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  • Eliza Henry-Jones
  • 07 January 2014
  • 9781460750360

10 thoughts on “In the Quiet

  1. Angela M Angela M says:

    I didn't want to finish this book because I didn't want to leave these characters behind I fell in love with this family not because there was anything particularly extraordinary about them but because they were an ordinary family like people we all might know and I was heartbroken for them as they grieved the loss of their mother and wife Their story is told in an extraordinarily beautiful way by Cate who watches her husband and three children as they try to cope with losing her This shouldn't put you off It's not a ghost story and wasn't eerie in any way I found it to be a lovely and touching way to tell the story Cate lets us know what they are saying and thinking and doing and gives us an in depth perspective of who they are as individuals and what they are going through as she holds their lifetime memories My Goodreads friend Connie recently told me when we both lost our mothers that it's so hard to lose a mother because she holds all of your memories This is what I thought of as I read Cate watches her daughter Jessa her twin sons Rafferty and Cameron and her husband Bass as they grieve and struggle with their everyday lives on their small farm in Australia There are so many poignant scenes Rafferty holding his brother to calm anxiety attack as his mother would Jessa wanting to mark the day as her mother would when Cam makes the Athletics team and the times that they murmur mom I was especially touched by Jessa's connection to the horses that Cate raised in particular Opal These people are not perfect but this is not a dysfunctional family This is a family in grief It's not just the story of those she leaves behind but Cate's as well Reflections on her childhood her closeness with her mother her distant father and her ambivalent relationship with her sister her friendships are part of the narrative She too is grieving for her family and for her own loss missing being alive This could have been too sweet too maudlin too melodramatic but it was none of those things It felt real Eliza Henry Jones gives an intimate look at these characters and makes it so easy to connect with them and feel what they are going through Having worked as a grief counselor she has an amazing understanding of these characters and beautifully conveys it to the reader The title and the cover are lovely and became meaningful after I finished the book It's hard to believe this is a debut novel I can hardly wait for her next I received an advanced copy of this book from HarperCollins through Edelweiss

  2. Jaline Jaline says:

    I was consumed by this novel – fully engaged filled with awe devoted to the story and its characters and moved beyond belief It was not the least bit odd to me that the narrator was on “the other side of the veil” and observing her family in their struggles to adjust to her no longer being with themTheir failures and successes were observed and reported with love Yet than that there was the detachment of no longer being “in the world” – and the contrast brought each family member’s experiences into sharper focus with brighter colours pungent scents and enhanced flavoursThe writing in this book is extraordinarily sophisticated and remarkable The insights are stunning and the perceptions of the characters framed in brilliant individuality What’s the wisdom and maturity of this book falls gently like petals from a jacaranda tree at the end of its annual cycleThere were many moments while reading this book that I was compelled to sit back and breathe it in to listen to the echoes inside myself that responded to the sounds and sights and smells captured within the pages I recommend reading this book if you are looking for an exceptional reading experience that will touch your heart and soulThis was a Traveling Sisters Group read with lots of terrific discussion For the Group reviews and many visit

