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  1. ~✡~Dαni(ela) ♥ ♂♂ love & semi-colons~✡~ ~✡~Dαni(ela) ♥ ♂♂ love & semi-colons~✡~ says:

    I had been warned that this book was one big cocktease but I was still unprepared for the frustration that occurs when a GIANT BLUE COCK on the verge of sinking into a tight ass is INTERRUPTED by a plot attack It was hard YES Very much soSeriously WHY?This is a relatively light and romantic story with some cool world building and Insta Love galore I don't mind Insta Love especially when it involves interspecies mating What I DO mind is that one of the MCs Sol is nearly 8 feet of solid toned sex fiend muscle with tentacles and the aforementioned giant blue cock; the other MC Toby yearns for nothing than said cock pounding into him; and YET There is one ONE short sex scene at 87 percent Such potential Wasted Listen up authors When you get a prompt image that screams KINK give us kink I liked this story but I needed Sol and Toby sexy times and less shoot 'em up action and convoluted plot a bit too much for a story of this length

  2. Shin Mon Thway Shin Mon Thway says:

    I loved this novella than I think I would 😍 Although it’s only about 100 pages I feel like it’s so much than that The world building is just fantastic and beautiful And although Lexi Ander didn’t give us a lot on MCs characteristics what she gave us was excellent 👍 Toby a former Federation officer the current employee of Wentworth Salvage He got his heart brutally broken just recently and to make things worse his ex is stalking and abusing him by sending hatemails Tired of being assumed stereotypically because of his build and his service in Federation Toby has finally decided to give up love and the dream of starting a family in the future He had lived alone for over 10 years while serving in Federation so he can do it again Hopefully 😓 Sol the head of the defense system of Genesis Nine planet which was assumed primitive by the Federation Because of the very advanced technology his home planet possesses they were able to cloak their planet’s real status from Federation for centuries But it doesn’t mean Sol doesn’t enjoy the company of other beings from the wide universe time to time And his favorite companion species? Humans 😁 Sol’s heart too was broken and betrayed a long time ago by someone he dearly loved But his wounds are healed and he’s ready to find love again and settle down When Toby had to go to Sol’s planet on a rescue and salvage mission he didn’t realize that so many things that weren’t informed to his company’s happening on that planet He actually found out that the people and the ship they were supposed to salvage were actually terrible people who roamed around the space kidnapping different species to do medical researches And when Toby met Sol for the first time he couldn’t believe the gorgeous creature with lots of tentacles standing in front of him was real The attraction was mutual electric and instant 😍 But before they can pursue their romantic interests Sol and Toby have to work together to rescue those poor souls trapped in cryogenic containers and defend the planet from the bad guys before Federation arrives for help 😱I especially love the depth of the characteristics of MCs in this novella Life is all about giving chances taking them when you see and forgiving and moving on 😌 I love how Sol was able to persuade Toby to see there’s a beautiful future for them and he would take care of Toby with all his might Two brokenhearted men founding a whole happy heart It was just beautiful and heartfelt 😍 Sol’s initial courting to Toby was very tender romantic and sexy 😘 And did I say Sol has tentacles which ends look like cockheads? 😁 Hello Mr cocktacles 😂👏 Damn that was sexy 🔥And what a cocktease Lexi Ander tormented us for a long time before we actually get for the action And let me say it was a glorious fck 😁 Loved it 😍 And I always appreciate when authors include beautifully written epilogues which are not rushed in the end I really loved the epilogue of this novella It was just a sweet low angst second chances novel 💙 This book reminds us we can find love in the most unexpected places and life is about grasping happiness when you can 😉 I really think this book made me think about love life and living although it’s such a short novella 😌 And it’s free 😱 Love loveeeee loveeeeed it 😍 Favorite excerpts from the novel 💗💜💗 “I would very much like to make you scream with pleasure Discover secrets you’ve kept from your other bed partners But not only that you intrigue me because you are than what you seem I would seduce you to stay by my side to see if this attraction could turn to And then if we find we are compatible in ways than one I would entice you to remain”Surprise drew him out of his smug ruminations when Toby picked up a slice of fruit and presented it to him Toby didn’t understand what the action meant but Sol still opened his mouth and allowed Toby to feed him“I’ve decided I don’t care” Toby gasped when they broke for air “I’ve been afraid to say what I wanted to pursue this attraction because of the sneers of a few whose words shouldn’t matter And you probably don’t understand any of what I said”“I’m not waiting any longer They’ve all had their time with you Tell me your duty is done Tell me you want me My skin feels like it’s crawling and my vision is wonky Please Sol”When Toby glanced to Sol he wondered how the hell he got so lucky A good life a great family and now a partner and a beautiful child of his own When Sol leaned into him Toby tasted the salty honey of Sol’s tears on his lips and knew Sol was just as thankful as he was 5 love life living stars and soulmates stars⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

  3. Optimist ♰King& Optimist ♰King& says:

    HurtComfort Tentacle Instalove? Not deep but very sweet It reads very MF very coy very cockteaser y I'm not that kind of girl or in this case boyA COCKACLES COCKTEASEToby is another big un who needs to bottom I believe I've made my feels known on this trope Thus far his needs have been unfulfilled Now to add insult to injury he's being ridiculed and tormented by his asshat ex who keeps sending him porn home vids of him getting plowed by other dudes Never fear Sol and his cockacles are up to the challenge BONUS Sol is also packin' This pleases Toby Greatly Once he heeds the cockacles call and decides to take the mating plunge in the hopes of his own HEA on Endor I mean Vohnahs that isThe world building for Vohnahs is very Star Wars y I kept expecting an Ewok to go swinging by in the trees while maybe beating a drum A mating drum Or maybe break into a dance in the grove at the end With maybe a homemade ukulele or a didgeridoo That would've sent it over the topEnjoyable cutesy and lighthearted flufferyThanks to the author and her team for participating in the LOR event

