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  1. Nathan Sims Nathan Sims says:

    I’ll be honest This may be only the second anthology I’ve ever read cover to cover I was never a big short story reader until I started writing of it a few years back I find anthologies esp genre anthologies which is what I normally read such a mixed bag Some stories pull me in with a strong plot and fascinating character Others just don’t catch my attention It was illuminating for me to read an anthology not based on genre but on a theme Fool for Love not only gave me a collection of well written character driven stories but it also challenged me to look at love and romance in a new light – several new lights in factThai Angel David PuterbaughWhat a great way to start an anthology Somewhere in the first scene I realized how little description I was reading and that it was almost entirely dialogue My background is in theater and reading this story reminded me of a script than literature which in no way is a criticism Attempting to develop character and conflict almost exclusively through dialogue is not an easy task and any author who can pull it off is very gifted David Puterbaugh is one of these guysHis characters were a blast to read especially Kama’s mother with her cantankerous personality She wasn't the only one though Kama struggling to make a go of his family's restaurant while hiding his sexual identity from his Thai mother his wannabe actress sister who only wants what's best for him his potential love interest and his eventual love interest – they were all so clearly drawn through the dialogue that extensive description wasn't necessary I enjoyed reading about these folks so much I only wish it could have gone on longer “Love Taps” Mark G HarrisOkay I’m embarrassed to admit that the passive aggressive nature of this couple’s relationship completely appealed to me and the evil tricks they played on one another had me laughing out loud over and over again It’s like Edward Albee had Martha and George give birth to a pretend dog instead of a pretend son GeniusAlthough a little confused at first I got into the groove of the narrative uickly and as I’m writing this I’m still laughing as I recall pizza boxes attached to walls and late night prank calls The mischievousness the paranoia the dead on shorthand dialogue of lovers who’d been together for years the freakin’ jealousy over a non existent dog – all of it I am ashamed to say I could appreciate and relate to I loved this thing Of course it doesn’t hurt that I actually do have a flesh and blood dog at home by the name of Henry“Matchmaker” Shawn AnnistonThe main character in the next piece doesn’t believe in romance Burned at his high school prom by an Eddie Vedder look alike he’s given up on love and adopted a very cynical attitude toward romance No one has a prayer of breaking through the walls he’s built up over the last decadeor do they?This was a lot of fun The characters were lively and full of love for the pessimistic narrator which made his snarkiness easier to digest There were times I wanted to bop him across the head for his self centeredness but his friends had a gentle way of nudging him back to a reasoned mindset that made him endearing rather than annoying I was really impressed with the fact that Anniston didn’t need to delve into paragraphs of internal monologue to spell out his character’s arc He let his dialogue do the work for him and it paid off in a delightful way“A View” Brandon M LongMy partner and I have been together for over fifteen years now and during that time we’ve been asked than once how we met Our story includes a small town grocery store a credit card and a bag of dinner rolls When I tell the story I usually make the comment that my partner was nothing I was looking for but everything that makes me happy The two men in the next story have much the same experience Both Chris and Will have expectations of their ideal man Whether those criteria actually embody what they’re looking for or are only shields they use to keep others from hurting them is the uestion at the heart of this tender uiet story about ours fears and the courage it takes to overcome them Long’s “A View” left me mindful of the one I wasn’t looking for but who can’t help making me happy“Gratitude” Felice PicanoThis is an interesting take on the theme of love and romance An author who has found public acclaim later in his career makes a split second decision to save the life of a construction worker The fact the construction worker is a glorious specimen of manhood doesn’t hurt The fact the construction worker has a wife and toddler and a large extended family only sweetens the deal as the author discovers a new type of love and affectionPicano’s beautiful prose swept across each page with confidence and verve I was so captivated by it that it took me some time to uestion the deceptions the author had perpetrated in order to be embraced by this blue collar family as well as what he was willing to settle for in lieu of a traditional idea of love Then I realized being a ‘fool for love’ included facets I’d not originally considered That’s the beauty of an anthology that's this well written and varied“Happy Hour at Café Jones” Rob ByrnesBrian’s a bit of a realist read cynic who doesn’t believe in modern romance and finding ‘the one’ online But he gives it a go Café Jones Will he find true love or will his suspicions about on line dating be confirmed? I thought I saw the twist in this one coming a long way off but to Byrnes credit he didn’t take the easy way out Instead he chose a different route that was much satisfying not only because it wasn’t expected but because it helped reveal a depth to Brian I hadn’t expected Nicely done “Trunk” Trevor HealeyThe next story takes place in one of my favorite cities I’ve only been to New Orleans once but to me it felt like coming home and years later I still miss its vitality and hospitality I haven’t had the opportunity to return since Katrina devastated the area but I hope to soonThe main character in Trunk rips into New Orleans spreading his own personal form of devastation A refugee from the LA scene he comes to town for the recovery – both the city’s and his own He makes an effort of it but old habits die hard and soon enough he finds himself down a familiar path with drugs and sex only this time