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The Curses The Graces #2 [Read] ➳ The Curses The Graces #2 By Laure Eve – Picking up the pieces after the chilling events of the previous year isn’t easy but the Graces are determined to do it Wolf is back after a mysterious disappearance and everyone’s eager to return Picking up the pieces The Graces PDF/EPUB Ä after the chilling events of the previous year isn’t easy but the Graces are determined to do it Wolf is back after a mysterious disappearance and The Curses PDF/EPUB or everyone’s eager to return to normal Except for Summer the youngest Grace Summer has a knack for discovering the truth—and something is troubling her After a trail of clues leads her Curses The Graces PDF/EPUB æ to what could be the key to both her family’s mysterious past and the secret of Wolf she’s determined to vanuish yet another curse But exposing secrets is a dangerous game and it’s not one Summer can win aloneAt Summer’s behest the coven comes back together reluctantly drawing their erstwhile friend River back into the fold But Wolf’s behavior becomes unpredictable even as Fenrin’s strength fades and Summer must ask herself whether the friend she so loves is also planning her family’s ultimate cursed demiseThis riveting seuel to The Graces is saturated with magic the destructive cost of power the complications of family and the nature of forgiveness.

About the Author: Laure Eve

A French British hybrid The Graces PDF/EPUB Ä who grew up in Cornwall a place saturated with myth and fantasy Being a child of two cultures taught her everything she needed to know about The Curses PDF/EPUB or trying to fit in at the same time as trying to stand out She speaks English and French and can hold a vague conversation usually about food in GreekA random selection Curses The Graces PDF/EPUB æ of favourite things Terry Pratchett uotes characters with.

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  1. ☘Misericordia☘ ~ The Serendipity Aegis ~ ⚡ϟ⚡ϟ⚡⛈ ✺❂❤❣ ☘Misericordia☘ ~ The Serendipity Aegis ~ ⚡ϟ⚡ϟ⚡⛈ ✺❂❤❣ says:

