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Something Missing (The True Love Series, #1) ➮ [Ebook] ➩ Something Missing (The True Love Series, #1) By Hazel Robinson ➺ – Thomashillier.co.uk Susan is a survivor; she’s had to be Orphaned and taken from her home in Winchelsea she was forced to leave behind the first boy she ever loved The only boy she ever loved Now as an adult Susan is l Susan is a survivor; she’s had to be Orphaned and taken from her home in Winchelsea she was forced to leave behind the first boy she ever loved The only boy she ever loved Now as an adult Susan is left with both the physical and mental scars of a life devoid of warmth and kindness a life she is determined to change for the better Returning to her childhood home she is determined to put the demons of her past behind her and start a new With Max by her side Susan has a real chance of happiness and healing But Max has a secret one that risks destroying all hope of a happy ever after A story of survival healing and love 'Something Missing' is an engaging roller coaster ride of emotions as Susan and Max reveal the scars of their pasts and their hopes for the future.

  • ebook
  • 203 pages
  • Something Missing (The True Love Series, #1)
  • Hazel Robinson
  • English
  • 27 January 2016

About the Author: Hazel Robinson

hazel Robinson is the UK author of contemporary and new adult romance uniuely blending tragedy and romancewhen she isn't writing she is watching her favourite TV show 'Supernatural’ or spending time with her three children and husband.

10 thoughts on “Something Missing (The True Love Series, #1)

  1. Hazel Robinson Hazel Robinson says:

    I truly can't wait for you all to get your hands on Max and Susanhappy reading everyone

  2. Alison Alison says:

    5 StarsI was given this book to read in turn for an honest reviewSusan was torn away from her hometown and left orphaned at the age of 10 Her best friend Max is the only person she truly knows Sadly being orphaned isn’t the worst of her childhood memories; she has had a harrowing journey through the care system leaving her with both mental and physical scars Susan’s approach towards her adult life is self destructive and when she returns to her childhood home in Winchelsea she is faced with the challenge of having to build a new life and deal with the emptiness she feels inside Max is the first person Susan feels she can fully open up to and let into her broken heart but not without feeling she will lose him at the same time Susan feels she can’t give Max everything he needs everything a Great Man like Max deserves When Max and Susan meet years later all the feelings he had for her in his youth comes rushing to the surface Max wants to help heal her However something from Max’s past surfaces and threatens their happily ever after HEA With the odds stacked against them will these two be able for forgive each other for the past that taunts them? Hazel F Robinson does not disappoint at pulling at the heartstrings With this love story you feel yourself living each and every emotion along with Susan and Max Hazel keeps you on your toes with a few twists and turns too It’s a must read and you will not be disappointed I can promise you that

  3. Jessica Welch Jessica Welch says:

    Tear JerkerThis story of a girl who goes through a tragedy of being an orphan then being ripped away from her best friend Years later they reconnect and pick up where they left off like before she left Only Susan isn't the same and her being anorphan isn't the worst tragedy in her life And her best friend Max has a secret as wellThe author did a great job with the emotions in this story You understood the characters so it seemed like you were right there with them This book had me crying Very very very good story I don't want to give too much away because this is a must read book You will not be disappointed

  4. Hayley Hayley says:

    This story is about Susan and her best friend and now lover Max they both have troubled pasts but when susan returns after being put into foster care they find there way back to each other but become lovers there are troubles along the way and a ex girlfriend who wants to split them upI liked the range of emotions that you go through with story line some of it is deep but draws the story line in furthercant wait to see future releases from Hazel

  5. Philomena Callan Cheekypee Philomena Callan Cheekypee says:

    This is a really brilliant emotional story Susan is broken After the death of her parents then her grandmother she is put into foster care Things haven't been good to her She then decided to move back to her grandmothers house Here she meets Max Can Max break them walls around Susan's heart? Will they have a happy ever after??Grab some tissues and jump into this book for a really good emotional read Highly recommend this book Looking forward to reading from this author

  6. Nicola Burbridge Nicola Burbridge says:

    Loved this book Just loved how strong Susan became How she knew who she could trust even when life had treated you wrong Definitely recommend xx

