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  1. Martha Martha says:

    A possible and plausible explanation for why and how the American banksters and hedge fund managers responsible for the 2008 collapse are in fact richer than ever and spoiling for another crash and bailout Nearly everyone who voted for him expected the Obama administration to get busy with prosecutions and send the marauding mortgage defrauders to the slammer It still hasn't happened Instead Obama made those consummate Wall Street insiders Timothy Geitner and Larry Summers Sec of the Treasury and chief WH economic counsel So now we have a boiling mad electorate backing Bernie and the Donald and our two established political parties are gobsmacked and floundering How we got here is what Fixers is about It's a novel but as the author Michael M Thomas said elsewhere “I read nonfiction for information fiction for truth”It's written as a private diary by a fictional character supposedly in the thick of the financial political shenanigans surrounding the collapse and the 2008 presidential campaign We're right there through the daily shocking infuriating details of how they rigged the bailoutMost of the real people who appear do so under their own names which makes the few pseudonyms obvious the only bank not given its real name is Goldman Sachs the only bank CEO with a pseudonym is its head Lloyd Blankfein Geitner Summers Obama's campaign chief David Axelrod and a few others at the center of the action are given fictional names Obama himself is referred to throughout as OG for Our Guy But their characters backgrounds and actions are all from real life The narrator has no time for either of the Clintons who appear as themselves It's to keep Hillary out of the WH that the whole plot gets going and of Bill the narrator says “This country really doesn't need a First Lecher doing shady deals in the Rose Garden”Nor does he think much of the conservative side of the Supremes 'Roberts and Alito are like the Pacino and Duvall characters in The Godfather capo and consigliere; Scalia is clearly certifiable; and the less said about Clarence Thomas the better”And some of the others are fictionalized for fun as Merlin Gerrett the billionaire Sage of Shawnee Kansas and “a couple of upmarket thugs from the Midwest named Donald and Douglass Dreck who have been pouring a ton of right wing money into politics”In addition to the history of the collapse and bailout we learn details about the scams known as the Citizens United Supreme Court decision the Dodd Frank bill Treasury's uantitative Easing project the Greek financial crisis yes a scam and the “flash crash” thousand point drop in the Dow in May 2010 due solely to High Freuency Trading untouched by human hands or brains Fixers is so up to the minute that headlines about issues mentioned there are still coming out A result I imagine of the urgency to publish is a noticeable number of typos throughout not the fault of the author but his publishing house and some errors as when the vernal euinox is referred to as the solstice Memorial Day and Labor Day are said to be 20 odd weeks apart and the sentence “It tacitly endorses class welfare” appears when obviously “class warfare” is meantBut those don't really detract And Fixers isn't dry it isn't dull It's clever lively shocking illuminating and riveting Read it along with Hellhound of Wall Street the biography of Ferdinand Pecora FDR's prosecuting investigator and the hero along with Senator Carter Glass of Virginia of the aftermath of the '29 crash Pecora's mentioned in Fixers where it's noted that to the banksters' relief the Obama administration didn't assign anyone like him to investigate this disaster

  2. Rosanna Rosanna says:

    I enjoyed this book uite a bit This imagined political retelling of the financial crisis deserves stars than it has on for sure Some Wall Street people who read it didn't like it likely because it hit too close to home Some general readers found it confusing I suppose and long But if you are as I am someone with a fascination for the time but no personal guilt this is an excellent read

  3. Dan Dan says:

    so far so goodbut then again the Fireman was so bad almost anything would be betterA rather cynicalhopeless review of where we are as a nation but ultimately I can't argue with the sentimentAn entertaining read for sure

  4. Jrubino Jrubino says:

    This begins as if it’s going to be a uirky fun read Then in Chapter 2 it turns into a boring lecture on finance derivatives and other bank shenanigans And then turns into a diatribe against liberals and bank regulation No thanks Stopped around page 100

  5. Gerneylee Carter Gerneylee Carter says:

    I love Michael Thomas I am rereading this as I did Hanover House

  6. Elizabeth Elizabeth says:

    The last section wasn't necessary And there was a section that was just rampant with typos that was kind of grating Overall the story was interesting