    The old saying of 'Careful what you wish for' gets illustrated in all its glorious intensity Enakelgh covens Wishes as curses c all the tantalising things c There are of us сAnd when things do get out of hands well ‘Needs must when the devil drives’ cWe liked to allow our secret selves out of their everyday cages just for a little while cIt must be tough trying to diagnose a severe case of resurrection c‘Oh god it’s freezing’ ‘It’s bracing’ ‘Wake up weather’ c‘Names mould us We fit into our names our names don’t fit into us For example as I recall Fenrin’s is based on a Norse name that translates as “asshole”’ c‘And she does make things blossom’ I offered reasonably ‘Herbs Flowers The groinal regions of schoolboys’ c‘Something on my face? Chocolate? Blood? Invisible alien monster?’ cIt’s as if your outlines are somehow richer and brighter than everything else around you The witch bit of you – that intuition that power that ness of you all – it’s there all the time inside you like an innate part of you I want to be able to feel what you feel I want to be able to feel magic down in my blood’ cHe had a far passionate and intimate relationship with surfing than with me because the sport asked nothing of him cI knew what living under a curse felt like I did not curse people lightly cThen I sat on the rug underneath the bookcase drowsy winter light falling over my shoulders through the window Hot coffee steamed its way into the air from the mug at my hip Soft rain pattered at the glass and the sky was a bright dense grey at my back cWhatever else I would do with my life whatever else I would become inside me there was a bright burning core that whispered witch My desire for an existence that breathed was like a kidney or a lung – a vital part of my whole Without it I just wouldn’t work I wouldn’t be me cHow I loved knowing things that I was not supposed to know about cPeople tended to look at my sister and not see someone who should be taking advanced physics since making assumptions was one of everyone’s favourite pastimes c‘I don’t think you’re making it obvious enough that a boy is breaking into my room’ ‘Could you be a bit louder?’ cDo you want to come along with me now?’Ah A statement phrased as a uestion giving the illusion of choice c‘Sir’ I said ‘Satan is a fictional device created by uptight conservatives for the pure purpose of keeping tortured guilty little sinners in line He’s not part of our “alternative lifestyle” because we don’t believe he exists’ cPower thrives on secrets and mystery Speak the truth of something and rob it of power It is one of the oldest and simplest magics there isI needed to speak the truth cI had never been known for my sense I had talked freely about power about magic about passion and desire and I refused to feel embarrassed or ashamed about doing so cWhat I admired most about the plan we came up with to get ourselves a permanent exit from this school was that it pleasingly utilised all three of the headmaster’s favourite things bonding team building and communication cA self loathing gold star for you’‘Girl I already got a full set’‘Let’s start a club The Self Loathing Club’‘Membership is free The whole school will probably join’ c‘You have something to say you can say it here because I’m not moving I don’t have any cat killing tips You’ll just have to google it’ сI was the kind of dragon who hoarded secret truths over gold cWitches do not like to owe anyone and no one should ever owe a witch cA comfortable haze settled behind my eyes stretching and compressing the time and space around us The world beyond lay behind a curtain I didn’t want to open с‘When you have to upend the laws of nature you need someone so powerful that reality finds itself bending to fit around their desire Of course finding someone like that is hardly easy’ cIf you thought something was going to turn out badly it very often would Whether it was the power of suggestion or something deeper we all had an immense capacity to shape our lives Given the choice I’d rather live in hope than in fear You keep treating someone like a monster pretty soon everyone will believe it cOur grandmother had had a maxim on desire To inflame it you drank fresh mint tea made with leaves picked straight from the plant because as everyone knew mint was just like desire – if left unchecked it ran wild and fast through a whole garden muscling every other thing out of its way until one day mint was all you had leftDesire was a tricky thing and should never be left unchecked but magic couldn’t manifest without it Want created will and will led to action which was all magic was reduced to its simplest form change in the way the witch wanted itWhere there is desire there is usually magic cWe would lie on our backs staring at the bright vast scatter of lights above us making up our own stories of how the constellations came to be cHe was an air witch He felt things pushed by currents of the unseen like seaweed by water but it hadn’t seemed that way in a long time cTime had brought a folding inward instead of outward cThe trees could feel me the same way I could feel them and we liked the experience cI had practiced turning my mind’s eye upward picturing a black velvet sky speckled with points of light some clustered some sparkling at me I had felt the enormity of the universe and I drew comfort from it The woods felt like breathing and thinking of stars Sometimes you didn’t need to focus to feel magic You just needed to be in a place that breathed it out cShe knew things about me secret things I had never told anyone before cNathaniel had painted the answer right into the cards and I still hadn’t seen it сThe universe did seem to love a teachable moment с depending on what truth you chose to see about her сIt didn’t take long or it took forever it was hard to say in the twilight world of inside At some point my eyes closed and my mind unanchored itself and night could have turned to day again in the sky and still I’d be sitting here breathing and thinking of stars just like my father had taught meThe ritual had its own pull like gravity like a tidal wave as sure as the sunset and the moonrise Enakelgh was pure unfettered desire Stifling it only ensured that it overwhelmed you cTruth was not a cure but it was a damn good start Luckily as I kept pointing out just in case no one noticed I was really really into the truth cWe aren’t cursed we’re just dangerous – to others and to one another cYou had to be careful with words – they held so much power Words transmitted ideas and ideas could do everything from changing one life to changing the course of historyWords are one of the world’s strongest magics cYou spent your childhood waiting to become an adult; you waited for that moment when everything suddenly made sense when you fitted like a key into a lock and the doors of the world opened up before youBut eventually you looked around and realised that the becoming was a lie Everyone simply stumbled blindly into adulthood the same way they stumbled blindly through childhood No one became cAnd in the end maybe that truth was not mine to have c‘This house – haven’t you ever noticed how it keeps us contained? Why do you think I don’t like you leaving it? It’s not just us that gets hurt is it? It’s other people Outsiders’ c Ok now this is one claustrophobic ideaIn the meantime we could still party cThe masks would help to shift tonight out of the everyday Protected by a mask or a character you could be brave You could become anything You were free from yourself cThe trick is simply to try c a highly unusual proliferation of magical things happened across the entire town One hundred and twenty four people said ‘I love you’Four hundred and eleven people said ‘I’m sorry’ and they were forgivenFifty six people said ‘I’m sorry’ and they were not yet forgiven but the apology provided the release that people needed Two male priests from different religions snuck away together late that evening and eloped Ninety one people looked at the full moon at different times and realised that the world is an extraordinary place cThey are few and far between these magical moments that make us ache fiercely hard to create and even harder to sustain Each moment is finite – they have to be since a thing that goes on forever is a thing you can no longer call specialSo happiness cannot be a constant – but then neither can pain and though in its midst it feels like it will last forever this is always a lie There is no happiness without pain no love without hate no power without conseuence One highlights the other and makes you aware of each They are connected twinned forever If you want one you get bothThere are no do overs and there is never any going back But there is always forwards because the world keeps going always forwards and you can go with it If you want if you have the courageYou’ll have scars No getting around that But then scars I have decided make you interesting anyway Who wants to be perfect? Perfection is complete Perfection is closed Perfection then is death Much better to be changeable improvable a constant openWe are none of us either good or bad but curious and wildJoyful and unafraid cWe climbed the dunes in silence c

