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Life ➽ [Reading] ➿ Life By Cassandra Webb ➲ – All Kemla dreams of is an adventureWhen she’s kidnapped by slave traders meets a mage becomes a bargaining tool and is attacked by bandits she gets than she ever wantedBut will she earn her freedomM All Kemla dreams of is an adventureWhen she’s kidnapped by slave traders meets a mage becomes a bargaining tool and is attacked by bandits she gets than she ever wantedBut will she earn her freedomMagic is outlawed but slave trading is a legitimate profession which causes some problems for Kemla when she’s captured by slave traders and accused of possessing magic This series is highly recommended for all the Tamora Pierce fans out there With a strong female protagonist who manages to get herself into a lot of trouble and a cute male slave trader who keeps making sure she can’t escape.

About the Author: Cassandra Webb

Cassandra Webb is a chocaholic writer from the small coastal village of Narooma Australia Writer of children’s and young adult fiction fantasy and picture books Cassandra also enjoys writing creative non fiction She grew up in rural and remote Australia and remembers riding horses working with helicopters and being homeschooled Now on the coast with her three children she enjoys the beaches.

10 thoughts on “Life

  1. Abbie Abbie says:

    I received a copy from the author In exchange for an honest reviewKemla was an okay character but I didn't love herThis started out pretty good but I started to feel slightly bored in the middle and the story couldn't get my interest back fully It felt like a really uick read though so it wasn't that bad thankfullyOverall An okay read

  2. Nora Nelly Nora Nelly says:

    I was given this book in exchange for an honest review I read this book in one day not because it was so good I couldn't put it down but because it was a fast book to read It had short chapters and wasn't very long I found multiple spelling and incorrect words errors and the ending to the book was a disappointment for me I liked Kemla and Leon's back and forth conversations whether they were said out loud or in their minds I found Kemla to be a likeable character in her own way sometimes she got on my nerves but I think that if I were in her situation I'd probably think the way she did too I also liked her connection with her horse Lii too be honest when Lii was introduced I thought she was a person not a horse so I was a little confused by that Overall though it was an ok read

  3. Sharon Mariampillai Sharon Mariampillai says:

    I received a copy from the author in exchange for an honest review Actual Rating 315 This was a good read I liked the characters I loved the world building I thought the story was interesting The magic and the romance aspect were good too I liked Leon and Kemla together The book started off good However there were parts where I was bored As the story progressed the story did pick up a little bit but it was not as good as the first few chapters I thought the ending lacked a bit for me Overall a uick read Thank you Cassandra Webb for the opportunity to read your book It was a good first book of the series

  4. Jess Jess says:

    I received a copy of this book in return for an honest reviewThis book was a very fast read though I had a bit of trouble getting into it I felt like the plot wasn't made clear which left me confused at the end The characters were alright though they could have been fleshed out I didn't ache for these characters like I do in other books I don't know that I would continue with the series but it wasn't a terrible read I just didn't really get what the whole point was What was Leon's purpose? What kind freedom did Kemla obtain? She was kidnapped yet her mother kept referring to it as freedom?

  5. Amy Lee Amy Lee says:

    I log in and read the new chapter of this every week It's down as YA but I'd call this Chick Lit There's romance and love and danger all things I love in a storyThere are bonus stories so short stories from other peoples point of views and I love those too The world is so three dimensional and it just keeps getting deeper and betterI hope this series never ends

