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Wild Magic ❰Epub❯ ➝ Wild Magic Author Tamora Pierce – Thomashillier.co.uk Thirteen year old DaIne has always had a knack with animals but it's not until she's forced to leave home that she realizes it's than a knack — it's magic With this wild magic not only can Daine spe Thirteen year old DaIne has always had a knack with animals but it's not until she's forced to leave home that she realizes it's than a knack — it's magic With this Wild Magic not only can Daine speak to animals but also she can make them obey her Daine takes a job handling horses for the ueen's Riders where she meets the master mage Numair and becomes his studentUnder Numair's guidance Daine explores the scope of her magic But she begins to sense other beings too immortals These bloodthirsty monsters have been imprisoned in the Divine Realms for the past four hundred years but now someone has broken the barrier It's up to Daine and her friends to defend their world from an immortal attackThe mage Numair the knight Alanna and ueen Thayet enlist thirteen year old Daine's help to battle the dreadful immortal creatures that have recently begun to attack the kingdom of Tortall.

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  1. Kogiopsis Kogiopsis says:

    I literally don't remember when I read my first Tamora Pierce book All I can tell you is that it was Alanna The First Adventure and it was probably an audiobook that my parents checked out for one of our infinite family road trips I can't have been much older than say third grade at a stretch After that first one needless to say I was addicted Yes I read Lioness Rampant in elementary school It was educational Then again I was already into Pern by then soI also don't remember the first time I read this book I do however have the vague inkling that it was the third Tortall uartet I picked up No actually that's for sure because I read the Protector of the Small books early enough that I asked for a Kel haircut the first time I went from long locks to short and I would have been ten ish at the time I think? I literally brought in my copy of Suire and said I want my hair that length Anyhow Needless to say I've read this one a lot Actually that's an understatement The only book on my shelves that I bought new that looks this old is another perennial favorite Mariel of Redwall Many if not uite most of my books are in good condition I have read the hell out of this series poor beloved thingsWhy?This book is a classic of growing up to me You see if you take out all the magical elements it's about a girl deciding to be an adult to make the hard choices and accept responsibility for her actions The whole uartet is Daine's coming of age This book is her choosing to take the first step As such it never gets old When I was Daine's age thirteen and feeling odd finally being a 'teenager' I identified with her Now I'm seventeen practically holding my breath as I prepare too take the next step towards adulthood Daine and I don't have magic in common but we have something else we both have wonderful friends that make the transition easier I don't think I'll ever grow out of identifying with DaineOkay so that's the personal bit Now you know why I love to read these books Let's talk about why you should read themFirst there's the world of Tortall Okay I admit It's one of the most improbable medieval esue worlds you'll ever encounter It's not gritty It's not exceedingly realistic It's still dangerous but mostly it seems like a really happy place to be And I promise you it is a liberal's paradise Well under Jon and Thayet's rule at least There are free schools everywhere There's an elite female corps in the military Women can become knights and one of them is the King's Champion People of all races come and go freely and encounter virtually no discrimination The king is literally tied to the land so there's your environmentalism covered And as we find out in one of the Protector of the Small books while there may be some homophobia present in Tortall itself its allies are not so conservative; in the Yamani Islands it's just 'some men prefer men some women prefer women' FYI the Yamanis totally remind me of the Kyoshi WarriorsForget Hogwarts; if I got to pick a fictional world to live in I want it to be this oneSecond there's the character of Daine herself She dances on the line of Mary Sueness I admit it She's incredibly powerful fairly good looking innocent; she has secrets but she also has determination and skill with a weapon There's one or two other things that might make her even Sueish but that would be spoiling Despite all this she never once gets on my nerves I have consistently felt like her trust issues were well portrayed that even her incredible magical gifts reuired a logical amount of work to really use that she never really got out of something without effort or conseuences And she loves learning my kind of girl I find her innocence endearing her enthusiasm honest and charming and her development as a character convincing and very realThird there's the supporting cast the ueen's Riders the ueen Alanna George Onua Buri Sarge every last one of them strongly characterized and genuine good people I mean of course Alanna is my favorite of that list but none of the others are weak Even the Rider trainees who don't appear too freuently are solidly drawn and interesting Miri is my favorite of them The I read this book the I understand their characterizations and the I appreciate it There is no one who makes me roll my eyes when I see their name on the pageFourth there's the Immortals who give their collective name to this uartet Some of them Griffins dragons winged horses undines are creatures out of traditional mythology Some of them spidrens stormwings are as far as I know made up out of whole cloth Aside to BB Man you thought the Stormwings were creative in this book wait till you get to the explanation of their origins in the fourth book Can I just say here that spidrens are FREAKING CREEPY AS ALL HELL? Again this comes in part from reading the Protector of the Small books first since the first of that series opens with a spidren eating kittens out of a sack like potato chips but still DO NOT LIKE But really appreciate the writing that went into making me not like them As for the Stormwings my lips are sealed for fear of spoilersFifth there's the depiction of Daine's magic and its pitfalls and advantages I can't say too much once for fear of spoilers but she has some kickass abilities and gets really good at using them as time goes on What I loved in this book though was that getting to the point where she was even functional accessing her power took a lot of work and personal growth And it was tied intimately to her overcoming her trust issues meaning that the several plots of the book were actually all linkedSixth there's Numair Oh yes I bet you were wondering why he didn't make the list of secondary characters? Because he's a main but also because he's SO WONDERFUL he gets his own entry hereOh goodness where do I begin?Numair is a nice guy to the point where it's almost ridiculous except it stops short of that and is just fabulous instead Example at one point Daine wakes him up in the middle of the night and he's not crabby at all He's just all Oh how can I help? And when she falls asleep after fixing that problem he wraps her up in blankets and leaves her there When she wakes up the next morning his first uestion is about how she's feeling There is one time he gets angry in this book and it is anger that springs from fear view spoilerBecause you know she almost killed herself on accident hide spoiler