  2. C.G. Drews C.G. Drews says:

    Everything about the aesthetics of this book absolutely fills my soul It's witchy and deeply magical it's deliciously vibrant and so sensory that I can always taste the mulberries and smell the herbs with them The entire book is a feast of powerand selfishness and insecurity and grief And gughsgh I just love that And honestly I've been waiting for this book since 2016 so finally getting to read it made my heart beat so much fasterAlso having it narrated by Summer was amazing because she is easily one of the most epic people I did however feel this was actually Fenrin's story? So I'm curious about why Summer narrated insteadBut we got WAY of the Graces It's such a story about siblings and how their hearts were bound together but how also they knew the best ways to hurt each other I justI really love sibling focused stories particularly if the siblings are witches I will be real that I felt gutted by the ending thoughlike I have no idea if I'm in the wrong here but I just felt ueerbaited view spoiler Especially since Wolf is firmly dead so it a buries its gays and b Summer announces at the end that she doesn't love River and they're just sisters after it was building up their romance the whole time in the first book I just😐I felt so thoroughly gutted when I finished hide spoiler

  3. lexi *✭˚・゚✧*・゚*✭˚・゚✧*・゚* lexi *✭˚・゚✧*・゚*✭˚・゚✧*・゚* says:

    I only want to read this because of the ending of the first book Nothing else

  4. falling asleep reading falling asleep reading says:

    I think this book went in a very different direction from what the author had originally planned From what I remember this was supposed to be released early 2017 and was pushed back to early 2019? Two whole years and ummmm it kind of shows The story was enjoyable nonetheless just not what I was expecting I guess At least we finally know River’s birth name

  5. Lizzy (Bent Bookworm) Lizzy (Bent Bookworm) says:

    Review first appeared on The Bent BookwormBe forewarned there is swearing involved in this review because umWhat TF just happenedI really wanted to review The Curses without giving spoilers for the first one The Graces but it’s so damn difficult because you absolutely cannot be reading this one without reading the first Please don’t even try So yes there are some spoilery comments for the FIRST book contained in this review You should be tolerant of every kind of behaviorexcept ignorance and stupidity No one should ever tolerate behavior that ruin the worldThis book is so much better than the first SO MUCH Like so much I want to hug it Once I started it I finished in less than a day I could barely put it down I wanted so much to know what the heck was going on Considering my “meh” feelings over the first book I am just ecstatic that this one pulled the story out off the runaway train track In fact had it not been for the TOTAL shocker at the end of The Graces I probably wouldn’t have picked this one up But I think you would have to be just about inhuman to not be overcome by curiosity about that endingThe Curses picks up a few months after the events of The Graces and this time is written from the perspective of Summer the youngest Grace This was soooo much better than the narrative voice in the first book I really hate unreliable narrators it makes me feel like my entire life is a lie so I was relieved that Laure Eve didn’t repeat that in this book We also spend almost no time at the school in this one – hallelujahThalia Fenrin Summer River and Wolf are all active players once again but they are uite changed by the previous events and are all coping in various ways Wolf’s dramatic disappearance and subseuent reappearance has cast a shadow of sorts over the entire town and the Grace household bears the brunt of it Everything is different with an undercurrent of ill feeling but no one seems able to uite put a finger on the cause Summer ever curious and following her gut digs and probes until she has her siblings just as involved as herself and eventually River gets dragged back into their circle as wellTime had brought a folding inward instead of outward They had trapped themselves in a relentless limbo of deliberate numbness Too afraid to feel too afraid to let goThe magical realism in this story is wellso very real The Graces are pagan witches – which is an actual thing and I have friends who follow practices very similar and often with similar reactions from the general public sadly as far as the herbal magick and belief in binding etc However none of them – as far as I’m aware – actually think there is a way or if they did would ever actually TRY to resurrect anyone Which is where the magical or fantasy if you will part comes into play Also the “power” of various witches to bend events or the future to their will such as River particularly is set firmly in the realm of fantasy The use of tarot cards spells wardings and bindingsnot so much Perhaps it is the slightly blurry line between the two that allows this story to pull you in so very well At times I variously felt the hairs on the back of my neck raise as though I’d been punched in the gut and as if my blood was actually turning cold in my veins Some of the events are just almost too much to bear as the pain and loss with accompanying grief is completely palpable through the pageMy favorite part of this book though? The sibling solidarity The Graces have each others’ backs no matter what and they will go down without even a peep to protect one another Even if they fight and bicker like any siblings if anyone else threatens one of them the outsider uickly wishes they hadn’t And when one of them is in serious trouble the others think nothing of getting into trouble right alongside themThe events really just come one right after another in this one with none of the drag I felt in the first book Also the foreshadowing – maybe Laure Eve should take up writing suspense or thrillers because OMG the cellar scene where all the lies come out was INTENSE and I was just left with my jaw hanging openand then I realized like Summer did that HOLY SHIT IT WAS THERE ALL ALONG55 stars I really can’t think of anything bad to say about this one Which totally surprises me given that I had uite a few bones to pick with The Graces The Curses is full of amazing uotes and feelings and the ending – while it left me feeling sad and melancholy – was really full of closure and not without hope The author seems to have worked out just about all the things that made me twitch in the first book and I was just left with a massive hole in my heart for all the things the characters went throughOh and once again let’s end with a note about this freaking fabulous cover I am obsessed and I can’t WAIT to have this sitting beside The Graces on my shelf because they look absolutely stunning togetherBlog | Twitter | Bloglovin | Instagram | GoogleRTC So much happier with this one than the first Night and day differenceCouldn't for the life of me remember how the first book ended had to go back and read my old review Hahahaha Oh boy

