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Year of Yes ❴Epub❵ ➟ Year of Yes Author Shonda Rhimes – In this poignant hilarious and deeply intimate call to arms Hollywood's most powerful woman the mega talented creator of Grey's Anatomy and Scandal and executive producer of How to Get Away with Murde In this poignant hilarious and deeply intimate call to arms Hollywood's most powerful woman the mega talented creator of Grey's Anatomy and Scandal and executive producer of Year of MOBI :↠ How to Get Away with Murder and Catch reveals how saying YES changed her life and how it can change yours too With three hit shows on television and three children at home Shonda Rhimes had lots of good reasons to say no when invitations arrived Hollywood party No Speaking engagement No Media appearances No And to an introvert like Shonda who describes herself as 'hugging the walls' at social events and experiencing panic attacks before press interviews there was a particular benefit to saying no nothing new to fear Then came Thanksgiving when Shonda's sister Delorse muttered six little words at her You never say yes to anything Profound impassioned and laugh out loud funny in Year of Yes Shonda Rhimes reveals how saying YES changed and saved her life And inspires readers everywhere to change their own lives with one little word Yes.

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  1. Shanley Shanley says:

    Ok so I know this review is of a personal vendetta than an actual reflection of the book itself but I had to stop reading 5 minutes in when she criticized the idea of being a uiet librarian in Ohio As an actual uiet librarian living in Ohio all I have to say is what's wrong with that

  2. Darth J Darth J says:

    300 pages of Shonda ramblingOh how I wanted to like this To think the book from the woman who owns Thursday night prime time could be so trivial is shocking than most of the characters she kills off I wanted to root for her like Tyra but kept feeling like she was just meandering and bragging about things while rarely reaching a cohesive pointThe thing is that the book isn't boring and her writing style seems much like her personality uite pleasant She just has such a roundabout way of explaining things that makes you forget what her original topic was Then there are times where she seems unapologetic about some messed up stuff she's done to people I'm talking life ruining things she's done to people personally and she just waves it off like it's something small that she will forgive herself for one dayview spoilerWhile she also lauds herself for her diversity choices in her shows I'd like to take a minute to tell her to not be so uick to pat herself on the back when it comes to some LGBT character choices that are uite cringe worthy Such as certain stereotypical tropes she's had Cyrus and Oliver play out Honestly Shonda making a gay character HIV positive for a one night stand is such a tacky and dated storyline that it belongs back in the 80s hide spoiler

  3. Kerry Kerry says:

    I like the spirit behind this book and I like the author a lot but I really disliked the tone of the writing I just felt like get to the point already

  4. Cristina Monica Cristina Monica says:

    Shonda Rhimes would make an incredible teacher The world could use a teacher like her—elouent understanding interesting bold and so very open minded I want her to be my teacher Don’t get me wrong there are many good teachers at my uni but Shonda Rhimes has so much to say and such a fantastic way of expressing herselfIt doesn’t matter if what she’s thinking is unlike what others are thinking She won’t modify her opinions to fit the common ones She is loud and clear Sometimes I would find myself disagreeing with her claims – like her saying women CAN’T have it all But I would keep on reading and slowly realize where she is coming from She explores different angles I remember reading Drew Barry’s memoir – Wildflower – in which she too admits to women not being able to have it all and I disliked her statement It sounded negative It WAS negative Turns out Barry didn’t convince me All she said was that after she started having kids she didn’t feel like working any preferring to stay home with them Which is fine but the way she said it – women CAN’T have it all – seemed like she expected all women to have the same experience But then I read Shonda Rhimes’ thoughts on the matter and suddenly I was like ‘‘You know what it makes sense that women can’t be in five different places at the same time and that they need help taking care of their kids and maintaining the house especially if they like Shonda Rhimes herself have one or multiple jobs with long hours They deserve to not be overwhelmed and stressed all the time’’ It makes sense By the way this is not all this book is about but it shows that some people are able to make you see what others can’t Shonda Rhimes is one of those people and I admire her so so much Also feminism yayBlog | Youtube | Twitter | Instagram | Google | Bloglovin’

  5. Lucy Haynes Lucy Haynes says:

    It was OK it wasn't what I expected it to be an inspiring tale of someone taking on the world with one simple response to any uestion YES It was sadly egotistical and focused around a handful of experiences within that year no doubt profound to Shonda but not thoroughly inspiring to the reader If you like Shonda Rhimes and want to learn about her then great this book is for youFor someone that doesn't like talking about herself she does a really fabulous job of talking about herselfOn the up side she is witty and charming warm and lovable It's an easy light read And maybe this would be empowering to someone who is seeking validation on not wanting what society tells her she should have

  6. Jeremy Klavens Jeremy Klavens says:

    Honestly this book could've have been 150 pages She repeats herself SOOOOOOO much Did you know she's a writer She is She's a writer She makes stuff up for a living cuz guess what She's a writer Although the focus of the book is purportedly about how Shonda Rhimes finds a way to love herself I can't help but think she loves herself uite a lot Part of me hates saying that because well good for her She should be proud happy and fulfilled I think that's great Even though I don't care for her shows she has certainly accomplished a lot entertained millions and really changed the look of television for the better But man does she think she's funny And man does she love to hear herself talk She just goes on and on and on It felt as if this were the first draft like she just wrote it all stream of consciousness last minute as is clear she does a lot and she thought perfectThe book could really be a pamphlet Get out in the world Don't be a shut in

