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Beautiful Affliction ❴Download❵ ➼ Beautiful Affliction Author Lene Fogelberg – Thomashillier.co.uk Lene Fogelberg is dying—she is sure of it—but no doctor in Sweden her home country believes her Love stories enfold her with her husband her two precious daughters her enchanting surroundings but Lene Fogelberg is dying—she is sure of it—but no doctor in Sweden her home country believes her Love stories enfold her with her husband her two precious daughters her enchanting surroundings but the uestion she has carried in her heart since childhood—Will I die young—is threatening all she holds dear even her sanity When her young family moves to the US an answer a diagnosis is finally found she is in the last stages of a fatal congenital heart disease But is it too lateUnflinchingly honest and often harrowing Beautiful Affliction is an inspiring account of growing up and living on the verge of death—and of the beauty harshness loneliness and ultimately unbending love that can be found there.

  • 352 pages
  • Beautiful Affliction
  • Lene Fogelberg
  • English
  • 19 June 2016

About the Author: Lene Fogelberg

Lene Fogelberg is a Swedish global citizen a Wall Street Journal bestselling and award winning author and a double open heart surgery survivorGrowing up in a small town on the Swedish west coast Lene Fogelberg developed a love of poetry and reading nurtured by the rural surroundings of her childhood She went on to study languages and creative writing at the University of Gothenburg and the St.

10 thoughts on “Beautiful Affliction

  1. Rita Gardner Rita Gardner says:

    Brilliantly paced this memoir left me as breathless as if I’d read a thriller about a killer circling its victim The writing has a spare and clear rhythm It echoes the writer’s constant struggle to escape the “riddle” that engulfs her very being from childhood to the young wife and mother she has become When Lene Fogelberg is a child in Sweden doctors persuade her family there is nothing wrong with her even as every breath she takes is a struggle This memoir weaves glimpses of that past into an ever tightening noose that engulfs Lene and her new family It grips the reader and won’t let go until the very last page It is a heart wrenching journey of determination love and a last minute chance for survival against almost impossible odds

  2. Cheryl Cheryl says:

    I want to say that Lene is a very lucky woman that she is alive today to share her story What an amazing story it is Lene was born with a heart murmur that left untreated for many years lead to a fatal congenital heart disease One that left Lene trapped in her body with the heart of a ninety year old woman I was intrigued by Lene's story because my sister's oldest son had to have heart surgery when he was just a baby He was born premature at 6 months old Barely weighing over 2 pounds He had to stay in the hospital for about 3 months He is now 13 years old and you can not tell that he was ever born premature So reading this book I could imagine what it could have been like if the doctor's had not caught my nephew's heart condition in time The way that this book was written with the present and then the different formatting and font of Lene's thoughts was nice I really felt like I got to get close to her this way When Lene would have an attack with her heart and she felt trapped in a bubble there was a time or two where I too felt as if I was trapped in that bubble with all of the oxygen sucked out of the room I found this book to be a very well written read

  3. Steven Peck Steven Peck says:

    Fogelberg has crafted a literary and beautifully compelling story about a mysterious 'monster' that is destroying her health and yet defies all medical attempts to find a cause Once it is cast as a mental issue no one seems interested in digging any deeper She knows something is wrong but no one will believe her As captivating as this part of the story is however it is much than a medical mystery It is a heartfelt and touching story about a mother who loves her husband and children and struggles with the thought of leaving them behind Her efforts to give them a sense of her love and how she wants that love to be remembered is what makes this book a magnificent memoir that I will be thinking about for a long time

  4. Theresa Theresa says:

    Ok friends this is a fantastic read I havent’ read many memoirs in my life but if there are like this it’s a genre worth exploring This book has the language the emotions the people the love story the problems the excitement everything that makes a book completely wonderful It’s a difficult story though imagine knowing you are dying and noone listening? Thinking you are crazy? And then being right all along? And being sooo close I usually judge my reading experience by how it makes me feel during and after and this book definitely instills emotions And the emotions are of the best kind emotions of wonder of beauty of love Ability to see beauty in every little detail around you Seeing the world through the eyes of this author is something I highly recommend

  5. Rossandra White Rossandra White says:

    Lene Fogelberg’s Beautiful Affliction is an incredibly rewarding read At times harrowing her account of living on the edge of death for most of her life nonetheless resonates with hope and love Her words have a certain gentleness and grace that buoyed me and made me feel the wonder of life anew