  6. Nemo (The Moonlight Library) Nemo (The Moonlight Library) says:

    This review was originally posted on The Moonlight LibraryThe Curses is the seuel to The Graces told from the point of view of the youngest Grace sibling air witch Summer With the time elapsed between releases I did re read The Graces I planned on doing a light skimming re read but it sucked me in and I really enjoyed it probably the second time that I did the first It made me even excited and eager to dive into The CursesWith the return of Wolf Summer is invested than ever in breaking the apparent curse on the Grace family The curse that means when a Grace falls in love one of the couple will die She enlists the help of River and Marcus and with a little snooping discovers a new player who might be able to help Meanwhile something is wrong with Wolf and Fenrin and it may all be linked Summer has a knack for finding the truth so she's on the caseI love the atmosphere this novel evokes I have no trouble imagining a small British town right near the beach and the oppression and moody feelings it evokes I loved the descriptions and I feel like I know the Grace house and its yard I can see it so well in my mind's eyeThis book is much paranormal than magical realism after the ending in The Graces confirms the existence of magic in this world we see of it performed by this little coven It removed a huge element of the 'woooo mysterious Graces everyone worships' to have the book from Summer's point of view but it really did work to see everything about the infamous Graces from an insider's point of view Especially since she kinda knows how everyone treats the Graces but she grew up with it and likes it and it was especially satisfying to see the Graces lose some of that power at timesI found I enjoyed The Curses than The Graces probably because Summer's character is consistent and less confusing than River In The Graces River is a highly unlikeable hypocrite who simultaneously hates everyone and wants everyone to love and admire her She hates the girls who are attracted to Fenrin yet the entire plot is triggered by her desire for him Summer in comparison is an unapologetic wannabe badass who openly admits the darkness within her and never pretends or tries to be something other than what she is I found that the exploration into why Summer and even Fenrin were drawn to River was interesting and helped explain things in The Graces that River as an unreliable narrator deliberately left out In contrast Summer is a truthful narrator and I feel that we always saw the real herHowever consistency was still an issue in this novel In The Graces Esther knew about Fenrin and Wolf and very nearly said it was 'disgusting' Why then would she allow Wolf to stay in her house? To allow Wolf and Fenrin to continue their relationship? She's seemingly OK with it and it's so weird especially since her earlier homophobia seems to have 'magically' disappeared Summer claims that the siblings all worked together to hide it from their parents which doesn't line up with what Esther knew in The GracesAnother thing that bothered me was that one of the characters was 16 when his love interest died at age 23 That's a pretty huge age difference and it didn't seem to be an issue at all But at the same time the narrative also suggested they were the same age so some consistency here would be niceHowever I found the exploration of the theme of forgiveness really strong and I could feel a lot of empathy for both Summer and River I absolutely loved the fierceness of the love for family even if that family was broken and I don't necessarily mean blood family I mean Summer's coven Summer loves fiercely and I loved seeing her relationships come to play in this novelOverall I was super excited to read this book and I'm really glad I did I think if you've read and enjoyed The Graces you'll probably also really enjoy The Curses I know I didAlso these covers are just PHENOMENAL Not the colourful ones the ones with just the metallic text WOW I love them