  2. Khanh, first of her name, mother of bunnies Khanh, first of her name, mother of bunnies says:

    I hopped into this book hoping I would not be confused out of my mind I have heard of her Tamora Pierce's other Tortall books especially the enormously popular ones about Alanna but the premise of those books didn't interest me I hate to admit it and this is terrible backwards of me but books about cross dressing disguised characters do not interest me This applies to manga as well; don't even get me started on how much I hated HanaKimi This series about a young girl with animal magic seems like my thing so I tentatively read it and hoped that I would not be too lost I was pleasantly surprised; it is set in the Tortall world and presumably all the characters from the other books made an appearance but I was not lost at all There were just enough details given to give me an insight as to whowhat each character did without giving their entire backstory The slight insight into the previous characters so new readers would not get lost was very well doneAs to Daine herselfI loved her She is strong resilient a bit wild like her magic and very uncultured which makes sense given her backwaters upbringing She did grate on my nerves at time especially with her constant secrecy and need to hide a certain aspect of her magic but all that was very well explained by her backstory and I found myself sympathizing with her once I found out what happened All the characters in the book were immensely likable; there were no one major antagonist who made her life miserable and I liked that Not every story has to have a clear cut bully This is especially refreshing to me coming from a glut of YA fiction where every main character has a beautiful bitchy high school ueen bee out for her bloodThe plot line was very well done; I was never bored and I was never lost I have weird thing for uick paced plots where lots of action happen They bore me to death I know weird right? The action in this story while fast paced was never boring always made sense and keep me interested My only reason for knocking off a star was the last 14 of the book The battle felt too rushed the storytelling lost me at times and I was confused by the action Also dragons krakens griffins all got thrown into the mix Not that I mind considering I like mythical creatures but it felt unrealistic and rushed I'm starting the second book now and I have high hopes

  3. Sarah Elizabeth Sarah Elizabeth says:

    I loved this story when I was younger and I’m so glad that it hadn’t lost its magic at all even if I’m a bit older nowI loved Daine in this book and how strong she was She fought so hard to protect people and her animal friends even if she was a bit stubborn at times I also liked the storyline even if I have read this multiple times before I remembered everything that happened but it didn’t spoil the story for me at all I loved the travelling the training the dragon and other magical creatures and I really loved Numair even if we won’t get any romance until later in the series9 out of 10