  7. Kay Kay says:

    Fixers leaves a lot to be desired from a literary standpoint but it's an ingenious fictional exercise that explains how and why the President decided to save Wall Street without putting any of the biggest culprits behind bars or extracting much of a penalty at all It's a roman a clef but it's child's play to identify Summers and Geithner; I wondered at the time why someone as smart as Obama referred to as OG would put those particular foxes in charge of the chicken coop Being bitterly disappointed in the Obama presidency I kept on reading this diary by a man with very close connections to Wall Street who agrees in 2007 to help an old friend who now heads a mammoth investment bank STST and wants to sidetrack Hillary Clinton's campaign One of the weaknesses of the plot is the premise that Wall Street was terrified that Hillary would be brutal on the banks I'm not so sure about that After all it was her husband who changed the law that opened the door to many of the worst abuses by investment banks The author was once high up at Lehman Brothers so he knows whereof he speaks which is probably the biggest asset of the novel Another strong point is a sort of Greek chorus of four retired officers of the bank who view the recent doings of Wall Stree with great disdainOnce upon a timeGM sold cars with loans attached; today they sell loans with a car attachedback in their day the work was about building raising money for new companies new factories and stores new processes Today it's mainly about extracting whether what's under the microscope is a company being hollowed out financially in a leveraged buyout or practically everything in the magic slice and dice world of securitizationThe weakest point is the detachment of the narrator Chauncey Suydam who secretly funnels 75 million dollars to OG in the early days of his then struggling campaign Chauncey isn't getting paid to do this he's independently wealthy and his rationale is extremely self serving to see if he's still got game; reluctance to pass up a chance to remake history; and to keep Bill Clinton far away from the White House His only strong allegiance is to the Skull Bones Society at Yale and to his former CIA bossBTW the proofreading is the worst I've encountered in years eg Souch Carolina for South Carolina so if those things bother you Fixers will drive you crazy

  8. St. Gerard Expectant Mothers St. Gerard Expectant Mothers says:

    I really wanted to like this book because the premise looked promising As someone who doesn't know much about the inner workings of economics and Wall Street I had hoped to learn something about that particular area and the fact that this is thinly veiled as a fictional novel but based on real life people and events really caught my attention Even some of the earlier reviews looked goodThe fact that this is described as a thriller mixed with real life politics and government corruption should've hooked the reader from page one but instead you're left with an extremely dry novel that really can't tell if its tell all or satirical parody of the big wigs running our financial economy I became so bored halfway through that I wanted to chuck this book into the Federal Reserve's shredder like they do with their cover up documentsReally dull and lacking any real direction or perspective This would've been better off as a standardized nonfiction book with real names places and events

  9. Gary Branson Gary Branson says:

    Great first half Then just sinks into boring irrelevancies ending with a big dull thud after getting incredibly preachy The typos and misused words was also distracting though I blame the publisher's proofreader for that

  10. Betty Adams Betty Adams says:

    Thinly veiled novel on the 2008 election and the machinations of Wall Street The cynic in me was not surprised by most of the revelations surrrounding TARP but the idealistic part of me was uite troubled I recommend this to everyone

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Fixers ❆ [KINDLE] ✿ Fixers By Michael M. Thomas ➟ – Thomashillier.co.uk For anyone who’s wondered why the money men who caused the 2008 banking crisis ended up running US economic policy a novel that seems too true to be fictionOn a winter’s night in 2007 a well heele For anyone who’s wondered why the money men who caused the banking crisis ended up running US economic policy a novel that seems too true to be fictionOn a winter’s night in a well heeled “cultural consultant” named Chauncey Suydam gets a call from the head of the world’s most powerful investment bank who says a financial crisis is brewing but he has a plan to insulate Wall Street from the fallout—and keep people such as himself out of jailHis mission for Chauncey is simple to help funnel millions of dollars to a certain presidential candidate preaching hope and change in exchange for a few Wall Street friendly names in the resultant administrationYet as Chauncey wends his way amongst the nation’s political elite he sees with greater clarity than ever how decisions really get made—on Wall Street and in Washington And as the magnitude of the fix he’s perpetrating begins to sink in he starts to have second thoughtsBut is it too lateAt once shocking and all too plausible Fixers is a riveting political thriller by a master observer of finance and politics that—despite being fiction—offers a frighteningly reasonable explanation of what really might have happened in .