  7. Samantha (WLABB) Samantha (WLABB) says:

    Kiersten and I both really enjoyed the first book in this series and couldn't wait to return to the world of The Graces Eve switched things up a bit with book two and I really enjoyed the changesOne of the biggest changes was that the story was told by Summer This really changed the whole tone of the book for me Summer was a Grace and watching the story unfold from an insider's point of view versus an outsider's point of view really shed some light on a lot of different things And let's face it this story focuses on a curse which affects the Grace family and therefore the story should be told by one of their ownThe other difference that really stood out to me was that this one felt like of a mystery than the previous book There were uite a few things the siblings were trying to fix First and foremost they were trying to solve the problem of Wolf and that led them to researching the family curse which subseuently led to the discovery of some cool magic and how it was linked to a horrible event in the Grace family history But the mystery continued from there and I really enjoyed following the path as the Graces uncovered and pieces of that puzzleThe Curses also had all those things I loved from the first book This book was brimming with magic and Eve did such a fabulous job wrapping it around me She painted many a mysterious and etherial scene which kept me captivated and wanting to know We also got a different look into the Grace family dynamic and I really enjoyed this view into the sibling bondThe ending was rather sweet too After all the darkness and loss it was a nice way to leave that world There was redemption rekindled love and revelations which was all served up with a dash of hopeARC provided in exchange for an honest review BLOG | INSTAGRAM |TWITTER | BLOGLOVIN | FRIEND ME ON GOODREADS

  8. Mizuki Mizuki says:

    Review for book 1 the witchcraft went wrong disaster at the end of book 1 the witchy Grace couple decided to send their three witchy children to ayou guessed it a boarding school But the youngest of the siblings Summer felt something was still amiss among the three Grace children and their old neighborhood and this oddity might have something to do with River Page the new girl in school who seems to have outstanding talent on witchcraftMore to come

  9. Sam & Isabelle (CapuletReads) Sam & Isabelle (CapuletReads) says:

    When I found out there was going to be another book in this series I was first and foremost baffledThe first book to this series The Graces was a mess that I only picked up because of the gorgeous cover which was the only thing I liked When I saw The Curses I decided to give the series another chance The first book may have been a mess but maybe the second would be coherentIt wasn’tLike the first book the plot kept changing over and over I often found myself confused at what the characters were trying to achieve At first it was that River was a danger and it was up to them to make sure they bind her powers then they suddenly became obsessed with their dead cousin and finding out about her and then surprise a trickster spirit comes out of nowhere and they have to get rid of that The climax of the book is the Graces defeating the spirit yet it only becomes the focus at the end of the book not in the beginningAnother thing about this book that frustrates me is so much of it feels like it keeps forgetting its own plot and follows white rabbits that don’t help move the story along There were even times that importantinteresting scenes were left out such as the binding scene something the characters had spent a large chunk of time debating over I can’t tell if the book was written or edited poorlyEither way the book is a total miss

  10. Ellie (faerieontheshelf) Ellie (faerieontheshelf) says:

    ↠ 4 stars Laure Eve works a really wonderful story full of magical fabulism but this one is likely a lot digestible for most because the narrator isn’t River like it was in the prior book but Summer who is easily likeable I actually liked River’s unreliability as a narrator but I do think Summer’s voice is better in this story as she’s closer to the issue in this book One of the things I liked about the previous book and this one too is the focus on friendship rather than romance Here the sibling relationship between the Graces is one of my favourite aspects of the book Summer doesn’t really have a love interest and all her actions are motivated by a desire to protect her family and that’s something I don’t see enough of in YAI streamed through the plot very uickly and loved the idea of enakelgh It was also cool seeing River from a different perspective; her narrative made her feel like uite a vindictive person but from Summer’s point she seemed less dangerous and lostcalmcontrolled On that note actually I did really like the uestioning that sometimes arose about whether someone deserved redemption for an evil act that they had previously committed TL;DR A solid seuel that I really enjoyed especially with the focus of sibling relationships and with an ending that wraps up the whole series well because I assume this is the final book?

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