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Space Carrier Avalon ❰Download❯ ✤ Space Carrier Avalon Author Glynn Stewart – THE FLEET'S OLD LADY OUT FOR ONE LAST DANCE Avalon was the flagship of the Castle Federation in the last war now twenty years past The first of the deep space carriers no other warship in the fleet ho THE FLEET'S OLD LADY OUT FOR ONE LAST DANCE Avalon was the flagship of the Castle Federation in the last war now twenty years past The first of the deep space carriers no other warship in the fleet holds as many honors or has recorded as many kills No other warship in the fleet is as old Accepting the inevitable the Federation Space Navy has decided to refit her and send her on a tour Space Carrier PDF \ of the frontier showing the flag to their allies and enemies as a reminder of her glory – and then decommission her for good But Avalon has been a backwater posting for ten years – and has problems a mere refit can’t fix The systems along her planned tour have been seeing pirates for the first time in decades and there are rumblings of Commonwealth scouting ships all along the border It may be Avalon’s final tour – but it looks to be anything but uiet.

10 thoughts on “Space Carrier Avalon

  1. Mike (the Paladin) Mike (the Paladin) says:

    Wellfound another good space operamilitary science fiction I have found 3 series that I particularly like This one may not uite go there but I do like it With the reuisite political shenanigans and machinations to destroy our heroic commander the older star ship with a famous past is placed in a position on it's last voyage to be the only ship protecting human space from a previously unknown aggressorHumans have been at peace so long as the book opens that warfare and even violence is supposed to be repugnant though back stabbing still seems to be in vogue Think of it as a sort of a galactic wide version of California the way the newly awakened Stallone found it in Demolition ManStill someone has to pick up the sword proverbially or would that be metaphorically? of course or humanity is going to be well done away with wiped out annihilatedflushedinhumedTerry Prachet's Guild termThe cover on this book is unfortunate as the painting of the Star Carrier is a bit awkward Don't let that put you off if you like space fleetspace opera action and so on the awkward painting almost did me I can recommend this one for most military scifi fans Think of it as not uite as good as Lost Fleet series but still goodI can recommend it Enjoy

  2. M Hamed M Hamed says:

    few books can make me mad very few books can make me hate myself for the time and energy i have wasted the time and energy that i will waste writing a review saying what i hated and what went wrong in this book will make me hate my self even and that is some thing that my utter contempt for this book will not allow

  3. Tamsin Barlow Tamsin Barlow says:

    If you like your space drama based largely on munition loads military procedures and descriptions of dusky women then this is the book for you

  4. B LUCKY B LUCKY says:

    Wtf is this inshallah bullshit Glenn Stewart could have definitely done without that bull crap

  5. Bill Sullivan Bill Sullivan says:

    Space Carrier Avalon by Glynn Stewart is space opera at its finest From the first pages the action is non stop and it continues throughout the book The story is a basic one about an aging ship being pulled back to face a modern enemy The crew must pull together to overcome all the dangers that are thrown at them and preserve the honor of the Avalon It was a surprisingly good read and I would recommend it to any fan of military sci fi and space opera

  6. BobA707 BobA707 says:

    Summary Military SF it's a bit obvious and a bit corny in places but the action is good and the writing very engaging some decent characters and an interesting universe Despite its flaws I enjoyed this onePlotline Decent plot well thought out allowing the action to flow nicelyPremise Interesting universe instantaneous comms and FTLWriting Very engaging a 'difficult to put down' bookEnding Oh yes it all happensPace Never a dull moment

  7. Gyula Gyula says:

    Fast paced full of action no dull moments There are at least 4 different stories in just one book Compared to the ones I recently read it was an interesting changeview spoilerMinor spoiler the only thing feeling unnatural is the protagonist's uick paced promotions Usually this takes books in a series Although I don't know if this was originally planned as a series hide spoiler

  8. Craig Pearson Craig Pearson says:

    Thank you to Netgalley for the opportunity to read and review this book Space opera lovers rejoice Anybody who loves reading about the adventures and improbable successes of Admiral Honor Harrington will will be enthralled by this series The Space Carrier Avalon is an outdated starship on its last voyage but it has a heritage unlike any other Glynn Stewart is one of my new favorite authors

  9. Lukas Lovas Lukas Lovas says:

    I’ve read uite a few books by Glynn Stewart and he has a good writing style Unlike Starship mage this book did not speak to me on that fantasy loving level however it was still uite good withing the bounds of it’s genre with characters who seem well developped I like reading about capable characters sonot disappointed at all

  10. Jess Crafts Jess Crafts says:

    An engrossing fast paced scifi It's battlestar galatica esue with an old ship on one last run before its decommissioned Which means plenty of less than stellar things happening on board with a complacent crew and some new members trying to clean them up but then war breaks out and they have to face impossible odds Honestly at this point I'll read anything by Glynn Stewart Is it the most original idea ever? no But it's an engaging space opera with awesome characters and exciting space battles that I couldn't put downCW two female characters face sexual violence and there is very binary language used throughout 

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