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A Lush Reunion Lush #4 [EPUB] ✻ A Lush Reunion Lush #4 By Selena Laurence – Thomashillier.co.uk Ten years ago Lush bassist Colin Douglas met the love of his life Then she broke his heart Now in a small Texas town in the midst of the breakup of his band Colin has found Marsha and he has no idea w Ten years Reunion Lush PDF/EPUB ✓ ago Lush bassist Colin Douglas met the love of his life Then she broke his heart Now in a small Texas town in the midst of the breakup of his band Colin has found Marsha and he has no idea what to do with her Marsha O’Neill hasn’t had it easy Since losing Colin nothing's gone right for this east Texas waitress—except for Sean her six year old son She’s worked hard to give Sean what he needs—the best of her Then a hot A Lush Epub / bass player walks into her bar and she knows the world isn’t done screwing with her yet What happens when life gives you a second chance Can you learn to trust again live again love again Colin and Marsha are about to find out that second chances don’t come easy.

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  1. Geri Reads Geri Reads says:

    I never expected Colin to have so much depth He's a revelation in this book I liked how it all came together at the end And kudos to Selena Laurence for writing about some touchy subjects This series have been really good overall and I'm sad to see it endAnyway full review to come closer to the release date ARC provided by the author in exchange for an honest review

  2. Melissa Melissa says:

    “Love and Lush everyone Goodnight” It’s sad to see a series I’ve loved from the opening act come to an end I’ve been waiting with bated breath for Marsha and Colin’s story since seeing them together in For the Love of a Lush Their connection promised a great second chance romance and left me with a curiosity I just couldn’t shake What the heck happened between them? Not even the members of the band had a clue what went downColin and Marsha’s story started off with a bang I was all in Giddy excited and sure this was going to be epic maybe my new favorite of the series After ten years full of longing and wondering how things might’ve been had they both made different choices things were tense to say the least That's what I love about a second chance romance though I can’t stop wanting you” he whispered into my ear “I dream about you about us all the damn time” Things were never easy for Marsha I really felt for her and everything she had to endure alone Living with regret would mean giving up the only bright spot in her life though her son So instead she picked up the pieces and tried to move on Colin had so much depth than I originally gave him credit for As the bassist of the band he was almost the forgotten member One that no one really took seriously because he was always stoned Who knew that hidden under the rock star facade was a standup guy that just wanted to do the right thing and make a difference He had me at See I really prefer animals to people When an animal loves you that’s for life No if’s ands or buts about it” The author did a great job of building up the angst but at some point the story sort of fell flat for me I wanted there to be development between Colin and Marsha’s reunion I get they loved each other but after ten years I wanted than her just falling into his arms so uickly And for some reason Colin’s mom being involved in the situation ten years earlier really bothered me Why wouldn’t she have said something regardless of what Marsha wanted considering the circumstances? For me all the issues from the past and those surrounding Marsha's ex were wrapped up way too easily with a pretty bowThe best part of the story for me was seeing the band back together After everything all the betrayal and hurt it just felt right It was so satisfying seeing them on stage and in a good place Each of the couples have a special place in my heart but Walsh ♥ and Tammy will always be my favorite I highly recommend this series ARC provided by the author in exchange for an honest review

  3. Coco.V Coco.V says:

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  4. Jos Jos says:

    5 Heartbreakingly Beautiful Second Chance StarsI cannot tell you how much I have loved this entire series to date and Colin's story was no exception I was graciously given an ARC by Author Selena Laurence and couldn't wait to dive in and get his storyI loved both characters Colin of course was a given lol and Marsha oh Marshamy heart literally ached I mean what she had gone through during the time they were apart was truly gut wrenching They together proved that they were the half of each others hearts and although their journey of re discovery was a tough road at times when they finally did start to connect it was just genuine and pure and my gosh my heart burst with joy This story was so much than a romance story it had me feeling so many emotions between happiness sadness and yes I teared up uite a few times and yet it was filled with hope and promise and joy and yeahyou have to read it to experience it It was just absolutely beautiful and the best part too was that I loved getting of all of the other characters too When I finished I literally cried and not sad tears but big fat happy tears for everyone that I have come to love in this series I cannot get enough of this cast LOVE them

  5. Connie Cockrell Connie Cockrell says:

    I received this book as an ARC The final book in Best Selling author Selena Laurence's Lush series ties up the saga with a gigantic bowThis final story revolves around Colin bass player for the band Lush and his long lost high school sweetheart Marsha The opening prologue sets the scene perfectly and introduces us to Marsha Lynn Colin's lost love After that the love the hurt and the pain ebb and flow in a way that Ms Laurence has mastered Sparks fly and tears flow in a fast paced book that I defy you to put down There were a number of twists and turns that to be honest I never saw coming If you're looking for your next beach read this is the story for you All of the characters were as real as the people in my own life Grab this book as soon as you can