  3. Cheri Cheri says:

    NOW AVAILABLE ”I don’t know how I died That’s strange isn’t it? To be dead and know that but to not know how it happened To not know my last memory It’s not something that I ever considered when I was alive I can see and I can hear And when I remember back to other times and other places I see and hear them as though I’m reliving them But when I remember I miss things that are happening now I miss chunks of time I try not to remember I try not to think I watch and I listen and I hope to not miss any time Because time is all I have now And how uickly it disappears”Cate is the narrator her words begin this touching lovely story Heartbreaking yes but there’s this strong bond of family of love that ever so slowly and with such uiet strength gently speaks to the eternal bond of families the grief of loss and the life that follows after Love Hope Cate Carlton wife and mother in life married to Bass the only man she ever loved mother to twin boys Rafferty and Cameron and to daughter Jessa She loved loves her horses especially her horse Opal Their farm is in the countryside in rural Victoria with assorted farm animals in addition to the horses Hovering over her family Cate finds herself watching Jessa ride her horse or the family’s attempts to find Opal who has been missing since the day she died Watching all the members of the family friends watching their grief watching them stumble through the days months as time passes in random patches of time Alternating those with moments of remembering the years when the children were oh so young and life was filled with small but incessant energy draining moments Moments like when she first brought Bass home the first time ”When I brought Bass home to meet my parents and Beatrice it was autumn We kicked our way through crunchy leaves and breathed steam as we waited on the doorstep”This simply is a story of a family their love their grief and perhaps about our memories and the way they haunt us The importance perhaps of staying in the moment long enough to form those memories and also to cherish those memories How our memories can pull us back to another place another time My goodreads friend Angela and wrote a lovely review which convinced me to read this Many thanks Angela I read Angela’s review what stayed with me most of all was the comment that was made to her that “it's so hard to lose a mother because she holds all of your memories” Which of course reminded me of my mother and of these lyrics Sometimes when you're doin' simple things around the houseMaybe you'll think of me and smileYou know I'm tied to you like the buttons on your blouseKeep me in your heart for a whileHold me in your thoughtsTake me to your dreamsTouch me as I fall into viewWhen the winter comesKeep the fires litAnd I will be right next to you Warren Zevon Keep Me in Your HeartRecommendedUS Canada Pub Date 11 Apr 2017Many thanks for the ARC provided by Harper Collins AU

  4. Jennifer ~ TarHeelReader Jennifer ~ TarHeelReader says:

    5 still emotive stars to In the uiet 🌟 🌟 🌟 🌟 🌟 and straight to the huggable books shelf How to begin to do justice to a book you know you will never forget? One that is written immaculately with precision and flow and importantly unwavering sentiment I finished this book a week ago and I haven’t let go of this book or even so it hasn’t let go of me I created a huggable book shelf for books that get under my skin ones that captivate my heart with deep connection A Huggable Book is beyond a favorite Kate was the mother and narrator and she had passed away She had a bird’s eye view into her family after her death and she witnessed the aftermath of them trying to pick up the pieces and put themselves back together In their imperfections and infinite losses I found these characters to be loveable and remarkable And the horses How could I forget the central role that one of my favorite creatures played in the story? Horses are connected to this family as well as to their immense loss and emotion and it’s fitting because of how intuitive and feeling horses are If you read even one book I’ve loved let it be this one If you enjoy stories of families emotion filled characters and smooth writing READ THIS BOOK As an aside Eliza Henry Jones was in her early 20s when she wrote In the uiet her debut I am in awe of her talent her ability to connect and her skill in describing loss and bereavement I will read anything she writes In the uiet was a Traveling Sister read and books like this are my favorite to read with my sisters We got to connect and that’s what this book was all about 💗 Please see Norma and Brenda’s blog for Traveling Sister reviews

  5. Susanne Strong Susanne Strong says:

    5 Stars with Absolutely All the FEELSBass Carlton and his 3 children Rafferty Cameron and Jessa recently lost their mother Cate Cate was young beautiful full of life Cate lingers on them from the great beyond unable to let go She does so as they learn to come to terms with what has happened each in their own way Bass her husband has yet to process it He has always been a great loving father Yet he relied heavily on his wife Cate for so many things and now he is lost Rafferty and Cameron are seventeen year old twins Rafferty is sold the rock of the family He holds everyone and everything together Yet no one ever takes care of Rafferty and he never lets on that he needs it Cameron can’t deal He struggles with anxiety so much so that it isolates him One day however Cameron does something no one ever would have expected He starts running and he doesn’t stop Jessa loves the horses She doesn’t care about her school work and is rude to everyone around her but the horses? Well they have become her only source of comfort after losing her mother Cate’s sister Bea has always been on the periphery Always an outsider She wants desperately to connect to the family Especially now and Cate wants it for her too Laura “Loz” Cate’s best friend has always been there for her and after her death Loz takes over caring for the family and the horses If it weren’t for her things would fall apart Henry Loz’s nephew is one of Jessa’s best friends but he wants Yet Jessa pushes him away just like she pushes everyone away Throughout Cate watches them seeing how their lives progress and desperately wanting to help yearning to get involved to be there yet she can not “In the uiet” is a beautifully written novel that captured my heart The flow of the novel is so perfect and natural this book eased into my mind in a way I have never experienced before It is lovely and soulful and it makes your heart ache and your breath catch Even though this features someone looking on from “beyond” that should not stop you from reading it it doesn’t have that supernaturalfantastical feel It is simply beautiful Reading this novel you will feel every emotion possible it really does have “all the feels” Read it you will feel it too This was a Traveling Sister Read It included Brenda Norma Jennifer and Jaline I would never have chosen to read this book had Norma and Brenda not chosen this as a sister read I am beyond grateful It is one of my top reads for 2018 Reading this with my sisters was one of the best experiences Thanks sisters For Full Traveling Sister Group Reviews please see Brenda and Norma’s Fabulous Blog on Goodreads and Twitter on 12818

