Headline Murder Crampton of The Chronicle Mystery #1

Headline Murder Crampton of The Chronicle Mystery #1 [Ebook] ➧ Headline Murder Crampton of The Chronicle Mystery #1 By Peter Bartram – Thomashillier.co.uk It's August 1962 and Colin Crampton the Brighton Evening Chronicle's crime reporter is desperate for a front page story But it's the silly season for news and the only tip off Crampton has is about th It's August and Colin Crampton the Crampton of PDF/EPUB ä Brighton Evening Chronicle's crime reporter is desperate for a front page story But it's the silly season for news and the only tip off Crampton has is about the disappearance of the seafront's crazy golf proprietor Arnold Trumper Crampton thinks the story is about as useful as a set of concrete water wings But when he learns that Trumper's vanishing act is linked to an unsolved murder he scents a front page scoop Powerful people are determined Crampton must not Headline Murder Epub / discover the truth But he is uite prepared to use every newspaper scam in the book to land his exclusive The trouble is it's his girlfriend feisty Australian Shirley who too often ends up on the wrong end when a scam goes wrong Crampton has to overcome dangers they never mentioned at journalism school before he writes his story Headline Murder will keep you guessing and smiling right to the last page.

About the Author: Peter Bartram

wwwcolincramptoncomPeter began his career as a reporter Crampton of PDF/EPUB ä on a local weekly newspaper before editing newspapers and magazines in London England and finally becoming freelance He has done most things in journalism from door stepping for uotes to writing serious editorials He’s pursued stories in locations as diverse as feet down a coal mine and a courtier’s chambers at Buckingham Palace Peter is a member of the Society of Authors and the Crime Writers' Association.

10 thoughts on “Headline Murder Crampton of The Chronicle Mystery #1

  1. Christine Christine says:

    Headline Murder is a rather fun and well written cozy mystery set in 1960s Brighton It is a lot lighter than the usual dark gritty crime I am drawn to I really enjoyed losing myself in the past with the familiarity of Brighton and a cracking mysteryColin Crampton is a reporter on one of the local newspapers in Brighton He is a dedicated newsman ready to follow any juicy crime story He has an off beat Aussie girlfriend He is soon on the case of the missing crazy golf owner and looking into the goings on of the local bad boy entrepreneur Drake What has happened to Arnold Trumper crazy golf owner?It is lovely to go back in time with a familiar setting and places There are lots for contemporary Brightonians to recognise and appreciate Crime in 1960s Brighton is not at all like the contemporary Peter James’ Roy Grace series It is murder without the gore and the mobile phones computers and all the other gadgets we take for granted today Colin cannot call for assistance easily without locating a payphone He has to rely on his gumption and witCleverly balancing humour with a missing person mystery; we follow Colin as he starts to uncover what happened to Trumper I became very fond of our reporter as he got up to all kinds of mischief and was racing against the clock It was easy to imagine the smoky masculine atmosphere of the newsroom of a very different era The women in the newspaper cuttings library were hilarious with their uipsRecommended for those who want a lighter crime read with a genuine 1960s Brighton vibe

  2. Mary Grand Mary Grand says:

    Really enjoyed this book Easy entertaining and pleasant read good story that kept me guessing reminded me of Simon Brett

  3. Ping Naka Ping Naka says:

    Like the style of writing immediately Love his delivery of humorHad to check about cappuccino in Brighton to see when they started to have this kind of drink since I didn't know about it until not too long agoDidn't know that even then even a reporter has to produce Just like a salesman having to make their number Plus they have to compete with reporters from other papersI like the trip to the morgue Not too long ago we still had to clip the news pieces Like the way “the zits” express their feelings so many different ways They can look defeated They can even look embarrassed

  4. Lyne Lyne says:

    I would like to thank Peter Bartram for my free copy of his novella The book was short and sweet an easy read It was fast paced but perhaps too fast as I felt hyperactive and it did not give me time to warm up to the characters As a French Canadian I also had some difficulty with some of the British terms