with a southern minister who wants to save his soul and a voodoo manfortune teller l kept envisioning Papa Legba from American Horror Story Coven here who might have the key to his future Fast paced and a bit raunchy I wondered if Tarantino wasn’t going to shout “that’s a wrap” when I got to the end Like one of his films it wasn’t so much about where we landed but how we got there that made this story fun to read“De Anima” Joel DerfnerTo say that Noah was a bit disappointed by his boyfriend’s decision to attend a reparative therapy conference would be an understatement To say his response to the decision was slightly neurotic would be an understatement of epic proportions From the first sentence this story had me with its breezy bitchy tone Plus I got an anatomy lesson to bootWhile Derfner masked it as a light read what really struck me was his deft portrayal of Noah’s boyfriend as he tried to understand how his faith and sexuality could coexist Though it played like ambient music at a party his struggle gave a nuanced edge to the story and ultimately weight to Noah’s final decision I also enjoyed the TV watching home cooked meals and while I don’t knit the knitting which was familiar to me than the clubbing and party boys so often reflected in gay fiction these days“Like No One’s Watching” Josh HemlinTHERE ARE GIANTS IN THE SKY THERE ARE BIG TALL TERRIBLE GIANTS IN THE SKYOkay now that I've got that out of my systemThis was a fun one Set among the chaos and excitement of a high school production of Sondheim's Into the Woods it explores the insecurities so many of us felt with our first love as two teenage boys set off into a woods of their own making to discover who they truly are Sweetly told Hemlin gives us a memorable taste of what it was like to be young gay and in love“At the End of the Leash” Jeffrey RickerAs the owner of two large breed dogs how could I not love the next story about a dog walker who finds the chance for love among poop bags and dog collars? This one also spoke to the voyeur in me who would love to go poking through someone's house when they’re not at home Not to steal anything just to snoop To understand them better to discover who they are on their most intimate levels to snatch a glimpse at the heart inside a person Yep I can totally relate to the dog walker at the heart of this light hearted romp I relate to his slightly uirky personality and his personal uest for vindication I can relate to the cross he must bear in the form of his employer's little girl who I swear is going to grow up to be a dominatrix one day But most of all I can relate to his love for a good man who owns a good dog They're the best aren't they?“Two Tales” Paul LisickyLisicky gives us two short fairy tales two splashes of poetry Bears trolling the woods and hermits sitting on park benches Or am I mixing up two stories here? They felt like two paintings beautifully rendered two seemingly disparate pieces beautifully linked Too too good“Heart” ‘Nathan Burgoine‘Nathan isn’t the only author in this anthology with whom I’ve had the incredible honor to share a table of contents but I feel a special kinship with his stories as they often than not cross the line into the supernatural the area where I as a reader feel most at home 'Nathan does it in such an interesting way though Not needing to toss a witch from a high rise window nor slam some sword into a sorcerer's chest he finds the magic in subtle ways in the gentle twist of reality And he does a damn good job of it tooThis was 'Nathan's first published piece but you wouldn't know it as he explores the lengths we'll go to in order to save the one we love It's confident and crisp and powerfully told I'm not going to say anything about this other than read it; it's worth it But get ready ‘Nathan’s gonna bitch slap you across the face with a box of tissue You've been warned “Party Planning” Rob WilliamsWilliams gives us the romance most gay men can relate to Not the one with the older boy nor the straight one not the first love nor the one that broke our hearts Nope he gives us the love story we never uite escape the one with our mothersCleverly told from the young man's point of view it's the mother that really shines in this tale And while he's making that awkward first step toward his independence and budding sexuality he's leaving his mother behind Or is she pushing him away? Ultimately it doesn't matter What does is the shift in their relationship as both discover things will never be the same again“Two Kinds of Rapture” Andrew HolleranIt's always a thrill for me to read something set in an environment with which I'm familiar where I can recognize the street corners and clearly see the landmarks to get my bearings There's something reassuring about knowing I've walked the same streets the character is walking Holleran's story had that for meSet between DC's established staid Dupont Circle and the younger vital Logan Circle neighborhoods it felt as if I was walking with this group of men as they headed to the home of a young gay couple And while I've not yet reached the age of these four gentlemen their personal journeys seemed familiar to me somehow Holleran provided wonderful insight into their perspectives on rapture the moment when you realize you’re crossing that line from young and vital to established and staid and our individual search for love Beautifully told“Everyone Says I’ll Forget in Time” Greg HerrenI’m not sure where to start with this one Within a few sentences I felt my heart constrict and my eyes begin to burn at the exuisite pain it evoked Gorgeously human uietly devastating somberly hopeful it rang true on so many levels and again I’m amazed at how this book’s theme revealed itself to me time and again Take my word for it this one's worth the price of admission all on its own “Angels What You Must Hear on High” John H RoushAnd lawdy lawdy what they must hear All the hilarious painful sleazy lovely bits; the best and the worst of the human race Roush gives it all to us in the anthology’s final story chronicling an entire life in just a few pages He seems to wrap up the entire anthology and its varied perspectives in this brief yet touching piece Like the curtain call at a musical it gives us our favorite themes and lets us relive the memorable moments one time before the final bow A great ending to a great anthology

