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The Verdict ✫ The Verdict Books ✭ Author Nick Stone – Terry Flynt is a struggling legal clerk desperately trying to get promoted And then he is given the biggest opportunity of his career to help defend a millionaire accused of murdering a woman in his h Terry Flynt is a struggling legal clerk desperately trying to get promoted And then he is given the biggest opportunity of his career to help defend a millionaire accused of murdering a woman in his hotel suiteThe only problem is that the accused man Vernon James turns out to be not only someone he knows but someone he loathes This case could potentially make Terry's career but how can he defend a former friend who betrayed him so badlyWith the trial date looming Terry delves deeper into Vernon's life and is forced to confront secrets from their shared past that could have devastating conseuences for them both For years he has wanted to witness Vernon's downfall but with so much at stake how can Terry be sure that he is guilty And what choices must he make to ensure that justice is done.

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  1. Carol Carol says:

    The Hook The publicity for this fast paced British legal thriller grabbed my attentionThe Line – ”You can’t cheat karma Can you?”The Sinker – With a title like The Verdict expectations to get to that ruling are high Sorry you’ll have to wait until uite a good portion of its 499 pages are read to get a ruling I’m certain many readers will think this book was long way too wordy perhaps a bit tedious even and could have done with a tighter editing Somehow this didn’t bother me and I just went along for the ride I liked Terry Flynt though at times I wanted to take him and shake him and ask him just what the heck he thought he was doing Here’s a guy in his late thirties who I had to wonder if he had ever grown up He gets a job as law clerk in a prestigious firm and has aspirations of gaining a nod for promotion to paralegal and paid tuition for a law degree Does he have the drive to reach that goal? Flynt is immediately immersed in a high profile case of the murder of a woman in a hotel room The suspect Vernon James has just received a distinguished honor ‘The Ethical Man of the Year' one never before given to a businessman It appears Vernon is not so ethical when a woman not his wife is found dead in bed When confronted by the police Verson weaves a strange tale and claims he neither slept in the bed nor with the woman Said woman Evelyn Bates 5’4” supposedly seen with James and wearing a green dress becomes key evidence was strangled with a belt and subjected to rough sex On the surface this seems like Vernon’s SOP but Bates is not his type He likes his women tall with long blonde hair and slender Now back to Flynt What Flynt never tells anyone in his office is that he knows the suspect and personally holds a long time grudge against James for getting him kicked out of Cambridge years ago Can he really help defend his ex friend a man he now despises and whose lifestyle appalls his senses? There are flaws here not everything works and it does get repetitive I liked most of the staff in Flynt’s law firm and enjoyed the courtroom scenes at Court 1 of The Old Bailey the judge jury prosecution and defense Violence to women SM several murders may nix this for some I didn’t find it overly graphic The causes and effect were probably outlined well but this along with the bad guys and conspiracy theories didn’t interest me that much Still I kept turning the pages I kept reading and in the end I enjoyed my introduction to Nick Stone Keep your eyes open for clues as they are thereNick Stone has one other book under his belt The Clarinet which won several awards including Macavity for best first novel Perhaps I’ll go back and read his debut If not I certainly will be waiting to see what else he writes The Verdict is a solid entry into the lawyerthriller genre

  2. Andre Gonzalez Andre Gonzalez says:

    What an incredibly entertaining story The Verdict tells the story of a murder trial told from the perspective of the defense team's clark The catchhe was childhood friends with the defendant and they both keep their past a secret from the rest of the team The clark Terry has grown a deep hatred for his old friend and enjoys the chance to have a front row seat to his murder trial Trying to juggle his job wife kids and a nagging pull for alcohol this legal thriller has something for everyone to relate It's fast paced and a lot of fun

  3. RoseMary Achey RoseMary Achey says:

    The Verdict is a British Legal Thriller I think it may be a US sleeper hitone of those Grishamesue type books that soon everyone will be reading It may be a bit long for US audiences at close to 500 pages but it is a terrific read and will keep you engaged till the very last page The narrator is a struggling law clerk Terry When his firm accepts a high profile case of a hedge fund multi millionaire accused of murdering a woman Terry realizes that this millionaire is his former best friend and school mate The story was multi layered really one story within the primary story Good writing with the main character very human and likable Interestingly this book was published as a paperback in 2014 and re released as a hardcover in early December 2015