  7. Gary Anderson Gary Anderson says:

    I wasn't going to say anything about this book because I abandoned it Then the publisher advertised it on my Facebook feed inviting my comments I left a negative comment based on what I read which the publisher then deleted So here goesThe self indulgent twaddle in this book became nauseous early on Rimes spends a surprising amount of time talking about whether or not certain situations will cause her to poop her pants I pulled the plug when she speculated about the sex life and drug abuse of Mary Poppins This book originally appealed to me because I thought it would be about prioritizing for joy Nope There was a lot about poop than there was about anything insightful or joyousReviewing a book I didn't finish is not my usual approach but I also don't think the publisher should use my feed to promote its product and then cherry pick the feedback

  8. Heidi The Reader Heidi The Reader says:

    Shonda Rhimes' heartfelt memoir about the power of embracing who you are and having the courage to set aside what you are notThough outwardly successful Shonda was miserable Between over working and her introverted tendencies she turned down every invitation and social event The ones that she was forced to accept were anxiety inducing trials or complete blanks because of panic attacksShonda didn't even realize she was unhappy until one Thanksgiving her sister tells her that she doesn't say yes to anything Something clicks and Shonda embarks on a Year of Yes Her results are astonishing and so is this memoirI have never watched a single episode of Grey's Anatomy I didn't even realize that that was her show You don't need to be an aficionado to appreciate this bookShonda begins with some crushingly honest passages about her discomfort at sharing her life and her passion for writing Making stuff up is responsible for everything everything I've done everything I am everything i have Without the tales the fiction the stories I've spun it is highly likely that right now today I'd be a very uiet librarian in Ohio pg 6 ebook Not that there's anything wrong with that The first part of this book was actually hard for me to get through because she was so obviously uncomfortable at creating a window into her heart and mind She gets over it and so did I When it was first suggested to me that I write about this year my first instinct was to say no Writing about myself feels a lot like I have just decided to stand up on a table in a very proper restaurant raise my dress and show everyone that I'm not wearing panties That is to say it feels shocking pg 12 ebookShonda is just so relatable Take this confession about motherhood I don't know about you but the mistakes and missteps I have made since becoming a mother before kids my confidence could not be dented Now it's shattered on a daily basis I don't know what I am doing pg 63 ebook I know right Nobody knows what they're doing I take comfort in thatThroughout her year of challenging herself Shonda discovers that she's uncomfortable in her own skin because of her weight This next passage is for anyone out there who has body image issues I believe everyone's body is theirs and everyone has a right to love their body in whatever size and shape and package it comes in I will fight for anyone's right to do so I will kick ass and take names if I have to Your body is yours My body is mine No one's body is up for comment No matter how small how large how curvy how flat If you love you then I love you pg 85 ebook End of story I also liked how she came to a new understanding about how life works I've started to think we are like mirrors What you are gets reflected back to you What you see in yourself you may see in others and what others see in you they may see in themselves pg 120 ebook I've started to think that tooThe Year of Yes is recommended for readers who enjoy memoirs or for those folks out there whose lives are in need of an awakening a shaking of the snow globe of your reality if you will Shonda said yes to things that scared her and discovered on the other side of fear a life truly worth living I hope that we can all be as fortunate and as brave on our journeys

  9. Jenny Kim Jenny Kim says:

    Dear Ms Shonda Rhimes I want to be your friend You don't know me but I want to be your friend Since I'm reuesting a friendship I should start by being honest first I'm sorry but I've never watch any of your show And I have to apology again since I will unlikely watch them in the future It's not you it's me But thank you for saying yes for a year and writing your experiences in a funny frank honest book which felt like we had a long conversation over a delicious lunch as if we were friends I want to be on your Ride or Die list but I'm running ahead of myself Thank you for sharing yourself in subjects that are relevant to me and women everywhere being a working mom motherhood weight friendship and family the glass ceiling marriage and so much I especially loved all the speeches I will do my best to become Badassery and practice Wonder Woman pose every chance I get and I look forward to another long lunch date in the futureSincerelyJenny

  10. Diane Diane says:

    This was a surprisingly good book about confronting your fears and being open to new experiences Shonda Rhimes is the writer and producer of several popular TV shows including Grey's Anatomy Scandal and How to Get Away With Murder A self described introvert she realized she was always turning down opportunities to attend gatherings because she would rather stay home with her kids or just keep workingSo she challenged herself to spend a year saying yes to things that scared her such as going on the Jimmy Kimmel show and giving a commencement speech at Dartmouth The experiences were positive and soon it became easier to agree to things that used to scare her She also got inspired to exercise and start eating better and she lost 100 pounds A friend recommended this book to me saying it had some good stories about balancing work and personal life I was glad I gave it a chance because I did find it inspiring and got some useful tips I listened to this on audio and Shonda was an entertaining performer Recommended for those who like project memoirs or life changing stories

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