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  1. Emmanuelle Maupassant Emmanuelle Maupassant says:

    'The Mint' is for those who prefer their erotic fiction on the dark side It's not a serving of traditional erotic romance and some readers may find its premise kidnap and forced entry into sexual slavery deeply disturbing It is not a tale which is easily categorised Congratulations to the author on having dared to take a different path with their story avoiding a retelling of what has been seen many times before While it features some erotic scenes the context of the sexual acts is largely clinical since the very premise is that women and men are coerced into participation The author has taken pains to bring realism to their tale by including the minutiae of life in the 'training facility' While some of this detail is far from 'erotic' it does enhance our understanding of the conditioning forced upon the inmates of 'The Mint'This is part one of a series with much potential to take the reader further

  2. Trish Trish says:

    I like the concept of this book; women and men who are captured and trained as sex slaves through a series of earned rewards Sadly the content didn't live up to the blurb for me Interactions between characters were awkward from the very first page The jogger Katie meets who is in fact her kidnapper puts on an act of being unwell; what he says to her comes across as unbelievably bad actingI get no real sense from Katie of how she feels about what's happening to her She acts pissed off in the beginning pretty sure that wouldn't be my first response if I was kidnapped but she's almost immediately compliant with the training regimeWhilst not exploring the psychology of the situation and the responses of the characters to their experiences there is entirely too much focus for me on minutiae eg the precise lengths of chains the ounces of alcohol allowed with meals the number of strokes in nipple stimulation in the first masturbation session she participated in It was the opposite of erotic and actually had me skimming over it within the first chapter The video sessions seemed completely bizarre to me and again so far from being sexy that I skimmed over them too In a captureslave situation there should realistically be some degree of fear but there just wasn't any Katie says to one of the other girls that she's terrified but you wouldn't know it if she hadn't said it and I didn't believe it The 'slaves' are all stripped of their names when they start and are allocated new names As a tool for de humanizing them it makes sense but it just didn't work There were so many letters and numbers that I struggled to remember who most of them were with a few exceptions In the end I admitted defeat and didn't finish the book; I just couldn't see it getting any better

  3. Shellie Johnson Shellie Johnson says:

    I didn't know what to think about this book Some of it was good while other parts weren't It is a serial series as this book left you without getting results The concept of this book was good but some of the parts were lacking I don't know if I will finish this series or not when the next one comes out??

  4. lynn❤️lynn lynn❤️lynn says:

    I was given this book to review prior to publish and I just loved itIt's different from most kidnap books and is well worth the readMore to follow

  5. Lashuri Chan Lashuri Chan says:

    I was given an e copy for an honest review and I am all about honesty so here it is I did not like this book at all I asked for an abduction book where the abductor is rich and the heroine is strong willed and not easily blackmailed via her family getting hurt but I get this instead It's basically a coed prison type story where people are kidnapped from their daily lives and have to attend sexual exercise classes for who knows how long until they are ready to be sold for a uarter to half a million dollars they also have daily medical check ups too And then they have some stupid point system where if you get a certain amount of points you get a longer chain or better wine or something And apparently there are levels of arousal or well wetness The first chapter this guy asked another guy to check to see if a girl had a level three wetness and he said she was only at a level two and to play with her Umwhat?And then all these characters have these weird names They are mostly named after the dorm number and letter they are assigned to but there are others who just flat out have weird names which I can't put in this comment or else my review can't be postedSo yeah this story is not for me I struggled to read it and only got up to like twenty percent before calling it uits This is like another level of human trafficking and the one human trafficking book i have read I also did not like So if you like stories where people are kidnapped and have to undergo training or whatever before being sold then you might like this story But I could not be bothered to further entertain this

  6. Liz Black Liz Black says:

    'The Mint' is about Katie who gets abducted She is taken to 'The Mint' a facility that trains men and women to be sex slaves to be auctioned off to the highest bidder All captives are being kept in a constant state of arousal and they have to be sexually available at all times This is reinforced by multiple masturbation sessions per day where they are not allowed to orgasm unless given permission I loved reading this book I think Katie is a character you can easily identify with The sexual scenes are hot and the relationships between the girls are well developed There are forms of BDSM in the book with bondage and sadism I am looking forward to reading by this author

  7. Diane Schlank Diane Schlank says:

    well written and descriptive book of a young woman who is kidnapped and forced to undergo training as a sex slaveHer training involves a very well thought out system of punishment and reward She is also kept naked 24 hours a day and sexually stimulated on a regular basis Her pussy is chronically wet and throbbing She is beset with a desire for orgasmic relief however her kidnappers regulate and ration orgasms This poor naked girl isn't the only one whose orgasms are being rationed Other naked men and women are also being forced to undergo training at this facility and chronically suffering sexual distress and desperately in sexual needThis book is of a higher than average uality for BDSM books and I would like to recommend it to any fans of the slavemaster bondagediscipline style genres

  8. Kim Kim says:

    Great book I have read books with a similar story line but this was refreshingly different in a really good way totally hot and had me suirming the entire time I was reading it Looking forward to the next book

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The Mint ➽ [Download] ➺ The Mint By Groyn Paulsing ➸ – Katie Wellington’s morning run is interrupted when she stops to assist an apparently stricken runner As he tries to straighten up he seems to lose balance Katie steps closer to steady him With sudde Katie Wellington’s morning run is interrupted when she stops to assist an apparently stricken runner As he tries to straighten up he seems to lose balance Katie steps closer to steady him With sudden speed he grabbed the back of her neck and pushed a saturated cloth over her mouth She tried to scream but instead gagged on the sickening smell of the cloth In the next instant blackness claimed her Katie finds herself at The Mint where men and women are conditioned to constant sexual arousal and the appreciation of all the sexual arts Despite the enticements of The Mint Katie never loses the will to resist Readers of Erotic will finding The Mint full of compelling characters plots sub plots and a delightful smorgasbord of debauchery THIS BOOK IS FOR LOVERS OF DARK EROTICA THAT ARE or OLDWARNING The Mint is different from the typical abduction novel It is intentionally erotic It is not as dark I have received accolades for originality while being condemned for not living up to expectations The criminals behind The Mint are pros rather than sick They are motivated by money They prefer the carrot to the stick but carry a big stick They are effective at getting the abducted guys and girls complicit in their own sexual training and conditioning The abducted men and women have professional backgrounds They surprise the reader by often reacting rationally rather rather then giving in to emotion.