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Waiting for Callback [Download] ✤ Waiting for Callback Author Perdita Cargill – Thomashillier.co.uk Geek Girl meets Fame meets New Girl in this brilliantly funny new seriesWhen Elektra is discovered by an acting agent she imagines Oscar glory can't be far away but instead lurches from one cringe wor Geek Girl meets Fame meets New Girl in this brilliantly funny new seriesWhen Elektra is discovered by an acting agent she imagines Oscar glory can't be far away but instead lurches from one cringe worthy moment to the next Just how many times can you be rejected for the part of 'Dead Girl Number Three' without losing hope And who knew that actors were actually supposed to Waiting for Epub / be multi lingual play seven instruments and be trained in a variety of circus skillsOff stage things aren't going well either she's fallen out with her best friend remains firmly in the friend zone with her crush and her parents are driving her crazy One way or another Elektra's life is now spent waiting for the phone to ring Waiting for CallbackCan an average girl next door like Elektra really make it in the world of luvvies and starlets.

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  1. Caroline Caroline says:

    When I first started reading this book I thought This is NOT reading material for a 63 year old who doesn't read fiction But this YA novel was immensely readable and wonderfully escapist I haven't read an 'escapist' novel for years and it was a pleasure just to sit down and enjoy the rideI had it as a bedtime read Often I am very disappointed with my bedtime reads My criteria for them is they have to be light and enjoyable but often they prove to be just badly written dross But this book was a thoroughly good read If anything it failed as a bedtime read because I had difficulty putting it downIt really brought memories back to me about having best friends when younger and the level of fun and companionship that involved Plus it discusses the angst of crushes on god like males I thought that Elektra and Archie the main character in the book and the young man she is besotted with both very charming I loved it when Elektra told us she had legs like a stork and not in a good wayA major part of the book centres on what it is like to be caught up in the world of working as a young actor Elektra's passion and this was very interesting And it sounded realistic I always like being introduced to new worldsThis is a funny and jolly readand I found it surprisingly enjoyable to get back into the mindset of being a teenager

  2. Maddie Maddie says:

    'Waiting for Callback' is the perfect book if you're looking for a protagonist that will work hard and chase their dreams while also having parents that are constantly in the picture Parental involvement hurray I loved how hands on the book felt with all the emails being exchanged about auditions actually going to the auditions and waiting with Elektra to see if she got the roles For someone that knows nothing about acting it was fascinating to read about the process that felt so authentic It definitely gave me 'Geek Girl' vibes just with acting rather than modelling The thing that disappointed me with the book was how underwhelmed I was by Elektra's 'regular' school life I was pleased that the acting took up the majority of the book but I'd have liked of a sense of her character outside of a casting room That being said the seuel sounds really promising and I can't wait to pick it up

  3. Cora Tea Party Princess Cora Tea Party Princess says:

    YA Shot Readalong April 20165 Words Acting school friendship family pressureMy first thoughts upon finishing this book?When's the next one out?Because I need it nowThis book was so refreshingly funny I've lost count of the amount of times I laughed out loud or snorted tea out of my nose painful or read passages out to my other half This book is hilariousBut it's than just funny Waiting for Callback tackles some pretty serious issues like friendship and bullying and first love and self esteem and dreams and disappointment and school and family And it does so wonderfully The book is fantastically well written and honest the characters are so believable and real and I found it impossible to put down I laughed and I cried as I read and I absolutely loved Elektra I received a copy of this for free via Goodreads First Reads

  4. Sarah Alexander Sarah Alexander says:

    Well this book just totally cured my February blues WAITING FOR CALLBACK by dynamic motherdaughter duo Perdita and Honor Cargill is hilarious and wonderfully fresh The main character Elektra is juggling school life and exams with huge career ambitions that just can’t wait A recipe for disaster? Or will Elektra get that call? The novel provides a fantastic insight into the unglamorous side of acting and chasing dreams and I love the way that excitement and hope continuously bubble away despite the tedious waiting disasters and rejections From the funny and realistic dialogue to the ridiculous auditions Elektra find herself in Dead school girl for example I found myself smiling completely engrossed all the way through This really is a must read if you’re in need of an uplift

  5. Jasmine Jasmine says:

    This was a fun read I really had fun with this one It reminded me of Geek Girl in a way which was fun but it was based about a lot of waiting and drama Yay I loved the way it was written It was nice and I enjoyed Elektra's narrating I generally enjoyed the story and want to read #2 asap It was a nice light read and overall I enjoyed this But I do feel like it was slightly predictable view spoiler Like I knew she'd get the part It was obvious but I wish it wasn't hide spoiler

  6. Harriet Reuter Hapgood Harriet Reuter Hapgood says:

    Just like rom coms don't get their dues the Oscars are all over Leo DiCaprio getting eaten by a bear or whatever but snogging and lols just don't pick up the statuettes funny YA often gets overlooked or seen as lightweight just because it's a dream to read But making a comedy plot stuffed full of jokes from one liners to cringe worthy scenarios seem easy is actually HARD so I hope WAITING FOR CALLBACK gets the awards nods it deservesThis is a chocolate cake of a book a good sugary and rich wodge of hyper real characters doing screamingly funny things with straight faces if you're a fan of CENTER STAGE or literally any behind the scenes film ever you'll love this insight into the world of teenage actors Its structure reminded me of a millennial Bridget Jones and Perdita and Honor deserve a place in the spotlight

