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Concentr8 ✻ Concentr8 Epub ✾ Author William Sutcliffe – Thomashillier.co.uk In a future London Concentr8 is a prescription drug intended to help kids with ADD Soon every troubled teen is on it It makes sense doesn't it Keep the undesirable elements in line Keep people like us In a future London Concentr is a prescription drug intended to help kids with ADD Soon every troubled teen is on it It makes sense doesn't it Keep the undesirable elements in line Keep people like us safe from people like them What's good for society is good for everyone Troy Femi Lee Karen and Blaze have been taking Concentr as long as they can remember They're not exactly a gang but Blaze is their leader and Troy has always been his uiet watchful sidekick the only one Blaze really trusts They're not looking for trouble but one hot summer day when riots break out across the city they find it What makes five kids pick a man seemingly at random a nobody he works in the housing department doesn't even have a good phone hold a knife to his side take him to a warehouse and chain him to a radiator They've got a hostage but don't really know what they want or why they've done it And across the course of five tense days with a journalist a floppy haired mayor a police negotiator and the sinister face of the pharmaceutical industry they and we begin to understand why This is a book about what how we label children It's about how kids get lost and failed by the system It's about how politicians manipulate them Gripping and controversial reading for fans of Malorie Blackman and Patrick Ness.

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  1. Sarah Sarah says:

    I received an arc in exchange for an honest review This book was really boring I didn't enjoy it at all It sounded promising and exciting but unfortunately this book did not deliver I think I know where William Sutcliffe was trying to go with this book but unfortunately he crash landed before it had the chance to really take off The characters were poorly written The members of the 'gang' were basically all the same except for Karen who finished every sentence like this? All the time? It drove me crazy? The characters also rambled on and on about pointless things and I didn't care about any of it It was probably just waffle to make this book longer Anyways there was nothing really notable about any of the characters There was a lack of excitement in the story Things didn't flow very well and even though a lot was happening it felt like nothing was actually happening It was so boring The ending was meh I didn't really care what happened but I found it predictable and boring nonetheless There's not much I can really say about the writing except that I didn't like it I don't feel like this book expressed William Sutcliffe's writing style at all then again I have never read a book by him before so I don't know what his writing is actually like The little snippets at the start of the chapters were kind of interesting but I don't think they belonged in this book I felt like they were used only to add words to the book I wouldn't recommend this book to anyone I don't know if I would read another book by William Sutcliffe or not It depends on the book's plot

  2. Sophie Sophie says:

    I received an Advance Reader Copy from the publisher via NetGalley This in no way impacted on my viewThis is a Did Not Finish DNF review and about 20% into the book Unfortunately this just didn't work for me for a few reasons Firstly it was a bit of an impulse reuest via NetGalley and I hadn't really looked at the synopsis much I have absolutely no experience with ADHD and honesty don't really understand what it is I know it means Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder and means people with it can't keep focused on one thing at a time That's about it I know there are drugs that are used to help the condition but how I have absolutely no clueSecondly the characters were completely unrelatable I hated each and everyone of them and couldn't bare to read any about them The only chapter that was palatable was that of the journalist and that wasn't exactly enjoyable At least it had proper punctuation The lack of commas speech marks etc in the other chapters points of views were too distracting as was the language I understand that some people won't mind these things but for me they ruined the whole reading experienceThirdly I couldn't care less about the plot All that had happened so far were some rioting in London because the government banned Concentr8 for ADHD patients The protagonists lead by a guy named Blaze abducted a civil servant who worked for the Mayor They robbed him and held him at 'shank' point and then sat in an abandoned building drinking etc The Mayor and Journalist had a meeting and the kidnapping was mentioned but they didn't seem bothered about it Nothing really gripped me and I didn't want to waste time reading for any longerI'm sorry I really am I wanted to enjoy this but just couldn't Perhaps other people might enjoy this much better just not me

