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A Change of Plans (What Happens In Vegas, #3) ➚ [KINDLE] ❄ A Change of Plans (What Happens In Vegas, #3) By Robyn Thomas ➤ – Thomashillier.co.uk Sara Greaves has been planning her perfect wedding since she was five Instead she's dumped by her fiancé and meets Ethan Monroe—Mr Dall Dark And Anti Marriage—who bets that she could marry any gu Sara Greaves has been planning her perfect wedding since she was five Instead she's dumped by her fiancé and meets Ethan Monroe—Mr Dall A Change PDF or Dark And Anti Marriage—who bets that she could marry any guy in Vegas and make it work Except now Ethan has a hangover a wedding band and a sexy gorgeous bride for the next month He''ll have to convince the new Mrs Monroe that marriage is a crockand hope like hell that his little change of plans doesn't turn into a change of heart.

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  1. Sienna Logan (Lost to Books) Sienna Logan (Lost to Books) says:

    Actual rating 25 I wanted to like this I really did The idea sounded interesting and it hinted at comedy and a steamy romance However even though this is only a novella it's taken me a few days to get throughA Change of Plans started off well I liked that it began with Sara picking up and leaving everything behind to head to Vegas to be daring It was a bold move and I wanted to know how things would play out Similarly when Ethan got involved things started to become even interestingHowever unfortunately it didn't last for me I found things moved too slowly and there were a lot of events that felt irrelevant From the blurb I just wanted to get to the marriage part and it seemed to take forever to arrive When it finally did I was slightly disappointed Everything felt muted Emotions weren't strong situations were too short details were missed and things moved too uickly It was a strange read for me because the first half was too slow and the second half was too uickI don't know maybe I would have felt different if I'd connected with the characters but Ethan was so closed off You never really learn anything about him and then there's Sara who just seemed to go with the flow After what had happened to her I expected stronger emotions Her character seemed inconsistent with when she stood up for herself and when she didn'tAs for the ending it all seemed to come out if nowhere New threads were introduced and I felt they were under developed Then it just ends Things are tied up but not satisfyingly They're rushed and seem too easyOverall this isn't a bad read I know it doesn't sound like it but is was a nice little story It didn't draw any emotion from me and I think the pacing and timeline needs work but it was okay Maybe if it was longer and developed I would have liked it better because the idea was good

  2. Penny Penny says:

    Let me start this review by saying that I’ve been having issues with movie trailers See this has been happening a lot to me lately where I watch a trailer I think it looks really promising so I watch the movie But then the movie turns out to be a dudWell let’s just say this blurb looked interesting to me I thought it had potential and I was right the plot line had potential but you know when you’re making cookies from a new recipe you haven’t tried yet and when you get all the ingredients it feels like it doesn’t have enough liuid so you have a bowl filled with little crumbs of dry un knead able cookie dough? I don’t know if there’s a word for that but that was what this book felt like to meI’m usually all for insta lustloveattractionsoulmateswhatever I’m actually into this kind of plot than the friends to lovers one but in this instance this felt completely randomSara is pawning her engagement ring after her fiancé dumps her 2 weeks before the wedding She has spent 20 years planning this event and has everyone in her hometown involved in it somehowEthan is a cynical divorce lawyer taking a breather in Vegas and so happens to be in the same shop and pretends for some reason I still can’t understand to be Sara’s boyfriend When he learns of her woe is me tale he decides to make her trip a happy one and Sara proceeds by apparently having a personality disorder break down She keeps going hot and cold nothing Ethan does seems to be right to her and she keeps making extravagantly random judgments and putting warped reasoning behind his actionsEthan wasn’t all there either as for example no one not even his best friendbusiness partner had ever set foot in his home There’s private and then there’s EthanSo let’s just say that this book didn’t work for me at all I really wanted to like it I made the effort to read it through the end I know being a writer is not easy It’s hard work it means dedication and courage I just wish this story had been “kneaded” a little longer I think it could have been a good one

