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Taming Lord Renwick [KINDLE] ❆ Taming Lord Renwick Author Jeanne Savery – Thomashillier.co.uk HE NEEDED A SCRIBE Only two things could cheer Lord Jason Renwick near blinded by an accident in India One was his pet tiger Sahib who earned Jason's Sussex house the nickname Tiger's Lair; the other HE NEEDED A SCRIBE Only two things could cheer Lord Jason Renwick near blinded by an accident in India One was his pet tiger Sahib who earned Jason's Sussex house the nickname Tiger's Lair; the other his journals of that exotic land which he could no longer read But when he secured Taming Lord eBook ½ the well schooled services of Miss Eustacia Coleson and her lovely lilting voice and embarked on a memoir a dilemma faced him Eustacia had become the light of his life and Sahib's She was an angel who made him dream of the most intimate bliss Yet no man of honor maimed as he was could aspire to such a lady's hand SHE WANTED A POSITION Eustacia found herself in uite a pickle Her reverend father's death had reduced her to a life of genteel poverty with a stepmother who ran up debts for fripperies and proposed to marry Eustacia to a fat elderly malodorous suitor Tiger's Lair was her only escape Intrigued by his lordship's tawny beast and even by its handsome growling master and his tales of the East Eustacia endeavored to free Jason from his cage of bitterness only to find herself imprisoned by a hopeless love For parsons' daughters never became baronesses Not that is without help from a feline lord of the jungle.

  • Paperback
  • 250 pages
  • Taming Lord Renwick
  • Jeanne Savery
  • English
  • 13 March 2014
  • 9780821764473

About the Author: Jeanne Savery

Jeanne Savery has lived and travelled in Great Britain with her spouse an American Professor of British Politics An American herself she is descended from the English via her father and the Scots via her motherShe first read the Regency Romances of Georgette Heyer while living in Sidcup Kent She reread them Taming Lord eBook ½ while living in Whitstable Kent The dialogue was charming but the detail was f.

10 thoughts on “Taming Lord Renwick

  1. Best_beloved Best_beloved says:

    Although not my style of romance novel this was well written I’m not a big fan of soft looks and accidental touches leading to a sweet kiss on the last page but the book has a number of good pointsThe main male character Lord Jason Renwick was blinded in India saving a young prince The author doesn’t take the easy way out and have him recover his sight or grow new eyes by the end of the book True with the encouragement of Eustacia female lead and the power of love he is a happier person but he is still a blind one Luckily for Lord Renwick the same incident that left him blind also got him a fortune and most importantly a tiger For the tiger alone I nearly gave the book five stars We’ll come back to him laterSo Eustacia comes to live with Jason Renwick and his aunt to be a secretarycompanion for him Lord Renwick doesn’t actually know this because his aunt tells him that Eustacia’s mother was a friend of hers and is just visiting The circumstance allows a slow believable build of their relationship as Eustacia coaxes Jason to leave his house and have a little fun The characters are well rounded Lord Renwick has better and worse days and moods while his aunt at first loves how Eustacia broadens Jason’s world than worries she is being replaced Okay I admit that Eustacia is probably a little too perfect but not in a cloying way Now let’s talk about the tiger Tiger First the tiger acts as Lord Renwick’s seeing eye companion Who wouldn’t want a seeing eye tiger? Second the tiger is the matchmaker of the book If it weren’t for the tiger the two would probably still be at the accidental touching if she is wearing short gloves stage So one night Jason is having a nightmare and calling out Eustacia’s name The tiger who sleeps at the foot of Lord Renwick’s bed decides enough is enough and lets himself out of that room into Eustacia’s bedroom to wake her up He makes it clear that he wants her to follow him and as a bonus makes sure she can’t get her robe leaving her in a night dress The tiger leads her to Lord Renwick’s bed and when she doesn’t just climb in “lifted a paw to the middle of her back and shoved Eustacia found herself sprawling across his lordship’s chest” Fade to sex And the next morning when Jason politely tries to leave the bed the tiger “thrust his muzzle into Jason’s back pressing him back down onto Eustacia” Obviously the tiger has opinions In fact I expect that he left a pamphlet titled Love the Tiger Way; a Guide to Improving Your Sex Life on the nightstand Overall this is a well written sweet gentle romance novel with well rounded characters And a tiger

  2. Eden Eden says:

    2019 bk 145 Bk 1 The Six Jeanne Savery is sadly missed Her regency novels were compact tightly written always allowed a new word to enter my language and fun The first of the 'Six' is a classic set of six men who bonded at boarding school In this the first case they have scattered over the planet and are now in their middle to late 20's Lord Jason Renwick joined the Raj in India where he served as an advisor to a Rajah of a large escape When his son does not obey an order to stay still on a tiger hunt Lord Renwick knocks him to the side when the tiger attacks a bearer's gun explodes alongside Lord Renwick's face leaving him blind Returned to India with much wealth and named Lord and protector of the boy Jason restores his family's estate but is morose as life seems to close him in That is until her hears the voice of an angel Of course it isn't really the voice of an angel but that of Eustacia who badly needs to get away from her stepmother This is a fun book of miscues and missed cues It includes one small spoiled brat from India a silly fopish uncle and a white tiger What isn't to like?