  6. Cindy Eastman Cindy Eastman says:

    I was drawn into this book from the beginning Before I knew the story Lene Fogelberg’s skillful writing promised to bring me along on her journey with honesty and respect And what a story it is It’s about intuition love weakness and strength Family faith heritage And always poetry One of the themes that I connected with is that of trusting one’s intuition Intuition for one’s own health and well being is often contradicted by those professionals who “know better” And we learn to trust others’ understanding of our bodies rather than believe what we know to be true about our own selves Lene literally heard her heart telling her something was wrong and it took years to have anyone take her complaints seriously except for her steadfast husband Many passages spoke to me personally but one has stayed with me since I finished the book “And that is just it maybe these things only come to the weak because in strength the body only knows itself is full of itself its movements its words but in weakness is the invisible and the whisperings In the moment before the darkness falls there is the answer to the riddle with a finger over its lips Shhh don’t say anything just listen but what am I supposed to say?” This struck me as an insightful and important understanding; intuition at its finest Most stories of one person’s fight against all odds are moving and inspirational I’m not even sure why this one stands out for me as being even than that but I found it to be compelling essential and important I would recommend this book to anyone not only those who might benefit from an empathetic perspective for a similar situation but for anyone who values a well written book that is both intelligent and beautiful

  7. Kathleen Pooler Kathleen Pooler says:

    Beautiful Affliction is a stunning debut memoir about a young woman whose fatal congenital heart condition is dismissed by the medical community in Sweden But it isn’t only the topic that makes this memoir a page turner Lene Fogelberg weaves a riveting story of fear of impending death invalidated for years as she struggles with daily fatigue dizziness and shortness of breath She knows something is wrong and often feels she is going insane while putting up a valiant front for her husband and two little girls Underlying this daily challenge is the deep love that she and her husband Anders share I felt the love the frailties the fears It’s her prose lyrical and fluid which kept me up way past my bedtime I could not put the book down and read it in one sitting She brought me right into her story with ease through her vivid details and genuine voice It flows seamlessly through rocky terrain and against the backdrop of seemingly impossible odds Even though I knew she survived it still kept me on edgeHer use of flashbacks is very effective as she alternates chapters between her past and her present leading up to the heart surgery that saved her life This serves to build the tension and kept me highly engaged in the story The circumstances of her ultimate diagnosis and treatment are nothing short of a miracle The beauty of memoir is that we are invited into another person’s story in a way where we can connect with our own story We are part of the story as we share in the experience feeling the pain and rejoicing in the triumphs and the gift of life Lene’s memoir delivers on all counts A truly beautiful and uplifting memoir masterfully written

  8. Angelica Angelica says:

    This BookEven long before it existed I wanted to love itSeveral years ago my mother in law who knows Lene’s mother told me about Lene’s move from Sweden to Philadelphia and how it resulted in her life saving open heart surgeryEven back then Lene’s story gave me chillsAnd then several months back I heard Lene had written a book about her life journey A fellow writer A fellow writer who is also a Swede living abroadI had to investigate this girlOne visit to her blog later and I knew I’d stumbled onto something – and someone – special Over the past several months our online friendship has meant surprisingly much to meSo naturally I was excited to dive right into Lene’s book the day it arrived on my doorstepExcited and also afraid What if I didn’t like her book as much I wanted? What if my admiration for her and my blind trust in her abilities had created expectations too high for her memoir to live up to?On the very first page the tension in my shoulders meltedYes I knew I was right to trust LeneThis BookBut I have to be careful I don’t want to create hype – hype is difficult to live up to even for a memoir as extraordinary as Lene’sBut ButIf you are anything like me as you read this book you might be tempted to Savor a glass of apple juice just to make sure it really isn’t the solution to all the world’s problems Almost hug Lene’s heart surgeon And possibly almost slap some of her other doctors on second thought scratch the “almost” Bring out a tape measure to see just how much scarring Lene had post surgery Count the number of words in that crazy long sentence that hits you right in the ribs Call all your friends and family and ask them how they are really doing and how you can help because afflictions are difficult enough without the heavy burden of loneliness Look up some Norwegian jokes I had almost forgotten about thoseThe rest is yours to discover and savor and above all – feelAt a few points early on in the story I did feel that Lene and her marriage seemed a little too good to be true a little too near perfect apart from the problems related to her illness of course And then I read the next few chapters and I saw and felt her struggle and I thought yes she is real and yes I can relateGuys this is Lene’s first book Her first I have not yet had any books published but over the past many years I have stacked up about ten novel length manuscripts and over a hundred picture book manuscriptsI am trying very hard to not be jealous of Lene’s ability to mesmerize Lene’s book is a perfect selection for book clubs And if Beautiful Affliction ends up being the best seller it has the potential to be and the whole world begs to be Lene’s best friend just remember thisI saw her firstThis BookYes Lene almost lost her heart Perhaps that is why she is so adept at touching ours

  9. Daniel Daniel says:

    It is hard to believe that English in not Lene's first language The story is compelling and the prose is poetic I thought it fitting to read the story with the din of cicadas humming through my neighborhood I am glad Lene chose to share her story with the world Maybe in the sharing she can can help us all silence the whispering monsters in our lives

  10. Jami Jami says:

    This memoir contains in it one of the greatest love stories I have encountered which caused me to hug my husband tighter and rock my daughter longer Don't misunderstand this is not brain candy mushy reading that personally makes me nauseous Fogelberg's memoir is real in every way; it broke my heart and mended it at the same time I cried I laughed and now after reading I want to share this beautiful work with everyone

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