  4. Liz Lazarus Liz Lazarus says:

    My favorite book of 2017 thus farThe Verdict is a bit long but it's a fascinating story with believable charactersBest of all the writing is divineChock full of fabulous similes metaphors great one liners and magnificent imagery such as you can't cheat karma alcoholics come in 2 flavors sweet or sour he had the personality of an irate viper caged in barbed wire the first fistfuls of dirt landed on his reputation he read my thoughts as clearly as if they were ticker taping across my forehead DNA stands for Do Not Argue her skin had the hue of day old boiled eggs they conferred over sharp whispers I thought of two snakes spitting venom at each other over a hot plateNeed I go on? Nick Stone's writing is so richAs an author myself I felt like I became a better writer just witnessing how well he crafted his story Bravo Sign me up for

  5. Mareli Thalwitzer Mareli Thalwitzer says:

    This was a real page turner for me It was a hectic two weeks so every spare second I had was spend on this book The Verdict is a fast pace action packed court room drama I used to love court room dramas I have no idea why I stopped reading them The setting is in the British juridical system and if you are not familiar with this court terminology if I can call it that it takes a few pages to get used to it As a South African there were a few very interesting twists that kept me glued to this novel The characters were all well developed with strong underlying suggestions of good is not always good and bad is not always that bad

  6. Liz Barnsley Liz Barnsley says:

    Coming February 2014 from SphereThank you to the author and publisher for the review copyTerry Flynt is a struggling legal clerk desperately trying to get promoted And then he is given the biggest opportunity of his career to help defend a millionaire accused of murdering a woman in his hotel suiteThe only problem is that the accused man Vernon James turns out to be Terry’s sworn enemy – a man who betrayed him and turned all his friends against him at university This case could potentially make Terry’s career but how can he defend a man that he loathes?So I love a good legal thriller I like SOME Grisham depending on how political it is and I used to adore Steve Martini’s Paul Madriani books until they became way too much about government conspiracy theories About the only legal thrillers I read these days belong to John Lescroart When I was lucky enough to get an advance copy of “The Verdict” I was very excited not least because Nick Stone’s Mr Clarinet was a wonderful read so I knew the writing standard would be highI loved it Immediately engrossed I could hardly bear to put it down Vernon James is accused of murder – he claims innocence but the evidence is overwhelming Terry knows Vernon of old – way back when Vernon destroyed his life When he is put on Vernon’s case Terry has to hide this old connection However the past is about to come back to haunt both of themSo well written and absolutely moving at a perfect pace with some really terrific characters I loved Christine and absolutely adored Terry himself he is so beautifully flawed in such a normal way this was a well drawn and compelling mystery thriller The courtroom scenes are genuinely exciting – and I do love that this is all set within the British legal system You may not get a “You can’t HANDLE the truth” moment because we British are not nearly so melodramatic but you do get real sense of urgency and are never sure what is comingThe resolution is clever and unexpected and I genuinely hope that Nick Stone will write legal based novels – certainly I would love to see Terry back again to find out how he gets onHappy Reading Folks

  7. Sandi Sandi says:

    This was enjoyable legal thriller though I did think it was a bit too long and some of the plot points too convoluted The best part was the trial section and I really liked most of the supporting characters

