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10 thoughts on “The Time Hunters and the Lost City (Time Hunters, #5)

  1. Kath Middleton Kath Middleton says:

    If you’ve followed the exploits of Becky Joe and their Uncle Percy you’ll know what a tangled plot Carl Ash is capable of weaving I started this book wondering if he’d be able to pull it all out of the hat and I can safely say he really did There are numerous world myths and legends which have crept into this five part tale and it’s the work of a patient and persistent author who has crafted it all into a coherent whole We begin the story with Sir Walter Raleigh on the brink of his execution and he passes on a secret which finally Becky and her brother unravel This brings them to the last of the Eden Relics – the Sacred Chalice Their enemy Emerson Drake and his side kick Otto Kruger are determined on world domination and look as if they will achieve it This is an action packed adventure and is suitable for all ages from teens upwards I’ve enjoyed it all and one of the things which makes the series stand out is that it emphasises the power of loyalty friendship and love People can be cynical about these but they are the attributes that make our lives worth living Carl Ash’s young people are totally believable and we all wish we’d had an Uncle Percy The end of the book is the culmination of the series and it’s been a great ride I heartily recommend itI received a copy pre publication for review purposes

  2. Deb Coombes Deb Coombes says:

    Fantastic book I just didn't want it to end I have loved all 5 books and can't say there has been one that has been dull I've read other series books before and usually there is a book just linking things together and is abit boring but none of these are I loved the climax towards the end and without giving away spoilers I noticed my eyes becoming rather watery I wish these could good on forever and will miss reading Uncle Percy Becky Joe's adventures as they always seem to get me back to reading

  3. Meryl Meryl says:

    I'm giving this 4 stars because I enjoyed the ride But view spoiler I couldn't help but think that if Percy Becky and Jon hadn't gotten involved at all then Drake would have gotten all the relics sooner still have blown himself up and there would have been a lot less death Also Kruger probably would have made the attempt seconds later and also died so hide spoiler

  4. Sharri Williams Sharri Williams says:

    Great ending to an incredible journeyI loved this series and I am hoping for books with these characters After all there are no boundaries of time the author has to worry about Lol

  5. Faye Grandon Faye Grandon says:

    I am in 3 grade I have read the whole series and all are great I love this book because it has one mystery through the whole series I want books because Becky never developed all her powers and Joe never again will see Will

  6. Karate337 Karate337 says:

    Fascinating booksI have never reviewed a book before therefore that must say something about this series Very well written adventure with lots of humor I enjoyed them a great deal

  7. Emma Emma says:

    I loved this final book in the series I took my time though as I didn't want them to end

  8. Sasush Sasush says:

    A marvelous ending to a fantastic series More

  9. Charlottec Charlottec says:

    Fantastic storyline I just finished reading all 5 books to my daughter and I think it's safe to say that we both enjoyed them immensely The plot is well thought out and hugely creative and the characters distinctly defined and developed The books are wonderful for any age between around 67 to 1314 having said that I'm 28 and found them very entertainingThe only thing I think needs a little revision is the editing; I'm an English teacher and am therefore uite a stickler for writing errors and I did spot a few They don't impact the uality of the story telling howeverThanks for such great bedtime entertainment I truly am sad that I must now find a new series

  10. Miss K A Price Miss K A Price says:

    AwesomeI have loved this series I am not usually one for 'teen' fantasy but I have really enjoyed this series Nd this final book does not disappoint I I've the way the characters and plot has developed through the books in a way which is somehow totally believable and keeps you constantly interested without super obvious plot twists Would recommend to all especially readers of the industry of magic and maybe Harry Potter it's completely different but I think you will enjoy it just as much

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The Time Hunters and the Lost City (Time Hunters, #5) ❴PDF / Epub❵ ★ The Time Hunters and the Lost City (Time Hunters, #5) Author Carl Ashmore – ‘The Time Hunters and the Lost City’ is the fifth book in the bestselling Time Hunters Saga On a school trip to London Becky Mellor witnesses the sheer ambition and brutality of Emerson Drake firs ‘The Time Hunters and the Hunters and MOBI î Lost City’ is the fifth book in the bestselling Time Hunters Saga On a school trip to London Becky Mellor witnesses the sheer ambition and brutality of Emerson Drake first hand when she is involved in the greatest terror attack in world history So begins the most explosive Time Hunters adventure yet – a story that takes Becky Joe The Time Epub / and Uncle Percy to Jacobean England the American Old West and the legendary city of El Dorado in a search for The Sacred Chalice – a relic commonly known as The Holy Grail The clock stops Praise for The Time Hunters Series 'From every angle it’s an excellent work' KIRKUS REVIEWS awarded the KIRKUS STAR 'I really enjoyed reading THE TIME HUNTERS You start off Time Hunters and PDF È the action with a bang drawing the reader in right away Your writing is strong and in places has a classic feelIt has terrific potential' HARPER COLLINS Carl Ash has written an entertaining book that children will love READERS FAVOURITE This book is now my all time favorite Blending fantasy sci fi and folklore Carl Ash created the perfect Time Hunters and the Lost ePUB ½ setting for all ages LITPICK Reviewer Time Hunters and the Lost ePUB ½ 'This is a wonderful adventure It has the magic of Lewis Carroll and Kenneth Grahame the inventiveness of Roald Dahl and the writing skill of Rudyard Kipling in my opinion It is the natural successor to Harry Potter Brilliant'.

  • Kindle Edition
  • 294 pages
  • The Time Hunters and the Lost City (Time Hunters, #5)
  • Carl Ashmore
  • English
  • 04 May 2015

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