  3. Aline Damasceno Aline Damasceno says:

    Gostei bastante do enredo mas confesso ue lá pelo fim me decepcionei um pouco O ue era para ser uma cena de amor foi transformado por ele em algo banal ao confundir ela com uma prostituta o ue foi o ponto da minha tristeza com esse livro

  4. NovelReaction NovelReaction says:

    Taming Lord Renwick by Jeanne Savery was a recent reread for me It is a Regency Period Romance novel published under the Zebra Regency label Eustacia is the daughter of a Vicar who as passed away leaving her in a precarious financial situation and in the care of her stepmother Her stepmother liking the finer things in life has found the perfect husband for Eustacia Mr Weaver a fat elderly smelly man As Eustacia and her step mother are discussing okay the step mother is telling Eustacia the marriage plans Lord Renwick and his aunt Lady Blackburn can’t help overhearing the stepmother’s strident tones and Eustacia’s uietly whispered “no” Lord Renwick known as Jason to his friends makes a comment to Lady Blackburn about how he likes the sound of Eustacia’s voice before he leaves for bed Lady Blackburn willing to do anything for her nephew interferes and whisks Euastacia off to stay at Tiger’s Lair Jason’s ancestral homeJason having returned from India nearly a year before the incident at the Inn is nearly blind from a hunting accident where he saved the life of a prince leaving him needing the assistance of those around him for just about everything Jason has retreated into his house and his shell believing that because he can’t see he is not a full man and unable to function with others Jason’s only friend is the white tiger Sahib that returned with him and acts as his guide and protector Eustacia breezes into the Tiger’s Lair like a uiet whirlwind upsetting the status uo and allowing Jason to realize that he is really not that limited after all Just when things start to heat up between Jason and Eustacia the prince arrives with his entourage to learn English ways unfortunately the 10 year old prince is there against his will and things start to get interestingThis is a book is a part of a series about a group of boys who grew up together but all returned from the war and India with their battle scars I like the book because Eustacia is the uietly determined heroine who doesn’t believe she herself is worth much but sees the value in others I also like how she is able to be understanding about some of the motives of the other characters Sahib is also a great addition to the story how ofter do you read about a white tiger seeing eye dog? He terrorizes the servants make everyone to comes to visit Jason nervous and eventually saves the day in ways than one I also like that the hero has self doubts and an impairment I mean really was everyone in Regency Period England beautiful and perfect I don’t think so I recommend the entire series and now need to go dig through my other books to find the rest of the books so I can reread them as well

  5. Hopefulpuffin Hopefulpuffin says:

    This is a traditional Regency with a not very villainous villain poor heroine blind hero and of course the tiger Because what every blind Regency hero needs is a seeing eye tiger who can also open doorsWhile I'd say there isn't anything earth shatteringly new here except perhaps for the tiger not many traditional Regencies spend as much time discussing India so that was refreshingI wish Savery's books were available in e format

  6. Candace Candace says:

    One of my first and favorite Regency romance novels I will admit that it is not one of the best out there but what it does do it does well For starters its very well written and Savery does a fantastic job fleshing out all of the characters Every character was uniue enough that it didn't really matter that there is not a huge cast In many books there is a large supporting cast parents siblings servants friends etc who all have to get screen time This book cuts all of that out to leave roughly six characters Jason Eustacia Sahib Lady Blackburn Mr Weaver and the step mother who's name escapes me The story focuses on these main characters and doesn't get side tracked by a million subplots Two characters are introduced near the end of the story but they are again given an appropriate amount of screen time to make them uniue Unfortunately a lot of their characterization is well a bit boring? Jason is honestly the most compelling character considering his backstory Eustacia IS interesting but it is in an understated fashion The aunt is never given any really solid history to flesh her out The two villians Mr Weaver and the step mother are of the entirely generic fashion They have 0 history and barely affect the plot They are pretty forgettable This style of romance novel is not one that I usually read It is a very gentle fluffy kind of story No smoldering bed room eyes massive parties or obvious rival turned villian during the last chapter Jason and Eustacia have to actually talk and interact before the two of them fall for each other but they don't then immediately hop into bed Really it just doesn't take all of the good elements of a romance novel to the extreme

  7. Roberta Roberta says:

    A better than average traditional regency with a tiger

  8. Susan Ross Susan Ross says:

    I loved the storyline I give it 5 stars but not the style of writing I'm not uite sure why

  9. Sylvia Sylvia says:


  10. Natália Eduardo Natália Eduardo says:

    Um livro muito bonito Gostei do casal principal

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