  2. Gavin Stephenson-Jackman Gavin Stephenson-Jackman says:

    As someone who doesn't regularly read anthologies this was very interesting I could see many of the stories here being turned into much longer works that would continue the narrative Some of the stories were a little odd but I generally enjoyed them all

  3. & & says:

    February 4th 2009Full disclosure I'm in this book Heart is the first story I ever had published and to say that I am overwhelmed at the company I'm keeping in this anthology would be a grand understatement RD Cochrane and Timothy J Lambert collected an amazing assortment about love and speaking of which read Lambert's introduction which is in and of itself a phenomenal piece about romance and I treasure the entire experience You will get the uality you have come to expect from the great names of gay fiction in this volume and I hope also find a few new favorites January 29th 2013I know I did a story by story wander through Fool for Love New Gay Fiction when it first came along back in 2009 and can we just take a moment to be stunned that that was four years ago? But if you click that link there you'll see a publication date of this month for the audiobookI had no ideaI'm a huge lover of the audiobook For one reading in a moving vehicle makes me want to hurl cookies almost as much as listening to Sarah Palin but for another there's just something about someone reading to you Also I like listening to books while I do the laundry or the dishes and I find I enjoy and absorb when I listen to nonfiction books especially biographies rather than eye reading themThe reader who does this version of Fool for Love is so far charming the heck out of me I've listened to a few of the tales ergo today's Short Story 365 ofThai Angel by David PuterbaughI already knew I loved this story from the first time I got to read it back in 2009 In fact I originally said What a start The wit in the dialog made me laugh out loud which has always been a test for me of how much I've been sucked into the story The characters are colorful and charming He especially captures the joy of an older sister's tendency to meddle in the love life of her younger brother vividly All that and there's still a warm and snug little love story tucked inside that made me smile and think just how good a ride this book was going to be 'Thai Angel' is the perfect way to begin Those crafty editors they know what they doAdded to the above I'll say this having this story performed by Roman M Wagar added a whole new level His voice acting for Mali the older sister and the mother was phenomenal I laughed out loud all over again which given the reality of listening to an audiobook on the bus was likely amusing to my fellow passengers Or annoying One of thoseIt was a joy to listen to this and to start revisiting the stories of that first anthology all over againLove Taps by Mark G HarrisThe audiobook version of Fool for Love gave me another wonderful journey through stories I already knew I loved Originally I had this to say'Love Taps' by Mark G Harris gives us Sullivan a character who somehow manages to mix cute and neurotic into a whole you can't help but love even if you might want to slap him a little Again there is wit a word I'm afraid I might be using a whole lot in describing this anthology but so many of the stories have this caliber of intelligent wordplay And I think Mr Harris' story has my new favorite declaration of affection 'Love Taps' charmsHaving now also listened to this story aloud I can say that the wit I read on the page is evoked all the by the tone and cadence of the performance This reader conjured a voice for Sully and his boyfriend and just nailed it Again I was laughing aloud in a public place with my headphones inAnd I still think 'I love you than my snooze button' is pure geniusMatchmaker by Shawn AnnistonOriginally I had this to say about Shawn Anniston's anti romance romance In the style of the best grumpy romance Mr Anniston introduces us to an absolutely avowed romance athiest That he's living with two lesbians who are convinced they can find a Mr Right for him only stirs the pot and here comes that word again the witty dialog made me grin all the way through Mr Anniston has a knack for making you easily relate to his charactersThe performer for this story Roman M Wagar is just freaking wonderful The various degree of snark that he injected into the ongoing voice of Matchmaker was sublime I chuckled burst out laughing and snickered at all the right parts and the performance really added to the joy of the telling of the tale The Peanuts the lesbian couple that the fellow lives with were lovely supporting cast the first time I read this but aloud Wagar reminded me of just how freaking adorable they wereEveryone should have the joy of hearing their story performed wellThe View by Brandon M LongIn my re visit through Fool for Love on audiobook I've found a lot of those little things adding up to change the experience For example my first read through of this tale I said this Next up is 'A