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Shadow Run ❰Download❯ ✤ Shadow Run Author AdriAnne Strickland – Thomashillier.co.uk Nev has just joined the crew of the starship Kaitan Heritage as the cargo loader His captain ole is the youngest ever person to command her own ship but she brooks no argument from her crew of orphans Nev has just joined the crew of the starship Kaitan Heritage as the cargo loader His captain ole is the youngest ever person to command her own ship but she brooks no argument from her crew of orphans fugitives and con men Nev can't resist her even if her ship is an antiue As for Nev he's a prince in hiding on the ship He believes ole holds the key to changing galactic civilization and when her cooperation proves difficult to obtain Nev resolves to get her to his home planet by any means necessary But before they know it a rival royal family is after ole too and they're interested in stealing her abilities than in keeping her alive Nev's mission to manipulate ole becomes one to save her and to survive she'll have to trust her would be kidnapper He may be royalty but ole is discovering a deep reservoir of power and stars have mercy on whoever tries to hurt her ship or her crew.

  • Hardcover
  • 390 pages
  • Shadow Run
  • AdriAnne Strickland
  • English
  • 08 September 2016
  • 9780399552533

About the Author: AdriAnne Strickland

AdriAnneAM Strickland was a bibliophile who wanted to be an author before she knew what either of those words meant She shares a home base in Alaska with her husband her pugs and her piles and piles of books She loves traveling dancing vests tattoos and every shade of teal in existence but especially the darker ones She is the coauthor of SHADOW RUN and SHADOW CALL DelacortePenguin.

10 thoughts on “Shadow Run

  1. Anna Priemaza Anna Priemaza says:

    Dear BasraI am madly in love with you I do not care that you are not a main character Nev might dual wield his Disruptor Blades and dream of bettering humanity and ole might have the lurking madness of Shadow behind her eyes that allows her to SHOOT PURPLE FLAMES FROM HER FINGERTIPS but you you are even badass than them More badass than purple flames dear BasraI love your brilliant conniving your devotion to Arjan your gender fluidity your way of sneaking up on people to destroy them with words and masterminding your secrets your uiet confidenceBut don't worry Arjan I won't steal Basra away from you Just let me read and re read of Basra lurking in the background and oozing of badassery as the badass ragtag crew of the Shadow fishing ship the Kaitan adventures across the galaxy into politics and ballroom dancing and experimentation and warThat will be enoughWith loveAnna

  2. Damaris (GoodChoiceReading) Damaris (GoodChoiceReading) says:

    I don't have one negative comment to make about this book Lots and lots of action I think I have not one but THREE new book boyfriends Phew The men in this book are not to be messed with Loved it

  3. Cale Dietrich Cale Dietrich says:

    WHOAWHAT a start to my 2017 reading This book is basically everything The comp titles are FIREFLY and DUNE but I haven’t watched or read those I know I know so for me this book is SIX OF CROWS meets STAR WARSLike those two this book is a total blockbuster The action in this seriously made my jaw drop a few times It’s all so inventive and cool and is majorly epic The battles you guys There are so many cool action scenes in this and they all feel uniue and they just keep getting awesome and badass They also get really intense as you get attached to the characters who are then flung into dangerous situations with unlikely odds of survival Speaking of the characters in this are extraordinary This book is told in dual POV and I love both eually There’s Nev who is a charming space prince Gah I love Nev He’s so kind and tough and also hilarious at times And then there’s ole one of the best captains in the galaxy who also has an extremely badass ability that some of the most powerful people in the galaxy want to control SHE IS SO AMAZING The rest of the crew also shine and each get multiple moments to show how uniue and awesome they are And then there’s the romance No spoilers but it’s something I wasn’t expecting from this book but it delivered in in SPADES I shipped the ship so freaking much I think I’ve been gush ey enough but yeah I totally totally loved spending time with this ragtag group of space badasses and I need the seuel right now

  4. Fafa& Fafa& says:

    DNF Mini reviewI received this E ARC via Netgalley and the publisher in exchange for an honest review I was looking forward to reading this I enjoyed Starflight another space book and thought that this would be similar Unfortunately I didn't enjoy it I spent the first few chapters absolutely confused I vaguely understood the Shadow stuff but everything else was lost on me Definitely just a personal thing as I am not really that well versed in scienceStill recommend

  5. Empress Reece (Hooked on Books) Empress Reece (Hooked on Books) says:

    This is actually a re read for me which doesn't happen very often but I loved this book and I'm about to start the second one in the series and wanted to go back and refresh my memory of everything I've forgotten I enjoyed it just as much the second time around as I did the first The ending is just one of my many favorite parts Basra really stuck it to Nev's father That was absolutely priceless I hope Nev and ole manage to beat the odds and find a way to continue their burgeoning romance but I can already tell by reading the preview for book two that they are going to endure uite a bit before that happensI received this ARC from Netgalley and the authors in exchange for an honest review Thank you

