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Core Scramble Vol 1 Core Scramble #1 [PDF / Epub] ☃ Core Scramble Vol 1 Core Scramble #1 ✑ Euho Jun – In a world plagued by monsters swarming through portals from other dimensions a brave group of soldiers called Clarus Orbis battles the otherworldly threat Unfortunately when you're an average grunt l Vol 1 Kindle Ö In a world plagued by monsters swarming through portals from other dimensions a brave group of soldiers called Clarus Orbis battles the otherworldly threat Unfortunately when you're an average grunt like Chaeun survival becomes a daily ordeal especially under the reckless leadership of his sexually arrogant commander Gayoon Abandoned on Core Scramble ePUB ½ the battlefield by Scramble Vol 1 Core Scramble PDF \ the handsome Gayoon Chaeun desperately fights off an endless bug onslaught only to be rescued by the mysterious renegade leader Moonhoo At first the man playfully flirts with Chaeun but slowly the realization dawns that Moonhoo and his Core Hunter group have insidious ambitions on the dimensional portals Scramble Vol 1 eBook ´ And only Chaeun and his hot tempered leader Gayoon stand in their way.

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  1. Sarah Marie Sarah Marie says:

    Core Scramble Volume 1 by Euho Jun Jeong Lee175 starsThe basic premise that I gathered is that there's a guy fighting on a team This team uses magic to kill bugs but the chief on his team is pretty much a jerk I suggest just reading the synopsis on GR because I just don’t know how to describe this I have no clue what happened for the majority of this manga The art style is messy and is not my preference I was really interested in picking this one up because it’s a Yaoi mm manga but I didn’t feel any chemistry between the characters or find must interest in them Since this novel relies heavy on action and no explanations the plot is disjointed and the flow is rocky at bestWhimsical Writing Scale 2Art Scale 2 The characters are selfish but have believable motives for their actions I just couldn’t connect to them and have no interest in finding out the rest of their story Character Scale 15This manga just wasn’t for me but I’m sure that there are readers out there who will absolutely adore thisPlotastic Scale 175Cover Thoughts The art is phenomenal but they have jawlines for days Thank you Netgalley and NetComics for providing me with a copy of this manga in exchange for an honest review

  2. Cat Cat says:

    review for volume 1 2I tried to look upon this series with good favor so much that I forced myself to buy the second volume to see how it proceeded but after the rape and further sexual abuse that occurs in v2 I couldn't give it any good favor I very very rarely mark a story 1 star but any story in any form that even seems to gloss over sexual assault and rape doesn't deserve any stars let alone 1 unfortunately 1 star is the lowest available on GREveryone into BL mangamanhwa knows that dub con is a huge plot line used in many stories but the difference between dub con I see in other works and this series is that in most cases the dub con isn't really meant to be a violation to the ukesub character Its usually seen as the seme magically knowing what the uke really wants and we're usually given thoughts from the uke character admitting that he doesn't really dislike what happens despite that he might be severly confused conflicted etc It comes down to the intent of those involvedIn Core Scramble however the uke character Chaeum is outright assaulted felt up attacked and even raped by his commanding officer and suffers physical emotional and mental trauma for it He continues to stick with this man in his team based on some trumped up excuse that he owes him because the CO did his job in Chaeum's neighborhood when he was young he didn't even save Chaeum directly or anything not that it would make things betterIf the story was going to show realistic aspects of someone in an abusive relationship then I could see the point but even side characters that know what is being done to Chaeum don't do anything to stop it and Chaeum's attitude about what occurs getting beat up enough to be sent to hospital for example doesn't have enough of a foundation or basis to make it seem part of the story The violence and sexual related crimes seem to come off as of what should happen as part of a relationship between these two then something wrong going on and there's even some push that these two characters should end up togetherThe biggest thing I noticed with this story in comparison to other mangamanhwa with dub con is the intent Chaeum's CO INTENTIONALLY wants to make Chaeum suffer and hurt him He says so He's knowingly abusive and feels its his right because he's blessed with power than Chaeum We're given another seme who is interested in Chaeum as well as a counter point to the CO but he even makes physical advances on ChaeumI couldn't stand it and I have a strong stomach for such things

