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  1. Ruth Lehrer Ruth Lehrer says:

    When I was little I loved horses and horse books I particularly loved horse books that were really people books in disguise SHY GIRL AND SHY GUY by Kiersi Burkart and Amber J Keyser is a perfect example of that There’s plenty of horse story to hook the middle grade horse fanatic but the bigger hook is the poignant story of a young girl coming into her own Beautiful horses and beautiful writing uiet but suspenseful; this is great example of a well written middle grade series I would've loved to have read this when I was in my tweens I received a free ARC of this lovely 2017 book in exchange for a review So glad this book will be available to everyone in 2017

  2. Patricia Patricia says:

    A wonderful debut and pretty much everything you want in a book with a horse and a girl on the cover Full of wonderful characters both human and horse facing fears and standing up for yourself and the people and horses you love this book is about growth friendship and learning about yourself in ways both wonderful and terrifyingFull of great horse scenes great Middle Grade relationships and a harrowing finale this is a book for every kid who feels a little lost sometimes And for every kid who simply loves horses

  3. Cindy Mitchell *Kiss the Book* Cindy Mitchell *Kiss the Book* says:

    Burkhart Kiersi Shy Girl and Shy Guy uartz Creek Ranch Book 233 pages Darby Creek Lerner 2017 20 Language G o swears; Mature Content G; Violence GHanna ends up at uartz Creek Ranch for six weeks because she is having trouble with stealing at home Her parents think the camp will be therapeutic and helpful to her But riding horses doesn’t sound like Hanna’s idea of a good time Then she meets Shy Guy a beautiful but wild horse who was lost and possibly abused and no one can tame him because he is afraid of humans But gradually Hanna ends up earning Shy Guy’s trust even helping to bring him home after he runs away But when the former owner comes to take him away Hanna knows she can’t let that happenThis book was far and away better than the other book I reviewed from this series This story was really truly about a girl and a horse bonding The author does a great job creating memorable characters and a pace of plotline that creates a believable relationship I think horse fans would adore this book EL– ADVISABLE Stephanie Elementary School Librarian Authorhttpskissthebookblogspotcom2018

  4. Karen Johnson Karen Johnson says:

    I think this is a debut although I'm also pretty sure there were 3 or 4 different ones in 2017 Impressive output I am putting this same review on the other books I read in the series with This was written with just the right amount of predictability for the age group middle reader Kids with problems go to a horse ranch for therapy This was handled sensitively with not too much graphic information about situations Kids find they are worthy of being understood and respected and there is an underlying belief in redemption Kids grow in steps not all at once and the changes are believable The series would speak to troubled kids and it would teach the value of compassion and kindness to kids who aren't so troubled Other concepts value of hard work high expectations and of teamworkKids who like horses would be drawn to this but really any kid could enjoy themFor this one the ending was a little to well wrapped up although for tweens it's appropriate I'm not a fan of the title

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Shy Girl and Shy Guy ❰PDF / Epub❯ ☁ Shy Girl and Shy Guy Author Kiersi Burkhart – For Hanna uartz Creek Ranch was the worst kind of punishment because there’s nothing she fears than horses Then she meets the beautiful gray named Shy Guy who is just as afraid of people as Hanna is For Hanna uartz Creek Ranch was the worst and Shy PDF/EPUB Á kind of punishment because there’s nothing she fears than horses Then she meets the beautiful gray named Shy Guy who is just as afraid of people as Hanna is of horses Can she help Shy Guy overcome his past of abuse and abandonment and restore him Shy Girl PDF/EPUB ² to his former glory.

  • Shy Girl and Shy Guy
  • Kiersi Burkhart
  • 22 June 2016

About the Author: Kiersi Burkhart

Kiersi Burkhart lives and works as an author and Shy PDF/EPUB Á and freelance writer in Wyoming She grew up a cowgirl in Colorado and can still run the barrel race Despite owning her own business she manages to find time to dismantle the patriarchy and play plenty of Pokemon She lives with her best friend a mutt Shy Girl PDF/EPUB ² named Baby and her partner at the foot of the mountain.