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Red Days and Grey Nights ❮Reading❯ ➹ Red Days and Grey Nights ➱ Author Brandon Collier – Ten years after being a sex slave Pepper Phillips now has the means and opportunity to punish those responsible and to find her daughter Pepper was a young woman abducted during a vacation and for yea Ten years after being a sex slave Pepper and Grey PDF º Phillips now has the means and opportunity to punish those responsible and to find her daughter Pepper was a young woman abducted during a vacation and for years she was controlled by Don Bolivar who took away her child for future use in his human trafficking business Red Days PDF/EPUB or Pepper managed to escape his control with the help of a wealthy businessman As she prepares to seek vengeance she realizes the local authorities are unwilling to help That is when Pepper decides to seek justice in her own way.

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  1. G.J. Griffiths G.J. Griffiths says:

    Pepper is an attractive young woman from Britain who is kidnapped while on a Caribbean holiday with her friends Her kidnapper is a sadistic and cruel criminal who runs the main sex slave operation on the island From the first few pages of the book I was rooting for Pepper and found the very many descriptions of what happened to her and the other victims a very difficult read There is much to empathise with Pepper about but that would spoil the plotThe villain Don is a most despicable man who engendered many very un Christian feelings towards him from this reader You hope and wish throughout this rather long and sometimes rambling thriller that he will get his just desserts Most of the characters are well written and believable and the multiple scenes of violence and sex are not gratuitous given the appalling situations in which the poor women find themselves It is not a story for young or overly sensitive readers Having said that I found that many of the descriptions of incidents or events in the novel came across to me as too mechanical and rather like a newspaper article about such an evil trade They seemed lacking in the subtle nuances that can add to the expressive effects of a description It made me think of a colouring book that was still to be coloured in Overall this is an exciting if harrowing story that is full of incident and action with an ending that is satisfying but is also a tale of transformation about Pepper’s personalityBecause of the great number of chapters it would have benefitted a lot from a digitally workable Table of Contents in the front matter of the book

  2. Shane Hall Shane Hall says:

    In short Red Days and Grey Nights is a deceptively simple concept for revenge against a sex trafficker that benefits from solid character developmentI'll admit that this isn't something I normally go out of my way to find Revenge or justice stories don't often appeal to me for some reason Maybe it's because the way they set up how much the antagonists have it coming to them I feel too comfortable knowing that there will be poetic justice by the end But that's no fault of the author Mr Collier knew what he was writing and has clear passion for this style and plotAnyone who likes stories with deeply evil antagonists and victimized protagonists who grow in power and fight back over time will probably love this book The story was pretty long but dialogue driven which helped it feel like an actually long epic story and not a short tale that slows down time with overdone descriptionsThere were times at the end when I felt like characters talked a little too much such as pontificating to each other in the middle of fight scenes but I was invested by then and didn't mind it enough to reduce the ratingI'd gladly recommend this to someone looking for a lengthy but well paced revenge thriller

  3. Vickie Britton Vickie Britton says:

    I have read in the news about young women who have disappeared while on vacation What happens to these women? Some are murdered while others suffer a fate worse than death This is the fictional tale of Pepper a beautiful and slightly rebellious British girl who goes to the Caribbean with friends and is abducted by a ruthless man Don Bolivar who runs a sex slave trade operation Pepper keeps her sanity through trying experiences and grows from the spoiled privileged person she used to be into a stronger person The characters are well developed from a heroine deserving of admiration to a villain worthy of the worst of deaths Red Days and Grey Nights is than just a thriller There is also is an underlying theme of profit versus being a decent person with one of the side characters Sebastian stuck in the middle between his job of inflicting pain and his home life The sex scenes are not gratuitous but the nature of the subject matter and necessary scenes of violence makes this a book for mature readers I enjoyed the non stop suspense and Brandon Collier has written several other thrillers I’m anxious to check out An exciting read

  4. Joseph Leavenworth Joseph Leavenworth says:

    A very gritty story that puts a spotlight on human trafficking Pepper Phillips is a woman enjoying the good life until she is kidnapped and goes through torture until she makes her escape and seeks the people that have hurt her I could see this story catching on uick by word of mouth