  3. Stephanie Williams Stephanie Williams says:

    A bit slow starting but a good story x

  4. Katherine Katherine says:

    A really fascinating venture; monsters magic and a bit of inter personal relationships all mixed in The action in this is intriguing and I really wonder where it will go Then you've got the characters They are what really bring this sotyr to lifeChaeun is a very earnest kind and exceptionally hard working guy It is continually stated how he's 'just an average solider' yet he fights and holds out well in situations where the other solidiers don't He is talented and a good learner but he also does great with the people around him His boss is a different story though Gayoon is powerful cocky manipulative and possibly a bit sociopathic He is working for the 'good' guys high up in the ranks a chief thanks to his power rating But unlike other leaders he doesn't care at all about his people and freuently hangs them out to dry so that he can go do something not uite to 'boring' He enjoys using and abusing Chaeun much to the dismay of all around them He appears to be in it for himself and nothing elseThe last player is from the side of the 'bad' guys the core hunters Moonhoo shows an interest in Chaeun early on when he sees him fight a battle all alone abandoned by his leader and the last surviving member of his team Moonhoo teases and tricks but he is always kind to Chaeun He also begins to show than a passing interest He makes Chaeun uestion why he continues to stay with Gayoon and all of the abuse In return despite often being exasperated Chaeun always immediately seeks to protect Moonhoo as he believes him to be an innocent civilian Moonhoo is watching Chaeun and as the book progresses making you wonder what he's thinking since their organizations are at oddsThese relationships are all running along while the two organizations continue to be at odds with each other and with their respective views on how to fight the monsters It makes for a rather action filled fast paced story and I'm really excited to read the next volume

  5. Siina Siina says:

    Core Scramble is such a cliched manhwa that it just blows your mind with its stupidity The plot sounded interesting which was the reason why I decided to try this I don't really read manhwa that much since it's poor man's manga and usually extremely stupid This was no exception So we have these aliens that invade Earth through portals and we have soldiers that can use magic to destroy them Your basic sci fi with boys' love twist to it when the renegade guy enters the picture and then of course we have the nasty chief and our gullible main protagonist Core scramble stumbles on everything The comic relief moments don't work at all These moments are like a plague in manhwa chibi moments just don't fit with heavy comics The plot is all over the place and extremely hard to follow The characters are tenuous at best and Chaeun is a boring crying uke when Gayoon as a comparison is such a nasty character that I wanted someone to kill him and soon The renegade Moonhoon then is your basic pervert and of course we're going to have a romantic triangle here The characters aren't likable and it makes no sense that Chaeun lets Gayoon treat him like that The whole setting is so extremely annoying that it makes me so madThe art in itself isn't that bad and or so this looks like your basic not so good yaoi manga The manhwa like eyes and hands aren't so evident like in every other manhwa I've ever read The body parts aren't so distorted but still the characters look a bit weird The panels are stuffed and there's too much text It's really hard to follow the story and the depiction of movement is lacking There's no smoothness in the panels or in the way the story is moved I can so predict what is going to happen and it will suck since everything in this sucks so bad What a waste of time sadly so

  6. Jessica Jessica says:

    Ya'll I got my yaoi fix on I enjoyed reading this book I actually want to ask Diamond Publishers to make sure they put the rest of the series out there PRETTY PLEASE Don't get me wrong this book is extreme candy The world building was confusing but THE GUYS IT'S ALL ABOUT THE CHARACTERS ZOMG I mean who cares about bugs animals weird looking reptiles crazy black magic people trying to steal said magic and whatever Core Scramble is? IT DOESN'T MATTER NOTHING MATTERS BUT OUR LOVELY BOYS HAVING RUN INS WITH EACH OTHER There was so much terrible angst I mean you'll want to hit all the characters but it just made me LOVE ITYou have the extremely good looking cold hearted character The warm loveable narrator who is to weak to anything but complain POWER BOTTOMThe fun loving rebel who has an intense dark side yet charming and always there when you need him Core Scramble is my newest addiction

  7. Jessica Jessica says:

    I received a free copy from NetGalley in exchange for an honest reviewI really enjoyed reading Core Scramble I was a little lost at first trying to figure out what was going on but was able to pick it up once the back story was revealed I'm interested to see how the relationship plays out between Chaeun and Moonhoo since the two men are on opposing sides of the fight against interdimensional bugs The artwork was pretty decent except for the fact that all the men and even some of the women looked like slight variations of each other I'm still giving the book 5 stars because I really enjoyed the story and look forward to finding out what happens next Also this was one of the better English translations of a graphic novel I have read in awhile

  8. Mitticus Mitticus says:

    Boring Predictable We are dropped in middle of fight without explanation checkWar with annoying aliensinvasors checkSingular hero checkSenseless Explanation checkWeirdoabussivecreepy on charge checkNot giving a damm check On Read Now in NetGalley

  9. Dorothy Knight Dorothy Knight says:

    Fun and excitingI really enjoyed the storyline and the characters are great Full of action humor and romance it was a nice surprise

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