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#iAm16iCan ❮Reading❯ ➳ #iAm16iCan ➬ Author Kirtida Gautam – Thomashillier.co.uk To destroy great EVIL GOOD has to shed tears of blood Rudransh Kashyap is a self made billionaire and man of high moral fiber His life is shattered when he returns home one day to find that his prodig To destroy great EVIL GOOD has to shed tears of blood Rudransh Kashyap is a self made billionaire and man of high moral fiber His life is shattered when he returns home one day to find that his prodigy his year old grandson Aarush has been arrested and accused of a brutal gang rape It is easy to say “Kill the Rapist” but what if the accused is your child This case takes an unprecedented turn when Aarush’s identity is made public on social media Rudransh finds himself living a nightmare as he fights against tremendous odds to get justice for Aarush to save him and to bring him back home But what if the unthinkable is true Can Rudransh save his grandson or will he end up fighting a different battle altogether.

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  1. Anirban Nanda Anirban Nanda says:

    Recently I have read a very lengthy and much talked book #IAm16ICanRape by Kirtida Gautam which takes on a very important aspect of our judicial system and crucially psychology of rapeNow as the subject is really hard hitting and the book is 630 pgs long I was excited to read this one hoping to find a true magnum opus on the current position of woman in India In fact I have finished this book uite a few days ago but I was doubtful about my opinion on the same So after much thought I am presenting my true opinion about this bookFirstly this book is an honest attempt But in midway through the book I have almost decided to give it a 2 star and stop reading further There are reasons for that which I will point our shortly Basically the book gained 1 star for Chapter 101 64 and few chapters on Aarush our protagonistToo Many CharactersIn my opinion this book would be better if it had been presented as a non fiction book The fact that with almost 15 characters and 630 pages; if the story and narration are not gripping enough the book will bore the readerThis book has lot of characters and the author has tried to give eual space for each one of them Whereas many characters are redundant and removing them would have made this book far compact and grippingNarrationLanguageStyleNext are narration language and style The style is in simple prose for which I have no problem but the presentation is not lively at all For example consider the following excerpt“Around 1215 am I get a call from the Santosh Hospital Dad collapsed in the parking area at RK JEE How and when did that happen? We rush to the hospital and find out that Dad was backing his car from his parking space when suddenly he fell on the wheel and fainted The watchman Makkhan Singh rushed to the spot and drove him to hospital”Excerpt is enough to show how lifeless it isAs each chapter is devoted to one character only it’s really irritating when in every line the character says “I am doing this I am doing that”Like this oneFrom a chapter on Rudransh“I am so excited with this thought that I cannot sleep I wake up at least five times during the night to check the time Every night when I go to bed I get the feeling that it is morning in five minutes; but tonight the time simply does not pass By the time the alarm clock rings at 530 am I am already up I go for my morning walk”From a Chapter on Meghana“I come home My cook Sarojini has come I ask her to pack three different Tupperware tiffin boxes I specify in my instructions to use Tupperware and not regular plastic boxes The first tiffin is my lunchbox the second my 4 pm snack and the last my 6 pm saladI drive to my office The intern Shivani is not in the office I don’t appreciate it when people are late when they are on an internship I criticize Shivani in front of Rajkumar who is my best friend and colleague”In simple words it’s just telling not showing a mere newspaper report Even you can’t differentiate the tone of each character; all are almost sameDialoguesAlso most of the narration is based on dialogues and I am not happy to see the author considers her readers so dumb A tone or mockery or sarcasm should reflect in the dialogue itself We don’t need a comment explaining meaning of the dialogue each timeFor example“Hi Dad I didn’t notice you When did you come? What is the time? 130?” she asksSarcasm“No it is 930” I answer“How come RK Ji is back so early?”Sarcasm again“Has your MIL’s spirit entered in your body by any chance? Why so much sarcasm? At the end of the day you are a woman and you can’t change that right?” I am her father figure she should not verbally brawl with meConsidering this and the redundant characters this could have been finished within 300 pagesBut at the end few chapters pay off well as mentioned earlier Very deep insights are presented at very crucial points that uestion our beliefs Like this one“There are people who believe in the basic goodness of human nature I believe in the basic evil of human natureI am a memory collector I like to collect memories of high and intensely emotional moments Any idea why people watch movies or read fiction and stuff? Homo sapiens crave emotional experiences They need intense emotional experiences but the fact of human life is that they don’t get those experiences in their real lives They bottle up emotions then they go out and watch or read something and their emotions come out a process called catharsis The lower the intelligence of a system; the prone shehe will be to enjoy vicarious emotions and believe in the make believe That is how the film and TV industry survives By stupidiots with stupidiots for stupidiots”OR“When Mom slapped me the absolute first thought that came into my head was ‘Does she know?’ Then I uickly put all the pieces of the puzzle together If she knew she would not have been the only person to know Bob would have known too But Bob just hugged me and welcomed me back home He didn’t know a thing which implied Mom didn’t know anything either She slapped me only because she felt like slapping me Good That is good She thinks I was angry with her I was not angry I played angry but in reality I was relieved”I adore this kind of mind play which is not much there in the bookNearing at end of this review I can say that it has good insights an average plot an average narration and too many characters so many that you may forget their names So it leaves me dangling in between whether I like this book or not Hence giving it a three star