  5. Mary Head Mary Head says:

    This was a difficult book to get through and not because of the subject matter but because it was just not a good book And I hate to say that I wanted to find something good in this book something that I liked but I just couldn'tI was excited going into this book because the plot seemed interesting and in capable hands it would've been a very good read but unfortunately it just wasn't The characterization was random and all over the place and none of the characters were likable not even Pepper which is a real shame because given what she goes through you're supposed to root for her you have to want her to succeed and I just did not care Her entire character was not believable for me given what we're told about the way she was raised and where she came from The action was mechanical the fight scenes entirely unconvincing and completely lacking any kind of tension or dramaAdditionally this book was entirely too long The summary tells us that it is taking place ten years after what Pepper goes through and instead nearly half of the book a solid 40% of it forces us to live through what Pepper lived through while it was happening I don't know if this was supposed to be shocking or controversial but it was just plain boring and from a feminist point of view completely unnecessary Showing the numerous rapes and beatings that Pepper and the other women suffer was gratuitous and the book could've easily been half the length had the author simply alluded to what Pepper went through via flashbacksLastly there were numerous spelling errors grammatical errors and typos littered throughout the book all of them things that should've been caught by a reliable beta reader or an editor or even by the author himself leading me to believe that this book did not go through as many revisions as it should have if it went through any at allI wanted so much to like this book and I am genuinely sorry that I didn't and even sorry to say that I would not recommend it to anybody else

  6. Lorine Thomas Lorine Thomas says:

    When ever a young woman disappears from somewhere exotic or remote you always find yourself wondering what happens to them Well this book offers a small glimpse to something that is happening largely throughout the world Pepper a beautiful British girl goes to the Caribbean with friends and is abducted by Don Bolivar Don is a ruthless SOB who runs a sex slave trade operation Through horrific and soul stealing experiences Pepper somehow finds the strength needed to withstand all and come out of it tougher and stronger than she has ever been I loved the characters and was please that everyone was well developed and important in their own right Mr Collier did an amazing job of walking that fine line between expression and being crude Although the book does have mature subject matter in it it wasn't in any way over the top or disgusting I applaud him for that as too often I have read books that just make you think okay enough already I highly recommend this to any adult interested in crimefiction Great job Brandon

  7. Diana Febry Diana Febry says:

    I'd recommend this book to readers who enjoy gritty thrillers and are ok with moderate to high violence The book is split into two parts In the first half Pepper is snatched while on holiday and kept captive with a group of other women as a sex slave Some harrowing scenes but also displays of the power of friendship in extreme situations Some interesting incidents of dissociation into fantasy worlds as a coping mechanism Pepper finally escapes to Paris with the help of one of her clients who intends to keep her as a mistressIn the second half Pepper and her friend Adaro return to have revenge on Don Bolivar the man behind Pepper's capture Some great action and fight scene lead up to the violent conclusion The author's strength is actionfightchase scenes and he has created an interesting female lead in Pepper My criticism of the book is it would have the same if not impact if the story was condensed Overall an enjoyable gritty thriller but not for the faint hearted

  8. Mark McKay Mark McKay says:

    A modern day sex slaveThis story is all about a young woman called Pepper who is abducted while visiting Puerto Rico and imprisoned by a ruthless man who sells her and other women to his customersNeedless to say Pepper is not happy with the situation and to add to her problems she finds she is pregnant Escape is a risky option; those who try mostly end up dead She plots a way out nevertheless and waits for her momentThe premise for this story was an engrossing one but for me it went on too long and the book would benefit from an edit Pepper spends a lot of time moralising about her situation usually to other women who are also oppressed by their men if not actually enslaved There is plenty of action in between and the overall tone of the book is dark The uestion is will our heroine finally exact vengeance? Given the nastiness of the characters she’s up against you would certainly hope so

  9. Richard Becker Richard Becker says:

    Red Days and Grey Nights as a title may be somewhat of a misnomer Neither of these colors is really dark; in fact red can be very bright But this novel is dark It’s as dark as they comeSex slavery is not an easy subject to read or discuss Some books that deal with this subject matter are solely revenge thrillers with the abused violently dispatching the morally corrupt in a frantic plot driven paceFair criticisms of this novel can be its pace which is slow and the choosing of scenes long conversations between people not necessarily relevant to the plot But that turns out to be this novel’s strength – by comparing and contrasting the banality of normal life with the horrors of the sex slave trade and portraying a woman who has experienced both and has tried to find a life in the former after suffering the torture of the latterParts of this novel are difficult to read and the novel is very long But the payoff and how it occurs makes it all worthwhile

  10. K.S. Ferguson K.S. Ferguson says:

    From reading the blurb I thought this would be a book about a mother fighting to get her child back The blurb gives us all the information we need about Pepper the main character Unfortunately the first 270 pages are a lengthy and detailed backstory dump of the blurb For me this killed all the tension because I already know what happens It's not like the author needed these pages to reach novel length either The book has twice the word count of the typical thriller novel The second half the novel is better than the first The tension picks up New characters join the cast There are still issues with repeated words and some awkward sentences Characterization is a little uneven If you want to give this a try my recommendation is to start at the second act and read from thereI received this book for free in exchange for an unbiased review

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