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No Choice (The James Family, #1) [Read] ➭ No Choice (The James Family, #1) ➵ C.M. Steele – —Natalie Cromwell is an unassuming and intelligent beauty and soon to be college grad —Cameron James is a hot hardworking and wealthy businessman Their lives crossed paths purely by chance Visitin —Natalie Cromwell is an unassuming and intelligent beauty and soon to be college grad —Cameron James is a hot hardworking and wealthy businessman Their lives crossed paths purely by chance Visiting his sister in school Cam sees Nat and instantly realizes that she's the one Natalie on the other hand is very interested but skeptical Time and distance tear apart their relationship just as she believed it would but she didn't realize that Cam wouldn't give up Excerpt It still galled me that she was with someone else I wondered if they’d been together before the party and were just coming out again as a couple Either way it really didn’t matter—she was mine Nobody was going to take her from me Tonight she’d have the ring to prove it I’d just picked it up that afternoon of the accident It was a four carat solitaire diamond with a platinum band When you looked at the ring it looked like a normal huge rock but it was the inscription that mattered No choice you’re stuck with me.

10 thoughts on “No Choice (The James Family, #1)

  1. Chantal ❤️ Chantal ❤️ says:

    425 NO CHOICE STARS This is my first review of this book but it's a reread I read this book before I started reviewing and I had given it 5 stars I honestly can't do this after my reread I had too many small issues with the book to do this Now the story it's about an experienced businessman named Cameron and a young university graduate named Nathalie Cam sees Nat from across the student union and falls hard for her Obsessed is the word here he tells her as soon as they meet I’m leaving to go back to Seattle in the morning but as far as I’m concerned you and I are together” I got that she would be shocked by my words but she’d get over it in time I’d given her two days too many alreadyWow a whole two days he was clearly taking his time hereNOTYeah so he was clearly GONE FOR HERNow Nathalie was shocked by his declaration but also she was extremely attracted to Cam To her he seemed to be a force of nature that no one could stop She asked him “So I’ve got no choice?” And he answers No No choice You’re mine”So he seemed to have it all planned out for them in two months timeThey will be together after she graduates from University He will clear up his work schedule so that they can spend time together and start on their futureClearly he is planing for them to get married move in together and have a family THE WHOLE HEA HEREHowever it's never that simple now is it? And honestly the book would have bored me here without all the drama It made the book enjoyable and exciting We have two obsessed other women a major misunderstanding a crazy stalker or two and the parents from HELL So will they overcome all these obstacles? I am afraid you have toGenerally I enjoyed this book and the sex scenes were really HOT baby making scenes It was a great story that had enough drama and romance to keep me interested It was an engaging book but it was not perfect It has a few minor editing issues here that I had overlooked the first time I read it These are minor for me as it didn't interfere with my comprehensionHowever I felt it needed to be mentioned One example the book writes causal lay instead of casual layAlong with the usual mistakes likeNow I don't claim to be perfect myself here but this is a published book so I expect This was a minor issue here and it's the only reason why I could not give it a 5 stars that I had originally gave it The story by itself deserves a 5 star OVERALL I LOVED IT Safety no cheating but the heroine does kiss her ex while they are broken up and wanted to have sex with him some drama some pushing from the heroine no condoms never mentioned the past use either Heroine is a virgin and hero is experienced

  2. Ashleyjo Ashleyjo says:

    Let me preface my review by saying that if you really enjoy OTT alpha males who see a woman immediately classify her as the one to bed wed and breed for life based on nothing than one look and then proceeds to just walk up to her and inform her of her new role and place in life as his then you will fing love this book Their Insta Love Flat Soap Opera Isn't My Cup'a For me I don't particularly mind Insta love like the above IF it's also either surrounded by grounding normalcy scenes afterward or forms in the midst of some kind of high octane emotional situation This provided neither of the above and therefore came across as silly bullshit vs endearing for me It came across as a soap opera style with a very flat delivery The characters are stick figures in the book; by 27% I can tell you she's a student who has f'd up parents and he's a business man that says fuck a lot Otherwise I can't tell you a single personal uality about either and that's a huge problem for me as a reader If I don't get to the know the character I can't connect And if I don't connect IDGAF about their plights and relationship I'll Kill You I also have a huge problem with the MMC telling the FMC this If you ever let another man put his hands on what's mine I'll kill you ^ What's worse is that this is coming from a man that's spent ONLY a few hours actually with her and a few weeks on the phone with her So that is said literally the second time the characters interact Wow Editor Book also needs an editor to clean up the typos DNF I gave it 30% to hook me warm up develop make me GAF in any way and it just never managed to give me anything of interest

