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Vampire Rising ❮Reading❯ ➳ Vampire Rising ➬ Author Larry Benjamin – “To be a Vampire is to know your pale skin and red lips offend others” Malcolm VIt’s the mid twenty first century Anti Semitism racism sexism and homophobia have been consigned to the dustbin of “To be a Vampire is to know your pale skin and red lips offend others” Malcolm VIt’s the mid twenty first century Anti Semitism racism sexism and homophobia have been consigned to the dustbin of history The world is run by “the state” and Christian zealots whose chief governing tools are fear and oppression It’s a wonderful time to be alive—unless you’re a Vampire Vampires are despised and feared and subjected to discrimination and unspeakable violenceConsidered undead unholy without basic human rights Gatsby Calloway lives on the fringes of society avoiding humanity Until he meets Barnabas a young encaustic painter When Barnabas is mortally wounded during an anti Vampire attack Gatsby must forget everything he has known and learn to trust.

  • Paperback
  • 66 pages
  • Vampire Rising
  • Larry Benjamin
  • English
  • 15 March 2016
  • 9781910635483

About the Author: Larry Benjamin

Writer Wordsmith AuthorWords You See are the ThingBronx born wordsmith Larry Benjamin is the author of the allegorical novella Vampire Rising and Unbroken a gay novel which is a Lambda Literary finalist and a IPPY Gold Medalist His second book Damaged Angels a collection of short stories was a Rainbow Award Runner Up in the Best Gay Contemporary General Fiction category.

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  1. Mel Mel says:

    I'm so happy that Larry gifted me with an ARC for his new story that is now available for everyone DTo be a Vampire is to know your pale skin and red lips offend othersShort stories Not all authors are able to write them if you ask me because to do them right you have to use a different set of tools and methods than when you are writing a novel The pacing the flow the way of transporting your 'message' to the reader the amount of detail is different or rather should be different because otherwise readers will find the short story lacking Too short unsatisfying overladen or missing contentI'm not surprised that 'Vampire Rising' is a great short story because I've already read several of Larry's short stories from his anthology and he obviously knows what he is doing'Vampire Rising' is a story that can stand on it's own and is complete exactly as it's written yet it holds the possibility and promise of a lot to come as if it were a prelude to something huge a part to something wholeIt gives us on the one hand the love story between a human and a vampire but on the other it's also an allegory that transports hidden or universal meaningsWith every chapter Larry reveals a different part of his universe a different aspect a different view so that we can fit them together to get the whole imageThere is the irrational fear of humans towards vampires with it's eerie and foreboding atmosphereThere is our tragical vampire Gatsby who once outed is forced to live apart from the world with the rest of his kindThere is our bold and loving human Barnabas who risks everything to be with the man he's fallen in love withThere is the description and our discovery of vampirism transporting allegorically the tragedy of all marginalised groupsThere is oppression and prosecution and hatred of that which people don't know and understandThere is a new life given and hope rising when all seems dark and forlornTo be a Vampire is to spend your life in hiding—not just from the burning sun but from the stinging enmity of humansWhile there is love—and it is a very sweet one—'Vampire Rising' is no fluffy tale because there is a reason the Vampire nation has to rise from its ashes The bleak near future that is presented to us is so close to our reality it's like we're reading a story of our present and 'Vampires' are but a place holder for marginalised groups today I feel that the blurb already indicates that maybe probably there is and always will be someone some group that is seen as less that is persecuted that is hated for being differentVampires have no human rights They can be killed without prosecution They can be denied treatment They lose their jobsLet's have a look at two uotesPortraits are a window into the soul of the artistandThe words written here are less a story than a prophecy Or maybe they are a prayerI believe this story is Larry's prayer A prayer that 'Vampires' will wake up and rise and won't lose hope even in the darkest hourI have such a thing for beautiful language—one of the reasons why I'm such a fan of Alexis Hall too Larry has a very uniue style and it's interesting to see that he calls himself a wordsmith It's often hard to bring an author's writing style to life within a review but I couldn't but give you some simple examples Try to find out what he's doing here and what is different to what you read most of the timeVoices rose and fell on the cool airKeeping his gaze on Barnabas Gatsby drifted over bringing with him sepia tones and a martiniA smile fragile as tissue paper wrapped around his wordsHe could hear their mischief like the whispering windSo it's not like he's doing this in every sentence and it took me a bit to find out what I thought so unusual And oh my My literature classes are way in my past so I can't even remember the right German term for it But do you see? He gives everything life and a power of its own And it might be silly but this way of writing makes me so very happy because it's smart It creates so lovely and subtly atmosphere and pictures without using many wordsSoooo There is this name thing going on here too And wow I'm kinda proud of myself that I noticed but I seriously can't fully get to the bottom of it So make of this info whatever you want ; PWe have three important players in this story Barnabas Gatsby and Malcolm I know Barnabas is a disciple of Jesus a missionary and martyr Malcolm X was an American human rights activist and a courages advocate for the rights of blacks And Gatsby well This Fitzgerald character that I—shame on me—know nothing aboutWhat happens now?I would love to read about this society and Barnabas and Gatsby There is this promise of here and maybe hopefully Larry will keep itI really loved this short story and thought it to be very well written If the comparisons to today's grievances had been a bit subtle and less obvious I would have loved it even and given it all the stars As it is I'm given 45 and highly recommend this beautiful short story

