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Youre As Good As Dead [PDF] ✍ Youre As Good As Dead ✸ E.A. Aymar – Three years have passed since Tom Starks a Balti community college professor and single father tried to avenge his wife’s death by hiring a hit man Tom is now hopeful that he has left the world of v Three years Good As PDF/EPUB » have passed since Tom Starks a Balti community college professor and single father tried to avenge his wife’s death by hiring a hit man Tom is now hopeful that he has left the world of violence and murder behind But he is drawn back into Balti’s criminal underground after he witnesses the assassination of an influential crime boss To make matters worse it appears the FBI Youre As MOBI :↠ has discovered Tom’s involvement and they force him to work with them as an informer Now Tom must navigate a deadly path between warring crime families and ruthless federal agents even as he desperately tries to keep his involvement a secret from those closest to him.

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  1. Mary Overton Mary Overton says:

    Ed Aymar’s new thriller passes the first page test that crucial opening needed to hook the reader“On a cold afternoon in October Mack bites down on a potato chip and his forehead explodes“It’s been uiet in Mack’s Guns and Gifts until that moment I’d dropped off my monthly extortion payment while Mack watched the Balti Ravens ”The story continues in that same voice grimly funny self deprecating a bit too innocent for the dark freak show of a world into which he’s plunged The unexpected happens when a community college lit professor alternates class discussions on Hemingway with his new hobby of avoiding criminal assassins and their bullets

  2. Joe Joe says:

    A good readI got confused reading books one and two the same hero or main character but his outlook changed as people died around him The author is good and I wonder if the story could be told differently I would read it again and may do that

  3. Kathleen Kathleen says:

    If you like your violent crime with a side of humor this is the book for you The complicated conflicted protagonist—a college professor and father who has fallen in with a bad element—struggles to save himself and his daughter while trying to decide what kind of man he is It's a wild ride

  4. Jennifer Bort Jennifer Bort says:

    Tom Starks is a guy badly in need of a plan Some self awareness a touch of impulse control and a parenting class or two wouldn’t hurt him either But the junior college English lit professor perpetually on the verge of getting himself and all his remaining loved ones killed who serves as protagonist of E A Aymar’s Dead Trilogy makes us care enough to keep turning the pages to find out how he and they will manage to stay alive this timeIf you haven’t yet read I’ll Sleep When You’re Dead the first book in the trilogy you’ll want to do that before cracking open You’re as Good as Dead In Sleep we’re introduced to Tom his wife Renee whose brutal and inexplicable murder initiates all the action in the trilogy and Renee’s daughter Julie for whom Tom makes lurching half hearted attempts to serve as a father When Tom finds he’s incapable of pulling the trigger to kill the man at first convicted of Renee’s murder and then set free he goes in search of hired help That’s when his problems really startYou’re as Good as Dead picks up as Tom is stopping by the gun store to pay his monthly installment of extortion money to Mack the guy with whom he has ended up negotiating a bizarre live and let live truce at the end of Book One It’s poor timing on Tom’s part since that’s the moment an opposing crime boss has chosen to have Mack whacked In no time Tom is in serious trouble with two crime families the FBI and angry adolescent daughter Julie While Tom narrates all of Sleep several characters take turns narrating Good a device that offers greater narrative flexibility and adds to the tension as we cut from person to person Aymar has populated his book with a cast of sharply drawn supporting characters In particular Daniel the crime boss’s drug addled errand boy who prays that he’s not expected to kill anyone and Lucy the steady almost rational half of a set of killer twins are especially compelling Both offer an interesting contrast to Tom’s moral relativism When Lucy says she would never harm a child you believe her and she seems far capable of keeping Julie safe than Tom does Both books feature a wise guy tone and droll sense of humor such as when even the axe wielding killer for hire in Sleep disses Tom for being just a community college teacher The scenes of Tom teaching classic novels to his English lit class are humorously surreal given the surrounding action but it’s hard to beat the exchange at the end of Sleep when Mack and Tom negotiate into which area of Tom’s body Mack is going to pump a bullet so that they’ll be evenIt’s a nice touch that the novels we see Tom teaching to his class offer a parallel theme to the book at hand In Sleep it is The Count of Monte Cristo with its study of the cost of vengeance; in Good it is For Whom the Bell TollsThe end of You’re as Good as Dead sets up the problem that Tom and Julie will have to face in Book Three of the trilogy which is their status as a loose end that needs to be tidied up Can’t wait to see how Tom manages to permanently extricate himself and his family from all the factions who so clearly want them dead

  5. Bill Bill says:

    I won a paperback copy of “You’re As Good As Dead” by E A Aymar on Goodreadscom and am posting an honest review I gave it a rating of 4 starsCommunity college professor Tom Starks thinks he has finally escaped the violence he initiated three years ago when he hired a hitman to kill the ex con just released from prison after a wrongful conviction for murdering Starks’ wife was overturned But no He’s suddenly caught between two warring factions of mobsters staking a claim on Balti’s turf A witness to a shooting he’s a loose end that must be eliminated Along come two FBI agents who coerce him into becoming a snitch on the mobsters so that he might achieve his main objective protecting his rebellious daughter Julie Starks is thrust among a weird assortment of dangerous characters most notably the twin assassin sisters Lucy and Switch Never knowing just whom he can trust how all the mobsters fit together and trying to conceal his involvement with the FBI he is constantly in perilThis book kept me turning the pages so long that I finished it in one day I wish I had first read the previous installment in the Dead series but there was enough background given to make this book work as a standalone

  6. Colleen Shogan Colleen Shogan says:

    I'm a big mystery reader but don't normally read noir or thrillers I thoroughly enjoyed You're As Good As Dead The main character isn't a hero I find that refreshing Real life is often ambiguous and actual people are not good or bad they are usually something in between Aymar knows this and writes his main character from that perspective He also accomplishes the difficult task of writing from different points of view which isn't easy to accomplish as a fiction writer Further I hadn't read the first book in the series but had no trouble following You're As Good As Dead The writing was very straightforward with just enough description but not too much to slow down the action I definitely recommend this book

  7. Serge Serge says:

    Free copy received courtesy of the author Goodreads This is a second book in a trilogy and I hadn't read the first The approach to extreme crime and violence in the story is almost comic book like with very brief images and shifting narrators and overall I did not find it that pleasant The main narrator hero would be a stretch is a self absorbed morally bankrupt single father and while such a character could be very interesting it doesn't happen in this book

  8. Mark Petry Mark Petry says:

    I really liked this book The story never slows down It held my attention all the way to the exciting end I like the humor as well A great thriller

  9. Laura Ellen Laura Ellen says:

    Aymar's lines man They slay me Plus Balti? What else do you want in a noir? Can't wait for book 3 Nervous laughter

  10. J.J. Hensley J.J. Hensley says:

    I absolutely loved the style of this book Aymar does a fantastic job with keeping the reader interested by shifting the points of view at just the right time

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