  4. Catie Catie says:

    Oh these books are so lovely These are like fairy tales for intelligent empowered girls The problems are black and white the villains have simple motives and the little girls are the heroes I love every minute And I will snatch these up for my daughters and say thank you very muchThese books are like middle grade or even elementary age fiction that’s been labeled YA because they have mature relationships And by mature relationships I mean young women choosing to be intimate with partners who are kind and trustworthy and patient I mean young women making intelligent decisions and respecting their own bodies which is something that I have no problem with my 11 or 12 year old daughter reading Especially when the alternative seems to be the glorification of partners who are controlling and obsessive and the propagation of the notion that teenage girls should be innocent flowersNo I want my girls raised with Alanna and Daine I want my girls to believe that they can enlighten a whole society be powerful warriors be committed mothers exceed everyone’s expectations and save the whales too I want my girls to look for partners like George Jonathon Numair or ThayetYes these stories are idealistic and light but they are powerful Daine has a lifetime of failing to live up to her mother’s expectations weighing on her She has been mocked as a bastard child and her intense connection with animals makes her seem strange In the beginning of Wild Magic she is alone and we don’t learn of the terrible tragedy that she endured until much later She has a uiet determination to fit in and survive She just wants to be normal but she can never be thatIt was so wonderful to revisit Tortall after finishing the Alanna series earlier this year It’s clear that Alanna and King Jonathon have made sweeping reforms in the city and I felt cheered to see Daine fall into their community I felt so giddy during every scene with Alanna as a grown woman hero wife and mother I can’t wait to listen to book twoAnd that reminds me this is a full cast audio Each character dialogue is narrated by a different voice with the author herself providing the narration for the story I was not a big fan of Ms Pierce’s narration for Sandry's Book but I loved her here I think that using a full cast production really worked for this bookPerfect Musical PairingThe Cranberries – ThemDolores O’Riordan’s voice is so powerfully vulnerable just like Daine For me this song represents Daine’s conuering of the beliefs about herself that were supported by her family and her village Don't listen to what they sayMake up your mind walk awayOh don't even give them the time of dayThey put you wrong turn awayAfter a week of binge listening to Everyone’s Doing it so Why Can’t We? I’ve decided that it will be the soundtrack for this series And I really hope that Numair is being groomed as the love interest because I already have a song picked out

