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Before We Go Extinct [Reading] ➸ Before We Go Extinct By Karen Rivers – Grief can sometimes feel like being caught in the jaws of a great white sharkJC who goes by the nickname Sharky has been having a hard time ever since his best friend died in front of him in what migh Grief can sometimes feel like being caught in the jaws of a great white sharkJC who goes by the nickname Sharky has been having a hard time ever since his best friend died in front of him in what might or might not have been an accident Shell shocked Sharky spends countless hours holed up in his room obsessively watching documentaries about sharks and climate change—and texting his Before We Kindle - dead friendHoping a change of location will help Sharky’s mom sends him to visit his dad on a remote island in Canada There Sharky meets a girl who just may show him how to live—and love—again.

  • Hardcover
  • 256 pages
  • Before We Go Extinct
  • Karen Rivers
  • English
  • 07 July 2016
  • 9780374302405

About the Author: Karen Rivers

Karen Rivers is too thrown by the Date of Death drop down that has appeared below her name in the editing section of this page to actually write anything about her life When she recovers this box will be filled with imperative biographical information and may include SECRETS and probably also a few LIES Now she is going to sit back and anxiously track that Date of Death Before We Kindle - box in case a date s.

10 thoughts on “Before We Go Extinct

  1. Jenny (Reading Envy) Jenny (Reading Envy) says:

    As far as YA books on grief go I would say this is better than The Fault in Our Stars better than The Lovely Bones JC known as Sharky because of his shark obsession has recently experienced the death of his best friend and has stopped speaking His mom doesn't know what to do with him so ships him off to his father who is living on an isolated island JC tries to process how he feels through texts and photos to his best friend's phone emails he erases to their mutual friend Daff etc It felt very true to the voice of a teenage boy and as the story gets filled in a bit his grief seems even devastating than when it started

  2. Teenreadsdotcom Teenreadsdotcom says:

    At first glance BEFORE WE GO EXTINCT by Karen Rivers appeared to be the familiar story of grief and tragedy that has become uite popular in young adult novels But upon experiencing the fluidity and realism that the book offers it became uite clear to me that BEFORE WE GO EXTINCT was something specialKaren Rivers is an incredibly prolific author who has published a plethora of novels for middle grade readers young adults and adults alike as well as two anthologies I was delighted to discover that she also wrote the novel THE GIRL IN THE WELL IS ME which centers around a girl's self reflection during her time trapped in a well after a cruel prank BEFORE WE GO EXTINCT revolves around a teenage boy JC who goes by the name of Sharky which can be attributed to his obsession with sharks Sharky is dealing with the aftermath of his best friend's death the circumstances of which might or might not be an accident He deals by becoming mute and receding into his room to watch documentaries Unsure of how to cope with Sharky's grief his mother sends him to live with his father on a remote island in Canada There Sharky meets Kelby a girl who helps him recover his voice and rediscover what it means to love Sharky's voice as both a teenage boy and a teenager experiencing grief is one of the book's greatest strong points His pain regret confusion and sorrow are all fascinatingly real as are his reactions to the loss of his best friend Throughout the book I found myself forgetting that he was a fictional character which made the experience of reading the book all the enjoyable Another one of the book's strong points is the role of grief in coping with tragedy Just as in reality Sharky must face the five stages of grief before finally coming to terms with the fact that his best friend is gone BEFORE WE GO EXTINCT is not a happy go lucky sunshine kind of story While reading it I found myself sympathizing with Sharky tearing up over his loss and trying to understand his somberness There were many moments where I even found myself uestioning whether or not the story would ever have a happy moment but this only contributed to the believability of the story To make things better this highlighted and enhanced those rare happy moments even Without a doubt BEFORE WE GO EXTINCT was great The book was different and unpredictable and Sharky as both a character and a representation of those experiencing grief was a perfect example of a character whose story could very well have been a biographical experience BEFORE WE GO EXTINCT was truly an eye opening readReviewed by Chris C Teen Board Member