  3. Katerina Katerina says:

    StorytimeThis guy I knew 7 years ago who disappeared during high school dm’d me on Instagram asking how I was Barely remembered him but we just exchanged simple conversation I felt it‘d be rude of me to ignore Anyway he has 100K followers on Instagram right? And at one point tells me that he gets a LOT of attention I’m thinking ok whatever idc Then I say “I remember u went a little awol in school were you okay?” and GUYS he FLIPS his lid on me Literally swearing everywhere saying don’t say he went fing awol he was always THERE and he’s not a soft guy who will take sht like that And calmly proceeds to ask me if I have a boyfriend Wtf Literally I was MINDBLOWN said “goodbye take care” internally thinking you freaking fragile psycho Before I can block him he replies immediately saying “why the f am I triggered saying goodbye don’t f’ing say goodbye and to answer his uestion on whether I have a boyfriend or am I a whore” LONG STORY SHORT this hero gave me those vibes in this book and it makes me feel icky with the lowkey abusive undertones Like it actually feels very threatening rather than dominantalphaSaid he’d kill her at one point in a rage of jealously Not kill someone ELSE but HER Irony being she’s a frigging virgin anyway and he’s not 🤷‍♀️ “Damn it Nat Stop looking like your world is going to crumble If you don’t uit your shit I’m going to go down to Springfield and choke that bitch you call a mother and shoot that fuck you call a father” He grabbed my chin and tilted it so his eyes met mineAnd I HATE men like this I hate that they’re glamourised Because it’s just pathetic that this behaviour is excusable and I think a lot of women find themselves in relationships like these because of this narrative So DNF about 50% through Thing is maybe a couple of years ago I would’ve given this story 4 stars but not any Crap storytelling and characters

  4. Eve (Between The Bookends) Eve (Between The Bookends) says:

    I usually really like books by this author but this one was pretty much a hot mess from start to finish Nat was whiny and juvenile Cam was competing with Patrick Bateman American Psycho as the King of all psychopaths minus the murder Everything was so OTT with drama and ridiculousness He bought a twelve bedroom mansion for realz Seven hundred people were trying to kill both of them cause why not?? It seemed to drag on and on and really could have been fifty pages shorterThat being said I totally want to read Simon's book D

  5. Deserie williams Deserie williams says:

    This was ok I enjoyed most of it love how OTT hero was At times it was a little too crazy but haha I loved it safe with exception I guesssome ow and om dramaI believe the heroine might of kissed or made out with her ex Not sure if it happened or was about to happened again

  6. ~Nichole~ Sizzling Pages Romance Reviews ~Nichole~ Sizzling Pages Romance Reviews says:

    Sexy ott alpha and lots of drama and suspenseful moments I'll be reading This author just pushes my alpha caveman buttons

  7. Jenny Jenny says:

    Heroine is a cheatershe kisses another guy and even agrees to sleep with him so not safe for me if the hero had done this he would be crucified but its the heroine who is the cheater here so ppl are ok with it Double standards

  8. Bookloverme Bookloverme says:

    CM Steele to s one of my favorite authors She writes OTT alpha males Heroes who are so possessive and protective Heroes who aren't shy or afraid to show their care love for the heroines It was a good read for me and safe in a way Well it depends to a reader The book has OW scene but it was a very short one and nothing happened There's also a scene of OM ex boyfriend of Nat She went to a part because she thought Cameron was cheating on her but the OW just made up stories And there was an accident too that led to Cameron and Nat's misunderstanding Which led her to her ex boyfriend I'm not really sure if the ex boyfriend was able to kiss her because Cam arrived but i think he wasn't able to do it because he was pulled away by Cam And the heroine was a virgin Cam was celibate months before they met There were other issues in the book but it was easily solved and for me it's still a light easy read What I like about CM Steele's books is that even if there were scenes like these she still manages to make it light And there's an epilogue too So for me it's a great read Waiting for the second book

  9. Maya Maya says:

    BASICSLove triangle? view spoilerNo hide spoiler

  10. CC CC says:

    Bored and do not care about these characters at all The book does not flow The hero is supposed to be crazy OTT alpha I found him a bore Just did not work for me Certainly a safe read

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