  5. Jack +Books & Bourbon+ Jack +Books & Bourbon+ says:

    Well that was outside my wheelhouseSo in my life outside of Goodreads aside from the usual adulting that we grown ups do I run an actual Sci FiFantasy book club Well we started out as a book club and then expanded to also watching movies drinking wine and generally hanging out and geeking out together about anything science fiction and fantasy related Anyways we tend to pick our books by popular vote and Tamora Pierce was one of the authors whose name was being bandied around freuently After several false starts as well as being beaten out by other new exciting authors we finally voted on Wild Magic as our next club read I add this preface to my review simply for the fact that if it wasn't for the book club voting I'd have no idea who Tamora Pierce is and would certainly have never picked Wild Magic as something I would read I went into this book blind which was probably a good thingBecause though it should surprise absolutely NOBODY who's read Tamora Pierce I'm not exactly the target audience for this series of novels Does that mean I didn't like the book? Not at all I actually rather enjoyed it But YATeen fantasy isn't something that I read a lot of and while anyone can find something to like in this tale it's definitely teenage girls who will certainly get the most traction from Tamora Pierce's worksKnowing all that I will try to tailor my review accordingly Because there are certainly some things I could nitpick about this book The language is decidedly modern at times for a fantasy tale the descriptions are a littlesimple and everything wraps up a little too neatly But given her target audience I see why it was written as it was Also I didn't like the fact that we get point of view changes in the same chapter especially when it's a uick jump without any kind of marking or indicator One paragraph we are with Daine the next we are with Cloud her pony and then a few paragraphs later we are back with Daine again It's not that you lose what's going on in the story and maybe I've been reading too much modern fiction but it comes across as inexperienced writing I know books I read as a youth tended to skip POV's freely and I never gave it much thought back then But these daysit just doesn't work for me Don't know why Maybe it's that get off my lawn grumpiness as I get older Who can say?But let it be said that while I am pointing out those things it's really not a criticism of Tamora Pierce's writing ability She can definitely tell a tale and is most assuredly a wordsmith She knows exactly who is going to read her books and writes to that level with astonishing ease So I pointed out the negativesbut what of the positives?Well there's plenty of positives here Daine is a great POV character which is good since she's essentially the only one we get She's young but not stupid Inexperienced but not immature She's determined but not infallible I think she's a great protagonist for young girls to look up to She's kind and resourceful but has her fair share of fears and doubts which she works through over the course of the tale She's also not a complainer or a uitter she's definitely not a Skywalker She has good friends and helpful adult mentors who guide her and support her It's actually a nice switch since in the few YATeen books I've read the adults tend to come across as inept or disengaged The same can't be said here From Onua Numair Alanna Thayet and all the rest we get adults who engage with Daine in different but positive ways Daine is the kind of character that I will want my daughter to read about and emulate when she is old enough to read these stories In addition to all the human characters we get a whole slew of animal characters to populate the tale with which makes sense given the nature of Daine's magic This is I think where the book really heavily gears towards the younger female readers Since Daine can communicate with animals we get uite a bit of insight into the minds of the creatures she engages with Horses and birds wolves and sea lions bats and rabbitsthe list goes on The horses definitely have the largest animal role with Cloud nearly becoming a full fledged character on her own but Tamora Pierce really seems to capture the ways in which these animals would think and behave across all the species that are in the bookThe story moves a good pace with a healthy mix of wonder and dread monotony and discovery Also the storyline is rather unpredictable which makes the tale enjoyable We know in a roundabout sort of way where Daine is heading but the encounters she has and the events that take place around here aren't really telegraphed so when they happen it's a pleasant surprise And most importantly there are some great morals and lessons nestled within these pages Kindness to animals not judging by appearance working hard and being responsible honesty and courage It's all here told in ways that feel believable and trueSadly the big bad of the book is really only a faceless army that opposes the kingdom that Daine lives in and they only show up near the very end And while in an adult oriented book that would be a major ding here it's just a slightly wasted opportunity The real point of this book is to witness the growth of a young girl as she makes her way into the world learns about her powers and establishes relationships that will shape her future The good vs evil part feels kinda tacked on not uite obligatory but close The magic is well just that Magical There are some basic rules assigned to it but all in all it's pretty nebulous If you are looking for Sanderson levels of cause effect and rules limitations you won't find it here We find out that water amplifies Daine's magic becausewellreasons Oh and she can pull magic to replenish herself from other creatures even if they themselves are exhausted becausewellwhy not? Sometimes it comes across as a little too deus ex machina But magic is supposed to be magical right? So honestly I could live with itI will admit that I struggled initially just getting invested in this one We just get thrown in and there's very little exposition or history to go on Daine just shows up has a small conversation and then we're off to the races It's very incidental storytelling not delving too deep into any one person or event We only learn information about characters if another character happens to talk about it While true to life it basically left the world feeling a little hollow But once Daine started exploring her powers and started interacting with various new creatures the tale rolled right along and became uite fun And honestly I have to wonder about the Kingdom of Tortall Because literally every adult character in a position to influence Daine in any way comes across as super benevolent hugely important and 100% supportive of Daine and her strange magic And while positivity is a good thing see earlier in this review it seemed a little far fetched that EVERYBODY would support her instantly and without hesitation Humans being what they are there's got to be at least one douchebag that she'll come in contact with I don't know that you can have a fantasy tale without a little douchebaggery afoot So it felt a littleodd Especially after having re read Ender's Game recentlySo yeah that's my review Will I read the rest of The Immortals series? No I don't think so Not because they aren't good stories or because they're not well written They absolutely ARE both of those things But honestly it's just not MY kind of tale That's not an indictment just a fact I will however have my daughter read these when she gets a little older She loves animals and would give anything to have a power like Daine's And Daine would be a great role model for her to read about Tamora Pierce will be right up her alley But for metime to find a adult tale to cleanse my palate Something with swearin' murderin' boozin' andor sexin' Huzzah

