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  • 15 May 2016

10 thoughts on “Explicit Detail (Explicit, #2)

  1. Fathima Fathima says:

    ‘I’m gonna fucking kill you for scaring me like that’ she snarled‘We have business to take care of’ Rushe said‘Then I’m gonna fuck you ‘til you beg for mercy’Rushe bared his teeth and swooping down he hooked his forearm under her ass and hauled her up against the hard want in his jeans ‘Think you can break me Kitten?’‘Nothing but bareback from now on You’re mine and only mine’ Flick said launching in to consume him again I loooove this new version of Flick Flick and Rush are back and damn they make such a sexy couple Explicit Detail picks up 3 months after the events of Explicit Instruction and we see our heroes living their life like any other couple out there Except they are not 'any other couple out there ' ‘Rushe Baby I love you but we came out to the pool to relax’‘No Kitten’ he said ‘You came here to relax’'You didn’t have to come with me’‘You’re wearing a bikini’ he said as though it reuired no further explanation and actually it didn’t‘If you thought I was the type to run around on you then you’d have dumped me three months ago You’d have walked out of my studio apartment with Jansen and I wouldn’t have seen you for dust’‘If I thought you were that type I’d have chained you to the wall weeks ago’‘You have once or twice’ Their sexual banter aside Flick and Rush are still learning the tricks of being a couple With Rushe being only dependent on himself for as long as forever but with now Flick being mixed into the euation struggles to show that he trusts her Clearly he doesn't want her to be a part of what he does because its always dangerous But Flick being Flick and not adhering to what Rushe has to say is adamant on showing him that she can deal with his job by being his partner in crime Once again Scarlett Finn manages to create a web of carefully placed Liars cheaters and deceivers even murderers and has our duo tackling their way out if this maze with their life and love intact Flick has evolved soo much from book 1 that its almost a joy to watch take the role of a badass bitch with such ease Her love for Rushe only made her character stronger And Rushe Oh my god can the guy get any alpha than he already is If you thought that now Flick and Rushe have confessed their feelings for each other he was suddenly gonna go all hearts and mushies Rainbows and flowers and shit ? Well ‘You’ve been naughty Little Kitten’ he growled ‘Did you think you’d get away with screwing around on me?’‘I didn—‘‘Ah’ he said spanking her rear while still keeping her wrists restrained ‘You’re my whore You don’t screw around on me Did your pussy forget who feeds it? Is it hungry Kitten? You fucking skank this body belongs to me You’re for my pleasure alone’ He spanked her again harder then clenched her butt cheek in his hand sending a burning ache throbbing through her body as pleasure shimmered to her apex‘I’m gonna fuck you Kitten I’m gonna fuck your pussy ‘til my spunk’s dripping out of you I’m gonna fill you full fuck your mouth ‘til your belly’s got no room for you hear me? Speak’ The way I've highlighted soo many passages in this book Its not even funny I love how Flick calls Rushe ' Lover' Not darling sometimes ' baby' but mostly 'lover'It's just I can't wait to read

  2. SamJ ★Needs a HEA★ SamJ ★Needs a HEA★ says:

    Copy received in exchange for an honest reviewahhhhhello again Rushe★Book Basics★ Genre Romantic SuspenseDark Romance Series 2nd in the Series Book 1 must be read first Love triangle? view spoilerNo hide spoiler

  3. April ♥"LOS" ♥ April ♥"LOS" ♥ says:

    For fans of Scarlett Finn’s Explicit Instruction comes the seuel we’ve been waiting for Explicit Detail What can I say other thanRushe is back And thankfully in this reader’s opinion he is still the domineering dirty talking alpha male that we love from the first book When Rushe first entered Flick’s life she knew that nothing would ever be the same Months later she has left her old life behind to start a new one with this daunting man While Rushe is used to being on his own and doing things his way he is forced to make concessions now that Flick is in the picture When a job comes up that reuires Rushe’s special skills Flick wants to help in any way she can even if it means putting herself in the thick of the action This time however Rushe may not be able to pull her out What I loved about Explicit Detail was the development and progression of Rushe and Flick’s relationship Rushe by no means turns into a sappy love struck Hero but we do see a glimpse of a tender side Flick comes into this book with self confidence and strength which she has learned from Rushe They are an incredible couple that makes each other stronger as individuals While they may not have the conventional relationship that we find in most romances Rushe and Flick have without a doubt become my favorite couple in this genre I can't wait to go back to the beginning and re read the Explicit series again and again

  4. Alice Alice says:

    Wow Rushe and his hot dirty mouth again it cant get better than that This book pretty much starts off with Rushe and Flick enjoying life together and boy oh boy is flick enjoying herself Just a peek at how good flick is enjoying herself Your body belongs to me you do with it what i tell you Speak Yes Sir play with my toys this body belongs to me You're for my pleasure alone He spanked her again harderYour my prisoner just the way i like it Thats some of the tame parts of RusheSo i loved this book as much as the first i thought that maybe Rushe would have tamed down a bit in this bookBut i am very happy to say NO He is still the yummy Rushe we met in the first book What i liked the most about this one is how he and flick are trying to work together also how we see a bit of a mean streak in miss Felicity Overall 4 Yummy Rushe stars

