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Omegas Heart (Black Hills Wolves #21) [Reading] ➿ Omegas Heart (Black Hills Wolves #21) ➶ T.L. Reeve – Thomashillier.co.uk When the wolf is awayFive years ago Max Reaper walked out of Kole Silver’s life forever leaving behind a broken omegaKole doesn’t believe in love any He keeps to himself leading a solitary life un When the wolf is awayFive years ago Max Reaper walked out of Kole Silver’s life forever leaving behind a broken omegaKole doesn’t believe in love any He keeps to himself leading a solitary life until stumbling upon an injured human Jasper Hill An instant attraction explodes between them becoming an unbreakable bond There is no choice—Kole must claim the man as his ownWhen Max returns to take possession of what is rightfully his a situation he’d never imagined greets him Angry with himself and with his mate’s betrayal he wrestles his wolf who demands he take action—to claim his mate But will he be able to accept Kole’s new human companion or will his mistake of leaving five years ago end up biting him in the ass.

About the Author: T.L. Reeve

TL Reeve was born out of a love of family and a bond that became unbreakable Living in the south TL misses Los Angeles and will one day return to the beaches of Southern California to ride the waves at Huntington Beach When not writing something hot and sexy TL can be found curled up with a good book or working on homework with a cute little pixie​.

6 thoughts on “Omegas Heart (Black Hills Wolves #21)

  1. Cheesecake Cheesecake says:

    Terrence Leonardo is the reader and is just Meh Kole Max and Jasper A LGBT menage tale Five years ago while the pack was still ruled by the psychotic wolf Magnum Max left his mate Kole with no warning or explanation He never wrote or contacted him in all that time His motivation was good but poorly thought outWhile Max was serving as a navy seal overseas Kole became a closed off unhappy shifter That is until he rescues Jasper out in the woods Jasper is human but Kole just can't resist the draw Finally after all these years he feels alive About 60% in just as Jasper and Kole are newly mated back comes Max He's had a terrible few months and isn't prepared to find his mate mated to another But at the same time he is also drawn to Jasper tooThe writing is kinda simple but I thought the characters were nicely drawn It's a very short read and probably too short considering all that the 3 of them need to overcome to live happily ever after So it felt a little too short But I enjoyed it anyways

  2. Sharon Hatt Sharon Hatt says:

    Grab the Kleenex First off this is a ménage mmm so if that bothers you pass but if you want a very sweet romance about love lost and found betrayal and redemption then read on Kole was abandoned by his mate Max five years ago no reason why and no expectation he would ever return; he is still hurt and desperately sad and lonely On his usual morning run he finds an injured Jasper and takes him home to access his injuries and make sure he is ok Kole has an instant attraction to Jasper and thinks he may be a potential mate but the problem is Jasper is human and it is unlikely the pack will accept him None the less love blossoms between Kole and Jasper and Kole marks him happy after so long to belong to someone Of course life is never easy and Max returns and is less than happy to find his mate with another he picks a fight with Jasper but it only gets Kole upset Max wants him back Kole is torn and hurt he still loves Max but he loves Jasper too so what’s an Omega to do? Max realizes how badly he handled things and there was a good reason for leaving but he should have explained to Kole instead of just leaving he should have called there are so many things he should have handled differently He will do anything to get Kole back even share if he has too Jasper too is worried about losing Kole now that Max is back but they reaffirm their mating bond and together decide to give Max a chance the three spend time together and realize there is a growing bond between all of them Max is forgiven and with the love of Jasper and Kole he heals from the wounds the last five years in the Army has left him with This was a very sweet tale the characters were absolutely lovable so vulnerable at times and tough at others Highly recommend

  3. Marie Brown (Marie& Marie Brown (Marie& says:

    Marie's Tempting Reads ARC ReviewOmega's Heart the 21st book in the Black Hills Wolves series is some seriously sexy and yet surprisingly sweet romance This is a steamy mmm story that is heart wrenching and beyond HOT at the same time We get three good looking men making love and just generally being sweet on one another as they travel this road of love together We get some drama due to the fact Max walked out of Kole's life but when he returns he has to decide how to handle Kole and his new found mate There is some struggle at first but it doesn't take him or his other two mates to come together and love one another as they shouldI loved all three of these characters They each had something good to bring into their relationship that was essential and uniue I loved the danger and the plot as well as the writing for Omega's Heart TL Reeve weaves a sensual dangerous and intriguing tale that will leave readers charged and suirming I don't read a lot of mmm romances but thanks to Reeve I may be checking out books like this in the futureI give this a STUNNING FOUR AND A HALF SHOOTING STARS I can't complain about anything with Omega's Heart and I am happy with the story and the outcome

  4. Donna Donna says:

    mmm It isn’t often that after reading mmm werewolves the first thing I think is awww that was sweet but that was my ultimate reaction to Omega's Heart Kole is the Omega in uestion He has waited for 5 years for his unclaimed mate to return Max just up and left with no word Kole is determined to move on just as he finds the human Jasper injured in the forest Jasper has mate potential But what happens when Max returns? Omega's Heart is a great addition to the loosely connected Black Hills Wolves series I love that the author gave Kole a spine that just because he was omega doesn’t mean he is a pushover Can the other men in his life do what is best for him? There is hot sex love and sacrifice that will leave you saying awww

  5. Stephanie Stephanie says:

    This is the story of Kole an omega and the fated mate of Max who just suddenly disappeared Five years later Kole rescues Jasper and mates him Guess who finally comes home Kole is very conflicted he loves Jasper but he still has feelings for Max Jasper has a solution and works hard to help Kole come to a decision I really like Jasper he was calm thoughtful steady and determined to see Kole happy whatever it takes You just have to love that kind of devotion I like it when characters put effort into the relationship This was my first read in this series so now I will have to catch up lots to readI received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review

  6. iliana G iliana G says:

    I was given an ARC by the author for an honest reviewOmega's heart is a meange mmm so if you are not up to that then its not the book for youI have to say i enjoyed this story very much though it had lows and highs in the readingIt was fast pacedit had funny moments and it had moments that there was something throwing you off the whole thingthat i still don't know what it isI have to say the sex scenes were daaaamn hot and steamy a good book that truly made me want to read

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