  2. Abir Mukherjee Abir Mukherjee says:

    First of all I like to thank Kirtida for this wonderful gift A psychological roller coaster ride which will keep you glued till the last wordIt's an awesome page turner Kudos to Kirtida for this experimental approach of storytelling I loved it Readers can't keep this book down until exploring the last word The plot is very sensitive and relevant respect to the current circumstances of our country Kirtida has portrait a picture of our insensitive society masterfully She has invented few words which can make literary experts frowned But I loved it as it conveyed the same meaning what author wanted to express; 'Idiothood' for example I must appreciate Kirtida's guts to hold the facts straight naked and sharp It's completely a conversation driven book It would have been better if author would have spent some word to describe the characters' appearance like Aarush and bit of geographical description Because I had to imagine those aspects while reading Few editorial mistakes can be ignored

  3. Paromita Mukherjee Paromita Mukherjee says:

    he premise of this book is as hardhitting as the title The in depth psychological analysis presented by the author is praise worthy She raises a pertinent uestion about the Juvenile law prevalent in Indian legal system which due to its loopholes is misused by juveniles with criminal bent of mind Like Rudransh Kashyap we need to wake up from our slumber as a progressive society and ensure adeuate punishment of heinous crimes like rape We cannot afford to shrug our shoulders any and let criminals walk scot free Kudos to the author for writing emphatically on a sensitive legal issuePS there are few typosgrammatical errors in the kindle manuscript which needs to be looked into

