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The Beast in Me ➮ [Ebook] ➩ The Beast in Me By Billierosie ➺ – Our sexual proclivities are an enigma We have them we know that they are there; we hide them we keep them secret – sometimes we act on them We cannot talk about them – no one would understand We f Our sexual proclivities are an enigma We have them we know that they are there; we hide them we keep them secret – sometimes we act on them We cannot talk about them – no one would understand We feel heated shame We block feeling turn away from feeling; we do anything not to feel We crush the horror of the terrible deed that the little voice inside our head bids us do The Beast MOBI :↠ Freud tells us that repressing feeling will amount to neurosis – Jung says pretty much the same – the repressed will bubble to the surface in one way or another – it will find a way out It will find its voice and it will demand to be heard The two stories presented here delve into the idea of ‘what happens next’ What do you do – where do you go after crashing and smashing your way through the final tabooA ueen her depravity told through the millennia Homer tells her story –Pasiphae the unnatural; the King her husband made a cuckold Men snigger about the royal couple – even now centuries later What she did her shame exposed to all when she gave birth to a monsterIf you know Homer’s story you will know that the Monster is proof that ueen Pasiphae was indeed guilty of a terrible perversionAnd my own tale “The Beast in Me;” the taboo ever present in Daisy and Noah They are lovers besotted with each other; besotted with a terrible secret They break man’s law and God’s law tooSensitive readers should be cautious especially if easily offended.

  • Kindle Edition
  • 54 pages
  • The Beast in Me
  • Billierosie
  • English
  • 15 December 2016

10 thoughts on “The Beast in Me

  1. Mali Mor ❤️ The Romantic Blogger Mali Mor ❤️ The Romantic Blogger says:

    FUCK ME what the hell was that???? 😭😭😭😭😭This is me while reading this book I heard this book is controversial so of course I wanted to try it myself I started without looking for spoilers and I think my soul will be SCARRED FOREVER 😩😩😩 I always thought of myself as an open minded woman I have no boundaries in books Dark? taboo? It's all cool with me 💪But now? DAMMIT It turns out I DO have my limits 🐎I can't even write about the plot I'm THAT shocked 😟

  2. warhawke warhawke says:

    Genre EroticaType Standalone novella POV Shifting – First person third person POVRating When I first found out about this book I was highly intrigued because it features a subject matter I’ve always been curious about After seeing general consensus that it’s “too out there” and “beyond limit” I knew it’s something I had to experience myself I can confirm there were definitely a lot of WTF moments lol A harsh meaty flavour; a musky scent a slick texture He imagines her jaw aching stretched around the thickness of his girth There are two short stories in this book Part 1 is of a couple with deprave needs in present time and part 2 is from Greek mythology After the eye opening literally and figuratively scenes of part 1 part 2 was uite tame The perversion aspect of the stories was good but it would be better if the actual storyline and characters were developed a bit The world that she has entered has no place for morality; this world is primal carnal feral; amoral A world where ancient laws hold sway The Beast in Me explores the ultimate taboo in sexuality It would appeal to non judgmental readers with no hard limits🐴❌🐴 FBR With Twinsie CC 🐴❌🐴For reviewsrevealsgiveaways visit

  3. CC CC says:

    35 StarsNoah and Daisy share a particular fantasy Though the exact details slightly differ in how it is to be carried out their mutual obsession and arousal focuses on the act itself Having prepared for this experience they are overwhelmed by the shear enormity of it – emotionally and physically – and realize they will never be the same “Once the depravity had begun there would be no way of stopping it and that had excited them both” Told in shifting point of views the narrative is one of pure curiosity into just how it will unfold Delving into the motivations of Daisy and Noah is uite intriguing as at times I wondered what would develop The cringe factor was definitely at an all time high for me After the plot reached a crescendo I was hoping for development between Noah and Daisy but having fulfilled their fantasy they seemed enriched and without shame “The world that they entered has no place for morality; this world is primal carnal feral; amoral” The Beast in Me is an utterly taboo and erotic novella inspired by Greek mythology that tests societal boundaries This was a FBR with Twinsie HawkeyFor reviewsrevealsgiveaways visit