  7. Mehsi Mehsi says:

    Another one of the books that I was really looking forward to reading and my oh my did I love it a lotuite a few people who know me know that I love books about acting about theatre about reality shows about actors I am always on the lookout for a new book about this topic and when I heard about this book its topic I was delighted This one is about acting yes but it features a topic I haven't really spotted much in books I read so far the whole waiting the trying out for roles the hoping you might get one Waiting for callback This book is totally dedicated to that and infuses a bit of slice of life and romance with it in a delightful combination Really now that I think of it the only time I really saw people go through audition after audition and then waiting is in books about modelling There are a few books about acting which feature one audition but generally one already knows how that is going to end since mostly they take place at the beginningmiddle of the book Not this book We see Elektra go through various auditions some we see up and close some we see her hope for others we don't see I found Elektra a strong great character Even with all that happens in this book she does her best to stay happy to find joy in her acting Because as you can imagine it is tough to get rejected for something you looked forward to Even if it is a role as a dead person yes apparently there is a big need for dead people Elektra doesn't have it easy I had a laugh but also felt a bit sad when she signed up and had to name her talents Just read and find out what happens And then next to the auditions she got school busy busy with some mean girls theatredrama with a cutehot boy she got friends Her life is filled As for me? I kept cheering for Elektra hoping that she would score that one big role Or even all the smaller ones She seems to be a great actress full of happiness dedication and determination The parents as expected didn't really get Elektra's dedication to acting Her parents wanted her to focus on school Though then again at times I sympathized with them they have to go with Elektra each time because she is still under 16 they have to wait with her for hours on an end I can imagine that would drive anyone crazy and then especially those who don't want to be there that muchBut I did like them later on in the book and what they did thereI have to say that I didn't like Moss at all Well sure to be honest there were 1 or 2 moments were I kind of liked her but otherwise no thank you I found her annoying and a hypocrite So you can talk about your boyfriend for ages but oh no not Elektra about her lifeactingwaiting game And if Elektra says something about this you get in a hissy fit? snortGirl shakes head Some people need to get their priorities straight And not only that I just didn't feel the support in her It was like she was fine with Elektra acting but all the other things? NoWhat ? Mm other than that I kept laughing my butt off while reading this one Elektra was a fantastic character and I just have to give an extra for the name I also loved that we had mail exchanges between the agency and the motherElektra It just gave the book something extra and made the waiting game even interesting as we the readers got directly involved as well Ah yes I would love a second book With the ending and all that happened there? I am sure there is a story for a second book I have several things cough cough the romance cough that I would love to see further developed Mm I think I have mentioned everything now the only thing I would do is highly recommend this book to everyone Looking for a funny hilarious book with some romance? You like acting? Or like reading about it? Then be sure to read this bookReview first posted at

  8. Bella Bella says:

    Originally posted atCheezyfeet BooksSo I started reading Waiting For Callback in the midst of my first bout of university exams I had been MEGA stressed about these and could never escape the scary thoughts of what the stress was doing to my body and especially how it was affecting my mental health and I needed to do something to distract myself literally for my own sanity and well being One night when I couldn't sleep I picked up Waiting For Callback and it was exactly what I needed Something fun light hearted and easy to read and before I knew it I was 100 pages in and loving it and thinking 'oh no it's 1230am and I'm really tired but I don't want to stop reading' It perfectly distracted me from my thoughts as I got lost in Elektra's story and I loved itThe book begins with Elektra dressed as a spider impersonating a carrot onstage Yep you read that right I found this weird who wouldn't? but I decided to roll with it why not eh? In the audience is an agent who goes on to represent Elektra as she begins her career as a young actress From here on out the story is of Elekta navigating the scary world of child acting prepping for auditions the feeling of failure and disappointment when they are unsuccessful the waiting etc To top it all off she is also struggling with school friendships and the emotional baggage that comes with first crushes and relationshipsElektra's voice is super easy to read and get lost in and also so authentic It's odd how when I started this blog I was younger than all these YA protagonists I was thirteen I think? yet I realised as I was reading Waiting For Callback that now that I am nineteen I am four years older than the main character and older than most of the protagonists that I read about now Yet it didn't affect my ability to relate to Elektra as I think that the feelings and experiences that you have when you are fifteen don't go away just because you're older Just because you're older doesn't mean you can't learn from a fifteen year old This was just something that I found myself considering as I read and now as I am writing this reviewI related mostly to what Elektra was going through with her friendships and school stresses as these things are still happening to me now if in a slightly different way uni rather than school and a lot of my friends are spread over the country at other unis or still at home One of my best friends has just got together with one of her best friends I'm soooo happy for them and while I don't at all feel like she's ditched me for him as Elektra does in the book it was a tiny worry that crept into my head when she told me It's a thought I shouldn't have had sorry if you're reading this you know who you are and I think Elektra feels the same she knows it's silly yet it's so hard not to listen to the thoughts in your head no matter what age you are So yeah I know since a lot of the readers of my blog probably are adults reading YA I don't need to tell you this but I've done a lot of growing up very uickly in the last few months and it's scary but it's a comfort to know that some things don't changeThe other major actually probably the main part of the book is obviously Elektra's auditions and blossoming career as a young actress I've never been interested in drama or acting drama class at school was my second least favourite only after PE but I do like watching films and TV a lot so it was cool to see a little bit about how casting works and the background things that happen so far in advance of a film that you hardly ever or really never think about when you're sitting back and enjoying watching something I dunno how realistic they are but they fooled me if they're not Haha I felt Elektra's frustration right along with her and found it just as upsetting when she missed out on parts or when things went mega wrong I was impressed by how much she didn't let it go to her head and by how mature she was most of the time about it I was worried at first that she'd be a brat and while she did have some moments it wasn't over the top drama ueen that was all Flissy so I didn't mindBasically go read Waiting For Callback It's light hearted and doesn't take itself too seriously yet still manages to deal really well with some mature themes I am so pleased I chose to read this in the middle of exams too since it meant that I could easily escape from my own head even for a little while giving me perspective To top it all off there was than one Chuck Bass reference in there and any book that acknowledges the existence and perfection of Chuck Bass is one that I want to read ; I will definitely be looking out for future books by this mother daughter duo and maybe a seuel? I don't think it needs one necessarily but I definitely would not turn it away and you so should too Huge thanks to Simon and Schuster for providing me with a copy of Waiting For Callback in exchange for an honest review In no way has this affected my opinion of the novel