  3. Lacey (laceybooklovers) Lacey (laceybooklovers) says:

    Originally posted at Booklovers For LifeThis was a very hectic read The story was all over the place the characters weren’t very consistent I didn’t enjoy this book very much unfortunately I really wanted to since the blurb was intriguing but everything about this book just didn’t work out for meSara is the kind of woman who has been waiting and planning for her wedding day since she was a little girl But to her devastation she’s dumped by her fiancé and she goes to Vegas to pawn off her engagement ring There she meets a mysterious attractive man named Ethan who helps and guides her trip in Vegas Even though they’re complete opposites – Ethan is a divorce lawyer who doesn’t believe in love – the two hit it off And somehow they manage to get accidentally married while in VegasThis book felt very unfinished with lots of plot holes and little explanation It was hard to connect with either Sara or Ethan since their personalities were so disconnected and hard to follow As for the plot it was very weakly written I’m not even sure how Sara and Ethan accidentally got hitched – very little is explained in a cohesive way in the book It felt like everything was just thrown together and we had to accept it for what it wasI really wish I could’ve enjoyed it but everything about the book felt weak This book just didn’t work for me Thanks to the publisher for generously providing me an ARC to review Ebook this review? Subscribe to Booklovers For Life for

  4. CL CL says:

    ARC received from Netgalley Rating 25Cover Yay Trope Married By Accident Chemistry Rating Damp suid POV 3rd Person Review This book is a really hard one to review On one hand it had relatively interesting characters and a good set up but on the other hand there was like this giant disconnect and I felt like I was missing half the picture Where was the connection that made Sara willing to hang around with a strange man? What was that game they were playing whilst the were drunk and how exactly did they end up married to each other? Why would Ethan convince Sara to move with him to LA and then keep her hidden from everyone? What were the purpose of James and Zoe? Why was James giving Ethan a good talking to one minute and the next Ethan was explaining the plan to hunt down Sara's ex fiancé the next? How is that Sara and Ethan were proceeding with their platonic relationship and then the net minute they were in bed with no build up? How exactly does an ex fiancé go about planning a wedding with one woman and then substituting the bride at the last minute and then coincidentally run into the jilted bride and her new husband in a completely different city?I feel like someone went through the book and ripped out half of every chapter I finished this book feeling confused and bewildered Was that a story I just read or a half worked basic plot outline?

  5. Jessica Jessica says:

    See of my reviews on my blog Thoughts At One In The MorningMy ThoughtsWhat happens when you're suddenly dumped right before your wedding? Well run off to Vegas to get away from all the people who feel sorry for her to pawn her wedding ring and have some fun Sara isn't expecting to run into someone like Ethan at the pawn shop but it's lucky that she does since she saves her from possibly losing money on the 70000 ring Side note HOLY CRAP HOW MUCH??? The two of them stick together around Vegas for drinks and dinner and talking with a few kisses along the way Until one night he makes a bet with her to marry any random guy in Vegas and that she'll be in love with him in a month When they accidentally get married he asks her to follow through on the betA Change of Plans was an unexpected journey leading to love The story kind of blindsided me since I didn't read the synopsis but that was my own fault The sudden marriage kind of threw me at first but I liked how it progressed until the end Everything leading Sara and Ethan up to it before was cute as well There's a lot to the story regarding Ethan's past and most recent case not to mention Sara's ex so I liked how the story wasn't all about the two main characters I'm curious to see what's coming next from Robyn ThomasMy Rating Very good

  6. Irene Irene says:

    3 starsA Change of Plans was a good readThe story line was entertaining I just failed to connect with the characters and towards the end it felt a little rushed and left me wanting Thank you to Entangled Lovestruck via Netgalley for the advance copy