  4. Manvi Singh Manvi Singh says:

    Kirtida GautamRape a term which is an eye catcher for each one of us The moment we open our newspaper we come across this word and it's not as if we ain't aware of it's meaning but each one of us holds a different picture of this word in our head In fact the dictionary holds a definition of this word it is the crime typically committed by a man of forcing another person to have sexual intercourse with the offender against their will in other words it is the abduction of an individual especially to form a sexual alliance with the person I wonder how many of us actually think about a rape case in our day to day lives specially now most of us have this one statement on our lips It's a common phenomena now it's exactly like having a meal That's how the census of rape is rising our country What can we do in it?Hah That's our mentality I guess Most of us even think thatOh I can go out I won't be raped That's where we go wrong A rapists never rationalise things in his mind He victimise someone who's always weak in her knees someone who can give up on herself too easily someone who can make his fantasies come true and yes that can be you without a doubt I wonder how many of us will pick up this book with the actual intention of reading it because most of us will be attracted to the title itself we'll get attracted to the word 'RAPE' because that's how humans are programmed That's something good at Kirtida's part winkNot denying the fact even I got an inclination to this title but not because of the word but because it had 16 and yes I am 16 Before actually approaching Kirtida I had this turmoil in me that whether I should be reading it or not a uestion which hovered over me was 'How will I look while holding such a title in a public place or at school that too when I am actually 16?'But then a factor like age cannot stop me from reading and I guess I made the best decision ever to go ahead and read this intellectual psychological thriller which changed a lot of perspectives of life for me About The Book I Am 16 I Can Rape a title which can either be a uestion or a statement title which has the ability to make us that rape is not something as easy as it seems to it can happen with anyone and at any point of time The different perception of the people and the changing protagonist made my interest going Aarush Kashyap A highly intelligent guy with a genius I level someone who has the ability to manipulate people around him without them knowing it He is someone who can make you fall in love with himself and yet won't let you know that he's the wrong one in the end He won't let you believe that he's the villain and not the people around him someone who thinks that the planets of love revolve around him and he's the shining Sun for all forces of affection which diverts towards him only if he would have understood himself his life would have been betterRudransh Kashyap Aarush's grandfather Aarush's Bob Aarush's godfather RK ji That's how he's known in the book Rudransh had always believed in his grandson his Champ he knew that he won't harm anyone he thought that his Champ was not capable of committing such a horrendous crime but only to his horror he had to face the truth the truth which he denied this the end but something which made him fight his own demons away He knew that he had failed as a parent a guardian and a masculine figure of Champ's life but he had no clue that his failure would come back to him at a stage where there would be nothing left to look forward to yet he lives yet he breathes to get the wrong punished He keeps up with his principles and reached a stage of enlightenment where he couldn't be manipulated any where he knew the best for his Champ He finally understood that the myth created by our societies and his own mind can make an angel into a devil a Rama into a Ravana Subhangi Tyagi A girl who fell into a trap which wasn't for her yet it was for her A girl who fought against the odds of life and yet couldn't save herself A girl who stood strong till her last breath and yet couldn't achieve the impossible because our legal system actually made it impossible for her She couldn't feel helpless than she did while she sat in court for the hearings She knew nothing would change but still she fought because staying shut can never be a solution A brave soul who knew a battle fought is important than losing a battle without looking out for the enemies She knew that nothing would change yet she fought against the juvenile of our country juvenile called our legal system Gayatri Kashyap Aarush's grandmother Aarush's mother Aarush's budhiya A lady who always protected him with love and care who nurtured him not like a grandson but like his own son She loved his Babu than she could ever love someone yet the circumstances took a twist in such a way that this bond got weaker Though Aarush never cared yet he knew that she'll come back to see him one day who knew that the one day he hoped for will never come who knew that she won't remain to be Aarush's budhiya forever The bitter reality of this relation made me cry in the end not because something beautiful was lost but because the most beautiful relation was not nurtured at all for Aarush Ananya Aarush's biological mother A lady which was always hated by Aarush because she made him see the mirror of reality and Aarush never felt the need to know the reality coz the world created around him by his Bob was enough for him to live an eternity At an instance she wanted to abort Aarush because he was conceived before she married Aarush's father and this one factor made Aarush hate her a bit Ananya was someone who he could never manipulate of course he got his smart genes from somewhere ; Mrigank Kashyap Aarush's biological father A man who never had a say in any of the decisions in his life He always lived up for the people around him and yet he couldn't satisfy anyone in his entire life According to RK ji the best thing he could do was to marry Ananya Though in the tough times Mrigank stood by Aarush but he was just another pawn in Aarush's game of chess yet he couldn't realize that he was being a good father in his eyes For Aarush Mrigank was a hero when he succeeded taking Aarush out of the rehab he wasn't that dumb but was uniue in his own way Pihu A girl who solely loved Aarush no matter how he was An intelligent girl who dreamed to be with Aarush till the end of his life but who knew that she won't be there to live that forever who knew that she was just being a part of Aarush's pile of lies She was someone who could be easily manipulated and won over though at the end she realised that life is not what it seems like and can be changed in the most horrendous way at any point she realised that who she worshiped as the Lord was the Demon of her nightmares She couldn't accept her ill fate and the truth and ended it once and for all Meghana Pathak Aarush's lawyer A lady who was high on her ambitions Someone who knew that what she's doing in her life when this one case made her life go upside down The tigress was feeling stupidiot when she realized that she was fooled She felt as if she was the joke played by Aarush She couldn't save him but she knew that she wasn't told the truth and was manipulated in his own way Conclusion Manipulation was the game played by Aarush but at the end he knew that he had lost the battle called life because when we lose the shoulder who supports us there is nothing much left to look forward to Why Aarush did it and what made him do it was rationalised by the end of the book but the uestion remains I Am 16 I Can Rape? The law of this country doesn't make the juvenile scared because he knows eventually he'll get away with it without being touched He knows that the justice will never be served he knows that the evil will remain to be the evil and the good remains to be the good till the end of the days Aarush had Rudransh to teach him a lesson but I wonder how many parents does so? I wonder if a juvenile rape accused ever knows the pain of being in a terrible state of being the victim because when Aarush tasted his own blood he knew that it wasn't sweet it was poisonous Maisha