  6. Lady Clementina ffinch-ffarowmore Lady Clementina ffinch-ffarowmore says:

    My thanks to Harper Collins UK and NetGalley for a review copy of this oneWhile I’d heard of Tamora Pierce’s books I didn’t really know what genre she wrote in but when I noticed these books on NetGalley and the description a fantasy which involved a girl who could communicate with animals I decided to put in a reuest Wild Magic the first of this uartet the Immortals was first published in 1992 This is the story of a thirteen year old girl Daine Veralidaine Sarrasi who doesn’t have the “Gift” magic that the rest of her family and community has but has the power to communicate with animals to the extent that they do as she asks though at times they even put themselves in danger to help her as well She herself however doesn’t seem to consider that at par with the others’ magic After her family is killed she leaves her home and takes up employment with Onua horsemistress to the ueen’s Riders female knights and riders who ride with the ueen of Tortall Here among her new friends her talents are appreciated and she finds love and acceptance but she is carrying a secret about her past which she is reluctant to reveal Her new friends including the mage Numair Salmalin begin to help her understand her true powers and the wild magic that she has and get some measure of control over it When they find themselves under attack by enemy forces which include not only mages but mythical monsters who were believed to be trapped in another realm for some centuries it falls to Daine to come to the rescue of her new friendsWhile the plot of this book sounded interesting I was a little sceptical about reading it since it is or less a full blown fantasy and at times I find these difficult to wrap my head around However I needn’t have been worried because I got into the story almost immediately and didn’t feel lost or struggling to understand the world or how it worked at any point The first two characters we meet Daine and Onua I took to immediately and the others we meet in the Kingdom of Tortall were very likeable as well It was fun seeing Daine’s bewilderment than that the fact that she spoke out her thoughts in a world where the people don’t seem to behave as they’re supposed to—the nobles aren’t haughty but just like any “normal person” the power structures don’t seem to work as she expects them to and than that everyone is welcoming Things in this world are far from stereotypical especially as far as the gender roles are concerned which was good to see I could also really connect with Daine because I could relate to her feelings vis à vis animals which were very similar to my own and I wished I could have her powers to communicate with them as well Plus at times of trouble the heartbreak and gut wrenching feelings that she goes through for her animal friends was something I could understand The story which is obviously only the first of many challenges that Daine and her friends will face was fairly enjoyable as well giving us the back stories of the characters and the idea of the problembattle that is unfolding I can’t wait to read on to the next instalment and see how the story progresses and what lies ahead for the characters Very enjoyable read of which my favourite element was the animals and Daine’s friendship with them Four and a half starsThis review also appears on my blog at