  7. Ariana *mommy& Ariana *mommy& says:

    45 StarsA wonderful job from new author Hazel Robinson on her debut novel The story of Max and Susan was a very turbulent one These two had many ups and downs since they reunited all these years later and had to overcome such a large amount of obstacles which stood in the way of their happiness Their relationship progressed very uickly which almost made it seem as if they had never been apart in the first place At times it did feel like it was all happening too fast but in the end you realize they were destined to be together no matter what Poor Max and Susan went through so much individually as well as while a couple and it tugged at my dang heartstrings the entire time Susan had not seen Max since she was 10 years old when she was taken from her life and put into foster care The remaining years of her youth were difficult and disturbing and she went through some things no adult let alone a child should go through These events left her scarred and extremely insecure and I LOVED how you got to see her transform into this amazing strong and confident woman The way the author incorporated scenes from the past was amazing and one of my favorite things about the story It really gave you of a chance to get to know the characters on a personal level All of the characters were each easy to relate to on some level or another and it just felt like they were real people instead of made up characters And my sweet sweet Max I loved Max and often my heart broke for him time and time again He fell fast and hard and he continuously had his heart broken So many times I wished I could jump into the book and help put the pieces back together for him I swear every time it seemed like they were about to get their HEA another curveball was thrown their way and threw them off track And who could forget about that ending? I know I won't be able to for a long time For me it was a bit of a cliffhanger as I could not tell if it was a look into the future or a dream or what And that left my brain working on overdrive trying to figure out what will happen in book 2 It's driving me mad not knowing what will come next in Max and Susan's story Hazel did an amazing job of not only keeping the readers interest and excitement throughout the entire story but also long after they finish reading the book I seriously cannot wait to get my hands on book 2

  8. Clara Harding Clara Harding says:

    Before reading Something Missingby Hazel F Robinson make sure you have the tissues handy because it is a real tear jerkerThe story begins with a young 10 year old Susan and a Young Max attending the funeral of Susan's Grandmother and only living relative When the Child Services come to take her away in order to put her in care Max and Susan run to the beach where he swears to take care of her and asks her to run away with him Both of them swear they never want to be apart but they are practically ripped from each other's arms after sharing their first kiss We have barely finished chapter one and I am in buckets of tears the way the writer is able to pull you into the story immediately bodes well for the rest of the bookSkipping ahead to adulthood we find that Susan is a character that has grown up in a rough foster home leaving her with emotional scars nightmares and a wall around her heart Max on the other hand has grown up in the same home with his mother always remembering the young love of his life She reaches her inheritance age and moves back to the town where it all started her parents her home her Grandmother and of course her sweet loveable Max This story is exceptionally emotional and Hazel Robinson has really delved into them with a full access pass tapping deeply into all of the base emotions the primeval difference between Love and Hate Jealousy and acceptance and of course Revenge and Forgiveness A true master with words this novel will move you in ways that will surprise and astonish youI fully recommend this novel to anyone who likes and believes in True Love Soul Mates and also the classical Good over coming Evil

  9. Rosi Phillips Rosi Phillips says:

    Hazel supplied her novel for me to read and give my best opinion of her novel Something Missing I'm happy to say from the start Hazel pulls you into her main characters Their journey becomes yours in relatable scenes peppered with surprise beyond imagination The author builds suspense with both Susan and Max leaving uestions for the reader Yet be assured they are answered at the precise moment you need to know Even when the tides shift showing Max's past bare yet shady his vulnerability has you cheer him on You'll share tears and Susan's pain in her days gone by and uestion her future The difficulties between Susan and Max pulls them in many directions under insurmountable odds from their youth a time of innocence lost to them distance tearful circumstances and the secrets Hazel weaves this story in so many directions yet keeps it moving forward You'll find yourself wondering if these two people should or will have a happy ending with so many closures along their path You'll find out if you read their story I enjoyed the dialogue simple yet real and raw at times Just when you think you've figured out Susan and Max their relationship thinking you know it's conclusion Hazel flips you over The flaws of these characters will grab you unexpectedly Their reactions will drop you hard Don't worry they'll pick you up as you read on taking the gut wrenching ride of their lives with them You'll thank yourself for hanging on The supporting characters blend nicely with the main characters and the story creating depth through action and detail Something Missing doesn't hide anything except secrets but the reader will find what they came for and It's a page turner Definitely not a fluff romance for sure If I had to find anything negative it comes from wanting to know about Susan and Max Then again isn't this what we seek in people whom we come to care about Happy reading

  10. Romance Readers Retreat Romance Readers Retreat says:

    This is an emotional romance book by Hazel Robinson The book was done by being narrated by the author with dialogue between the characters I found this novel very emotional and the characters had been through so much at a very young age The main lady in this book is Susan and her parents had died and her grandmother passed away when she was 10 years old She didn't have any other family so she was forced to go into foster care The family that Susan ended up living with most of her life were abusive physically mentally and sexually When she was 14 years old she was pregnant and had a miscarriage and lost her baby Susan was devastated and she held that with her that she couldn’t be loved and didn’t deserve love She eventually returns to her grandmother’s home and meets Max again There is a chemistry between the two that is undeniable and intense Max has had a history as well and was once engaged In the past Susan has used alcohol to try and solve her problems and pushes people away I was extremely nervous that the secrets that Susan and Max held would keep them apart in the long run and I thought they would never be able to trust each other Their relationship progresses rather uickly and but I don’t think that their relationship could have progressed any other way You of course have extremely good moments in this book with a tragedy before the Happily Ever After The one thing I would have liked to see in this book was a little of an ending with Max and Susan after she leaves the hospital This was a well written book and I would like to know how the relationship progresses with Susan and Max or even a story about Polly I would definitely be keeping my eye out for Hazel Robinson books

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