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Blood Knot (Frank Bennett Adirondack Mystery #3) ✿ [EPUB] ✷ Blood Knot (Frank Bennett Adirondack Mystery #3) By S.W. Hubbard ❥ – Tough loveor torture When a tough love school for troubled teens opens its doors in Trout Run the locals are thrilled The North Country Academy promises jobs and money flowing into town But Police Chi Tough loveor torture When a tough love school for troubled teens opens its doors in Trout Run the locals are thrilled The North Country Academy promises jobs and money flowing into town But Police Chief Frank Bennett is concerned about the arrival of so many juvenile delinuents on his turf When an Academy teacher is mauled to death by a bear while leading wilderness expedition Frank’s worst fears are confirmed Evidence points to sabotage As Frank investigates he learns about the school’s controversial techniues isolation restraints and mind control He meets students who might be terrifiedor might be brilliant liars And he uncovers disturbing information about the Academy’s headmaster What is impressive His track record of putting teens back on the right path Or his skill in covering up past scandals When an Academy student turns up dead Frank must unravel a knot of deceit and revenge whose threads lead right into the heart of the Trout Run community Frank’s pursuit of the truth brings him up against a hard choice every good cop dreads Fans of Craig Johnson's Walt Longmire mysteries will enjoy the adventures of this small town Adirondack police chief.

About the Author: S.W. Hubbard

SW Hubbard writes the kinds of mysteries she loves to read twisty believable full of complex characters and highlighted with sly humor She is the author of the Palmyrton Estate Sale Mystery Series and the Frank Bennett Adirondack Mountain Mystery Series Her short stories have appeared in Alfred Hitchcock’s Mystery Magazine and the anthologies Dead Drift Crimes by Moonlight The Mystery Bo.

10 thoughts on “Blood Knot (Frank Bennett Adirondack Mystery #3)

  1. MaryAnn MaryAnn says:

    SW Hubbard has nailed it again with the 3rd in the Frank Bennett Adirondack Mysteries Dead Drift This story like the others is complex suspenseful and very fast paced The characters are amazingly well written and so well rounded that I often feel they could leave the Kindle screen and speak to meI hope there are many of these to come because I love them and I'm hooked I found the first book in the series just a week ago and now I've read all three You can't go wrong reading anything written by this author that's for sure

  2. B J Galaday B J Galaday says:

    Another strong additionI'm so glad to have found this authorand this story is another hit on the series for me Small town cop but still dealing with several serious crimes and all tied up by the endLooking forward to the next one Recommended highly

  3. bonnie kirchner bonnie kirchner says:

    Blood KnotThis is a very good series I am really enjoying it It is a very good suspense thriller I can't wait to read the next book in this series I recommend this series

  4. Debra Debra says:

    3 actually I enjoyed the plot but not so much the writing style nor the physical setting Note I live in the Mohawk valley near the Adirondack foothills I have another in the series on my Kindle I expect that I will also enjoy it with the same caveats

  5. Lois Buck Lois Buck says:

    Blood KnotThis is a clean mystery that kept me guessing until the end It does not have any gruesome murder details or anything that will give you nightmares I would recommend it to everyone

  6. Lynda Kirby Lynda Kirby says:

    I thought this story was outstanding It has excellent characterization and the uirky small town detail woven into a superb plot that is complex and fast paced with plenty of twists and turns to keep a reader guessing It is wrapped up with a satisfying resolution The crimes are serious without the gore that feature in other books For anyone who enjoys a police procedural I recommend this series

  7. Brian Brian says:

    I started to read the first book and by page 3 something happened to me that hasn’t happened for uite some time I could NOT put the book down The story pulled me in and held me hostage past the conclusion then held my interest steady as I was now pulled into yet another story The novelettes then took their turn in grabbing and holding my attention and I see that I read the entire night AND I’m now buying this authors other Frank Bennett mystery series book Well written realistic in action and life though there are a few typos missed by the editor they are very few and far between I recommend the entire series to everyone including any other books this author has penned A skilled and talented story teller of the first magnitude YES

  8. Diana L. Wells Diana L. Wells says:

    Another Great MysteryThis is the3rd book in the Frank Bennet North Country Academy is a tough love juvenile school in Trout Run It has provided much needed jobs with generous hourly wages Frank is called to the property because one of the Pathfinders has been mauled to death by a bear during a camping trip He and the state investigators soon learn that the dead mans sleeping bag had been soaked in cooking grease a delicacy the local bears love This is the mystery to be solved and there are lots of side stories to keep you turning pages as Frank narrows down the suspect pool Ms Hubbard has done it again I will be downloading her next Frank Bennet as soon as I press “return”

  9. Sue Sue says:

    This is a well written mystery peopled with lifelike characters and the feeling you might get if you talked with your neighbors oftern The mystery invovled a treatment school for teens who failed in previous educational institutions The treatments given were not designed to work with all but some improved others became much worse I liked the characters because they didn't seem all good or bad and they really presented a cross section of the townsfolk educators small town inhabitants and providers of law enforcement

  10. Susan Susan says:

    The North Country Academy has opened in Trout with its basic philosophy of tough love But Chief of Police Frank Bennett is called in whena camping trip with a teacher and students goes wrong resulting in a death But this is just the start of the problems for the schoolAn enjoyable well written mystery story with some well developed characters

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