  6. Jessica Jessica says:

    I'm not going to lie I am always so delighted when I find a Science Fiction novel that is accessible and exciting I had high hopes for Shadow Run and I wasn't disappointed in the slightest The Kaitan Heritage is a ship after my own heart Cobbled together barely holding on and full of the most loyal and intriguing set of people there ever was I remember seeing somewhere that this book was likened to Firefly and Dune Yes friends that is entirely accurate A little bit of love a dash of danger and a whole lot of sarcasm and wit That's what you'll find between these pagesFirst off massive kudos to the authors for crafting as captivating a character as Captain ole At just 17 years old she's the best Shadow fishing captain in the Universe But that's not where her intrigue ends ole is also poisoned by the very thing that both makes up her livelihood and makes her such an excellent captain It's a compelling double edged sword What I loved most about her character though was how self assured and bad ass she was ole doesn't need your admiration She's strong loyal and full of a kind of fierce love that made me fall for her instantly I love seeing forceful women in positions of power ole doesn't disappointBetter still Nev's entrance into this story didn't dim ole's light one bit In fact Nev is a beautiful contrast to ole's dark and resolute personality See Nev is ever the optimist He's both tough as nails and has a heart that is fit to burst with pride for his family His uick thinking and kindness make him the perfect opposite to ole and watching them interact is honestly a lot of fun I never felt like the tension brewing between them was overbearing and the little romance that may have existed just felt like it belonged Color me impressedThe absolute only reason I wasn't able to give this a full five star rating is because the climax felt a little rushed The first three uarters of this book are perfectly paced There is world building galore time for our characters to grow and understand one another plus even the perfect amount of action to keep things fresh As the book neared the end I felt like it was rushing to push everything still left undone in order Which to be honest I can totally understand It makes me happy to know that there's another book coming after this one I absolutely cannot wait to read it You need to meet the ragtag crew of the Kaitan Plain and simple If Shadow Run isn't already on your wishlist put it there

  7. Alice Alice says:

    2 dnf 33390Shitty sci fi I should probably give this of a chance but I already hate the characters It's duo perspective by a guy and a girl Their personalities are both so angsty it's gross It says in the summary that there is going to be a romance and it already feels forced as they got into a fight It's hate to love So dumb so obvious

  8. Sarah Sarah says:

    This was described by Jay Kristoff as kinda like FIREFLY had an illegitimate lovechild with DUNE Well that's me sold

  9. Lily (Night Owl Book Cafe) Lily (Night Owl Book Cafe) says:

    I always enjoy experiencing new authors and since this was a science fiction book compared to Firefly why not give it a shot?I enjoyed the book for the most part I really liked ole Arjan Eton Basra and Telu I thought they were an interesting cast of characters all with their own special gifts and I loved how close knit they wereI struggled with Nev at times who is basically the male lead as this book is told from his and ole's POV For someone so smart he could be a bit thick at times when it comes to reality I guess it isn't completely his fault as it was how he was raised but even in the end I still struggled with him a bitI think I am struggling with this review a bit alsoIt's about this world where they use Shadow to run things There is a group of people that go out of their way and Shadow fish Unfortunately because of what the shadow does it eventually drives people mad and it's a bit unstable when it comes to running everything so Nev believes his family can fix that He needs ole to submit to some testing but all of it is for the greater good of everyone as he assuresI found the world building lacking at times I did not understand how they used Shadow to run the things they did Maybe I fell asleep during the explanation? I get it's science fiction but I found the explanation lacking Interesting concept but it felt a little weak without a supporting argument or explanationI wanted to know about the worldI felt the book was also a bit too long The chapters weren't uick and I found myself bored or falling asleep half the time The pacing was way too slow at times It picked up at the end but I found myself not really caring I also had a hard time with the ending because it did not seem plausible to me that 5 people can take on that many peopleOverall I thought it was a decent read A little long The pacing a little too slow at times But ole and her team were fun at times and the loyalty between them was heartwarmingThis review was originally posted on Night Owl Book Cafe

  10. Laura (midorireads) Laura (midorireads) says:

    An exhilarating space opera that will be sure to keep you enad with its cast of coolmisfit characters and the constant action that seems to infuse their everyday lives Seventeen year old ole is the youngest person ever from Alaxac to own and captain her own ship and one of the best when it comes to harnessing shadow an inky black substance that is used for its ability to produce massive amounts of energyAs 'shadow fishers' ole and her crew are kept busy with catching the shadow and selling it for profitIt's with the arrival of new crew member Nev that things start to get shaken up Because the mysterious Nev has secrets and one very big one depends on his convincing ole that she is the key to some groundbreaking discoveries which also means he needs to get her to his home planet With or without her cooperationWhat Nev doesn't count on is his rivals also finding out about ole and wanting her for themselves Dead or aliveNeither does he ever think he'd possibly grow to have feelings for heror that she could possibly be returning them But with new dangers now following ole and her ship she will have to learn to trust Nev so that she and her crew can survive I have a friend to thank for telling me about this book cause otherwise I would have missed out on the opportunity of going to the authors talk and signing in my city considering we don't get as many opportunities up here in AlaskaAnyway let's move onKnowing that the authors are Alaskans I definitely feel like there were similarities to Alaska and Alaskan living For instance shadow fishing is very reminiscent of commercial fishing in that they both accumulate large uantities of 'fish' and sell for profitThen there's Alaxac itself which bore many similarities to Alaska what with its small town livingFinally there's the fact that ole and her brother Arjan who are very much like Native Alaskans taking from them the heart and strength that comes with survival in rough terrains Now for the charactersole and Nev are our MCs; both from very different lives and both having very different views But each are passionate when it comes to what they believe and I really respected that about them Admittedly both can be pretty narrow minded at times and that can get annoying but fortunately the good out weighed the bad so I still liked themThe supporting characters aren't given much back story nor screen time but if I had to highlight any of them it'd probably be Basra the gender fluid crew member who specializes in selling the shadow to the best buyers I think Basra's inclusion in the story definitely shows how hungry readers are for diverse characters Now I'm not going to say that because of this Shadow Run is somehow making history or anything so monumental but I appreciated it none the less and will likely remember this book because of thisDefinitely one I'll recommend

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