  3. Nicolene Nicolene says:

    I warn you now my review it’s probably going to be a little different to the normThis book brought about such a storm of conflict within myself that I’ve has to sit re read the book twice over and wait 4 days before attempting to reviewI absolutely loved the book I was drawn in from the first page I loved the uniue yet real use of thick London accents the switch between the youths and the posher officials the action and the cinematic uality of the whole thing The uotes from scientific journals British Medical Journals and Books by experts in the field gave it a uality I have not yet come across It made it real The depth of the thought processes the silent bond between Troy and Blaze the descriptions of the warehouse setting all added a uniue visual uality to the story It was like the film was being uploaded directly to my brain If it were a film it would have a sound track featuring Dizzy Rascal and Lilly AllenThis is a must read YetI’m so angry and frustrated with the author He clearly did his research There is a stack of reference links in the last few pages of the book along with the direct uotes at the end of each chapter yet the info has been tailored carefully cut to put across ADHD as negatively as possibleThere is enough stigma that this is the ‘Naughty kid’ disorder and I worry if this book goes mainstream and believe me it is good enough to be I worry that people could use this to sway that image further I wonder if the author knows children with ADHD has direct contact with family friends with children with the disorder Because I’m sure if he’d watched these young individuals develop through their childhood knowing there are parents that do go out of their way to support their ADHD child all they possibly can Then he would know this is a real neurological disorder that shouldn’t be stigmatizedHas he seen a well cared for child hit themselves repetitively around the head simply because they struggled to construct the sentence that’s in their head yet is unable to process the thoughts enough to make it articulately come out of their own mouths? Has he seen them grievously sob for two hours straight because they don’t understand their own behavior? Has he seen or talked to the parents that had to fight for 4 or years just to be listened to about their worries for their children worrying what on earth it is that they have done wrong to cause the issues did they eat the wrong food not take enough pre pregnancy vitamins should they have accepted that immunization are they saying the wrong things They beat themselves up enough without feeling like they are being blamed by others in societyThe book gives readers that don’t know the process the impression that a diagnosis of ADHD gives an automatic entitlement to a DLA award I can assure you this is not the case Nor is it a carrot or reward for the parents for accepting that diagnosisThe process of even applying for DLA is sole destroying putting down all the faults and flaws of how different your child is to the norm how they need care in this area care in that area then being judged by decision makers during a process that can take years who are simple office workers and not medically trained brings the strongest parent to depths of despair they have never felt prior The decision can be a refusal leading to having to reuest reassessment or take the case to tribunal or to higher courts It is not a simple or an easy thing to go throughThe families I know that did end up with a successful claim They don’t hog the money for their own selfish needs to do so would in fact be illegal They have to use it to replace numerous amounts of furniture that the poor child has destroyed in a state of hyperactivity or a fit of rage They use it to hire support to enable them to have a little respite provide sensory toys to give feedback to a child seeking tactile input or fund activities to occupy the mind and body of that childThe stigma of ADHD needs to go we need to evolve our thought process The main reason these children do have a statistical higher possibility of ending up in care or in jail later in life is simply because people have given up on them before they ever gave them a chance If you were shunned and given up on at each stage through your life by teachers and professionals wouldn’t you be angry too? Given the right support the right input these children can achieve they CAN be values members of society of their own communities Don’t read into the stigma think outside of the boxsome of those you may know with ADHDRichard BransonTy PenningtonJamie OliverWill SmithMichael PhelpsRyan GoslingParis HiltonMichele RodriguezThe list goes onhttpwwwaddadultcomadd educationhttpwwwparentingcomgalleryfamo

  4. I& I& says:

    Here's the link to my video review is a book about how the easiness of prescribed drugs for suffers of ADHD and behavioural problem can impact the youth and general society of London at least this is what I grasped In this novel we follow Blaze Troy Femi Karen and Lee a gang of sorts who upon seeing the riots of London knows they want in but they almost feel the need the insane drive to do something bigger Something serious Something LUDICROUS in order to get their voices heard Even if they're not too sure what their voices want to sayI'm really not sure how to review this book because I think under the surface it went into deeper tones exploring society than I am able to comprehend As well as this I'm not entirely certain how much is fiction and how much is not but from what I can gather the plot is fiction based on a probable occurrence hoping to share with the readers the distinct line between working class Londoners and their fanciful rivals the politicians Skimming reviews prior to reading this I noticed a mixed response but I thought it started out feeling tense and continued with that electricity throughoutI enjoyed that this book was told from the perspectives of many people both the gang and the higher class people such as the mayor and the journalist It gave me an insight on how others felt about the situation this plot delivered and also allowed me to see how all people responded to the actions of others perhaps not in their social class It also had excerpts from articles and books regarding ADHD and the use of drugs which gave me a greater understanding to the medical side of things and therefore allowed me to better judge whether actions by characters in the book where just or insincereI found that everybody's point of view felt like a complete different person which was great I had the hardest time initially understanding Troy's parts because it was written exactly how I could imagine him speaking and showed how little educated he was so it lacked sense of grammar and punctuation I don't know if I had just got used to the style of Troy's narration but I felt like it was collected and easier to read with punctuation as I read on Karen was a nuisance to read from because everything was written with uestion marks and I think she was not developed as some of the other characters were although I generally think character development was an issue in this bookAll in all I wish I could understand the depth I know this book has than I did but it still made an interesting and thought provoking readThis was received free to read for an honest review via the publisher on NetgalleyPick it up give it a go and enjoy ^^Gén