  4. Jim Lyon Jim Lyon says:

    Unuestionably this is a book that will test one's limits in the taboo erotica realm The deft narration by Jazmin Kensington softens the outre nature of the content to the extent that it can be enjoyed as a guilty pleasure Not for the faint of heart but recommended for those with a taste for dark kink

  5. Starr (AKA Bam Bam) Rivers Starr (AKA Bam Bam) Rivers says:

    So I've invented 3 shelves just for this bookThe 2 stars are not exactly for the content of the book I'm not one to judge a book for being WEIRD when I knew it was going to be weird The 2 stars is for the writing and the lack of any plot It's truly about BESTIAL BUGGERY AND SEX That's right folks And someahslurpy things that happen afterIf this book described the psychological struggle or motivation or something beyond just graphic descriptions of what goes on then the book might have rated higher But really it's just bestial buggery sexThat's all folks Therefore I felt like I had enough at 62% I tried something new It did nothing for me I'm done

  6. kcleigh kcleigh says:

    Oh my god I’m gonna be sick 🤢🤢There’s been a lot of talk about this book in one of my book groups and how “taboo” and “disturbing” it is and to “keep an open mind” while reading it so me who likes a challenge decided to accept said challenge It was an epic fail and I will proudly wear this failure as a badge of honor to have not been able to finish the most fucked up book I’ve ever attempted to read in my life 😳 There are some things I can read and some things I can’t and this book definitely goes in the latter category I was already pushing my limits after the first couple of pages but as soon as this chick suatted like a goblin ready to take on this young hung “stud” I immediately got the taste of vomit in my mouth threw my kindle like it was on fire and noped right the fuck outta there 🙅🏻‍♀️🤮

  7. Rebecca Rebecca says:

    It's hard to write a review and say how much you enjoyed a story when it is a very taboo subject Billierosie is a superb writer and this makes her stories well worth reading She takes you on a journey with this couple Daisy and Noah who try to fight their twisted desires but who ultimately agree to help each other take the final step Thus breaking the law in ways than one Lets be clear here this isn't some romance that will make you swoon If you are easily offended DO NOT READ THIS This is a dark taboo story But if you like the darkwrong side then I highly recommend this author and her work Superb

  8. Shaun Putaine Shaun Putaine says:

    Billerosie takes her readers on a journey into the taboo in this book While this will certainly not be eveyone's cup of tea these are wonderfully written stories with great character development and graphically described scenes that draw the reader in and allow them to see something raw and forbidden

  9. *moving profiles* *moving profiles* says:

    As most of my GR pals know I have a proclivity for a certain type of book I gravitate towards those that most others shy away from When I came across this book's blurb and the mentions of the taboo tale it harbored I just had to read it I have yet to be disturbed by anything I have ever read and I have read some weird crazy things but this bookI have finally found my limitThis book contains two stories but I'm only focusing on the first one in this review The Beast in Me I debated on whether or not to rate this book Apparently this book is too deep for me as I did not get out of it what others did I find nothing erotic or enlightening about a story that centers around getting it on with an euine Yeah you read right I'm talking bestialityI'm not sure how one would get those aspects out of it Perhaps I was too focused on the aftermath of the couplings which is what really turned my stomach Clicky if you can't help yourselfview spoiler hide spoiler

  10. Max Max says:

    Billie Rosie shatters the myth that erotica must be driven by the action itself with characters that are just interchangeable Kens and Barbies In pursuit of profound perversity she exposes the hidden tenderness and self condemnation that leads to true empowerment through sexual acts of self acceptance The Beast In Me looks inward penetrates the mind and heart while rallying to the temptation of unnatural lust This is not a race to the finish and it may be too cerebral for some but it definitely sets a high bar for literature erotica within taboo fantasiesFor me this was a much deeper and religious conversation than anticipated Coming from a very different spiritual context I can definitely appreciate the emotional conflict and friction that Billie's characters face but their fears of their own desires and even each other are contradicted by both their confessions and actions Is this what being a Catholic is like? Constant guilt? Then Billie's nailed it For the hedonist or sexually adventurous there is a naive innocence here worth capturing Whether that guilt and innocence is meaningful depends a lot on the readerAll told very immersive and the character depth is particularly notable in this genre Well done

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