  5. Mani Khanna Mani Khanna says:

    #IAm16ICanrape By Kirtida GautamPlotThis is the story of Kashyap family in which the relations between parents and children are not as the way they are in a common Indian family The family gets a sudden shock when after the celebrations of Aarush's grandson of Gayitri and Rudransh son of Ananya and Mrigyank and brother of Navya 16th birthday are over he was arrested by police as an accused rapist The victim Shubhangi gives her statement that she was raped by Aarush and Vijay a bartender on his birthday nightNo one in the family is ready to believe this statement keeping in mind his innocence and intelligence in view Then slowly the chapters of that gang rape start to open giving a new direction to the caseVijay takes all the blame on himself and commits suicide in Jail Rudransh start believing Aarush has raped the girl Mrigyank is against his father's belief and Pihu daughter of Kashyap family's domestic help is very much in love with AarushWhat happens next?Did he commit this heinous crime?If yes will he be punished or being juvenile will give him an unnecessary advantage?Is Shubhangi right? Or is she just feeling that she was raped by this Juvenile Kashyap?Read this heart breaking tale on one of the pensively subjected crime and know the psychology of criminals who commits rapeMy OpinionPOSITIVESA very courageous topic is been selected by Kirtida for her debut novel Talking about its plus points the book is wonderful in terms of defining emotions thoughts and expressions Narration is kept simple and language is also kept simple which is nice in the context of this topic Dialogue writing is perfect Though the book is lengthy but a well planned plot is penned in it which doesn't let this thought cross your mind once you start reading it The way she described with psychology and brain functioning criminal thinking and other issues in a conversation manner are commendable and makes things easily understandable Talking about its title I can definitely say that nothing better could be thought than this Bang on Book cover is fine but could have been better A perfect amount of literature is used as and when reuiredThere is no particular target audience but I seriously think this book should be gifted by parents to their children in their teenage to clear them about this act called RAPE Besides right from a teenage kid to an old soul this book is for everyone Just read it with a broad mind and absorb as much as you can from this bookSOME OF THE BEST WRITTEN PARTS OF THE BOOK WEREShubhangi's lively moments in hospitalThe incident from Aarush's childhood when he sing “Lab pe aati hai dua banke tamanna meri” and pointed towards his grand dad when it focused on the word “Ishwar”The way deaths are described in the book Mentioning the one that pierced by heart will be a spoiler for any reader but yes Kirtida has made me shed some tears while describing the feeling and emotions of those who died and those who got affected by those lossesThe planning that a 16 year old the way he behaved and lived two different personalities and made fool of his elders and family members on small issues will blow your mind awayNEGATIVESThough the positive impact this book has left on me don't allow me to write this section but still there are certain things which I can't neglect as a reader and reviewerAt one side when Kirtida had described most of the psychological jargons used in the book perfectly at some parts few terms and abbreviations are not at all described or described late BDSM CSWCS and some Some characters are unnecessarily added including those of Aarush's friend and that of Journalist 'wife There was no need to add them in the book Further despite the fact that the book is well edited and written there was some typing and grammatical errors Their extremely less uantity can even make them ignorableMY TAKE ON THE BOOKDiscussing this dark topic there was no point in the book that made it looked over expressed or vulgar Special mention for author's experience and maturity level in this contextThe book raises some important uestions about child rearing and things parents should keep in mind when their kids are in learning and growing stage It discussed about human mind child psychology criminal thinking impact of elder's actions on their young ones importance of each parent mother and father together and mother and father separately about the interior and exterior human energy masculinity femininity Hero's Mythical Journey and its associated stages human personality and the two sides Persona and Shadow each with eual amount of focus and descriptionFurther she described one important aspect of phycology which is the DARK TRIAD in which the shadow of a mind is either child psychopath an adult narcissist or a parent Machiavellian These things will provide you multiple areas to read and learn if you are interested in reading psychological stuffShe discussed how we parents accept tomboyish behaviour of a girl but a sissy boy is not tolerableBut above all it raised an immense issue of convicted Juvenile Rape Laws A rapist of any age must be counted as an adult keeping in mind the intensity and type of crime he has committed Each time a Rapist is made free on account of his age we give birth to a future criminal in our societyInspired by 16th December gang rape this was an exceptional effort by the author to give light to this not so commonly discussed topic RAPEThey say that the only person who is punished after a rape is the victim IT IS NOT BECAUSE OF OUR LAWS OR HER NOT ACCEPTING IT IN PUBLIC BUT BECAUSE OF THE SOCIETY THAT ACCUSES HER FOR THE CARELESSNESS SHE SHOWED ON HER PARTAlso the women who don't stand against what happened with them must understand that if you won’t stand for yourself no one will ever will to stand for youStand upSpeak against evilAnd fight for yourself because Even if one is 16 one can't rapeRather than teaching your girls to stay in their limits teach your sons the limits they must not crossFinal RatingTitle Cover 45Character justification 3755Story Language literature 455Final Rating 425We read a rape case and ask Who? How? When? But leave behind a major uestion which is WHY?A psychological fiction that delves deep into the mind of a Juvenile rapist to know WHY?