  5. Linda L Linda L says:

    I love the way Peter Bartram writes His humour in difficult situations with just the right amount of description of what's occurring has a perfect balance Headline Murder is the second Crampton of the Chronicle mystery I've read and now I'm eager to read the next instalmentI've never been to Brighton but I feel I know the streets and the lanes like my home town and have a vivid picture of Prinny's Pleasure and it's delectable food offeringsWorking one step ahead of the police on this investigation Crampon looks as though he has taken on a little bit than he can chew and he almost does Unfortunately it seems that Shirley the Aussie girlfriend is getting a bit fed up with him Is she the love of Cramptons life or just a bit of a fling

  6. alice Tileston alice Tileston says:

    Borrowed from libraryFound via search in library databaseNot impressed by cover but the blurb sounded good so deci6to give it a tryIt turned out to be good and engrossing would enjoy reading by this author

  7. Kevin Kevin says:

    It took me a while to start reading the series I have all the books but now that I've started I look forward to each one

  8. Julie Round Julie Round says:

    A fast paced murder mystery based in Brighton

  9. Wendy Wendy says:

    I thoroughly enjoyed this newspaper caper set in the early 1960’sIn search of the next big story for the Evening Chronicle crime reporter Colin Crampton is running out of ideas fast as anything worthy of front page news has all but dried up in Brighton Short of committing offences himself he’s not going to conjure up the sort of copy that is demanded by the news editor Frank FiggisWith things looking grim he receives a nod toward a crazy golf course No not to pass the time A local business owner called Arnold Trumper seems to have vanished without a trace and as Crampton has nothing else to run with he pursues the story only to discover a whole lot than he bargained forHis early enuiries turn up some curious information about a missing person from years ago with links to the present no crazy golf pun intended Instinct tells him that he could be on to somethingThe very idea of a possible scoop entices our reporting rascal into all kinds of situations including a run in with Brighton’s most ‘influential’ character Septimus Darke Crampton has to get pretty creative to get his story Only uick thinking and a drive for the truth will nudge him closer to solving the mystery of the missing Mr Trumper that is if he can shake the chaps at a rival paper off his tailDaily life sees our reporter trying desperately to stick to deadlines to please His Holiness in the form of the chronicle’s editor Gerald Pope hopelessly keeping dates with the sharp tongued Shirley the Sheila his girlfriend for now at least and regularly selecting pastries as literal sweeteners for the girls working tirelessly in the archive office which is lovingly referred to as ‘the morgue’ Here the girls help him find historic clues to assist his uest and their interaction and conversation snippets are absolutely pricelessThere’s corruption red herrings and the brief appearance of an insulting budgerigar that can only repeat one phrase but the timing is perfect Good old fashioned leg work and resourcefulness will be the winning combination to help our unlikely hero in this refreshing and witty journalistic mystery It read like a breath of fresh air and I can’t wait for the next oneHuge thanks to the Author for providing a paperback copy of this book for review – it’s a little marvel

  10. Annette Annette says:

    Headline Murder by Peter Bartram was a goodreads first read giveawayThe book is set in 1960s Brighton The main character Colin Crampton is the crime writer for the local paper – except there is not much crime at the moment and he is desperate for a headline story The seafront crazy golf proprietor Arnold Trump goes missing – is there a story there? He sees a possible link to an unsolved murder and dodgy property deals and sets off in pursuit Colin is a very likable and plausible character who follows the trail with rugged perseverance dodging possible danger from characters who do not like his interest in their affairs His focus loses a job opportunity and causes serious problems with his Australian girlfriend but he is determined to solve the crimeThe humour in the book is great causing many smiles “Darke was wearing a mohair suit that must have left a herd of angora goats with a few chilly nights” The description of previous mayors – was very funny especially one with bushy eyebrows and a thin moustache the first woman mayor “Figgis his boss perched on the edge of my desk looking like an emaciated vulture in search of a snack” Holiday makers tolerating the weather and the seafront sleazy cafés and pubs rival newspaper reporters to contend with – all add to the colourful mix of the story I especially like the ladies who cut and filed items from the newspaper and were bribed by Colin with cakes and pastries to help find informationI remember black forest gateaux typewriters and calls from phone boxes Makes you realise how handy mobile phones are and how essential information retrieval on line is I’ve almost forgotten dictionaries instead of spell check and the delete button instead of tippexI found the book easy to read the plot straight forward but with enough complexity to make a compelling story An excellent light and humorous summer read the desire to see what happened next distracting from daily chores

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