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  1. Hilcia Hilcia says:

    I enjoyed reading all 17 short stories essays andor articles in Best Gay Stories 2015 ed by Steve BermanIt has been said that life is nothing than an accumulation of moments or events some pivotal in a lifetime while others just occur with no real beginning or end I am always searching for short pieces capturing those uniue or pivotal moments in a character's or a real person's life and for authors with the talent to write in the spare well constructed elegant prose necessary to create gems out of those pivotal or flash in the pan moments Personally I prefer stories that wring a response from me thought provoking positive negative emotional I found much of or all of what I search for between the pages of this anthology Here are a few examplesOuting by Allan Radcliffe is hard to forget as it tenderly focuses on a special moment in the life of an established older gay couple whose first kiss in public is inspired by two young men kissing at a train station Touching and beautiful In Lovely Company by Ron Schafrick a too cautious man makes the wrong decisions for his father and himself This sad realistic piece made me think about the importance of taking risks living and enjoying the moment LifeWhat Did I Know? by Joseph RG DeMarco is a profoundly thoughtful and intimate piece A childhood trauma causes Joseph to suffer from fear of death abandonment and being forgotten He believes that romantic love is the answer to his personal terrors However it is after losing his long time partner while going through the grieving process that Joseph comes to understand the true meaning of love and finally sheds his fears The intimacy of this piece engenders a connection with the reader Personally I re read the last page countless timesStories I Tell My Friends by Richard Bowes is a compulsive read not only because of the content but because of the style in which it is written Set in Boston this is a string of stories within a story narrated by the author They are recollections of events that took place during the narrator's childhood and young adulthood while his family moved from place to place The narrator's father cops firemen and actors feature prominently Events are intertwined as one story runs into the next until Bowes makes a final point This is an excellent example of uniue short story construction I mention aboveThe Case for PrEP How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love HIV Positive Guys by Evan J Peterson is an article in which the author makes his case for the drug Truvada The essay lists points made against the drug however in general it has a positive slant for its usage and interviews numbers percentages etc are utilized throughout the article for this purpose Peterson documents his own choice to use Truvada and the stigma that follows those who make the decision to do so He gives examples such as public judgments made against it Truvada has been called the whore pill as well as the fear driven negative responses to a drug that allows gay men to have unprotected sex without fearing HIV infection Informative and thought provokingNeedle by Peter Dubé is a story about a sex driven highly volatile relationship based on addiction and mutual violence This intensely disturbing piece is deeply memorable so because Dubé keeps the reader on edge to the very end by utilizing two different settings a skewed first point of view narrative and a silence presence that makes a strong impact Excellent read Skin by Joe Okonkwo actually wrung a wow from me at the end of this piece Oh the hypocrisy Okonkwo focuses on ageism and the gay community's iconisation of the perfect body He touches all the important points ie the invisibility factor and the effect it has on men after they reach a certain age as well as the love of the body beautiful and how it affects gay men who do not fall under that category Skin is a great read throughout but the ending makes it unforgettableMy Adventure with Tom Sawyer by Jameson Currier is one of three re reads for me the other two are The Balaclava by Nathan Sims and Shep A Dog by Alex Jeffers two stories I thoroughly enjoyed My Adventure with Tom Sawyer however has to be the most delightful story in this anthology Currier is an author whose deft hand at writing a self deprecating humorous piece is so well represented with this piece that for the second time around I sat back relaxed and settled in for the long haul forgetting that this is a short story yet it ends exactly where it should Excellent execution Memorable uote I was aware that I was having one of those awful motion picture moments when the old maid spinster realizes her tour guide is someone generations younger than she is Or worse finding myself in a country music version of Death in VeniceSmuggler by Philip Kennicott I remember my first kiss with absolute clarity I was reading on a black chaise lounge upholstered with shiny velour and it was right after dinner the hour of freedom before I was obliged to begin my homework I was sixteen It must have been early autumn or late spring because I know I was in school at the time and the sun was still out I was shocked and thrilled by it and reading that passage from a novel by Hermann Hesse made the book feel intensely real fusing Hesse's imaginary world with the physical object I was holding in my hands Kennicott is referring toBeneath the Wheel as he begins this fantastic essay focusing on 19th Century and early 20th Century literature featuring homoerotic scenes or homosexual characters and the positive negative effects reading these books had on the author or may have had on other gay readers He ends with what if any the future holds for these classics particularly after all the recent changes that have taken place in the gay community I am oversimplifying here friends but believe me this is a fascinating well thought out clearly defined elegant piece begging to be readThe above samples highlight some of this anthology's diverse content however the gay theme is prevalent throughout and there's something for everyone If you enjoy short fiction and non fiction the way I do Best Gay Stories 2015 is an anthology I recommend in its entirety

