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Holding Onto You (Burnt Ashes, #2) ➠ [Epub] ➚ Holding Onto You (Burnt Ashes, #2) By K.E. Taylor ➪ – Thomashillier.co.uk Some people say you are defined by the choices you make and the company you keep The only problem is that all of Kayla’s choices for the past eight years have been wiped clean in the matter of secon Some people say you are defined by the choices you make and the company you keep The only problem is that all of Kayla’s choices for the past eight years have been wiped clean in the matter of seconds She is in an alien place surrounded by strangers What’s worse she isn’t even aware of all the things she has lost With her journey of self discovery slowly unfolding how can she find time for anything or anyone elseSometimes things can get real Holding Onto Kindle - pretty fast Logan is faced with the realisation that if he is going to have Kayla for his own he will have to fight a new fight he has never had to endure before Can it be the perfect chance after such a disastrous start to retain the status uo.

  • Paperback
  • 212 pages
  • Holding Onto You (Burnt Ashes, #2)
  • K.E. Taylor
  • English
  • 26 October 2016
  • 9781539514350

About the Author: K.E. Taylor

Author of bestselling series Burnt Ashes KE Taylor was born and raised in Dorset UK.

10 thoughts on “Holding Onto You (Burnt Ashes, #2)

  1. Tish smith Tish smith says:

    What can I say Firstly I was lucky enough to get an unedited copy of this book be jel I totes would And suee I was not disappointed Holding Onto you is the follow on to life after you Grab it and catch up now if you've yet to meet the burnt ashes guys Mac Logan and the gang recaptured my heart It flowed so perfectly from LAY recapturing the emotions I though i'de recovered from how wrong was i poor poor mac This book isn't without its ups and downs but it'll heal your broken and bruised heart This is all I'm going to say as I don't want to ruin it for you If you haven't already go grab book one what are you waiting for

  2. Charlie Finn Charlie Finn says:

    I was lucky enough to receive an unedited copy of Holding on to you let me tell you guys something this draft did not disappoint i cannot wait for you to get your hands on the final edition I don't want to give anything away but I cannot wait to read this book again when it's all polished and shiny next year

  3. K.E. K.E. says:

    OUT NOW US; ; ; ;

  4. Allyson Maclay Allyson Maclay says:

    Omg the ending had me so afraid at first then i read the rest and was like thank God

  5. Angela Maher Angela Maher says:

    This is a great follow up to 'Life After You' Filled with emotion humour and drama it sucks you in I really enjoy this author's style and look forward to her future books

  6. Becky Becky says:

    This review was first published on inkeaters Logan Dale slayer of panties; KE Taylor slayer of hearts This comment was one of my initial reactions to Taylor's Burnt Ashes series and if you thought Life After You and Snow Flakes were tickets to emotional rollercoasters you ain't seen nothing yet as Holding Onto You will take your emotional wreckage to another level There is no one playing heart wrenchingly beautiful on broken strings than Logan Dale so you better get ready to have your heartstrings strummed like they're his favorite emotional guitar 'cause things are about to get a lot darker before things can finally start to look brighter again in the Burnt Ashes universe especially for McLogan MacLogan get it? I feel like Trey Baker would approve Life After You uite literally ended on a bang Being thrown back into her teenage years where her memory is concerned nothing is as Mackayla remembers it to be Holding Onto You presents her with a clear slate and with the chance to rediscover and reinvent herself should she be able to pull herself out the downward spiral caused by going through losing her family and herself all over again But is Logan willing to let their relationship be collateral damage willing to have it be all but forgotten? Will he accept being friendzoned or will he be able to remind Kayla of all they used to be? The second novel in the Burnt Ashes series is just as emotional as Life After You was and if you loved the boys and girls then you will be absolutely enjoying Holding Onto YouI cannot wait for the next installment in the series and am dying for Trey Baker's spin off novel Muse I received an ARC in exchange for an honest review

  7. Lumi Daoi Lumi Daoi says:

    When Katie tells you that she's finished HOTY and it's going to her editor You demand to read it whilst it's being edited however she teases you as you're only sent the first half of the bookEventually you are given that full book and you are no longer disappointed the words flowing as they take over Well ladies and gents get ready to sink your teeth into the one and only Logon Dale as he does his thing Things are slightly messy as everyone is still getting over the accidentHowever can Logon win the love of his Kayla back? Will she move on and find someone new on a crazy night out? How much does fate have to intervene for everyone to recognise what exactly is in front of them?uestions that will all be answered and of course how could we forget Trey? Poor guy this books just gives you Feeds the demand to have the others stories to be told on of those my Sam Wow what a little secret insight into how his story will turn outI've gone off topic now simply HOTY is freaking amazing and my girl has not disappointed Get this added to you TBR and then one click that bh when it goes live

  8. Kimkbries Kimkbries says:

    I am a huge fan of this book Book one left us needing Happy to say this book was just what I needed Rockstar Logan has cared about Kayla forever When something happens and he feels he may have lost her he is devastated Even after everything he knows he will wait forever for her Kayla doesn't know what she wants So much has happened Can she ever find her way back? Enjoy this book of second chances and forever love In addition to their story the rest of the band are involved in the story They are entertaining and I know I need to read each of their stories Well done This book was worth the wait

  9. Stacy Spinks Stacy Spinks says:

    Holding Onto You what can I say I absolutely adored the continuation of Mac and Logan's story There were sweet make you feel moments and moments where you want to run and hide incredible storytelling and rockstar romance at it's best An amazing follow up and an unexpected yet perfect twist A must for fans of Rockstar Romance

  10. Stacy McWilliams Stacy McWilliams says:

    Absolutely incredible from K E Taylor She takes you on a story of how love never really leaves you and how heartbreak can make you stronger I adore Mackayla and Logan and all the Burnt Ashes boys I cannot wait for both book three and Muse

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