  6. Lauren Lauren says:

    i thought Colin and Marsha were a good fit and enjoyed their back story

  7. Cynthia Cynthia says:

    This was a very emotional touching read with some touchy issues that the author writes in style I doubt you can read this and not have it touch you in some way Colin and Marsha have a past together that ended badly First love is never easy but when you come from a broken home as Marsha did with a bitter mother it makes it that much harder to believe that one person will stand by youMarsha truly just wanted to make her mother love her doing everything she could to make her happy Sadly this just could not be when she does the one thing that is unforgiveable both to her mother and her first love Colin Her choice lost her everything she held dear now 10 years later she much face her past dealing with issue that she still hold close to her heart why dealing with her ex his best friend and a town that will be torn What is there not to like about Colin he is an upstanding man who has had to deal with his own issues It isn’t easy being in a top rock band There are women lots of women and drugs When the band broke up he finds he must pull his self together making changes he needs to which brings him back to suare one his first love He can’t forgive her nor forget her finding he can’t walk away he will have to make up his mind and do a fast dance to get her backThe supporting characters are wonderful funny with depth Each one has their own story which will make you smile When life gets tough these wonderful people stick together becoming a family I loved how the dog came into play how he becomes part of this story The way the band helps those in need and gives backThe author gives a compelling story that you can relate to why your heart breaks for both Marsha and Colin you really reach out to Marsha as she puts one foot in front of the other just trying to get by Two people hurt by each other with a strong past first love and second chances Even after all these years the chemistry is strong and passion runs deepThe author gives you an emotional read that will have you smiling one minute and broken the next She gives you a read with such hope and promise for two people who deserve so much When you get to the ending you will have the biggest smile on your face I was given this book for an honest review It is a story you are going to love as it touches your heart which will be tears to your eyes and happiness to your heartA Lush Reunion is up for per order the publish date is June 29 2015 you can pre order

  8. Mary Mooney Mary Mooney says:

    A Lush Reunion is a perfect ending to the Lush series Colin Douglas is the bass player for the worldwide popular band Lush He is not the most recognized but he loves being in the band When the band split up he goes to Hawaii to think things through and learns he doesn't need to stay high he needs to take responsibility of his actions after all these years When he visits Walsh and Mike in Texas he runs into his past A past the broke his heart and he hasn't recovered for 10 years Marsha O'Neil was the love of his life when all hell broke loose and she broke both of then with her decision Can she let him back in without losing her heart? Will Colin be able to forgive her for the past and both move forward? Can they work together and make a future together including Sean her son? This story had me laughing one minute and laughing the next I am sad to see this series end and Selena Laurence has written the perfect series about a rock band and all their personal issues If you love a great series with rock Gods and their issues then pick up the Lush series you will not be disappointed A copy was provided by the author in exchange for my honest review

  9. Jennifer Fannan Jennifer Fannan says:

    I received a copy in exchange for a honest reviewSelena does it again She managed to write a story of love resentment devastation and the hard choices and turns it into a heart felt story The emotions between the two main characters are felt throughout the story Colin and Marsha were once young and in love But sometimes life doesn't go the way it should and you have to make hard decision The results of those decisions you carry for the rest of your life After being separated for ten years they run into each other They are both glad to see each other and yet can't wait to get away from each otherColin is still in love with Marsha but can't get over past hurts The same goes for Marsha It isn't until Colin meets Marsha's son Sean that lights the spark of hope that things can still work out Marsha has to face her past and Colin has to plan his future if he wants to keep Marsha and her son aroundBut can Colin make Marsha see what he sees A kind caring loving woman a great friend and a excellent mother Or will Marsha always think of herself as no good for anything poor and broken woman You will have to read to find out

  10. Christi Lofton Christi Lofton says:

    I love the Lush guys This book brings us very close to Colin and what he has gone through for the last several years His love for Marsha was all consuming and it really told us a lot about this guy Marsha had secrets of her own that we discover along the way Between the two of them finding that balance of trust became a very hard thing to do The growth of both of these characters throughout the book was amazing With Marsha's son Sean in the mix it made for one very sweet emotional storyIn addition to the love story between Colin and Marsha we got to see some of Lush The twists of events that brought them back together was a shock to the guys and to the readers The friendship of the guys has endured a lot through this series but they still are best friends and have that desire to be together as a band Great reunion for the guysGreat book I love this series Joss has been my favorite Lush member but I think Colin is now right up there with him Heck I just love all of the Lush guys Five starsI was given an ARC in exchange for an honest review

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