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  1. Michele Michele says:

    I received this book as a Goodreads giveawayImmaculate Heart by Camille DeAngelis was at first difficult for me to get into at first; however once I did it has been the most lyrical of books that I have read in uite a while The language is beautiful and moves so smoothly is it was one of the reasons I was able to continue on; I wanted to hear the Irish accent in my mindThe book is about an American reporter who comes back to Ireland for his Uncle Johnny's funeral Well that's the main reason The other reason is a sinister secret in which he has kept for over 20 years and this trip is supposed to help him cleanse himself or at least he hopes it does He discovers that three friends and one other he didn't know he had met some 20 25 years earlier during a trip to Ireland with his grandmother had seen an apparition of the Virgin Mary some years following this trip Tess has become a lay nun Sila is in an institution Orla Sila's sister is still in Ballymorris and a bitter uppity individual and Declan the unknown to our reporter soon left after the apparition for Australia never to be heard from again Our reporter decides that there is a story here to be told and begins an investigation by talking with the friends and families that he met so many ago For some reason his deceased sister Mallory continues to pop up in odd places; for example he discovers her name in a notebook that Declan's mother is keeping but Mallory didn't know Declan's mother During this investigation though he soon figures out that he is truly there to confront his own demons from his past before he can move on with his future With an ending that is twisted and surprising this book is captivating and haunting at the same time

  2. Joe Jones Joe Jones says:

    I loved her book before this Bones All because it was such a different premise I missed this one when it came out last year Then through a random tweet from the author and a couple of tweets she asked if I had read it She said it was different than Bones All but still had the wtf factor On that recommendation I did take the plunge and started reading it that night I am so glad I did It turned out to be nothing like I expected We look back on an event that happened twenty years ago through the eyes of the children who experienced it then and their now adult recollections As our narrator digs deeper we are not sure who to believe or what really happened Throw in some great characters and a strong sense of place means my 2017 reads is off to a good start

  3. Neil Neil says:

    Loved this book Part religious mystery part personal journey it follows an American reporter as he tries to learn about a sighting of the Virgin Mary in Ireland The writer is so talented in bringing us into this world

  4. Joan Joan says:

    Strange story Kept waiting for something anything to happen The ending was unexpected I think Not sure what really happened Disappointing

  5. Jules Jules says:

    The author and I follow each other on social media I read loved positively reviewed one of her books Bones All years ago She encouraged me to give her latest book a try and finally I did I'm not sure how I feel about it The concept that a Marian apparition is not a blessing becomes interesting when the author leaves you to wonder if the apparition was not Mary but perhaps a demon

  6. Marnie Zorn Marnie Zorn says:

    Who are the people giving this 45 stars?? I guess if you enjoy reading a book that leads you on thinking you are going to find out what happens and then you never really do but there is a strange secret thrown in at the end that you never expected then you will like this Spoiler alert you never do figure out what happened in the past with these sightings were they real? Who knows Characters weren't very likeable either

  7. 3sm3 3sm3 says:

    compelling and upsetting

  8. E.F. E.F. says:

    DeAngelis explores the intersection of faith and deception in this compelling surprising tale

  9. Stephanie Stephanie says:

    Link book started off a little slow and then it became uite fascinating for me It also reminded me of The Wonder which I had reviewed a long time ago because they both dealt with these weird “supernatural””spiritual” situations and the main character basically went to investigate to find the truth Also I noticed that in this book the reporter’s name was never mentioned At least I don’t recall his name at all and I even checked Goodreads and everyone just refers him to “the American reporter” So that’s also an interesting side bitThe first thing that really struck me was the synopsis on the book flap – it talked about how there were three people who saw the Virgin Mary but clearly in the book it depicted four So I was definitely a little confused at first so I’m not sure who wrote that book flap synopsis but they should redo it or get fired or something Anyways so the book talked about four witnesses to the supposedly Virgin Mary sighting but one of them moved to Australia and therefore wasn’t a real focus in the book It was the other three that the reporter really got a chance to discuss with The book was incredibly confusing Honestly it was interesting but confusing I didn’t really get a lot of what was going on and why certain people acted the way they did Originally the reporter went there for a family’s funeral but then got sucked into the whole apparition story and decided to investigate The three who witnessed it and had stayed in the little town all showed a varying degree of readiness to share the story One of them pretty much forgotten the whole situation and put it behind her; the other ended up becoming a nun; and the last one ended up in a mental instutition And as the reporter went on with his investigations it became and puzzling as to what really happened that timeI don’t really want to go too much into detail about the plot because this is really one of those books where clearly the plot out trumps the characters themselves I mean the book was certainly engrossing – I found myself wondering about what was going to happen and what had really happened so long ago However at the end I ended up feeling baffled than before I’m still not entirely sure how the book concluded because it was a little strange to put it mildly Especially with one of the witnessesOverall I thought this book was great in its buildup but the ending was poorly executed However if you enjoy open endedcliff hangers as endings then I guess you can pick up this book At the end of the day I did find the book to be well written and the overall plot engrossing

  10. Tegan Tegan says:

    YAYA new book only a year after the most recent? The Book Powers That Be and Camille of course have blessed usLooking forward to reading it

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Immaculate Heart ➥ [Ebook] ➠ Immaculate Heart By Camille DeAngelis ➯ – When visiting Ballymorris in Ireland for a funeral a down on his luck American reporter learns of a story that happened only months after his last visit many years before A group of four teenagers thr When visiting Ballymorris in Ireland for a funeral a down on his luck American reporter learns of a story that happened only months after his last visit many years before A group of four teenagers three of whom are family friends claimed to have been visited by the Virgin Mary Almost twenty years later one of them denies it ever happened another has left the small town never to be heard from again another has become a nun and the fourth has been locked away in a psychiatric ward for many years At the time news of the visitation brought much wealth and tourism to this dreary Irish town but as the years went by and after the Pope refused to officially recognize it as a true Marian Apparition what had been seen as a miracle began to feel like a curse and this reporter believes there is to the story than the townspeople are letting onAs he seeks out each of the four stories each begins to take a different and sinister turn Surrounded by secrecy and confusion the journalist must decide how much of what he's uncovering is the truth how much of it is lies and much he can trust the four witnesses one of whom he's become infatuated with or for that matter himself Immaculate Heart is a novel where nothing is certain and everything should be uestioned Camille DeAngelis will leave you guessing what is real and what is only just a vision.

  • Hardcover
  • 304 pages
  • Immaculate Heart
  • Camille DeAngelis
  • 16 March 2016
  • 9781250046512