  5. Heather Blair Heather Blair says:

    OMG so I have to just say to Scarlett Finn right here and now This seuel was an amazing Rushecouldn't resist shut the hell up Picking up 3 months after we find Flick and Rushe settled into domestic and cotial blissYeah right they may have the cotial part down pat——but these two ain't ever gonna be domesticated and that's why we love them so muchRushe is avoiding taking jobs—you know those dangerous dirty jobs he does so well—because of his love for Flick Well you just know she is not going to stand for that Flick is a wonderful female h her ability to see inside and understand this dark admittedly fucked up man of hers is amazing in no small part because she doesn't want to fundamentally change him But trust is an issue and she teaches Rushe a hard lesson when she pushes him into a job that she thinks she understands but that she really doesn't She will also learn an absolutely gut wrenching lesson of her own in the processI loved almost every little detail of this book the plot got a little convuluted and motives a hair thin at times but plot doesn't drive this series characters do The gritty world of backroom power plays and tawdry sex and incestuous criminal families stands up as a perfect background to our kick ass lovers Half the book I had knots in my stomach worrying about these two Rushe and Flick fell in love in the first book but in this book they really start becoming a team that will absolutely knock your socks and panties off Can't wait for #3

  6. Leigh Leigh says:

    Reread 122019I'm really enjoying my reread of this Trilogy While I am having some issues this time around it's definitely not taking away from my enjoyment and I will keep it at 5 stars One thing I did forget was how much sex these two have not that I'm complaining Rushe is delicious lolOriginal Review 112014Explicit Detail was another awesome read to me Rushe was still super sexy and I love how he hasn't changed his crude dirty talking ways He will never be flowers and dates but he loves Flick very much and he shows it in ways that really count Flick oh boy did she annoy me early on in the story but like book 1 I just can't help but love her She is compulsive and reckless but I think as the story progressed she grew as a woman capable of being by Rushe's side I'm looking forward to book 3 and this series is a definite reread for me

  7. Karma Queen Karma Queen says:

    Once again Rushe and Flick do not disappoint Review to follow later

  8. LuvLaw LuvLaw says:

    This is the 2nd Book of the Trilogy It's pretty slow comparing to the 1st book which was full of twist and turns This book starts of after 3 months where the 1st book left out Here Rushe and Flick are trying to be a couple who have lots to learn how to be oneRushe is ever the Dominant Alpha who is ever a Dirty Mouth guy and Flick she is strong brave yet vulnerable in this bookLets start with the ever hotness in this book ^^In this book come across Rushe who is reluctant to take up any job cause of Flick but she insist in him taking up so he can protect women in need But what she does not know is that this JOB could just take away both their livesHere we get to meet Liam and Eric side characters who have a big role to play in this as well as in the next seriesWhen Rushe accepts this job and has to leave Flick all alone she being FLICK finds herself in midst of problems and dangerCan Rushe and Flick come out of this problem unhurt or is there for them?Find out to read this Though this series had an emotional ending but I liked the 1st book For me 3 NJOY

  9. Danielle Danielle says:

    Amazing Completely A MA ZING I have inhaled and drowned myself in this series Flick could not be suited to Rushe if God had specifically designed a woman to fit his every need She proves herself beyond any shadow of a doubt and he my god HE is all things stupendously sexy Alpha and completely intoxicating Addicted I am SO addicted Continue on Ms Scarlett Finn Your characters are utterly perfect Your plot is full of suspenseful surprise And your writing style is just what this adventurous romantic ordered As far as I'm concerned I am your most satisfied and loyal fanOn to Explicit Memory

  10. Ashley Ashley says:

    THE CLIFF HANGER OMG ITS LIKE 230AM AND I JUST HAD TO FINISH THIS I CAN'T IM GOING TO CRASH NOW Again it was wonderful to see Rushe and Flick's life after the first book and having them work together Such miscommunication as always but Rushe will still be endearing towards flick in another way LOVE LOVE LOVE THEM 3

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Explicit Detail (Explicit, #2)❮Epub❯ ➣ Explicit Detail (Explicit, #2) ➢ Author Scarlett Finn – Thomashillier.co.uk ‘I make my own rules’Integrating Flick into his life has given Rushe a new priority to keep his woman where he wants her – safe and in his bed But saving women who have no hope is a part of who ‘I make my own rules’Integrating Flick into his life has given Rushe a new priority to keep his woman where he wants her – safe and in his bed But saving women who have no hope is a part of who he is and it doesn’t take long for the next job to seek them out Rushe knows the rules but Flick has never played the game from this side of the table before Working in parallel our couple go undercover to expose the crucial details of an intrigue that sinks deeper than they could have predictedReady to get her hands dirty Flick wades in relishing the challenge Except danger closes in on her from all sides and Rushe has his own cards to play They have to learn to work together before the job drives them apartBut if their union is revealed it could cost them their livesWarning Contains explicit language and imagery.

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Writing has always been a big part of my life Since I was a child I've known exactly where my passion lay No matter what's gone on in my life writing has been my touchstone After all we all need a place to escape toReading is my idea of heaven There's nothing I like than to switch everything off close the bedroom door and curl up with a good bookI have a feeling that's something all.