  6. Rahul Khatri Rahul Khatri says:

    Read Complete Review on my Blog Book Reviews From Heart Truth be told I received this Book as a review copy and So far I can Proudly say its one of the finest Psychological Thriller I'd ever read Flawless writing with plot packed with thrill which simply makes the reader believe as if reading on edge of some high mountain Kirtida Gautam has given an absolute tribute to the Victim of Delhi Nirbhaya Rape Case with her book Story of the Book is woven in such a manner that it let the reader to widen its prospective about various social evils which we usually ignorePlot hatched with the the ongoing meet of a Rape case accused Arush and his Lawyer Meghana Aarush grandson of India's leading IIT Coaching centre's Head was accused of a gang rape in Bangalore and is put onto trial as per Indian Judicial Procedures Meghana was given the command to defend Aarush in court room but with time some ugly truth leashed out which put the whole case at a different level No doubt author had worked hard to bolt the characters the way they needs to be Rudransh Kashhyap aka RK Ji founder of RK JEE Chain in India spoiled his grandson in a very uniue way from naming their Bunglow from his name to buying him a Jaguar on his 16th birthdayChapters in the book are narrated by different characters giving a great deal to get a depth knowledge of everyone's thoughts and actsRudransh is portrayed as a Sophisticated old man who's stick to his principles and had made the grand empire of Coaching in India of his own But the Events that occurred in the story are the events that actually test if a person is actually dutifully act on his principles or notAarush the protagonist around whom the whole story revolves is branded as one of the most intelligent kid who had cleared most of the Olympiads he had ever into Author has sketched him so artistically in a psychological thriller that it let the reader's cell to jam with what the hell is this guy Aarush who on a side is flirt and even rough with some girls but at same time never use the abusing word starting from F in front of womenAnanya and Mrigank are Aarush's Biological Parents who lives in US with their Daughter Navya Ananya was RK Ji's first student to clear IIT JEE with some events triggered in past in a manner which lands her as the Daughter in law of Kashyap family but she respects RK ji as her own father Mrigank is the only son of RK Ji but with not able to clear JEE Exam he was just considered as the useless unworthy son in the eyes of his father but decided to stand with his son in his lowsAnanya and Mrigank landed in India to attend thei son's 16th birthday Gaytri is portrayed as a perfect grandmom who worried about her grandson than anything else Most of her day spend in doing stuff related to aarush and is called by the pet name ' Budiya ' by AarushShe cooks food for him kept a check if Aarush is well feeded after his Activities sessionMy favourite character whose role just touched my soul is Pihu selfless and loving creature she wasPihu is the daughter of domestic help in Arush's Bunglow and stays most of the time there and is loved by all in home She is the definition of Innocence in the whole story Subhangi is shown as the lady of highest moral to fight back the evil Beside it Kirtida had put Shirni Harry Priya and Dr Samvedana as the seasoning in Recipe Shirni Aarush's best friend could play any music instrument and had met Aarush in school days and his action in plot with Aarush makes the reader laugh at a moment while on other makes the plot riveting Harry can said as Aarush's con partner who surrendered her loyalty to Aarush when because of him she kissed Shirni for first time And Priya Banglore's top model who lives with her Mom Dad separately in an year cycle Humorous contents are also bolted in story like Shirni's ' Thank You ' letter to his condom company Harry's narration to a beggar and later been picked up by Aarush Kissing the lady of flight above Shirni's apartmentGENERAL HIGHLIGHTS # There are no standards now a days Competitiveness bloomed as an ingrained part of human institution everyone is grazing on relative standards# How society narrowed down their perception and prosecute a person before anything is proven# Indian Electronic Media is always found immature to handle sensitive cases like Accused are shown as culprits#In Indian Society Woman always gets the benefit of doubt If a lady screams Rape we accepts its rape Even few days back a case of Eve teasing in Delhi comes into light in which a girl for the sake of publicity put allegations on a guy which later proved to be fake and Celebrities like Sonakshi Sinah had tweeted condemning the actions of the girl # Author has depicted the shadowy world of Rehabilitation center How the newbies have to face some of worst case scenarios of life # We are in the age in which we buy what we saw but doesn't mean the product inside packing will be same as promised in the same way No one can know us Its we and only we who know us very well #Author also flagged the matter that how there's a misconception in India that people see a psychiatrist only when they are madWe need to go to Psychiatrist to sharpen our thinking to thinking clearly So #IAm16ICanRape is an appreciative work of debut by Kirtida Gautam fulfilling his social duty to give a new prospective on social issues in public