  7. Madeline Madeline says:

    After a short break I've returned to Tortall and guys it's great to be back I decided to resume my long overdue Tamora Pierce education for two reasons first the Immortals uartet was completely new to me as a kid I had a passing familiarity with the Alanna Kel and Aly series having read a few chapters of each before abandoning them; and also I found out that my sister has all four of the books in one volume so I stole it from her Sorry borrowedThe first book takes place about ten years after Lioness Rampant left off a lot of familiar characters are here including Jonathan Thayet George and of course Alanna we also get to meet Jon and Alanna's respective kids and even though I knew from the Trickster series that Alanna and George have three kids my heart still suee'd super hard just like it did at the end of The Deathly Hallows SHUT UP THAT EPILOGUE WAS BEAUTIFUL AND NECESSARY I WILL FIGHT YOU Our heroine this time is Daine short for Verlidaine Sarrasri oof and we first meet her getting a job working with the royal horsemistress of Tortall Daine is good with animals and because this is a Tamora Pierce book not only does Daine have a way with animals but she can actually talk to them Daine's magic is different than Alanna's though she has something called wild magic and may not in fact be completely human Alanna will always be first in my heart but I have to admit that I already prefer this series to the Lioness uartet First because the problems that plagued the Lioness series are not present here Pierce's most obvious struggle in those books was the fact that she was forced to cram about eight years' worth of action into four books and often the pacing felt rushed and disjointed The action of Wild Magic occurs over a couple of months so it never feels like we're rushing through events to get to the main conflict The return of so many familiar characters means that aside from telling Daine's story the book also serves as kind of reunion for the characters we loved in Alanna's series Also the conflict of the story is much better here in this book we learn that the Immortals have been released from magical captivity and are wreaking havoc on Tortall Immortals include stock fantasy creatures like dragons and griffins but we also have some original creations like spidrens and stormwings Duke Roger the primary antagonist in the Lioness series always felt like of a cartoon villain than a real threat and even the mean gods were never much of a concern because Alanna was the Goddess's best buddy or something The creatures in Wild Magic are generally terrifying and I found myself wishing that someone would make this series into a movie just so I could see all of this brought to life imagine what Guillermo del Toro could do with the stormwingsIt's really unfair to compare this series with Alanna's even though I keep doing that because even though they take place in the same universe and include many of the same characters the similarities end there The books are alike on a surface level plucky girl character learning to be a badass and use cool magic with the help of talking animal friends but in reality the books are trying to do very different things Alanna's books were all about teaching girls about hard work courage and never letting society dictate what you can and can't do Wild Magic is about how family is sometimes what you find not what you're given It spends a lot of time exploring the concept of loyalty and sacrifice and in much elouent detail than Alanna's books ever did there's a great scene at the end when Daine is trying to prevent her animal friends from fighting in the big climactic battle because she doesn't want them to get hurt and she realizes that she has to let her friends fight for her and it's so good The magic in these books is also well done than it was in the Lioness series Where Alanna was literally handed her powers Hi Alanna I'm the Goddess and you're the Chosen One Here have a magic sword a magic necklace and a magic cat Daine has to learn to use her powers and trust them The actual mechanics of magic are also explored in detail and Tamora Pierce seems to have a better handle on how the magic in her books actually works Better villains better storytelling great new characters a nice revisit with old onesso far the Immortals series is off to a great start

  8. Anna & Anna & says:

    Okay so first of all a great re read for me I love DaineOf all the powers in the Tortall Universe I love Daine's the most I love that she can communicate with animalsThere was a lot happening in this book I don't want to get too spoilery but it made my heart pound in excitement fear and joy I love how Daine has made her own home and her own family with some lovely and familiar characters The last bit where Daine says she goes from no home to too many is just key

  9. Grace Grace says:

    There was magic beautiful and monstrous mythical creatures and the emergence of a young heroine’s immense power; what’s not to like This was a fantastic story telling by Tamara Pierce I loved it from the first page it was an incredible immersive engrossing page turnerI love the characters Daine with her knack and connection with animals I really loved how she surprises the people around her with uncanny victories over formidable opponents there was never a dull moment This is the first in a four series book; I’m moving on to the next book

  10. Janina Janina says:

    So I've read up to page 216 now and there isn't really anything that urges me to read on I have heard so many good things about this book and Tamora Pierce's books in general come highly recommended by some of my Goodreads friends But I fear that if I haven't found anything that makes me want to go on up until now I probably won't find it in the next 150 pages either Please don't understand this as a discouragement to give Pierce's books a try this is in no way a bad book it's just not for me I found it hard to get into the writing style; the narractive kind of hops between the different characters in mid paragraph every now and then and that perspective felt a bit weird to me Also I wasn't particularly fond of the main character Daine Her voice is a tad bit too young for my taste she is 13 and she comes across as a little too perfect with her special talents concerning animals and the strong magic she has without even knowing it All in all she is a characters that can often be found in epic fantasy an orphan with special talents who finds new friends and a master who helps her control her unknown abilities and come to terms with her past In my opinion there is nothing wrong with this kind of character in general Although it has been done a hundred times before a skilled author can always add something new to the story And Tamora Pierce definitely is a skilled author but in this case Daine's story just didn't resonate with me personally Despite all that I really liked the idea behind her magic and the focus on animals in this novelNow I'm unsure if I should give another one of Pierce's Tortall series a try I wasn't fond of the writing style in this one so if they are similar in style they might simply not be for me On the other hand a character to root for might change my opinion#2 TBR Pile Reduction Challenge Olivia I'm sorry I didn't like this I was definitely counting on it

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