  7. Meagan Meagan says:

    I'm torn on this one The first half? Super fun and sexy Second half? RushedI often have this problem with novellas So many of them are really larger stories and having them jammed into so few pages doesn't really work There are a few notable exceptions like The Story Guy or Her Best Laid Plans but they're exceptions What's particularly frustrating about this one though is that Robyn Thomas did such a great job building the story at the start We get a good foundation of the characters a slow build to the relationship part some good tension And I love the conceit Accidental marriagesmarriages of conveniencefake relationships are a favorite of mine Which is why the close was such a disappointment I know that Robyn Thomas is capable of fully exploring the story I just watched her do it So why she glanced over the most dramatic parts I'll never understandIt was fun and shows much promise I'd love to see what the author can do with a full length novelA free copy of this book was provided by the publisher via NetGalley

  8. Caro Caro says:

    25 starsHave to say I couldn’t completely connect with these characters And also maybe because it was a novella I felt some things were rather rushed mostly by the endWe have Sara and Ethan two people who just happened to meet in Las Vegas They spent their time not only in bed together but also touring the city This subject annoyed me a bit tbh mostly because Sara was constantly running away from Ethan and it felt like every time they got to a place they left two seconds later because Sara freaked out or something I don’t know stay put LOLI also wanted to beat the crap out of her ex fiancé because really the guy was an ASS to the tenth degree I couldn’t believe his nerve Gah so much hate for that guyEthan was also a bit of an ass when they left Vegas and even though I could understand his POV I still thought he behaved poorlyStill things resolved in a good manner but like I mentioned before things felt too rushed for my tasteThank you to Entangled Publishing for providing an ARC in exchange of my honest opinion

  9. Lori Lori says:

    I liked the premise of this story Ethan was very mysterious and I wish we could have gotten to know him as well as his the outcome of his big case He was very secretive very demanding in a good way very cool Sara was an interesting character She appeared fragile but would also unleash her strength and independence when crossed She kept Ethan on his toes and kept surprising him I loved that about their dynamic I would have loved to have of their storyI received this book in exchange for an honest review from the publisher

  10. Jackie (Jackie& Jackie (Jackie& says:

    Review can also be found at Jackie's Book World D Not having read any of Robyn Thomas's works before I was impressed with how she executed the story line and the characters' back stories I found myself feeling for Sara Greaves as she struggled to regain trust in other people while trying to move forward with her life When the story starts we meet a very nervousconfused Sara Greaves After planning the perfect wedding Sara gets dumped by her fiance at the last minute and with the chaos surrounding her she decides to go to Las Vegas to get away from it all Not knowing much of her surroundings she drives to a pawnshop to get rid of the ring that should have meant everything to her but ended up hurting her in the end And that is exactly where she bumps into Ethan Monroe the handsome stranger that seems to be the only one that wants to genuinely help her out As the two of them slowly start to reveal each other's secrets they both seem to want the same thing and that is to get away from their current lives at least until they're ready to go back With that said Ethan suggests they explore Vegas and when they have way too many drinks you can only guess what happens next as the two woke up the next day with a hangover and Sara with a ring on her left hand After trying to go back to her old life Ethan asks Sara to come live with him for a certain amount of time in which they will give their marriage a try to see where that leads them but after too many misunderstandings he'll have to convince Sara that he really is falling in love with her after allPersonally this was your typical “what happens in Vegas type of story” that we've seenread so many time but the plot itself turns out to be different We get to seelearn about Ethan towards the end last part of the story that it's a bit different to how it started He has a very controllingoverprotective personality that gets in the way of his relationship with Sara Whereas she has a kind personality that her career is not something that you would think a person like her would do It was fun reading about their conversations and romantic scenes I liked how Ethan's friends got involved when they saw tension between Sara and Ethan they sort of push the two of them to see how they were really feeling about to each other and getting them to admit it Overall the plot has its ups an downs as the characters learn to move on from their past lives in order to form a new life with one another I would definitely be reading the author now and if you're looking for a uick romantic story then I would suggest giving this book a try ARC provided by Entangled Publishing in exchange for an honest review

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