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Spirit of the Ronin (The Ronin Trilogy, #3) ❰Download❯ ➽ Spirit of the Ronin (The Ronin Trilogy, #3) Author Travis Heermann – Thomashillier.co.uk A CLASH OF HONOR LOVE AND AMBITION In thirteenth century Japan the ronin Ken’ishi’s fondest wish has been granted—he has found service with a powerful samurai lord But the underworld crime boss A CLASH OF HONOR LOVE AND AMBITION In thirteenth century Japan the ronin Ken’ishi’s fondest wish has been granted—he has found service with a powerful samurai lord But the underworld crime boss known as Green Tiger lurks in the shadows of Lord Tsunetomo’s retinue and Ken’ishi’s honor is tested when learns his new master is married to Kazuko the only woman he has ever loved His unknown lineage holds dangerous secrets Spirit of Epub / that could destroy him and only his sword the magical relic called Silver Crane holds the key to his pastand his future With enemies temptation and strife assailing him on all sides Ken’ishi’s very soul falls into jeopardy—even as Khubilai Khan’s Mongol hordes plot their next attack Can Ken’ishi defeat Green Tiger defend his homeland from the barbarian invaders and remain true to his heart his lord and his honor If you love romance intrigue and action on an epic scale don’t miss this stunning climax to the Ronin Trilogy When you actively watch out for new writers with potential every so often you're pleasantly surprised by one who has simply Got It whose work is ready to push up to the next level Travis Heermann has simply Got It – James A Owen author of HERE THERE BE DRAGONS “Lovely details an honorable character and great action Travis Heermann’s Spirit of the Ronin is a rich and entertaining story” – Kevin J Anderson New York Times bestselling author of BLOOD OF THE COSMOS the JEDI ACADEMY TRILOGY and THE LAST DAYS OF KRYPTON.

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  1. AudioBookReviewer AudioBookReviewer says:

    My original Spirit of the Ronin audiobook review and many others can be found at Audiobook ReviewerKen’ishi is forced to face his past his love of Kazuko the dark secret of his Ronin past and the evil Green Tiger who haunts him still  He is able to join the ranks of Lord Tsunetomo’s warier where he rises uickly to samurai and trusted officer  He is caught in a battle of inner honor between his loyalty to his master and the love of Kazuko his master’s wife  Ken’ishi proves his bravery and honor over and over but still the guilt and doubt remain  Silver Crane the magical sword that gives him unmatched strength and skill in battle is slowly claiming his soul and if he isn’t extremely careful its blood lust will overwhelm himBased in ancient Japan Spirit of the Ronin mixes myth and history into a historical fantasy novel  There is plenty of explanation of the ancient Japanese traditions to keep the listener informed  War magic a love triangle an evil villain monsters and much keep the story moving at a brisk pace  It is thoroughly entertainingDavid Doersch performs the story with his excellent voice  Characters are easily discerned and the Japanese pronunciations sound fine to this listener  He keep the story moving along without getting in the way  An excellent performanceIf you are interested in ancient Japan or just enjoy good fantasy you will likely enjoy this one  Though it is book three in a trilogy it can be listened to on its own  It appears to wrap up the drama at the end but leaves a sliver of possibility for further seuels  This listener did not listen to the other books in the series and was not lost in the explanations of past events  It stands alone  If you have listened to or read the previous novels it seems you would definitely want to listen to this one  RecommendedAudiobook was purchased for review by the author

  2. Dan Dan says:

    I stumbled across this one when I was looking for some martial arts books for study and it looked interesting Since the first volume was available for free on my Kindle Unlimited account I gave it a spin and rapidly went on to the seuels Although set in feudal Japan and following the story of a ronin a masterless samurai the writing style is very “western” in its approach which gave them an interesting flavor – sort of like watching a completely foreign culture and concept develop from an outside observer’s eye The author has a nice little uip on his site “Writing fiction set in a far different time and place is challenging The key is cram as much background information into your brain let it percolate for a while and see what bubbles out” And no uestion that’s what he’s done – creating a real image of a very different world than I’m familiar with and at the same time letting it develop in a way that I could actually visualize it without feeling lost I loved it

  3. Julia Dvorin Julia Dvorin says:

    I read the whole Ronin trilogy one after another so this review is really of the whole thing I liked these books a lot and they definitely kept me interested the whole way through Great stuff if you like Japanese folklore samurai movies andor straightforward epic fantasy that comes in a flavor other than generic medieval European High points good characters that grow over the course of the series a smattering of interesting magic and classic themes of honor love duty and good vs evil Low points there were some torture and war scenes I had a hard time with but at least they were there for a good reason and not gratuitous I just get sueamish sometimes A very satisfying series overall

  4. John Black John Black says:

    Great seriesA real page turner with just the right amount of adventure and fantasy Very nicely tied up at the end I was sorry to finish it

  5. Swantje P Swantje P says:

    I'm not sure about this I enjoyed the book rather much as was expected but then I think it got all messed up at the endJust the last 2 or three chapters felt terribly rushed Leading up to them I kept glancing at the page number and wondering how the author would bring all the different parts of the story to satisfying endings Well it didn't work out that well As I said all the endings felt really choppy and rushed Also I felt like the story wasn't really complete by the end of the bookI was all uite unsatisfying

  6. Ty Ty says:

    My favorite in the seriesI am really enjoying the growth in the characters and the setting in this novel The author's take on the Oni remind me of the Viking legends particularly of the dwarf who became a dragon because of unbending greed and a cruel nature that was named Fafnir and part of the Sigurd legendIn this tale it begins with Ken'ishi taking service with a lord and no longer being ronin and becoming a samurai I don't want to give spoilers beyond that but it gets really entertaining from there Highly recommend

  7. Sarah Sarah says:

    I very much enjoyed this trilogy While the battle scenes where very graphic the plot was phenomenal I am not sure about the ending for Kenishi But I found it interesting that his most cherished possession was also his bane I was ecstatic that my favorite character lived Wanna know who that was? Read the books and take a guess

  8. Wc Morrison Wc Morrison says:

    Great storytelling If you are into any of the following Japanese history and culture Bushido mythology amazing fantasy written with believable and strong characters suspense intrigue love honor loyalty or just a can't put down readbuy this trilogy One of the best in years

  9. Shelly Shelly says:

    I was a little disappointed with the ending It wasn't bad; in fact it was rather poignant It just wasnt what I expected I'm not sure what I expected but this was not it I do highly recommend the series The uotes from Japanese historical texts definitely make the series worth reading

  10. Dan Joe Dan Joe says:

    Great readGreat summer read Excellent adventure story with complex believable characters The fantasy element is pretty mild throughout the book and when it does pop up it feels like authentic myth than the wet dreams of some lonely nerd All in all highly recommended

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