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  • Somewhere Only We Know
  • Erin Lawless
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  • 20 June 2016
  • 9780008139643

10 thoughts on “Somewhere Only We Know

  1. Erin Erin says:

    Book No2Feast your eyes on my terribly awkward British vlog cover reveal hereSOMEWHERE ONLY WE KNOW StarringA British guyA Russian girlLondon in summerExtra marital affairsToo large ribsSuspicious cocktailsAdmiral NelsonStolen kissesSelfiesBrighton PierBucket listsFinal FantasyDrag ueensInnuendoCheap wineBad datesSuperhero film marathonsand unreuited loveeBook 11 June 2015Paperback 16 July 2015CAN'T WAIT

  2. Nikki Moore Nikki Moore says:

    This was such a great story the first of Erin's that I have read I will be buying her other books straight away with a brilliant sense of place If I didn't already love London then I would now The characters were fantastic especially Nadia and I loved her friendship with Holly and Caro and the other secondary characters including Rory They were all very believable Alex grew on me slowly but I really enjoyed the way Nadia brought him out of himself don't want to give too much away here and I liked the conflicts with other love interests and of course the plan to #SaveNadia tooThe writing style was warm and open and I stayed up way past my bedside to finish the bookThe ending took me by surprise but was totally satisfying This book made me smile laugh and cry I would definitely recommend it to anyone who likes fun fab chick lit contemporary romance

  3. Laura Laura says:

    wwwsnazzybookscomSomewhere Only We Know by Erin Lawless is a sweet touching tale of friendship love and identity in the 21st centuryFirst and foremost a ‘Boy Meets Girl’ story the story also addresses issues surrounding immigration and citizenship but manages to do so in a thoughtful non preachy way that encourages the reader to consider what life must be like for those who live here and contribute wholly to British society yet can’t live without fear of being deported Don’t think this novel is too heavy or depressing though not that depressing means no good of course the author mainly uses a light hearted upbeat tone throughout and it was really enjoyable to readThe narrative flicks between Nadia and Alex’s point of view and this way the reader gets to see what both characters are thinking about the same events It is a great way to get into the mind of the character Nadia seems like a really likeable good humoured character and much likeable than Alex’s housemate’s girlfriend and love of his life Lila The author is obviously trying to reinforce the idea that Nadia is a better fit for Alex and the we learn about Lila the less we like about her so we’ll be rooting for Nadia and Alex to get together and live happily ever afterI also really enjoyed reading about London I find the city fascinating and as someone who has only ever visited London never lived there I like reading books set in our capital A lot of the language was also uniuely British and you could tell just from the way it was written that this author was British not American or Australian or from any other English speaking countryI really enjoyed this novel and the dry humour that Erin Lawless used throughout I haven’t read her first novel The Best Thing I Never Had but a lot of people have commented that this is a much softer story I would still like to read her debut though as I really enjoyed Lawless’ writing The ending also surprised me and wasn’t necessarily what I expected or wanted but I think it worked really well Many thanks to the publisher for providing an advance copy of this novel in return for an honest review

  4. Carmel Harrington Carmel Harrington says:

    Engaging modern day romantic fiction that will make you smile all the way throughI am a big fan of Erin Lawless's debut novel The Best Thing I Never Had and was delighted to receive an ARC of Somewhere Only We Know from the author So much so that it bumped it's way up to the top of my TBR pile Somewhere Only We Know tells the story of Nadia a Russian student living in London who is about to be deported and her friendship with Alex who happens to work for the Immigration Department As Nadia and Alex grow closer so too does the date for Nadia's appeal to extend her visa and stay in London Nadia is a loveable fun character that I found incredibly endearing Alex at time a little hapless was nonetheless eually endearing and I found myself rooting for them both very early on It was obvious to both their friends and the reader that they were both falling for each other The will they won't they get it together was reminiscent of Rachel and Ross in Friends and uite delightful Every interaction between these two was utterly charming and totally believableLawless has created a cast of colourful diverse and interesting friends for them both but they never overshadowed the main plotIt was obvious that the author loves London and this book most certainly is a beautiful love letter to the city I couldn't wait to get to the last page so that I could find out how it all ended All I'll tell you is that to me it was the perfect ending