  7. Rubina Rubina says:

    Kirtida Gautam has divulged into the mind of a rapist in her novel #IAm16ICanRape I found the package overall very interesting Especially at a way it has been presented Even before a reader gets into the story the first thing that will attract him is the title itself Clear precise and above all hitting at the younger audience The name itself is a satire uestioning the law and mocking at the young mind of the rapistThe way the chapters are numbered is interesting Innovative but whether successful or not only time will tell DThe storyIt might seem that rape is a feminist issue It is not It is a battle for masculine which females are forced to fight againstThe story is of a 16 year old boy Aarush Kashyap who has everything in his life Looks family money and the adoration of many females He should have been happy satisfied but apparently his mind always tells him that he is way above others a demigod – one who could get away with anything even rape There is no mystery here as to whether he has raped or not The mystery is whether the girl will get the justice not​The author has studied not only the law of our country in reference to rape but also the psychology of a rapist Frankly speaking I really don't care what goes inside the mind of these idiots But this book got me to think that maybe if we can pinpoint at the root cause there might still be a turning point for humanity to surviveAn array of charactersI cannot say that only Aarush is the main protagonist antagonist of the story but rather every character has been given a thought process actions which take the story foreword and somehow create a mesh a cloak around Aarush Every chapter is the point of view of a character that propagates the story to another level feeding the reader with titbits of information about the night when Shubhangi was rapedNo one knew anything yet each contributed a clue as to what had happened that night And then there is always Aarush at the backdrop mocking the discovery Almost like the game of truth and dare Is this the truth? Did he really dare to do that?IndulgenceAarush did have a balanced upbringing but as they say grandparents can be very lenient to their grandchildren His grandfather Rudransh who never cared for his own son Mrigank poured out all his love on Aarush He took great pride on Aarush's achievements and Aarush with his high I never failed him Psychologically I feel that Bob as Aarush lovingly call him created the first curve in Aarush's mind when he told Aarush the truth about his birthPre conceived notionsThe author brought out many pre conceived notions that is existing in our society today A girl who goes out at night has a lose moral A girl who drinks beer with strangers is ready to be raped though personally I feel girl or boy should first use their brains and take precautions against strangers in today's worldBut nothing justifies rapeThe mind of AarushIs a very analytical zone I can write a thesis on that but for now it is suffice to say that he's really a very complex character Highly intelligent very resourceful and very very bitter The sketch of the mind of a rapist A person who enjoys BDSM playing with emotions playing with lives and marvels at his own skill of duplicity I can truthfully say Aarush scares me​The character that touched meRightfully I should say Bob Larger than life successful and a man who stood for the truth even at the cost of losing something that was very precious to him But the one who touched my heart is Pihu The young girl poles apart from Aarush There was a moment in the story when I felt that Pihu would be his salvation She brought such innocence to the otherwise complex characters But then they say either you go with the flow or you lose the battle​TchJustice met ?Maybe the author wanted to keep the authentic pattern that life follows But I did not like as to what happened to Aarush If the author was intentionally trying to keep the fire of anger burning inside the reader she has succeeded More than that I cannot say for you will have to read it to see if the ending is justified or notCheck out my reasoning for the star rating here my link text