  3. Barbara Barbara says:

    After his best friend The King falls from the forty second floor of his father's skyscraper while the two are climbing JC is traumatized and chooses not to speak The friendship between the boys is highly unusual since The King's father is wealthy and he can have his choice of any of the girls in their school while JC also known as Sharky and Sharkboy because of his passion for the species is deemed odd for his singular obsession with the environment and lack of social graces It is not unexpected that there is also a girl involved one Daffodil Blue and Sharky feels guilty about his love for her blaming himself for The King's demise His mother works for one of those reality romance shows in which one star romances and chooses from a bevy of candidates to make a love connection and she must leave New York City to go on location Since she is concerned about her severely depressed son she arranges for him to stay with his father on an island near Vancouver Canada during the summer The visit probably saves Sharky's life since he spends his days sending texts to his dead friend and composing and then deleting messages to Daff while he tries to make sense of everything that has been happening Things are awkward on the island at first especially when he realizes that his father is involved in a romance with one of the summer residents whose daughter Kelby and son Charlie help him heal As Sharky tries to find himself and figure out a reason to live when someone who seemed to have it all couldn't he sees possibilities in the world around him and realizes that perhaps he has misjudged his father as well as others around him The book jacket indicates that meeting another girl helps him learn how to live and love again but I would argue that his recovery and decision to speak and live again is complicated than that As concerned as he is with those sharks and the environment if he can't save himself or anyone else close to him what would the point be? This book forces readers to tackle some tough issues while weaving in interesting snippets about the depletion of sharks from the ocean for shark fin soup and other human needs and also contains biting comments about how humans amuse themselves in the most shallow of ways My heart broke for Sharky and I desperately hoped that he'd be able to heal from such a traumatic experience When he finally learns the truth behind his friend's actions the secret and The King's decision are not all that unexpected although they are terribly sad His friend's decision makes readers realize just how hard it is to go against one's upbringing or parental expectations Teen readers won't forget Sharky or Daff or The King for that matter even though they only encounter the last two through Sharky's memories and messages Books dealing with issues this complicated and perhaps unexplainable are rare and characters such as Sharky himself are as precious and worth nurturing because they care so deeply But as I read the book I kept asking myself how in the world we can protect those teens like Sharky who care about saving the world and yet find themselves powerless to save themselves or anyone else much less the world or an endangered species This one will stay in my heart and mind for a long time perhaps influencing how I think and act toward others

  4. Kristen Kristen says:

    This is a book about grief I mean there's to it yesbut essentially it's a book about grief After watching his best friend fall jump? to his death JC Sharky simply doesn't know what to think what to do how to copeThis book is beautiful There's not a lot of action There's not a lot of conflict There's emotion and confusion and a teenage boy trying to come to terms with death and how everything can change in an instant I normally like a little development from side characters but I found myself enchanted by JC's narrative and almost didn't care about anyone else A uick emotional read

  5. Jessica C Writes Jessica C Writes says:

    The majority of reviews that I’ve seen for this book are positive and I definitely think that the portrayal of grief is important in young adult fiction However I personally thought it was done very poorly The pacing was too fast and it was difficult to get into the story properly I feel like things were just thrown at us every so often without actually developing the plot line or characters Also the main character JCSharky was extremely judgmental rude I didn’t not enjoy his personality and I wish that at the very least he had a good character arc Unfortunately he didn’t The story was resolved so uickly and I felt like he didn’t really learn anything I feel like there was so much potential with this book especially because I think the writing was beautiful It really needed development so that the reader could get a deeper meaning from the story

  6. Leanne Leanne says:

    Disclaimer I'm usually not a YA reader I find it hard to connect with YA narrators so I tend to avoid them That said I loved this book Sharky's character was written like a true teenaged boy funny disgruntled frustrating confused When you consider that he just lost his best friend his feelings are understandable and you can't help but want to fix him The last few pages had me catching my breath and frantically rushing to finish I was surprised and yet satisfied with how the entire story wrapped up which I think is rare given the complex topics the book covered

  7. Denise Denise says:

    When his best friend dies Sharky has a lot of things to work through Mom needs to work so she sends him to stay with his dad where he finds refuge in nature and to his surprise nurture With the help of dad's new girlfriend and her two kids Sharky learns to deal with the difficult issues of life Thanks Netgalley for sharing his story with us

  8. Luna Luna says:

    Loved this so muchYou can read my review on my blog

  9. Leslie Bryan Leslie Bryan says:

    45 stars Wow This one surprised me and exceeded all of my expectations There are so many emotions and human ness packed into 250 pages

  10. Nat Nat says:

    Before We Go Extinct is about grief forgiveness saying sorry confronting the things that shake us and the differences and similarities between diving and falling Another book with an unassuming youthful cover with deeper heavier guts Will recommend to fans of John Green Bone Gap and emotional human reads

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