View' by Brandon M Long which has this fantastic sense of collision to it; the main character has a tendency to keep a distance and watching these defenses break down is sweet He makes mistakes you can picture yourself making and instead of making you flinch you empathize It's sweet without being saccharine and the uirks of the main fellow made him all the adorableWhat I hadn't recalled and what came through so much when the reader was performing the story was how the conclusion of the story had played out balancing on one of those seemingly little things I won't ruin it but it made me smile Again the voice the reader chose for the character felt genuine and the end result was a kind of everyman that I did get on my initial read of the storyIt's fascinating to have these two different reading experiencesGratitude by Felice PicanoBefore I begin I want to mention how this man is a complete short fiction hero of mine I originally said of Gratitude thisGratitude by Felice Picano drove home once again to me how stunned I am to be in this anthology Felice Picano Ahem Anyway Gratitude is a really sweet story and deals with a different sort of romance the love of being surrounded by friends and friends as family both of which are topics uite true to my own philosophies of what love is all about I had a little aw moment at the end of this taleSince finding out that Fool for Love New Gay Fiction was made into an audiobook via audiblecom I've been listening to these tales and enjoying how different the experience is when you hear the tales performed And I've said this before Roman M Wagar does an excellent jobWhat hit me even harder this time around with Gratitude which is a tale of a man who makes an incredibly costly gesture of selflessness in a moment of danger was how the love in this tale isn't lesser than the love in the other tales even though it's very different And how wonderfully that changed the tone and flavor of the anthology as a whole It wasn't what I was expecting the first time but it was a delight And that having read and enjoyed Felice Picano before shouldn't have been a surpriseHappy Hour at the Café Jones by Rob ByrnesWhen I first got to read this story I said this Next up is one of my writer heroes Happy Hour at Café Jones by Rob Byrnes Visiting Café Jones should be than enough to charm you with how love likes to take you by surprise It reminded me again why Mr Byrnes is one of my writer heroes he's clever More he's funny romantic and has this unbelievable readability that I envy Just go buy everything he ever wrote alreadyI'll add to that the following from the audio the timing of the readerperformer was just nigh on perfect giving the listener the perfect tempo for the wit I'll confess that I listened to this story today because I found a second anthology in which I had a story had been released through audible and I downloaded it and the reader is Well nowhere near perfect In fact in my story the reader made multiple mistakes in reading before I just shut it off and decided not to listen to it again It was bad So I popped back to Fool for Love and fell into the story of a blind date that turns out very differently than expected The voice is dead on and I laughed out loud at his delivery I want this man to do the audiobook of every story I've ever loved

  4. Hilcia Hilcia says:

    Fool for Love New Gay Fiction is comprised of seventeen short stories by some of today's best known gay writers as well as some writers whose work was published for the first time in this anthology I was really looking forward to reading works by both the well known and the newly published writers However I knew this book was going to be special after reading the Prologue written by Timothy J LambertMr Lambert's introduction is indeed beautifully honest and thought provoking I remember writing and telling the friend who gave me this book that the introduction should have a title Romance and I After I finished reading it I felt as if I'd just finished reading the first short story and couldn't wait to read the rest of the bookWe've had some good times Romance and I We first met on a rocky beach in New England and held hands as we walked not caring that the salty surf soaked our sneakers as the sun set on another summer Later we warmed our feet on a hearth made of granite and held each other close as we looked at photographs Romance had taken earlier of majestic pine trees and pairs of seagulls blithely crapping on weathered driftwoodThe introduction certainly reflected the beauty uality and honesty and in some cases edginess I found when I read the book Every single one of the writers and the stories contributed are praise worthy and I refuse to choose a favorite among the seventeen included in this bookBeautifully written and edited Fool for Love New Gay Fiction is an anthology full of stories some of which I found to be sweet some edgy some heart wrenching some funny and some just downright romantic Above all this anthology is about love I recommend this excellent book be read slowly for greater enjoyment