  8. Mal Warwick Mal Warwick says:

    It’s 2011 Maggie Thatcher lives at 10 Downing Street the recession is still in full swing and London is simultaneously preparing for the 2012 Summer Olympics and the royal wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton This all takes place in the background of Nick Stone’s excellent English courtroom drama The Verdict The book has been compared to the work of John Grisham and in many ways the comparison is aptDeadly secretsIn the midst of all the angst and confusion of that troubled year a law clerk named Terry Flynt is unexpectedly offered a dream opportunity by the prestigious firm where he works He is assigned to the defense team for Vernon James a multimillionaire accused of murdering a young woman There’s just one catch Terry has been concealing important facts about his past from his employers If those facts come out in the course of the case Terry’s career in the law will be summarily endedTo complicate matters further Terry and Vernon had been best friends growing up poor in a poverty stricken town in the hinterlands — until falling out in a dramatic way when both were in their first year at Cambridge University Terry was expelled from the university and he holds Vernon responsible Naturally he will be tempted to sabotage the case against his former friendCourtroom drama on steroidsThe case against Vernon James seems unassailable His motley defense team — a barrister risen from her deathbed a second chair “junior” in English courtroom parlance Terry and the solicitor who is head of the criminal practice at Terry’s firm — must somehow find ways to attack the police and prosecutor’s assertions and raise reasonable doubt As the case painstakingly moves through successive phases over several months Terry develops increasing doubt that Vernon is in fact guilty the evidence notwithstanding Gradually facts that undermine the prosecution emerge in the courtroom It’s fascinating to observe the interplay between the lawyers for the defense and the prosecution And the story is told in such detail that the stark differences between legal procedures in England and the United States come into clear focusHas the English language changed than I thought?For some unfathomable reason Stone repeatedly describes conversations among his characters as consisting of Smalltalk with a capital S Might this reflect a problem in the spellcheck utility on his computer? Smalltalk capital S is a computer programming language Casual superficial conversation is called small talk two words no capital S Unless the ueen’s English has drifted even farther from familiar territory than I was awareThere’s also a puzzling departure from accepted English grammar when Stone again and again notes that a character was sat instead of was sitting Perhaps this is another Britishism that has escaped me Please let me know if that’s the caseAbout the authorNick Stone has written three novels about a fictional American detective named Max Mingus The Verdict his fourth book is the first to be set in the UK despite the fact that Stone was born and educated in England

  9. Bonnie Brody Bonnie Brody says:

    Terry Flynt is a clerk in a large London legal firm He once was a student at Cambridge Law School but was thrown out when his best friend Vernon James unjustly accused him of stealing a notebook Since then he's hovered with shame over his head and has worked in a menial job with co workers he dislikes Then out of the blue his life changesVernon James is a very wealthy man and has just been awarded 'The Ethical Man of the Year' prize That same night however his life takes a drastic turn down hill A woman is found dead in his hotel room She has been drugged and there is evidence of rough sex prior to her death Terry is taken into custody and the police see it as a cut and dry case Terry's firm is representing Vernon and Terry is asked to be on the team The firm appears not to know his history with the defendant and his on going hatred for Terry who not only ruined his life by his false allegations but also married the woman he loved Joining Terry on the team are some uniue and uirky characters The main investigator Swayne a recovering alcoholic likes to spend his evenings in strip clubs The primary attorney for the defense is critically ill and on serious pain medication The alternate attorney rarely speaks Things just don't add up for Terry Why was he chosen to be on the team? Wasn't he vetted before hand? The book is exceedingly long and could have been better edited Like many procedurals and thrillers things are repeated as though the reader is not savvy enough to remember what they were told 50 pages previously This is a perfect airplane book It is a page turner has lots of twists and turns and it is almost impossible to guess where the novel is heading I did enjoy it but not enough to seek out the author's other books

  10. Barbara Barbara says:

    35 stars This is a wonderful courtroom fiction fast paced page turner of a novel It’s a bit long 499 pages but it doesn’t seem that long once you get into it It’s also a British novel with British legalcourt proceedings that differ from the USA legal mode Author Nick Stone does a fabulous job providing the reader with enough info to understand the legal nuisances Vernon James aka VJ is a millionaire businessman who is accused of brutally murdering a woman The reader gets VJ’s side of the story in the prologue of the novel From the start author Nick Stone writes VJ as an unflattering and unlikable character Terry Flynt a legal clerk who inadvertently gets on the case when he answers his colleague’s phone line has a history with VJ They both grew up on the streets of a poor area of London VJ got himself out of the projects while Terry suandered his chances The reader learns Terry harbors ill feelings for his childhood friendNick Stone doesn’t portray the law in a very flattering way Which is one of the reasons the novel is fun to read That plus VJ is a disgusting character who looks like he has been framed so as the reader you are ambivalent about his innocence Yet the plot has twists and turns which leaves the reader in uestion of VJ’s guiltThe courtroom scenes are the best The dialogue is uick and witty The pages fly by There are places that do drone on which distract from the story Yet all in all it’s well written and worth the timeI highly recommend it for those who love crime and courtroom fiction It’s worth the read Thank you Carol for giving this novel a great review that encouraged me to read it

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