  2. ♣ Irish Smurfétté ♣ ♣ Irish Smurfétté ♣ says:

    Full review on Prism Book Alliance®Larry Benjamin’s writing gives me a lot to chew on particularly by way of his economical descriptions that manage to say so much Right away I was brought into this story Each house had a massive front door of uarter sawn oak banded with iron On either side of each door hung old fashioned gas lanterns whose soft flickering light swatted ineffectually at the darkBenjamin’s mix of something futuristic with something gothic had me grinning with anticipationAmidst the societal ills plaguing this time period on that in a bit this is a story about the battle between what Barnabas feels is unreuited love and what Gatsby feels is forbidden love Who will win? And does anyone actually lose if one of them “wins”? Is immortality the savior or the one bringing condemnation?This story is both allegorical and filled with social commentary Part of me appreciates and instinctually responds to this while part of me feels it’s delivered with a heavy hand Part of me feels like it helps build the story while part of me feels it plays a role of interference than anything else Either way it does unavoidably raise the tension level providing layered context for those uestions and that I posed in the previous paragraph It also makes me angry for Gatsby and hopeful for Barnabas no matter the path his life ends up taking I guess that’s my answer Despite the obvious comparisons to today’s society as well as nods to our history it all adds to the strong emotions within the storyI didn’t at all anticipate the following but reading this story sent my mind in many directions The choices we make the beliefs we hold the things that change and the things that don’t I can’t help but smile at the cleverness of it all Here we are a tale about a very old Vampire and a rather young man and instead of just being about their connection and that between Vamp and Man in general it has me thinking about larger societal issues and individual behaviorThis isn’t a romance It’s an exploration with Vampires and humans battling it out that includes one of each of these clans desperate for each other and what they could possibly share together and to stay alive They want a future Don’t we all?As always I want of Larry Benjamin’s writing of this barely futuristic universe I definitely want of Barnabas and Gatsby and whomever else is coming up on the horizon of the Vampire Rising ETA Recommended Read on PBA for July 2015

  3. Debbie McGowan Debbie McGowan says:

    Editor's reviewLarry Benjamin's writer's palette takes on a whole new spectrum of colours for this novella which is as the title and the blurb clearly point out that of the vampire subgenre of fantasy But this is no ordinary vampire tale so do not expect sparkles or cheesy romance because you won't find it hereOn a 'basic' level such as Larry's writing could ever be described in that way this is the story of Barnabas and Gatsby the student and his teacher and a love nestled within their mutual admiration On Barnabas' part there is a clear attraction to Gatsby's age and authority coupled with the naïvete of youth when it comes to his refusal to accept that which Gatsby insists is impossible Dire circumstance makes the impossible inevitable and brings these two men together Their romance is beautiful and told in the way only Larry Benjamin can tell it The richness of description both of the setting and the characters' physical and emotional traits cannot be done justice in a review He looked up and seeing Barnabas in the doorway gasped for Barnabas was as beautiful as he’d remembered his caramel skin glowed with youth and vigor His wide innocent eyes were clear and his dark hair was cropped short; gone was the defiant retro Afro he’d worn in high school Staring at him the frisson of lust and love that shot through him caused Gatsby to miss a note and frown He bent over the keyboard; his face dipped into shadow dissolving into triangles of violet and purpleUnderpinning the romance is a broader allegorical narrative that could be applied to the discrimination and persecution faced by any minority group but it most closely resembles the experiences of gay men during the early days of the AIDS epidemic Fear loathing misunderstanding social exile in many respects the reality is tempered by the fantastic nature of the story being told But every so often that reality rises to the surface and one remembers; real people experience inhumanity on a daily basis This story has been lived and relived many times overThis is the first novella in a series but the author offers a hopeful ending which is a happy one what most would call a 'strong happy for now' However the future is uncertain for the vampire is rising From there