  6. Diane S ☔ Diane S ☔ says:

    The second book in as many months that I have read narrated by a woman a mother a wife that has passed on to the great beyond Would probably have passed on this if my good friend Angela hadn't given this five stars Which would have been a shame because this was simply a beautiful storyCate not yet forty has died she doesn't remember how and hopes to find out as she watches her family try to come to terms with her death She is able to see certain things she has no control over what or when Time skips and jumps and in between we learn her back story and that of her family Jesse Rafferty and Cameron her children her sister Bea her friend Laura and her husband all grieve in different ways one has a big secret that is eating at him and one feels responsible for her deathAlthough there are moments of sadness this is a life affirming book how they learn to go on wonderfully portrayed Such great characters I cared about each of them immensely A uiet meditative story I appreciated the gentle way this story was rendered with compassion and love A sentimental story for sure but not written in a maudlin or dramatic way The different ways they grieve but come together as a family not without difficulties but a new way to see their family as a whole As I said simply beautiful and touchingARC from publisherPublishes April 11th

  7. Norma Norma says:

    5 Flourishing Coulee Stars for IN THE UIET from all the Traveling SistersIN THE UIET by ELIZA HENRY JONES is an emotional captivating moving and such a beautifully written novel that captured our attention and our hearts right from the very start  We all absolutely fell in love right away with how this story was delivered and how well this story was written For some of us me included it uickly went into our 2018 favourite reads shelf  We all fell in love with this family and each of the characters who are all dealing with the death of our narrator Cate There were so many emotions explored here within the pages of this book and we felt so many of them and that led to such an enduring and wonderful discussion for all of us We won’t soon forget our discussion or this novelWe loved all the different relationships explored here with the different characters and the ones that really stood out for us were between the sisters Cate and Bea and Laura and SylviaELIZA HENRY JONES delivers an extremely impressive well written and touching story here with enduring and real characters that were easily relatable and to love Even the horses were a special edition to this story and found that the connection that the family had with the horses and to them to be extremely fitting to the whole story in general  ELIZA HENRY JONES does such a great job creating the different types of characters within this family giving each of them their own conflict and voice that allowed us to feel multiple emotions for each of them  We loved how intuitive Cate was and how well her thoughts on each of the family members reverberated out of the pages and into us the readers  Raff and Cam tugged at our heartstrings and we loved their gentle relationship  What an emotional and powerful end for such a beautifully written book that flowed so perfectly that we all won’t soon forget  Would highly recommendThis was an absolutely wonderful book to have shared and discussed with our Traveling Sisters and I thoroughly enjoyed the reading experience Thank you ladiesAll of our Traveling Sisters Review can be found on our blog

