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Dark Spaces ❴EPUB❵ ✻ Dark Spaces Author A. Regina Cantatis – Dark Spaces is composed of four stories including one never published before of erotic science fiction ranging from dark humorously dark to pitch black sometimes all within the same storyLove in a Sil Dark Spaces is composed of four stories including one never published before of erotic science fiction ranging from dark humorously dark to pitch black sometimes all within the same storyLove in a Silver Socket – A slave awakens bound in silver cords and dotted with mysterious sockets She has no will or memory just a burning love for her inhuman Mistress; but her old life might still keep her from enjoying her new oneThe Final Adventure of Doctor Theodore Steele and His Intrepid Assistant Franny – In this send up of classic pulp science fiction a stalwart adventurer and his sidekick meet their match when they take on a villain who has decided to stop playing by the pulp fiction rulesWhat Happens in Decon – Captain Synon has a problem She has less privacy than anyone aboard her spaceship but she also has a fetish too strange and scandalous to risk discovery The only place she can indulge herself is during decontamination when she's locked tight inside her shuttle After all what happens in decon stays in deconrightWhat to Expect from Your Alien Brainwashing – While you’re relaxing in the processing chamber why not take a moment to learn what your alien overlords have in store for you next.

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  1. Lexxi Kitty Lexxi Kitty says:

    A collection of 4 short stories And my second read by this author Or second through fifth read by this authorFirst story in the colleciton is Love in a Silver Socket rated 43 starsscience fiction mind control adult fictionThe story opens with a woman waking up and looking ina mirror She sees that she's borg Wait no sorry she see's she's this cyborg like creature now and she's deeply aroused by what she sees She's all silver and stuffThe silver woman will remain standing looking in the mirror with her pussy and breasts pulsing until such time as she is told otherwise Then another person enters the room and the silver woman collapses to the floor Well slams her head into the floor and makes a vaguely submissive like move in front of the newcomer Who she knows is her Mistress Hmms 'Mistress' is very tall Has ebony scales Four fingers on her hands and four toes on her toes And has flames for hair Wait no flame colored hair Flames for hair would have been neater Especially as she has icciles for fangs 'Mistress' tells the silver woman who she is and who the silver woman once was A pathetic human Who could talk And stuff But no longer The words causes a 'fresh surge of pleasure' to grip the woman's 'cunt'Silver woman under the control of the alien then pleasures the alien to pleasure She the silver one finds pleasure in thisThis story is kind of odd I am suatting in the center of Mistress’s dining hall knees thrown wide to display the port between my legs Kindle Locations 101 102 um that's part of why it is odd The human has been turned into a borg like creature She's been put on display for a visitor But um she's a robot now Or I should say she looks like a robot now All silver and stuff And between her legs is a port There isn't really any erotictism in 'displaying' a robot I mean just picture C3PO doing the things in this story Now C3PO has spread legs Oooh how um so?Hmms As I read this one further I find that it is again of a adult film slide over an otherwise interesting science fiction story As opposed to something written to amuse the pleasure sensors It is an interesting story Second story in the collection is The Final Adventure of Doctor Theodore Steele and His Intrepid Assistant Franny 470science fiction humor mind controlhehe Oops I was going to start some different way but I was about to start seconds I lost the train of this sentence No matter So Dr Steele and Franny are observing Ursuala Who is apparently naked but for mask and bustier And is surrounded by naked slaves Well naked but for some decorations around the nipples and as Franny put it 'ladyparts' The hehe was from Franny's reactionsOf course they are Why else would anyone submit to a villainess' rule? Kindle Location 752 so says the good doctor heh I can think of oh one or two reasons to submit nodsWell this one was both the last one I read in this book I'd read the two after it earlier and the best of them uite entertaining it wasThird story in the collection is What Happens in Decon rated 42 starsAdult books alien encounters erotica science fiction mind controlIn an odd way this book reminded me of that uadrail series by Timothy Zahn I know why specifically though I'm not sure why I thought to think of the two at the same time I mean one's close to being a young adult space series of many books while the other is a short story found in the adult section the erotica sectionuadrail involves to boil it down to the vaguely similar part an intelligent coral species Which has desires to take over the I forget if it's galaxy or universe Has the ability to control the minds of other species Is fought by among others one specific human and intelligent spidersWhat Happens in Decon involves humans making first contact and the captain of the space ship having a specific fetish That fetish involving deep arousal from giving up control of her brain to others through brainwashingmind control Turns out that the first contact is with a species that has the ability to control minds So that's basically the connection two completely different alien species with the ability to control minds Other than being in space and involving science fiction there's not much else of similarity Heck that one by Zahn doesn't even have the main transportation method be space ships they have them but just to get to the intergalactic railway systemInteresting enough short story here One of my first thoughts and I can't recall if I had this before reading this story after reading the description or while reading the story is that it is uite dangerous to have a strong captain with the specific fetish that she has I mean she craves submitting to brainwashing She'd make a horrible spy or you know captain of a space ship etc Captured brainwashing machines brought in 'submit' 'oooh yayyy' 'um good now tell us everything' 'I obey' Does reinforce the concept that space ship captains shouldn't be among the first members sent in an away mission That's fluctuated over the years Whether or not space ship captains should do something like that Heck they had brain washing aliens on Star Trek for instance Captured the captain uite easily there Since he was among the first to beam to the planet Seriously stop sending the captains on away missions okay?Fourth story in the collection is What to Expect from your Alien Brainwashing rated 33 starsmind control science fiction alien encounters adult fctionThere is not much to this stoy Just a uick little thing wherein a person is told that they are going to be brainwashed and these are some of the modificationsenhancements that will occurOverall rating of 4125

  2. A. Cantatis A. Cantatis says:

    This is my book; how else am I supposed to rate it? But by all means check out a copy yourself and leave a review

  3. Aalok Wyckid Aalok Wyckid says:

    Cantatis does mind control very well The writing is decent and the plots interesting My biggest complaint is that it's simply not hot enough

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