he didn't completely hit the mark for me I didn't really buy his sudden fascination and feelings for Charlie Wouldn't you listen to your brother when he tells you a girl has a reputation unless you're only after one thing yourself? But no he wants to get to know her It felt a little unbelievable to me

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