  2. Sandra Sandra says:

    Over the years the way gay lives have changed has been much uicker than expected and many have taken the bad with the good What Steve has tried to say is that new problems have developed as our identity has changed body dysmorphia affects far people than anyone could have thought and the tools for getting a potential partner such as Grindr can help or hinder depending on who uses themSteve has collected several of what he considers to be the best stories that cover the various problems that gay men can have whether in relationships or not There are those who are stay at home carers for their elderly parents who sometimes rarely get a break from their responsibility those suffering the effects of being HIV positive and do have partners who struggle to help them and a myriad of people who all live with the stresses and strains of modern lifeHere collected for the first time in one volume is the best stories of 2015 and in my own personal view my review of these starts out with my own personal favouritesWhat Did I Know by Joseph RG Demarco When a friend is diagnosed with the same condition as his aunt he doesn't know what he can do to help the man he loves As the tests were done the results got all that was needed was for him to keep him comfortable until the inevitable happened Or at least that is what he imagined until he had the idea of finding someone as all the men at the Gay Liberation Groups had partners he found one in a member who attracted him and hoped in some way he might feel normal again Joseph gives the reader a look at what a fatal illness can do to a person before death and the emptiness one feels after such a lossIn Lovely Company by Ron Schafrick is about a man who gets a phone call from his father about him thinking he has got a girlfriend After his wife had died his father had become lonely though his son doesn't like the prospect of calling a stranger his step mother The son's own private life is less great he is trying to keep friendly with his former lover Michael though he still has feelings for him Father and son both lonely people yet only one can talk about how he feels and what his son thinks his father feels at having a son who hasn't dated a girl engaged her married her and had grandchildren It is uite a heart warming storyNeedle by Peter Dube Drake and Blue are lovers guys who love tattoos but Blue's the boss in their relationship Drake thought Blue was a cool guy at first but later found him to be too rough and inconsiderate in bed There is nothing they haven't done in bed or out of it get high drink or just being plain happy but Drake knew he didn't really love him he only wanted him around for the sex What started out as nights of sex is obscured by drink drugs and violence and before long Drake can't take any of itThe Case for Prep by Evan J Peterson is about a man who takes Truvada a HIV prevention pill for PrEP Pre Exposure Prophylaxis while he is HIV negative as it prevents infection he knows friends who are also taking it who haven't had bad side effects from it Here he shares his experiences of using it for the first time and what everyone else thinks of it that it is a way of being able to sleep around and not get AIDS The whole story gives readers a sense of hope that gay men can have unprotected sex without catching HIVStories I Tell to Friends by Richard Bowers has a brothersister friendship where they tell each other stories about their childhood and while he tells his he also remembers what he did with the men in his life from being a young man to the older man he is now I got the impression he thought others might not understand him or his ways for being different but he knows he had a strong enough bond with his sister to forgive others for not opening their mind to himLove comes in all shapes and sizes and most when you least expect them to Best Gay Stories 2015 has tales of gay love in all guises about all topics from the HIV Preventative Pill and its effects a man who recalls his years as a young man having many affairs and men in abusive relationships Each story is different the characters who love deeply or not at all Steve Berman has gathered a bunch of ling and short fiction for all tastes and interests

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Best Gay Stories 2015❰Read❯ ➵ Best Gay Stories 2015 Author Steve Berman – The table of contents to this book features fresh ideas old hands burly faces genderueer souls shades of skin and hair as much as it does timber of voice both actual and authorial Best Gay Stories 201 The table of contents to this book features fresh ideas old hands burly faces genderueer souls shades of skin and hair as much as it does timber Best Gay Epub / of voice both actual and authorial Best Gay Stories starts and ends with a kiss between pressed lips are stories about our lives our daydreams we want to leave our lives for our oubliettes of our own making that define some lives And there is laughter and tears and passion and pain and between these kisses you find pasts presents and futures that leave you breathless and mindful that a lot can happen after as well as before you share that kissFeaturing essays and fiction by Outing by Allan Radcliffe Lovely Company by Ron Schafrick What did I know by Joseph RG DeMarco God Knows Where by Keith Banner Stories I Tell to Friends by Richard Bowes The Case for PrEP or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love HIV Positive Guys by Evan J Peterson Needle by Peter Dube Skin by Joe Okonkwo My Adventure with Tom Sawyer by Jameson Currier The Balaclava by Nathan Sims Shep A Dog by Alex Jeffers Lack by Michael Carroll John by JM Parker Men in White by Stefen Styrsky Year of the ueerling by Joseph Dante The Boy Next Door by Matt Dean Smuggler by Philip Kennicott.

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