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Edge of Pathos (The Conjurors Series, #4) [EPUB] ✸ Edge of Pathos (The Conjurors Series, #4) By Kristen Pham – Thomashillier.co.uk Never pause never doubt never yield Rise and fightValerie thought she understood loss Her entire life has been defined by it But now she is facing the most frightening loss of all Her own mind is slip Never pause never doubt never yield Rise and fightValerie thought she understood loss Her entire life has been defined by it But now she is facing the most Edge of eBook Ä frightening loss of all Her own mind is slipping away consumed by the power that burns through her every time she saves a lifeAs the Fractus sweep across Earth using the strength of their magic to subjugate the powerless Valerie struggles to lead the resistance constantly one step behind her enemy When Reaper taps into a powerful new source of magic Valerie knows that solutions that worked in the past won't be enough to defeat him She'll have to reimagine how magic can be harnessed in order to combat a force dark enough to dark enough to enslave all of humankindIn the final novel of The Conjurors Series Valerie must bury her pain and uncertainty deep inside of her and make the hardest decisions of her life with no one to guide her The fate of two worlds depends on it.

  • Kindle Edition
  • 410 pages
  • Edge of Pathos (The Conjurors Series, #4)
  • Kristen Pham
  • English
  • 03 March 2016

About the Author: Kristen Pham

Kristen Pham is a YA science fiction and fantasy author who lives for really great fudge roller coasters and exploring new worlds via fiction She lives in San Edge of eBook Ä Jose CA with her two children and husband where she eagerly waits for her kids to turn and receive their invitations to Hogwarts.

10 thoughts on “Edge of Pathos (The Conjurors Series, #4)

  1. Anita Mcconnell Anita Mcconnell says:

    I'm not really sure where to begin this was an excellent conclusion to the series The story came to a satisfying close with just the right amount of epilogue It was wonderful watching these characters and the story grow through a war that was realistic than I expected where not all battles are easily won and people die It was great seeing some of the prominent characters from the previous books take a bit of a backseat and of the less explored characters were developed I really liked seeing Henry's progression in particular I also enjoyed the expansion of Valerie's vivicus abilities and getting to explore other some tangible forms of magicI've really grown attached to these characters and had a great time reading this book an addition that easily lives up to the previous books As with the previous books definitely recommended for fans of YA fantasy it was wonderful finding a series that only got better as it went on

  2. Chanda Curry Chanda Curry says:

    so on June 25th I started book 2Now I'm doneOr am I What a truly great way to round out the Conjurors seriesThe Edge of Pathoswas sent to me from Kristen herself as were the books 2 and 3I am by far from being a young adult Even further from being a vivicusOnce again Kristen combines her storytelling with a twist ofagic that takes you into the realm of the globeThis time the battle is drawing to its biggest fight yetBut can Valerie and the Pillars of Light save the magic between Earth and the Globe and bind it together for goodor will Reaper and the Fractusdestroy everything I'm grateful for the opportunity to have read this seriesIf you are looking for a writer who can smoothly transition and continue from one story to the nextWho can allow you to use your imaginationThen you have found her

  3. Michelle Dekker Michelle Dekker says:

    This is a review copyGOOSE BUMPS Read it Read it Read itHow many will have to die to restore the peace now that the barrier between The Globe and earth is shatteredCan a baby unicorn help restore the peaceWill the twins over come their grief at losing their real father and Henry's adopted fatherWill they find the charm that binds the earthlings magical powers in timeWill a truce with Reaper give them the advantage they were looking forHelp them assemble the special weapon in time that might just destroy the fractose and restore the balance between good and evil

  4. Cheryl Cheryl says:

    What a fantastic end to an amazing series I love the way Pham tackles depression in the magical world It's so real so raw Valerie really steps up and grows into an adult in this book romance and all No character is left behind as Pham ties up all the loose ends

  5. Ashley Ashley says:

    Thank you Ms Pham I cannot explain how many times I was at the edge of my seat with anticipation or on the verge of crying I'm so pleased with how this series ended

  6. Niamh Hunter Niamh Hunter says:

    There are many books that I have read in my life I adore reading and the stories I find It took me time to get to the final three books in this series but when I finally didI'm so happy I did The ending of this series was all I wished for it and It upset me to lose the ones that were lost but I believe it made the story better in the long run Those loses add to the turmoil that Val had to face with Henry I laughed I cried and I let out a very happy roar every once in a while Thank you Kristen for creating the world of the Globe and for ending the story the way you did You left it open for travel between the worlds and I look forward to you going back to that world someday Incredible end to an excellently well written saga I look forward to reading of your work in the future and if you ever return to this saga I only hope that I can share the stories with others as I will these

  7. Joelle Joelle says:

    The series improved vastly from the first book Still I didn't hesitate to put it down smack in the middle of the pivotal fight at the end to clean out the air filter on my air conditioner so I can't say it was great It was a relief not to read about traveling by rollercoaster or characters who live in rooms decorated entirely in candy I teared up when a particular character died and that's sort of my test for whether I've been able to connect with the characters This was I'd say a near miss since I think given the role of that character I probably should have been bawling There was a lot here to like maybe I'm just overly snobby about what I read

  8. Linda Linda says:

    I really was confused at first as this is book 4 but I uickly remembered that I read book 1 a while ago It didn't take me long to catch up Valerie Diaz is a strong young woman who's tasked with a huge burden to win a war against Reaper an evil and deadly man bent on world domination I liked Val from the beginning and fell in love with Cyrus Valerie found her lost lost brother Henry but he had a ton of guilt that he hid from his sister As the battle escalated friends would die leaving Valerie feeling saddened and guilty that she was not a strong enough leader

  9. Laurie Hopkins Laurie Hopkins says:

    I really enjoyed this series It is well written and the author explains without it being a long drawn out and boring read The characters grow and are fleshed out The whole concept is well developed

  10. Phthon Phthon says:

    Original exciting thrillingoh too many words to describe I absolutely loved this series I am sad this is the last book I want

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