  9. T S T S says:

    There is always that girl the one with her iPhone camera on That girl who'll record your most embarrassing moments and upload it on Facebook It'll take like seven seconds for her to finish the task There is always that best friend whose focus becomes her new bourgeoning relationship That best friend who decides to sit for lunch with her love interest in case they missed some pivotal details of each other's lives in the short amount of timeThere is always that extremely charismatic guy whom you have crush on He has you in the firm grip of Friendzone There is always that nice friend whom you can talk to without pretence There is always that mean girl whom you loatheElektra is the girl who is discovered by an acting agent She imagines Oscar glory can't be far away She tries not to embarrass herself in front of her friends and her super hot crush Archie The uestions are Will she get her callback? How long will she remain in friend zone? Will she straighten the crumpled sheet of friendship with former bestie Moss? How unlucky can a girl next door like Elektra possibly get?A laughter inducing debut that comes with fluffy drama Waiting for callback is a stunning start to a new teen series I am sure it'll warm other people's hearts like it warmed mineThis book is exactly what I needed after my fantasy high I thought I'd just read a couple chapters and put it down How wrong I was I finished this book is one sitting and now I am sad that it's over WFC kept me intrigued and entertained with Elektra's how cool is that name? hilarious yet cringe worthy moments I can give this book 5 stars rating alone for the acknowledgments so funny that tears welled up in my eyes and my stomach kind of hurt from laughing too muchI love Elektra's lists emails and those waiting chapters I like how the chapters start with uotes from various celebrities those tiny emojis here and there Don't you just love it when authors and publishers take ordinary steps to make their work a little bit extraordinary? I loved this book and I highly recommend it

  10. Emma Emma says:

    Debut novel Waiting for Callback is what I needed I read at the end of last year because I couldn't wait and although it seem like a very young book I find that some really don't work and some are actually pretty brilliant and I believe that WFC is in the later category for meElektra James she isn't no superhero but she is pretty uniue character for this YA novel It first begins as Elektra I'm dressed as a spider waiting to go on stage to impersonate a carrot That line really says it all After that performance she was discovered by an acting agency But it isn't all movies and TV shows she didn't' uite realise that she was going to be 'dead' sometimes or even just a voice on a commercial What I loved is that Peridta and Honor touched upon the realistic approaches to acting and to the life of a teenager it hits up first love friendships and family This novel certainly didn't lack any drama embarrassment and poignant moments of a life of a teenager They didn't make it that acting isn't always easy for some people you have to work for it and sometimes there will be a lot of disappointment in between As a duo authored novel it was my first and also by a mother and daughter I had my concerns as to how it would read when there could be conflict of writing or exchange of ideas But I guess my curiosity picked at me and I enjoyed it far What I enjoyed was that Honor and Perdita reflects what there relationship truly is like that are strong and so in tune it's amazing to be honest it's showed between Elektra and her mum too how it could be based on them not as individuals but as familyWhen I recieved my copy in the post and saw the bright happy cover and the uote Geek Girl meets Fame I knew it would be for me Although I hadn't read Geek Girl I just needed an easy funny that puts a smile on your face till the very end type of book Waiting for Callback ticked all those boxes for me This novel proved to be one of my favourite younger YA I've read in a while and I would recommend to those who loved anything similar from the likes of Ally Carter Holly Smale and Jenny McLachlan Waiting For Callback is a super cute amazing and light novel that awarded its 5 stars from me Rating 5

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