  5. Indie Reviews Indie Reviews says:

    Every once in a while a book comes along that completely bowls me over It shakes me out of any reading ennui I may be experiencing and reminds me once again of the reasons for my love of the written word The anthology Fool for Love New Gay Fiction falls into this category Sit still long enough in my presence and you’ll hear about this bookI usually have several books simultaneously on the go but I took my time in my initial read of this anthology because I wanted to savor each and every story Since then I’ve read it cover to cover several times I’m on copy number two copy number one fell apart from usage and I have gifted it to dear friends who share a love of books and who I know will appreciate the uality writing and wonderful stories contained within For many reasons this anthology has become a very personal read Fool for Love New Gay Fiction is an outstanding collection of sixteen short stories that comes together at the hands of Timothy J Lambert and RD Cochrane Both respected authors in their own right they also collaborate in uartet with authors Jim Carter and Timothy Forry under the nom du plume Timothy James Beck Their choices of stories for inclusion in this anthology are exuisite And while the stories themselves offer up an eclectic mix there is consonance in their coming together and in their seuencingThe review of Fool for Love New Gay Fiction was originally published at Three Dollar Bill Reviews and is available in its entirety at Indie Reviews

  6. Robert Robert says:

    Starts off with a nice introduction and is packed with good stories Funny touching sad cute romantic and clever are adjectives that come to mind when describing this collection My favorite story is Heart by 'Nathan Burgoine; it is one of the very few stories I've ever read that made me cry Heart is the first published work of the authour and is beautifully written; I will never forget this masterpiece My other favorites in this collection were Trunk by Trebor Healey followed by A View by Brandon M Long

  7. Paul Paul says:

    Sweet charming lovely stories

  8. Dig Dig says:

    I think of all the stories I really only maybe liked 2 Only 2 actually stuck w me as the others kind of just didn't leave an impression at all Utterly disappointing It really felt like the bottom of the barrel w all the short stories Le sigh

  9. Milan/zzz Milan/zzz says:

    Ok I must say I’m not a fan of romance but I really wanted to read published work of a fellow BookCrosser which is the reason why I joined this ring And I’m glad I did I did like the story because of which I joined the ring “Heart” was obviously different in so many ways but here I have to say that knowing who is the author had a conseuence I imagined bookstore as a OBCZ imagining the protagonists as an obsessive bookcrossers etc but linking author’s hobby with the life of his characters wasn’t distraction whatsoeverAnd about the rest of the book as I said I’m not fan of the romance genre heterohomobi and I found many of the stories too sweet for my taste; too soap operaish and then I noticed okyrhoe read this book before me and since we have uite often very similar impression about the book I followed her selection

  10. Skyring Skyring says:

    I'm definitely a fool for love One day I'll get this book and read itAnd one day I'll meet the author I've come close a couple of times but events conspired against meThis is not to say that I'm a great reader of gay fiction I'm not But I'm a great fan of love and romance and desire and I know that 'Nathan is a fantastic writer

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Fool For Love: New Gay Fiction❰Reading❯ ➼ Fool For Love: New Gay Fiction Author Timothy J. Lambert – In an age of hookups and cybersex who has time for a little romance For all those who think love’s gone the way of the 8 track tape comes a collection of new gay fiction designed to reignite their b In an age of hookups and Love: New eBook ☆ cybersex who has time for a little romance For all those who think love’s gone the way of the track tape comes a collection of new gay fiction designed to reignite their belief in love and romance Follow the travails of a dog walker enchanted with his new client a restaurant owner who catches the eye of his most loyal customer a blind date fix up and other seekers of the Fool For PDF/EPUB ² lost flame as they stumble upon romance and a possible chance at love Showcasing new work from some of today’s best known gay writers including Trebor Healey Felice Picano Joel Derfner Andrew Holleran and Greg Herren the stories in Fool for Love are a funny sweet and sometimes wrenching reminder of the joy romance brings to the human heart.