  4. Barbara➰ Barbara➰ says:

    Reread April 2019I enjoyed this one a lot of reread Lexi Ander is still one of my favorite authors for sci fi I love the worlds and characters she creates And there's always a sweet romance that I just eat up My only complaint is I want Originally read February 2018This was a sweet and perfect mate story Lexi Ander is one of my favorite authors for sci fi and this one had cocktecales One can never have too many of those 😉 Both heroes were great and the epilogue was sweet A nice read for a slow afternoon

  5. Lorraine Lesar Lorraine Lesar says:

    I've always been a sucker for tentacles but this one? this one was so good it grasped and fed every tick box that I have Absolutely loved it a brilliant addition to this year's wonderful event they just seem to get better and better

  6. Sandra Sandra says:

    I took a chance on this story because of the image in the prompt It was so very different than anything else I'd seen and I wanted to know what Lexi Ander had done with itI'm not usually one for Sci Fi or speculative fiction nor do I usually seek out books that take place hundreds of years in the future with space travel and interplanetary travels and such thingsBut oh man The image prompt One of the men has tentacles that extend from his head He's blue His male appendage is massive The human male impaled on said appendage seems to be enjoying the impalement And holy wow tentacles But not the kind you'd see on an octopus no these tentacles look like additional male appendages Fascinating I really liked this which is a little surprising but if I think about it not really surprising at all Because at its core this romance story is about finding your mate something that makes me swoon and healing the hurt and pain of the past by finding the one who treasures you which also makes me swoon The explanations of how these alien creatures live their culture their habits the way they produce and raise their young how fierce they are when it comes to protecting those they love it was all so well doneToby the human uickly sees how very different this alien culture is how they strive as a community as a people without falling into the human traps of greed power and war mongering I liked how the author really showed the differences When Sol and Toby mate holy shitballs that wasn't just scorching hot but also super romantic and emotional Their connection was evident from the startSo yeah maybe not my first ever Sci Fi MM romance but hot damn probably my favorite one to dateLexi Ander you rocked this By the way folks this is a free read from the DRitC LOVE IS AN OPEN ROAD event organized by the MM Romance group on Goodreads I cannot thank the authors enough for giving so freely to those of us who love this genre

  7. Meags Meags says:

    35 StarsThis was a well written innovative romantic sci fi romp featuring a human finding love and companionship with a sexy tentacled alien warriorI enjoyed it It had a similar vibe to Robin Moray’s Changed Mated to the Alien Alpha only shorter and less developed Fans of one should enjoy the other

  8. Meep Meep says:

    Thanks to the author for participating and offering this freebieAlien insta insta that's surprisingly sweet and shows them getting to know each otherBUT it's a Huge COCKTACLES teaseI'm usually for the slow build here I was thinking hurry up and have sex already come on people one of the characters has cock tentacles for hair the expectation is not for prim tight knicker angstingMajor COCKTACLES teaseThey're about to get busy and and and our hot alien loving is interrupted for plot stuff Noooooooo It meant by the time our big tough ex soldier Toby finally got to ride the giant blue cock of his dreams I'd gotten tired from eye rolling and skimmedBut I really like the sweet connecting thought the douchy ex should have a holo vid in reply because he was a douch and seriously new guy has cock hair how can you beat that?No big complicated plot there was just enough worldculture building and it makes for a nice little story

  9. Lilia Ford Lilia Ford says:

    Altogether satisfying read with solid sci fi world building an unexpected dynamic between the lovers and drumroll TENTACLES And seriously there cannot be too many of those in my opinion and this one has the added benefit of being nothing like the usual suirmy non con fare I'd even recommend to those unfortunate souls who think they hate tentacles to give this story a try since at heart it's a good natured hurt healing tale with two ridiculously sweet but also sexy heroes Many thanks to the author prompter and organizers for another enjoyable read from this year's event

  10. Lori Lori says:

    I loved this sci fi tentacled offering Yep you heard right I've delved into tentacles and loved it Lord help meThis reminds me of James Cox's work which is never going to be a bad thing Thanks for this offering for the DRitC event

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Salvaging Tobys Heart [Read] ➲ Salvaging Tobys Heart Author Lexi Ander – Dear AuthorIt was supposed to be basic find and retrieve job even if the planet was little known and in the edge of the territories Nothing went right with that job My ship got damaged on the landing Dear AuthorIt was supposed to be basic find and retrieve job even if the planet was little known and in the edge of the territories Nothing went right with that job My ship got damaged on the landing there is nothing but jungle out here Salvaging Tobys PDF or and I have no idea where the thing I’m looking for could even be and now I have apparently found the natives too I so don’t need any distractions but he sure knows how to get persuasive with those hairs of hisPhoto Description In the background there are cryogenic containers with shadowy figures inside In the forefront is a large muscular blue male with a headful of very long slender tentacles ending in cockheads He is holding a brown haired sculpted human man whom he’s having sex with The man’s shirt is torn the remnants held in place by a shoulder holster A firearm is in his right hand as if he’s expecting someone to walk in on themThis story was written as a part of the MM Romance Group's Love is an Open Road event Group members were asked to write a story prompt inspired by a photo of their choice Authors of the group selected a photo and prompt that spoke to them and wrote a short story This story may contain sexually explicit content and is intended for adult readers It may contain content that is disagreeable or distressing to some readers The MM Romance Group strongly recommends that each reader review the General Information section before each story for story tags as well as for content warnings.