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10 thoughts on “Go, Ivy, Go! (Ivy Malone Mysteries, #5)

  1. Lyn Lyn says:

    Another wonderful cozy mystery by Lorena McCourtney This is the final story in the Braxton family vs Ivy Malone And was there any doubt about who would prevail? Still the story is filled with twists and turns that left me guessing to the end And who but Ivy Malone could return to her home after years on the run only to find a body in her bathtub??? A story filled with true emotion and uirky characters and puzzle after puzzle and of course ROMANCE Mac finds he can't do without his ivy fix Highly recommend this whole series and the next one The Mac and Ivy Mysteries

  2. Denise Denise says:

    An awesome ending waiting on a new beginningI have now finished the Ivy Malone series and I completely enjoyed each one Ivy is funny adventurous and full of spunk These books always make me laugh out loud This is a great conclusion to the Braxton threat and I look forward to the Mac Ivy mysteries

  3. Catherine Leggitt Catherine Leggitt says:

    I was thrilled to discover that Lorena McCourrtney had penned another Ivy Malone mystery I LOVE this character Ivy Malone is smart and savvy old fashioned in a charming sort of way and a great amateur sleuth Good thing that because she seems to have a penchant for stumbling on dead bodies With her mutant curiosity gene she cannot walk away from these challenges and her antics in solving crime are often hilariousIn this 5th mystery she is still being chased by the Braxton family a nefarious brood of do baders who somehow manage to hunt her down and turn up at inopportune times Even after she bought a motorhome and took off traveling around the country the danger from the Braxtons continued This family holds grudges for a very long timeAided by her long time love interest Mac McPherson Ivy bumbles through clue finding with the doggedness of a blood hound No matter that the authorities treat her as if she's a bit off her rocker Ivy perseveres Oh and did I mention Ivy is in her 70s?She's not your typical old lady though And this adventure did not disappoint Matter of fact I'll probably read it again

  4. Linda Linda says:

    I love Ivy MaloneThere is something about these Ivy books that I find totally mesmerizing Despite the incredible situations that Ivy always falls into she is so very real that you feel like you could sit down and talk to her about anything With the happy ending of this book I fear the Ivy stories are at an end and if so I am really going to miss her

  5. Kelly Kelly says:

    Another great Ivy Malone mystery Loose ends were finally wrapped up to a satisfying conclusion I am looking forward to Ivy and Mac mysteries that were teased at the back of the book

  6. Teri Pre Teri Pre says:

    I love LOLs Little Old Ladies

  7. Kathy Phillips Kathy Phillips says:

    Clever EndingI followed Ivy through 5 novels and enjoyed the journey as she attempted to solve murders without becoming a victim herself The characters are well described and you become part of the adventure However the last chapter is not developed well It just placed the 2 main characters in a small town and you don't know what Ivy and her fellow will do next So the ending was a downer

  8. Jessica Gintner Jessica Gintner says:

    I had read the other books in this series thought the author was leaving Ivy stranded wasn't adding any to the series But I suddenly discovered she did add another volume after almost 10 years This has some of the funniest lines that made me LOL that was laugh out loud not little old lady 😊 In the end it looks as if this series has morphed into a new series Mac Ivy Hoping to find that series to see if they are as good together as Ivy was on her own

  9. Kendall L. Mann Kendall L. Mann says:

    Stubborn once againVery entertaining but find it unbelievable that anyone would stay in a place multiple people are trying to kill you in And if they are so clever as to uickly find you they would repeatedly fail The Lord is indeed on our side but whenever we blatantly disregard inspiration there are conseuences That being said great characters to get attached to

  10. Beth Kaminske Beth Kaminske says:

    The endI guess the end of a series is generally the weakest Though the last part with TashaTammy and Ivy and Imogene I found amusing To much of the book just seemed like to much rehashing of the earlier stories in this series

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Go, Ivy, Go! (Ivy Malone Mysteries, #5) ❰BOOKS❯ ✬ Go, Ivy, Go! (Ivy Malone Mysteries, #5) Author Lorena McCourtney – Thomashillier.co.uk Ivy Malone is back This invisible LOL little old lady has been on the run hiding out from the vengeful Braxtons for almost three years now With an unlikely propensity for getting tangled up in murder Ivy Malone is back This invisible LOL little old lady has been on the run hiding out from the vengeful Braxtons for almost three years now With an unlikely propensity for getting tangled up in murder and with the threat of the Braxtons always on her heels they have not been dull years Friend boyfriend Mac MacPherson is usually around too hints of marriage occasionally surfacing but always sinking But Ivy's longing for home back in Missouri has been growing ever stronger Now with the Braxtons' interest in her apparently over a letter offering to buy her Go, Ivy, MOBI :↠ house and a sign from the Lord she happily decides it's time to return home Mac however is less than happy about her decision When she heads for Missouri he goes a different direction a parting with a dark finality Okay fine She can live without Mac can't she Once back on Madison Street the area looks rundown than when she left and her house a little shabby but she's still so very glad to be home Until she discovers an unpleasant surprise in the upstairs bathtub a surprise that makes her wonder if she misinterpreted the sign from the Lord and maybe coming home was a big mistake Because it definitely appears she has not been forgotten by the Braxtons after all.

  • Kindle Edition
  • 216 pages
  • Go, Ivy, Go! (Ivy Malone Mysteries, #5)
  • Lorena McCourtney
  • English
  • 02 May 2015