  5. Kim Kim says:

    Alex works in immigration and a bit jaded with life Nadia is a student facing probable deportation to Russia She is putting an appeal in but with no cash to pay a lawyer what is going to happen to her? Alex has her papers come through his desk and then they meet by chanceShe thinks he needs to make of his life and they spend the summer visiting the places in London that Nadia wants to see incase she doesn’t get to stay when her appeal date comes through It makes you want to book your own trip to LondonThe book holds a lot of humour and as such makes for a lovely read My first book by this author but am now keen to read With many thanks to NetGalley for a copy of this book

  6. Rachel Gilbey Rachel Gilbey says:

    I really wasn't too sure what to expect from this book I know a lot of people enjoyed Erin's first book but I haven't read it yet and then I saw the word immigration in the blurb I was very worried this would be some sort of highly political book potentially with an asylum seeker and not really my sort of read I could not have been wrong This is actually a wonderful story about friendship It just so happens that Alex works in the immigration department and remembered reading Nadia Osipova's letter while applying for long term stay in the UK And then at a pub uiz that his flatmate and flatmate's girlfriend dragged Alex along to he meets Nadia in person Suddenly he is faced with a real person and not just a piece of paper And what a real person Nadia is The whole book focuses around Nadia who is Russian and been living in the UK since her early teens having been sent to boarding school there She is hoping against all hopes not to be deported and the book takes us up right through to the appeal against the original decision While awaiting her court date she gets to know Alex as a friend and since Alex doesn't really do much apart from hate his job and play video games she insists he comes with her as she fills in her bucket list of things she want's to do around London or wants to do a final time in case she has to say goodbye to her home Alex is currently suffering from unreuited love of his flatmate Rory's girlfriend Lila Alex although cynical about Nadia's plan at first soon starts to enjoy himself and find another side to his personalitySomewhere Only We Know takes you to a London that isn't often seen to a hidden side of London and as a North Londoner myself the less often visited south of the river side of the capital From some of the obvious touristy things to do to things completely off the beaten path you discover parts of London along with Nadia and Alex SOWK alternates between Nadia and Alex's view points and with that you get to know a lot about their friendships and flatmates I loved seeing the friendship grow from both perspectivesI found Somewhere Only We Know to be a fantastic story and a book that kept me guessing right until the end There were a few obvious possible endings and the outcome was one I hadn't seen coming Always like a surprise somewhere in a story Although this book is published by Harper Impulse a publisher that keen blog follower may have noticed I love this book isn't really a romance like you often get Yes there is some romance but what blew me away was the deepening emotional connection between Alex and Nadia

  7. Aoife Aoife says:

    I received a free digital copy from the authorpublisher via Netgalley in exchange for an honest feedback Alex works a pretty boring desk job in the immigration office pretty much going through the same motions every day until he comes across a visa application for a Russian girl called Nadia Something about Nadia and her friend's character references sticks out and Alex remembers her Like a twist of fate Alex bumps into Nadia a week later and the two become unlikely friends taking trips around London to brighten up Alex's life while also making sure Nadia sees everything she needs to see before her inevitable deportationI really loved this book From the get go it was super cute and all the characters were very relatable and likeable Alex had a cute shyness that reminded me of Lincoln from Attachments by Rainbow Rowell as well as the slight likeness in getting to know Nadia through correspondence read in work Nadia was very bubbly and hard not to like She was kind and hard working and didn't mope about feeling sorry for herself I don't know much about immigration rules and about the visa process but I thought the novel was good in showing how frustrating it was to be waiting around for something that could change the rest of your life The journey to her appeal was a pretty bleak one and Nadia had a wonderful support system friends that were or less her family It's hard to imagine what something like that must be like for someone going it aloneWhile this book was definitely full of the not so surprising twists and turns you'd expect in a rom com book it was just such a pleasure to read I completely fell in love with all the characters and the friend group had such a lovely dynamic that even included Alex and Rory thankfully not Lili I definitely recommend anyone to pick this up for a light hearted yet touching read plus it really gives you those London feels and made me want to back to the beautiful city straight away

