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  1. Deborah Swift Deborah Swift says:

    I enjoyed this book which tells the unknown stories of suffragists as opposed to suffragettes in the early twentieth century and WWI It is well researched and peppered with interesting facts and figures that do not distract from the main arc of the story The political situation in England was described in a way that made you understand the different factions pulling the strings The love story was believably drawn and the courtship appropriate for the era I did feel that it lost its way about two thirds through where it became a little long drawn out but it rallied again near the end to provide a satisfying conclusion

  2. Susan Susan says:

    I chose this for our Reading Group this month and really enjoyed it It was longer than I thought it was going to be from the listing that we have but was a couldn't put down once you get into it type of book From what I have heard as our group doesn't meet for another few days the others seem to have enjoyed it as well will find out for sure Tuesday

  3. Cheryl Kent Cheryl Kent says:

    This was a book of two halves for me I enjoyed learning a little about the suffragists and exploring the role of women in the first world war it even packed in the mis trial of a soldier for desertion But for me the romance element was poor ridiculous in places and reduced the female character

  4. Cocopopalicious Cocopopalicious says:

    Fabulous historical romance well researched and well written Like 'Parades End' only a much easier read Would love books based on these characters

  5. Nery Nery says:

    Algo aburrido

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Avenging Angels ☉ [PDF / Epub] ☆ Avenging Angels By Glen Davies ❤ – Thomashillier.co.uk London 1914 Even before the outbreak of war 1914 has not been a good year for Sylvia Shaw Her comfortable family life has gone prosperity lost in the court case that drained the life from her father a London Even before the outbreak of war has not been a good year for Sylvia Shaw Her comfortable family life has gone prosperity lost in the court case that drained the life from her father and saw the end of her engagement to Hugh Osborne And now her brothers are off to war The cause for which she had worked as a Suffragist is gone too The campaign for Votes for Women has been laid aside for the duration of the war but not before it exacted a terrible toll on her Now she must struggle to find work and rebuild some kind of life If it’s work that helps the war effort then so much the better But first she needs a decent place to live and there are pitfalls for a vulnerable single woman in London particularly in the Bohemian world of artist Octavius Jameson Max Bryson the lawyer who represented her family in the court case before the war has mixed feelings at first about working with Lloyd George for the war effort but soon decides that this is the right man to shake up Asuith’s government perhaps even the right man to lead the country in its hour of need Max has also known tragedy and is still striving to solve tangled family relationships of his own but he has never forgotten Sylvia How can a woman disappear so suddenly and so completely Will his search for her have to be put on one side for the duration And even if he finds her can two so very different people ever find a common cause in the turmoil of war Praise for Glen Davies ‘A fresh and enjoyable novel’ Sunday Times ‘Engrossing social history and a first rate love story an absorbing plot’ Publishers Weekly ‘Makes for fine reading recommended for fiction collections’ US Library Journal ‘Engages the head as well as the heart’ Northern Echo ‘A captivating story’ – Booklist ‘A moving story the author really knows her stuff’ Reay Tannahill Glen Davies is an Anglo Welsh writer Glen worked in teaching in the theatre and as a hypnotherapist while finding the time to write a number of novels five of which have already been published Glen now lives close to the beautiful Gower peninsula and combines writing and hypnotherapy with tranuil coastal walks.

  • Kindle Edition
  • 484 pages
  • Avenging Angels
  • Glen Davies
  • English
  • 05 March 2016