Athenas Daughters vol 2 eBook É Athenas Daughters

  • Kindle Edition
  • 354 pages
  • Athenas Daughters vol 2
  • Maggie Allen
  • English
  • 14 September 2016

3 thoughts on “Athenas Daughters vol 2

  1. Devann Devann says:

    This volume was much enjoyable than the first one although I still wish I liked it At 330 pages it is a much manageable length and it seems like most of the stories themselves are of a similar length as well The first volume I thought suffered from too many stories that were very similar but this one seemed to have a better mix of genres and ideas I appreciate the idea behind this series and I do think there were some interesting stories here but unfortunately nothing really stood out to me as being amazing Perhaps if they do a third volume it will continue being better and would finally be a a four star read

  2. Erin Penn Erin Penn says:

    A well balanced diverse anthologySecond of the Women centric anthologies from Silence in the Library and a much faster read at only 330 pages of manuscript fiction and 21 stories Still suffers from the unevenness of skill that is present in all anthologies especially since the editors make a point of developing new writers as well as using some amazing anchormature writers Also again amazes at the DIVERSITY of characters Hispanic black Asian white old young middle age straight gay and doesn't impact the story These are stories about women all females the full spectrum of the bearers of double X chromosome And the stories themselves range from science fiction to fantasy past to future sad to joyous one shots to a side story in an established series Now to the standout storiesThe Killing Garden by Carrie Ryan An amazing charactersociological piece the editors put at the very beginning of the book If you read nothing else in this anthology read this historical dramaRed is the Color of Mother Dirt by JY Yang A political sci fi A wonderful sociological study and anyone who has read my reviews knows how much I love great worldbuilding which is amazing to find in a short story So little room to create a whole world while also introducing and developing characters and telling a complete story Ms Yang did this all with graceThe Black Mamba and the Leopard by Alison J McKenzie A folk myth fantasy thriller Loved the main character and her problem solving skills Not uite the must read of the Killing Garden but close A five star story in my opinionThe Miraculous by Tess Tabak Written in second person No really second person I've heard about stories like this but never seen one And the story is about what happens after the Zombie Apocalypse you just survived Did you ever think lonelinessmonotony would be the biggest issue? You understand the main character very well by the last sentenceHot Flash by Antha Ann Adkins Another excellent superhero origin story with an amazing illustration And I thought only teenagers had the hormonal instability to set off a superhero mutation Crow Bait and Switch by Tish E Pahl A cuddly creepy sci fi 'Nough saidNow read the book

  3. Johanna Johanna says:

    I read this and the first volume at the same time alternating depending on time available and length of up coming story I received both books during the initial Kickstarter campaigns and read the kindle versions I very much enjoyed this book As with any anthology there were good stories amazing stories and a few that I wasn't that into I enjoyed that many were part of a larger world and have added several books to my Goodreads want to read list as a result of the short story in this book For me personally one of the big draws to this publishing house and this book was the ability for the authors to write differently To challenge ideas and to not worry about mass market appeal The stories made me think they made me cry and they made me uncomfortable I want that when reading

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Athenas Daughters vol 2➼ Athenas Daughters vol 2 Download ➻ Author Maggie Allen – Maze running executioners menopausal super heroes psychic scientists precog nuns sentient crows These are just a sampling of the diverse ladies that will enthrall excite and entertain you in this anth Maze running executioners menopausal super heroes psychic scientists precog nuns sentient crows These are just a sampling of the diverse ladies that will enthrall excite and entertain you in this anthology of science fiction and fantasy stories written by women.

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Maggie is a guitarist and singer in the rock band Naked Singularity which released its first album of original music in They are currently working on their second album Her band's website may be found here.