  5. Liz Barnsley Liz Barnsley says:

    Interesting read also informative although not strangely necessarily within the story It's also a fast read one of those books with short snappy chapters that can either work really well or not so much We'll come to thatAnyway Concentr8 is the drug choice in this novel kids are on it through an official policy and then the programme is stopped Riots ensue We join the story when said riots are in full swing and we follow a group of kids who have kidnapped some guy off the street plus we get the point of view of the mayor a reporter and the kidnapped man himselfThis novel worked in making you think about the issues ADHD and ritalin and all of that sort of thing in our real world there are some little information snippets at the beginning of each chapter which were fascinating in part There is enough character definition there for you to really begin to wonder how much of it is them and how much of it is withdrawal and link that to the realistic circumstance under which a child is diagnosed with ADHD and medicated So if the authors intention was to get people to at least consider all this stuff then job doneThe problem I found was in the narrative voices especially with regards to the kids who all pretty much read the same They all sounded alike and I often had to double check the chapter heading to see who's point of view I was actually on This lessened as the story continued because they all had their own arcs but at first it was a bit annoying Really if I'm honest there wasn't that much difference to the adult narrative voices either My very personal opinion is that this might have been better written from one maybe two points of view rather than the mish mash we gotI actually think that is tied into the short snappy chapter thing You were not with any one person long enough to get a feel for them and by the time you got back to them you'd forgotton what you thought they were like in the first place Erm I'm sounding convoluted now but you know what I mean HopefullyAgain then written from 2 points of view with short snippets might have worked better for me as a reader There are a lot of plus points as well it is a uick fire intriguing premise and an interesting uestion The actions of both children and adults were well imagined in order to create uestions and get you involved the kind of what if scenario type novel that is always invitingWell imagined perhaps could have been executed better for me Still worth a read thoughHappy Reading Folks

  6. Katy Noyes Katy Noyes says:

    It could be our society A scary proposition that it's so familiar The opening scenes I thought were taking place in a London torn apart by the riots a few summers agoThe fact that young people are rioting after having their ADHD medication taken away was a shock It's a topic I've pondered the necessity of over medicating young people that may not need chemicals to alter their behaviourA group of teenagers on the fringes of these riots get caught up in the moment and end up kidnapping a worker leaving his government job Each of them has been taking Concentr8 since childhood and now it's been taken away They take their victim to a warehouse and hole up The police are soon outside trying to negotiate Then a journalist tries to score a scoop and the London major who sounds very familiar all try to wade in and make their markBut what of the teenagers? We hear different narrators sharing their thoughts some of them are the teens Troy is loyal to the gang's leader Blaze These two are the best characterised the others blended into one for me I found the plot a tense one I wasn't sure what the group would do to their hostage it felt that escalation was just a few lines away As the story went on the chapter headings were followed by snippets from science magazines which I eventually realised were not created for the story but are all actual examples of reports on Ritalin and other ADHD drugs which scarily coincided with the story I was reading The story has a point to make about medicating young people about the causes of their behaviour issues and how we should be dealing with them I wasn't uite convinced this is a 5 star read I didn't really take to any of the secondary characters in the warehouse I didn't really see why Blaze kidnaps the government worker I think the parts that worked best were those with the journalist and mayor and TroyBlaze realising what has been done to them in the childhoods by the adults around them in their Concetr8 prescriptions It's a short read it has a point to make and is something a little different it's a topic teenagers won't find any other fiction on and is a subject younger generations really should consider This is not one for pre teens the violence and sexual content together make this inadvisableReview of a Netgalley advance copy