  8. Salesh Fernando Salesh Fernando says:

    It is not very often that a book has my attention for two full days I AM 16 I CAN RAPE was like an obsession I read it again and again to understand the level of impact No I am not going to state the obvious I see way beyond thatIt is a very clever book The author bares it all with the title yet the reader is left with no choice but to keep turning the pages again and again It is like watching a SUPERSTAR in action A SUPERSTAR who knows his audience Just when the audience think they have seen it all he stuns them with his final act I have never been this mesmerized by an Indian Author beforeThe author makes the readers look within each of her characters She makes the readers understand why a character exhibits a certain behaviour She gives each of her characters uniue layers and peels them off one by one for the final reveal She answers the WHY uestion with absolute clarity and that’s what makes this book a must read The book reminded me of “THE MAHABHARATA” No I am not talking about DRAUPADI here We all know who the real hero of the story is It is KRISHNA’s centre stage The others are playing the role he has assigned for them This book isn’t just about RAPE alone It is a study of how different people react to their own environment It is a difficult read but an engaging one Pick this one up if you like thrillers or if you want to understand deeper issues that plague the human mind Kirtida Gautam – Thank you for the book and for renewing my interest in Psychology and my humble apologies for underestimating your potential as an author But it is something most of us do We fail to look beyond the surface or to be appropriate we fail to SEEK Did I actually apologize or did I leave a clue Pick the book and find out

  9. Swathi Shenoy Swathi Shenoy says:

    When Kirtida asked me if I would like to review this book I was skeptical seeing the title I didn't know what to expect of it The title was controversial But when I read the synopsis I knew I had to read this book The first chapter was enough to catch my interest and I eagerly agreed to review the book and I am so glad I did This is one of the finest psychological thriller written by an Indian author Aarush is a 16 year old whose I falls in the category of 'Genius' He is brilliant in everything he does His charm isn't something anyone can resist and he always has a way of getting what he desires And he has his grand father the great RK jee himself who looks out for him and mentors him He is the apple of his grandparents' eyes Everyone has great expectations from him but something happens that changes the lives of so many people Things I Liked A good book is the one which the reader enjoys but the best book is the one which stays with the reader even after he has completed reading it This novel belongs to the latter category There is one thing that this novel definitely does and it is that it will set you thinking It will make you uestion so many things and change your perspectives regarding them The characterization is done very well in this book Each character is thought out and presented in a way which helps readers to relate to them I especially loved Shubhangi and Rudransh's characters a lot Read the full review here Escape Reality Book Reviews

  10. Reet Singh Reet Singh says:

    This is a stunning debut chilling to the point of being terrifying because the author makes it so believable it is everybody's psychological nightmare Aarush could be anybody's child Kirtida is an astute analyst a great psychologist and a good story teller I was a bit confused initially when I discovered multiple points of view it was hard to keep track but then I discovered how clever it was as a tack to keep things in perspective The story would not have been as effective without multiple POVs Hearing the story from the perspective of all the players brings them alive they have awful flaws and wonderful characteristics and they feel realIt is a fairly long story but it isn't easy to put down I got a bit sleep deprived because I would pick it up just before I turned out the light at night and then before I knew it it would be close to mid nightThe very last part that talks about the psychology of rape I found a bit tedious and I think the book could very well have ended just short of that I also wish the syntax and editing had been tighter; nevertheless I enjoyed the book and I cannot thank Kirtida enough for asking if I would like to read it I had noticed it on social media but was chary of picking it up because I wasn't sure I wanted to read about rapebut I am glad that I did read this bookAll the best with your next one Kirtida

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