  8. Simona Simona says:

    Book provided by the publisher on NetGalley in exchange for an honest reviewThe blurb of this book instantly caught my attention A great I idea and I couldn’t wait to dive into this story I’ve read Erin’s The Best Thing I Never Had and wasn’t a big fan but she surprised me with this one I really enjoyed itThe story follows Nadia a Russian girl who’s about to be deported Nadia is lovable fun and very passionate A great character to follow around The same with Alex he seemed a little boring at first but the fact that he works at the immigration office made him interesting The time Alex spends with Nadia the I was able to warm up to him It’s like she was able to crack his shellI absolutely adored their scenes charming sweet and also romantic that part was a bit hiddenThey are just friends only after spending a lot of time together their feelings become obvious They both have an interesting and diverse group of friends who brought a lot of energy into the storyI was eagerly awaiting the ending not really knowing what to expect I just hoped for the best I think it’s a great ending calling for a seuel ;Erin put a lot of love in this book the way she describes the wonderful places in London is fab She has a fresh young and bubbly voice with a uniue charm The storyline is catchy and gripping with a great flowRating 455

  9. Kate Kate says:

    If you loved Erin's first book The Best Thing I Never Had and if you haven't read it then go buy it then you'll love her second Somewhere Only We Know It's modern and honest romantic fiction which will make you desperate for a city break in London Somewhere Only We Know is something a bit different it's genuinely funny yet surprisingly moving and a bit snarky It's deeper than I expectedErin's tone is instantly recognisable from her first book Her writing is original and freshSomewhere Only We Know is uplifting escapism with a believable love story It has an I've been there uality to it and you can identify with the characters I was taken in by Alex and Nadia occasionally wanting to prod them into actionIt's the summer's must read and I for one can't wait for Erin's next book

  10. Alice Alice says:

    After reading Erin's debut novel 'The Best Thing I Never Had' it is safe to say I was very much looking forward to picking up another great work and I was not disappointedThe romantic tale of Alex and Nadia proved to be genuinely moving and the dry humour and perceptive storyline always left me itching to read day after day Another charming and original story from Erin LawlessI cannot wait for the next one

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Somewhere Only We Know➥ [Ebook] ➠ Somewhere Only We Know By Erin Lawless ➯ – ‘Engaging modern day romantic fiction that will make you smile all the way through’ – Bestselling Irish author Carmel HarringtonBoy meets girlAlex Bradley can't help but feel that life is rather ‘Engaging modern day romantic fiction that will make you smile all the way through’ – Bestselling Irish author Carmel HarringtonBoy meets girlAlex Bradley can't help but feel that life is rather passing him by And not just life – promotions invitations romance; the girl he loves only has eyes for his flatmate and his job as the Immigration department skivvy is slowly numbing his soul Until he meets NadiaGirl meets boyNadia Osipova is running out of time With no money no lawyer and a totally fictitious boyfriend she’s got one last summer Somewhere Only Kindle - and one last appeal before the British government deport her back homeGirl gets deportedIt's going to be a bumpy ride one she's dragging her new friend Alex along for As Nadia races through a list of all her favourite London adventures for what may be the last time Alex can’t help but start to see the city and his life through Nadia’s eyesFrom hazy summer days on the Common and heady nights in Soho’s basement bars to twilight walks along the Southbank will Alex realise what he’s got before it’s too lateFunny addictive and always honest this is a love letter to London friendship and the unexpected from the author of the bestselling The Best Thing I Never Had.

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