  7. Sara (A Gingerly Review) Sara (A Gingerly Review) says:

    The premise of this book was incredibly appealing to me Anyone that knows me knows I love a good dystopian This unfortunately was not a good dystopian This story is set in futuristic London where a drug known as Concentr8 has been banned by the government and the population starts to riot That is where the story should stop It just gets worse the you read I did not care about any of the characters and felt they were very poorly written The teenagers are portrayed as stupid and mindless which I am sure they are based on society and whatnot But they made the story difficult to read They had no redeeming ualities so you as the reader just dislike them as the story progresses The story moved at a snail’s pace and went on about nothing I kept waiting for something big to happen but it never did The thing that bothered me the most about this story was the narrative There are far too many and it made my head hurt after a while I started to care less and less about what all of these people were saying The other thing that was annoying was the grammar and lack of punctuation Sure the author may have felt he was on to something while writing that way but the reader will only get a headache from trying to understand it all Skimming was the only way I was able to make it through each page Overall this book was just not for me Yes the book gives you some things to think about such as the ethics of over medication of today’s youth but that is as deep as the story goes I almost DNF’d this book several times but pushed on since it is a short read Do yourself a favor do not do what I did Pass on this book and read something else

  8. Jules Jules says:

    Concentr8 is a very thought provoking story about ADHD and the use of drugs such as Ritalin to control itThis novel tells the story of a society where the behaviour of children is controlled through the use of a drug similar to Ritalin called Concentr8 and what happens when there isn’t enough of the drug to go around anyIt has a very gritty and often dark feel to it and although I did feel it was slow to start due to the freuent change in points of view and the language used by the teenagers which didn’t flow off the tongue very easily once I reached about 20% I found it interesting and much easier to follow This story is told mainly from the point of view of various teenagers the mayor of London a female journalist and the man kidnapped by the teenagersHaving very little knowledge of ADHD before reading this other than being aware that ‘naughty’ children often boys take Ritalin to calm them down and there appear to be and children being diagnosed with ADHD these days I do feel this novel has educated me on the subject I loved the factual snippets that were regularly included throughout the novel and was truly shocked by some of the statistics It has definitely opened my eyesI’m not sure exactly what the author’s intention was by writing this novel but it has certainly left me with uestions than answers I’ve been left wondering whether the use of drugs such as Ritalin does actually benefit the child that supposedly has ADHD or whether it is just convenient for the parents and teachers to have a better behaved subdued child to deal with while at the same time making the pharmaceutical companies very rich What effect does long term use of Ritalin have on the children’s brains and senses? What causes ADHD – is it all down to the chemical makeup of a child or the way they are parented or the society around them? Why are children being diagnosed with the condition as time goes on? Do the behaviours of ADHD have to be seen as a condition? Is it really so wrong to just accept that some children are born to be naughty? Are there better ways to deal with such behaviour without the use of drugs?Overall I think this was a good book which raised lots of important uestions through the behaviour and decisions made by the main characters within the story I would definitely recommend this to anyone who either has an interest in ADHD deals with children on a regular basis or has very little knowledge of it like myself and would like to know I would like to thank the publisher Bloomsbury Publishing Plc for allowing me a copy of this book via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review

  9. Mrs. Murfee Mrs. Murfee says:

    What the heck did I just read? Let's be honestI read about 12 then skimmed the rest because I hate not to finish a book SPOILER ALERT but I hope you won't read this book anywayI suppose one could argue that the street kids that randomly kidnapped a guy and held him hostage were acting out of hopelessness The whole premise of the book was the govt purposely targeting troublemakers paying parents to medicate their children to keep them in control uiet Wouldn't you think the author would plan the book so THAT was the kids' motivation? NO The kids randomly kidnapped a random guy only to find out AFTERwards that they whole Concentr8 meds were unethical Blaze the leader ended up taking the blame for everything but what did he want in return? To force the mayor to shave his head WHAT?? be exposed for overmedicating kids In the end I just didn't care

  10. 16mauchlinee 16mauchlinee says:

    The ideas behind this book sounded really interesting to me when I first picked it up and it was recommended to me as well so I decided to give it a try I have read some negative comments about this book but also some very positive and I have decided I am in the middle It didn't take me very long to read it but I felt it went on a bit too long based on how little actually happened in the story I enjoyed the chapters from the perspective of the journalist but the others I felt were a bit repetitive and had no real action to them I think other people could enjoy this it just wasn't for me

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