  6. Francine Soleil Francine Soleil says:

    Originally posted here reading the book I was surprised to find that anyone can read this book online through Cassandra Webb’s blog Life Family Magic yet she gave me a copy directly from This does not however affect my review in anyway But I’m truly grateful for it because I certainly enjoyed the bookThe book definitely needs proofreading – there were just too many typos But once you look past all of those the story was definitely entertaining I honestly didn’t know what I should have expected from this book I judged the book by its cover but the cover definitely doesn’t do it justice It’s one that is beautiful in the insideKemla has been living hidden in the mountains for most of her life Her family needed to go in hiding because magic has been prohibited by their realm and her mother definitely has magic in her Kemla’s mother used her abilities to hide their location in the mountains Over the course of them living there they have adopted a couple of children who had no where else to go to Since they were only masked by sight they had to remain silent most of the time so that they wouldn’t be found So Kemla developed a way to speak and connect with her horse Lii I found that part really interesting – how they’re both so in tune with each otherOne day her sister and some other children were captured by slave traders As the eldest not counting her mother Kemla took responsibility and went after them She was successful in saving them but in turn she got captured Now Kemla must find a way to escape from the slave traders but it’s definitely not going to be easyThere’s the mysterious mage Leon I honestly don’t know what I should think of him but I may have developed Stockholm syndrome for him He’s part of the slave traders group that took Kemla but unlike the slave traders Leon doesn’t like hunting for children to coerce them into slavery and he doesn’t like mistreating them either He’s trying very hard to keep Kemla alive and unharmed yet he wouldn’t allow her to escape I’m definitely interested in this character and at the end of the book I wanted to know about him I hope I see of him in the seuelsI like Kemla and Leon and the rest of the characters were definitely an interesting bunch I like how the characters can be complicated ie kidnapping children yet having their own families not wanting to escape from slavery because she doesn’t want to go home etc I like the thoughts put into the situations in the story I like how most of the chapters are entitled “Life” ie Life as a slave Life with magic Life as a channeler etc The ending was a little anticlimactic but I liked it in a senseI can assure you that this book is good enough that I checked up on what’s coming next Book 2 isn’t fully done yet though so but it would be published in a few days or weeks I think I would just wait for it before actually reading the book because I’m not really fond of reading on my computer I snuck a peek though and saw a new character I didn’t want to spoil myself any further so I stopped lookingOVERALL I was pleasantly surprised by this book It’s not one that should be judged by its cover because it’s definitely far better The story follows Kemla’s journey as a captive slave where she learns about herself and her abilities With the help of her horse Lii and the mysterious mage Leon she’s able to persist in achieving her freedom There are compelling characters interesting concepts and a good plot line It’s not perfect but I thoroughly enjoyed it and I want to know about the characters magic and realms in this series I would certainly like to read the next book

  7. Amanda B Gillespie Amanda B Gillespie says:

    Cassandra Webb is a self proclaimed chocoholic and writer from the small coastal village of Narooma Australia She writes children’s and young adult fiction fantasy and picture books She also enjoys writing creative non fiction She grew up in rural and remote Australia and remembers riding horses working with helicopters and being homeschooled Now on the coast with her three children she enjoys the beaches in summer and the nearby snowy mountains in winter Adapted from her Goodreads bio blurb at is a strong 4 star rating novel despite the many grammatical errors and lack of proofreading and editing I know when further editions come out this will really become a top notch read for those that enjoy YA fantasy The storyline is awesome and the characters evoke many emotions and are relatable It is a story about magic and fear and hope and new awakening Kemla is a young woman that lives with her mom and sister and other kids she has saved along the way to keep them safe from the slave traders She has always had an extra ability to sense where others are and becomes aware her siblings are in trouble She is discovered while attempting to save the kids and is captured and taken a prisoner She connects with one of the slave traders and discovers he uses magic which is banned Those with magic are killed on sight This mage helps open her eyes to her potential We are left hanging and drooling for book two so that we can see what may come between Leon and Kemla and how Kemla will deal with the aftermath of this unwarranted capture Overall great job

  8. Charlotte Charlotte says:

    I received this in exchange for an honest reviewI am surprised by 'Life' a story with exciting mystery adventure I wasn't expecting it to be that great not something I thought I would be able to get intoThe story is about Kemla's journey as a captive slave where she tries to save her siblings who got captured by slave trader She was successful in saving them but got herself captured Time goes on she learns about herself her abilities The interesting part was the silence communication between herself her trusted horse Lii I also found myself very curious about the mysterious character Leon who himself is a slave trader but not like others of his groups He doesn't let Kemla go but protects her from others I will read the next in this seuel It did however take a while to get into I kinda found it strange with everything being shortened example ma da babe etc it's just not the way I'm used to reading but I did get into it after a whileI would recommend to others

  9. Irene Irene says:

    In Kemla Life we are introduced to Kemla a young girl who is already a skilled hunter She lives a relative uiet life with her mother and younger siblings until she ventures out too far one day and is captured by a group of slave traders I was glued to her tale from beginning to end wondering if and how she would escape from her captors What I found especially intriguing was how she could communicate using only her mind with her trusted horse Lii and a young trader named Leon Rugged and strong Leon can hold his own in the gang and yet is not a brute like the rest of them He foils Kemla's escape plans time and time again but still does his best to protect her from the others Who is he and what does he mean to Kemla? You'll have to read the story yourself and find out In all I highly recommend Kemla Life for anyone looking for adventure mystery and an overall good story

  10. C.P. Cabaniss C.P. Cabaniss says:

    I received a copy of this novel in exchange for an honest reviewOne thing that I really liked about this book was Kemla's bond with Lii This was nice for me because of the bond I have with my own horses Maybe different but same concept I wish there had been a bit explanation about this earlier in the novel The world building was the main thing that was lacking for me The beginning was rather confusing and I didn't feel like their was enough explanation about the world and magic until near the end The novel could also use a bit editing The biggest thing that I noticed and that kind of hugged me was the use of then and than These two words were constantly being swapped Again this wasn't a huge deal to me because it's an easy fix It was just an annoyance Overall I found some things interesting in this story but the development was too lacking for me to enjoy it

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