  8. Brenda Brenda says:

    Sebastian Bass Carlton and his three children twins Rafferty Raff and Cameron plus younger sibling thirteen year old Jessa were all mired in grief Their wife and mother Cate had recently passed away – it was totally unexpected and she was far too young in her mid thirties Living on a rural property the family had been happy – Cate working the horses with Jessa and Raff both seeming to follow in her footsteps But the loss of Cate meant the family faltered in their grief unsure of what was going to happen in their livesAs the family struggled with anger loss grief and heartbreak each member tried to cope in different ways Bass was drinking ; while Jessa tried to bury herself in the horses – riding Pebbles in search of Opal The twins found other ways to cope showing an outward strength but breaking apart inside All the while Cate watched while her loved ones came apart – her knowledge of being dead was there but how it happened escaped her Cate’s devastation was threaded with a sense of hopelessness – there was nothing she could do except watch In the uiet by Aussie author Eliza Henry Jones is this author’s debut novel and wow what a beautiful heartfelt and touching story it is Narrated in Cate’s voice it is unusual – but it most definitely works A book about grief in all its forms In the uiet is a beautiful story and one I highly recommend Thanks to my goodreads friend who recommending it to me

  9. Vanessa Vanessa says:

    I haven't read many afterlife type books and probably would have skipped this one but thanks to Bianca I picked up this book on her recommendation This book has a gentle uietness the slow unravelling of the grief left behind you see the family floundering and plodding along making domestic mistakes only a mum knows how to do it's clear how grief has seeeped deeply into this family and you feel a sense of uneasy despair for them all The emotion pulls you in and you just want to scoop this family up and take care of them nurture them As a mother the same age as Cate the mum in this book this feels particularly poignant and devastating The writing in this book is tender and beautiful and if you like uiet thoughtful books that deals with the topic of grief told in a uniue way this is highly recommended and this author is one to watch out for Outstanding debut

  10. Bianca Bianca says:

    In The uiet is a lovely uniue debut novel from Eliza Henry JonesIt deals with grief family and moving on with lifeI was reticent to read it as the synopsis stated that the narrator was a recently deceased mother of three and I don’t “do” afterlife etc But I’m so glad I did because this was astoundingly beautiful heartbreaking and full of hope at the same timeEliza Henry Jones is incredibly insightful despite her young age Her background in psychology and grief counselling has given this novel a very authentic feel The novel is set on a horse farm in rural Victoria Australia The Carltons are reeling because of Cate’s sudden death The husband Bass and their twin teenage boys Rafferty and Cameron and their sister Jessa are in shock and are stumbling through the everyday minutia of life They’re helped by good friends Laura and Steve and Cate’s sister Beatrice who themselves have been affected by Cate’s untimely death In the uiet is deliciously slow burning I cried uite a bit in the beginning as the family’s sorrow was palpable and Cate’s need to be there and do all the many things a mum and wife does was absolutely heartbreaking Slowly the pain subsides everyone learns to deal with life to make plans and build new relations Living has a way of creeping in although the pain is still thereI liked so many things about this novel The writing is excellent and a bit different I thought it was interesting that there were no chapters although there were paragraph breaks between what could have been chapters I was very impressed with this novel; it's real relatable and very gentleThe title is absolutely perfectThis was a uietly beautiful unassuming slowly unravelling novel which will make you ponder about life and your own relationships In The uiet is a very impressive debut novel A very impressive novel Period I’ve received this novel via NetGalley Many thanks to HarperCollins Australia for the opportunity to read and review this beautiful novelCover 5 stars perfectly matched to the feel and subject of the novel

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In the Quiet⚦ In the Quiet Books ✫ Author Eliza Henry-Jones – A moving sweet and uplifting novel of love grief and the heartache of letting go from a wonderful new Australian authorCate Carlton has recently died yet she is able to linger on watching her three yo A moving sweet and uplifting novel of love grief and the heartache of letting go from a wonderful new Australian authorCate Carlton has recently died yet she is able to linger on watching her three young children and her husband as they come to terms with their life without her on their rural horse property As the months pass and her children grow they cope in different ways drawn closer and pulled apart by their shared loss And all Cate can do is watch on helplessly seeing their grief how much they miss her and how heartbreakingly In the ePUB ½ they begin to heal Gradually unfolding to reveal Cate's life her marriage and the unhappy secret she shared with one of her children In the uiet is compelling simple tender true heartbreaking and uplifting in eual measure.