  4. Mark Mark says:

    I received an advance copy of Vampire Rising for review purposes The book comes out officially on July 19This is a novella so it's a uick read It takes place in a not too distant future where all oppression and prejudice has been eliminated we can dream right? except for a vitriolic and state approved persecution of Vampires The story focuses on vampire Gatsby Calloway and human Barnabas and the beginning of their romantic relationship Gatsby had been Barnabas's teacher and now both are interested in pursuing something I'm gonna be upfront in saying that it's really difficult to get me to care about a Vampire narrative these days especially a vampirehuman romance narrative Why could that be? Larry Benjamin thankfully makes the trope his own however most notably by changing some usually established rules of the Vampire world and by infusing a strong amount of political commentary into the story The rule changes I'll let you discover on your own They were actually a large part of my reading experience waiting to see if what I knew about Vampires was going to match up with this world and see how things played out if they did or did not The only major rule change I will mention here is that in this world only gay men are Vampires All Vampires are gay men that is This leads us directly of course into the politics of the book But let me come back to thatBenjamin's language in this book is gorgeous The descriptions of Gatsby's luxurious home and of Gatsby himself both in appearance and behavior are juicy and opulent and dark and classy You can tell the author had a great time writing this Gatsby and Barnabas's interactions are sexy and honest if a little creepy to me at times in a vampirehuman creepy way but also in a uncomfortable teacherstudent way The world is rich and clear beautiful and dangerousIt was a little hard for me to be on Gatsby's side after the story he tells Barnabas about a choice he made with a former lover I'll let you decide for yourself when you read it So I can't fully say I was rooting for this pair to come together in the end but the complications that arise in the society around them made for enough excitement to keep me readingThe politics are not subtle The parallels between Vampire persecution in this world and both gay and black persecution in our world are both hinted at and baldly proclaimed the Vampire civil rights leader's name is Malcolm V and I think the hints are inviting and intriguing than the proclamations But it most definitely frames the world of this persecution clearly and lets me know whose side I'm supposed to be onIf you're a Vampire fiction fan this is a must read addition to the canon and if you're not it's still a well written novella with some gorgeous prose

  5. Maarja Maarja says:

    Do not buy this from Smashwords and Beaten Track Publishing offer a much reasonable price

  6. Milica Milica says:

    25 starsI just can't make up my mind about definite rating of this one When I doI'll rate itbut for now I'm leaving it blankPremise for this book indicates some kind of dystopian or alternate history story with a twist on vampire lore historybut focusing on romance Which is partially truebut this book is first and foremost an allegory in which romantic storyline only serves as a plot device And after reading author's posts on Vampire Rising in which he talks about tackling the issues of faithpoliticsracism in this short story and after reading great reviews on it I had some expectations And even though the idea was unususal and interesting unfortunately the executions wasn't so satisfying The writing was uite straightforward but in the beginning it lacked the necessary finesse and there was no fluidity to itwhile transition between chapters sometimes was anything but smooth Strangely enough after the first halfwriting sort of just picked upand it was easier to readAs for the story itselfas I saidthis is an allegoryand like in every allegory behind the characters and events lie hidden ideas and meaning When you look past the romance and paranormal aspect of this story you get a tale about opression discrimination and injustice And that is alrightbut honestly I've read stories half the length of this one that were thought provoking and poignant

  7. Janet Janet says:

    would really have to read to rate this book didn't feel like I had enough

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